Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



Matt Gaetz violated his oath to uphold the law by spreading knowingly false information.

Beverly Ledbetter (Dade City, 2021-01-14)


He needs to leave so we can start healing

Nancy Schumacher (Haines City , 2021-01-14)


This man is a traitor to our country !!!

Gloria Hannemann (Hernando, 2021-01-14)


He is among the least ethical attorneys that I have ever witnessed.

Tyrone Void (Macungie, 2021-01-15)


I am signing this petition because, as a member of The Florida Bar for almost 50 years, I expect all members of the Bar to honor the Florida and United States Constitution in order to remain authorized to practice law in Florida.

Michael Addison (Tampa, 2021-01-15)


This guy is a horrible human!

Lisa Jones (Chula Vista , 2021-01-15)


He is a detriment to society and continues to pose a threat to democracy.

Rebecca Duncan (Raleigh, 2021-01-15)


I agree!

DiAnn Nothhaft (Westminster , 2021-01-15)


Matthew Louis Gaetz II should represent no-one-- in Congress nor in any court of law within the United States. He is the antitheses of America, and his lack of values and morals, his repeated inability to uphold his oath to our Constitution-- not to mention his role in the efforts to delegitimize the safest election in U.S. History, notably in spite of the Insurrection on January 6, 2021-- require his immediate disbarring, and frankly his expulsion from Congress. He must be held responsible in both the private and public sectors for his wrongdoings over the past four years of service to the worst president in the history of our country. Expeditious accountability is implicitly and unequivocally required.

Alexis Davis (Tampa, 2021-01-15)


As a retired member of the Bar, I am appalled at this conduct.

Judy Hoyer (Lutz, 2021-01-15)


He’s a treasonous traitor who supports insurrection.

Mychele Larson (Austin, 2021-01-15)


He does not support democracy and truth.

Dolores Sweat (Longwood, 2021-01-15)


This man should be tried for sedition.

Julie Porter (Natrona Heights, 2021-01-15)


This man is a subversive and is undermining democracy.

Susan Weiss (Aztec, 2021-01-15)


A Congressman should be vigorously held to the Oath of Office, not supporting a blatant lie of a stolen election and fomenting insurrection.

Frank Partridge (Wewahitchka, 2021-01-15)


He needs to go.

Craig Ratcliff (Dade City, 2021-01-15)


He is a liar and a cheat and has no honor about him whatsoever. He is an embarrassment to Florida and the Congress.

Russell Pfost (Tallahassee , 2021-01-15)


Because he is garbage

Mark Cohen (New York , 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz has supported an act of sedition and engaged in an attempt to disqualify millions of American votes the he knows to be legitimate. Both my grandparents held doctorates of law and had noted falling standards. Personal belief in conspiracy theories is one thing, but public support of them as an elected representative is unbecoming of a lawyer and only adds to negative public view of the law profession. He denies facts and research and supports baseless accusations. He must be disbarred to help send a message to more grey-area lawyers also engaging in this sort of inappropriate behavior.

Andrew Ross (RPV, 2021-01-15)


I'm signing because Matt Gaetz has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is unable to make good decisions, to listen to reason, or to consider and respect facts. Important qualities for lawyers to have.

Nina Borghese (Columbus, 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz has not lived up to his oath of office. He is part of trump’s megaphone that has spread the big lie creating these dangerous mobs of crazy ppl, domestic terrorists and white nationalists on our government and society at large. These crazy ppl are going in stores et al and openly screaming at POC (talk to the kids working in Starbucks in DC) -he has no respect for the rule of law or our citizenry and is willing to throw out our democracy in order to hold power.

Christine Clauser (New York , 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz is a fool and a brute and always has been. He will continue to bring shame to our country We need to remove him now.

Karen Welzel (Winter Haven, 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz is a seditious traitor to the United States of America, and should be treated as such under the rule of our laws and the Constitution.

Thomas May (Pacoima, 2021-01-15)


This man has been active in the insurrection against our Government.

Julie Hildahl (Meriden CT, 2021-01-15)


He’s a seditious traitor

Lisa Bellemore (Crownsville, 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz is a stain on the U.S. Congress, the people of the State of Florida, and the Florida Bar. His crimes disqualify him any rights to practice law anywhere in this country.

Eric Tomlinson (Jacksonville, 2021-01-15)


Mr. Gaerzś words matter, and his actions have consequences!

Donna Roos (Tequesta, 2021-01-15)


He's a traitor, does not serve the people here in Florida.. trumps lapdog. Like Scott rubio.. and deathsantis.. ..

Tim Riley (St Petersburg , 2021-01-15)


I have had enough of Matt Gaetz seditious behavior.

Laura Vick (Punta Gorda, 2021-01-15)


Matt knows better than what he displays in public. Too much theater

Edward Kranich (Raymond , 2021-01-15)


It’s pretty obvious...

Jon Ross (Toronto , 2021-01-15)


I'm signing because he was complicit in the insurrection on 1.6.2021.

Saundra Harris (Arnold, 2021-01-15)


Matt Goetz is a criminal liar.

Kimberley Willey (Gettysburg, 2021-01-15)


It is long past time for Mr. Gaetz to be held accountable for his pattern of lies and deception, the violation of his oath of office and his extremely poor judgement.

Henry Nicols (Wildwood, FL, 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz is a shameless #MAGA apologist for Donald Trump, and opposed his Impeachment..

Philip Rutherford (Amsterdam, 2021-01-15)


This man is a constant, deliberate risk to democracy and common sense

David Smith (Claymont DE, 2021-01-15)


He’s a disgrace to American politics and a threat to democracy.

Jared Rodriguez (Orlando, 2021-01-15)


Matt gaetz is a tool and an insurrectionist and does not deserve to hold office or be a lawyer

Eric Lesende (Miami, 2021-01-15)


This scumbag is a threat to the national security of The United States of America. he should not be allowed to even sniff any political power ever again.

Jeffrey Cope (Venice, 2021-01-15)


He is a disgrace to the public office.

Pamela Gust (PORT SAINT LUCIE, 2021-01-15)


I am a barred attorney in Florida Matt Gaetz has repeatedly violated the ethics rule we are subject to in Florida.

Vrenda Cain (Washington, 2021-01-15)


I add my name because Mr. Gaetz behavior in Congress is aborhant and un-American.

John Shearer (Lakewood, 2021-01-15)


Insurrection is against the law

Kathy Archuleta (Westminster, 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz is an embarrassment to drunks.

Evelyn Parsons (Cape Coral, 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz is a stain and an affront to our democracy. He has no regard for his constituency or the American public!

John Agnello (Raleigh, 2021-01-15)


I find this Congressman unhealthy for our state and nation and of questionable moral character.

Gregory Foley (SAINT PETERSBURG, 2021-01-15)


He is a traitor to the USA

Angela Joaquin (Stockton, 2021-01-15)


I'm signing because he is an antagonists and is stepping all over the constitution. He will not adhere to covid guidelines and is an altogether evil person.

judy fry (dade city, 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz is a seditionist

Mariana Campos (Los Angeles, 2021-01-15)


Sedition is a felony.

Jeff Tagliareni (Bristol , 2021-01-15)


Because of the reasons stated in the petition.

Michael Weingarden (Newbury Park, 2021-01-15)


Gaetz is a real, reckless, dangerous threat to the Republic. His rhetoric and demagoguery is grounded in hatred and lies. He must go.

Lisa Lundy (South Orange, 2021-01-15)


Matt is horrible for our country!!!

Joes White (Saint Petersburg, 2021-01-15)


Matt Goetz has failed to honor his oath of office and encouraged insurrection.

Linda LaFollette (Milton, 2021-01-15)


His lies and rhetoric have helped to create and fuel this militant force that is attacking our government.

Declan Carney (Montclair, 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz has perpetuated the big lie and does not deserve a seat

Kathleen Fox (Detroit, 2021-01-15)


This man does not deserve to represent our State of Florida.

Rose Marie Grillo-Navas (Port Saint Lucie, 2021-01-15)


Matt Gaetz’s actions are inexcusable, his lies, misinformation and disinformation has been successful in confusing many of his constituents, while radicalizing some. His continuous narrative is always directed at abhorrent factions of society, including members of the KKK and domestic terrorist groups. They and he through his vitriol are a threat to the National Security of the USA.

Alan Pacek (Valparaiso, 2021-01-15)


I am a patriotic American and wi not allow traitors in positions of power in my country.

Ann Bennett (Jacksonville , 2021-01-15)


Questioning the validity of our elections without evidence weakens our democracy.

Malcolm Rivera (Sacramento, 2021-01-15)


Gaetz is a reprehensible disgrace to this country.

Joe Hoffman (San Francisco, 2021-01-15)


People that support terrorism against the United States should not be permitted to practice law in this country

Lanie Anderson (Costa Mesa, 2021-01-15)


Because I believe in the Constitution and am against those who perpetuate lies to the detriment of our country.

Penny Rachiell (Cedar City, 2021-01-15)


The Constitution is bigger than any one person but Matt Gaetz has tried to make one person bigger than the Constitution.

Kenneth Roberts (Rochester , 2021-01-15)


He has done nothing but lie like Trump

Sandra Hartley (Visalia, 2021-01-16)


He must pay the consequences for his illegal actions

steve emerson (Elmwood Place, 2021-01-16)


He’s a traitor

Candice Kellum (Inverness, Florida , 2021-01-16)


Matt Gaetz's treasonous lies in an attempt to overturn a free and fair election have betrayed the American people for personal gain.

Steven Leach (Milton, 2021-01-16)


He is a law breaking traitor that needs to be removed NOW!

Joann L. Dohn (Jacksonville, 2021-01-16)

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