Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



Magnus Strandberg

Magnus Strandberg (Visby, 2021-01-19)


TERRORIST Leaders need to be PROSECUTED!

Peter Barton (Saint Petersburg, 2021-01-19)


He deserves to be held accountable to his egregious actions committed this past year.

Meaghan Conley (Plainville , 2021-01-19)


Matt Gaetz has repeatedly violated ethical standards that a member of the Florida Bar should meet.

Aaron Hirko (Alachua, 2021-01-19)


This man is unfit to represent me as a floridian. How a man with 7 DUI 'S got elected is beyond comprehension. He is truly under some influence as he continually spews non-verifiable nonsense.

Ana Wyman (Tampa, 2021-01-19)


Matt Gaetz is a tool and harmful to the constitution.

Jason Wehrer (DELAND, 2021-01-19)


I believe that the insurection was caused by the statements by Mr Goetz made and his support of the insurrection

CK Martin (Volcano, CA, 2021-01-19)


Matt Gaetz is poison to America! He does nothing for his constituents .

Dianne Pullan (Odessa, 2021-01-19)


Traitor Sedition Insurrection pick one or all

Michael Rosoff (Norwalk , 2021-01-19)


He is a dishonest guy that spreads lies and hate

Tim Tilley (McDonough, 2021-01-19)


I’m signing this because Matt Gaetz is an embarrassment to Florida, and the U.S Congress. He should have never gotten this fair and he should resign as well. He is the dictionary definition of bad faith debater. He knows he continually lies to the people of the United States, and as a Florida Resident myself I am truly mortified that I share a state with someone who hates democracy as much as he does.

Kendall Jacobson (Orlando, 2021-01-19)


I’m signing because this guy is a joke, an inept representative off the people of his district in Florida. He’s a full blown supporter of the one who enticed a mob to attack the Capitol. Aside from this, his own history isn’t any better. He’s unworthy of the seat he occupies.

Horty Rexach (Apopka, 2021-01-19)


I do not support racism in our government

Mike Baker (Overland Park, 2021-01-19)


Why? He’s part of the problem!

Tai Somoskey (Jupiter, 2021-01-19)


I'm signing because he is evil, hateful, and has the IQ of a flea.

Toni Keefer (Bonita Springs, 2021-01-20)


I’m signing because Gaetz has shown time and time again that he is unfit to serve. He peddles in lies and conspiracy theories without merit. His loyalty to a corrupt President and not the Constitution is evidence of his unfitness.

Rovina Hayes-Salinas (Martinez, 2021-01-20)


He’s a punk traitor. All traitors should be hung. He is still inciting riots & armed insurrection & needs to be removed & never allowed to run for any federal office - ever. Treasonous traitor

Mary Graham (Kealakekua hawIi, 2021-01-20)


He knowingly lied to his constituents in an effort to subvert a free and fair election and the peaceful transfer of power and undermine our democracy.

Michelle Kaplan (Wellington , 2021-01-20)


He is a corrupt, bigoted, racist, treasonist pos. He should not be in elected office.

Paul Bennethum (Lakeland , 2021-01-20)


I am a resident of FLORIDA. This guy is an embarrassment to our state.

Ken French (Naples , 2021-01-20)


I care about my neighbors and my country! Matt Gaetz is a traitor...

Gina Burns (Inlet Beach , 2021-01-20)


He has proven himself to be a self serving racist and doesn’t serve the people or country. His loyalty is to a criminal.

Angela Croom (Fleming Island, 2021-01-20)


Matt Gary’s has been gaslighting his constituents for 4 years and helped to create the seditious mess we’re in. Even after the attack on the Capitol, he is continuing his attack on our democracy.

Michele Irvin (Wilmette, 2021-01-20)


Matt Gaetz is a traitor to our system of government, and the citizens of Florida deserve better.

Meaghan Lynn Ryan (San Diego, 2021-01-21)


Matt Gaetz is dangerous to our Republic and our Democracy.

Melissa Holland (Glencoe, 2021-01-21)


There were obvious voter discrepancies in real time via live broadcasts. Instead of a full and unbiased investigation to ensure transparency Congressman Goetz chose to turn a blind eye to the obvious proof of voter fraud. In my opinion this was a self-serving act and he didn't have the best interest of our country and Constitution in mind. Causing severe discord and the further division of our citizens

Candice Harrison (Bedford, 2021-01-21)


This is one of the worst example of a human being, now with extra sedition thrown in, after the election.

Rob Sauer (Glen Burnie, 2021-01-21)


Because of Mr. Gaetz’ flagrant and opportunistic violations of the Law and his Oath, he should be disbarred immediately.

Robbie Blake (Bronson, Florida, 2021-01-21)


The actions of the individual named do not meet the level required to continue as a member of the bar

Patricia Halperin (Bradenton, 2021-01-21)


I am signing this petition because Rep. Gaetz has continually lied to the people of Florida and because of those lies voted to overturn a free & fair election. He needs to be disbarred.

Patricia Saiya (Matlacha, 2021-01-21)


I am an attorney. I do not want this man on the bar.

Mary Ryan (Bokeelia, 2021-01-21)


Mr. Gaetz has betrayed his oath of office.

Summer Mitchell (Jacksonville Beach , 2021-01-21)


Gaetz is trash, and we don’t need a Douchey frat boy ruining the ethical standards of being a lawyer and congressman.

Timothy Jones (University City, 2021-01-21)


We need people like this removed, to restore law and order to our government. It should be a crime to lie like this!

Kathie Emerson (Chippewa falls, 2021-01-21)


I believe in our constitution and the democratic principles our nation has lived by for years. His attempts to disenfranchise voters without evidence is seditious and not worthy of a person licensed to practice law in a state of these United States.

Paul Crumrine (Skokie, 2021-01-21)


Gaetz is unfit for office

Susan Hubbard (Cape Canaveral, 2021-01-21)


He’s my rep, and he’s dangerous. He lies and I’d divisive

Linda Szulczewski (Pensacola, 2021-01-21)


Spreading lies to incite insurrection against our government should render swift and serious consequences to deter future offenders!

Kristy Cox (Sebastian, 2021-01-21)


What he did and continues to do are against the Constitution

John Girton (Pompano Beach, 2021-01-22)


Sedition must have consequences

Timothy Mccloskey (Fort Myers, 2021-01-22)


I'm signing because Gaetz is filled with hatred and feeling of revenge for anyone and anything that doesn't support his narrow, fantasy view of the world.

Mary Novotny (OAK CREEK, 2021-01-22)


He needs to go. The bar needs to make it clear to him and others that their behavior is unacceptable.

Stacey Rasky (Havana, 2021-01-22)


He needs to be punished

Anne hoover (Bennettsville, 2021-01-22)


Enough is enough. He puts his greed before truth and continues to stimulate the riots and lies. He is an embarrassment to the Law Society. He helped cause the coup attempt on January 6, 2021.

Andrea Shapiro (Delray Beach , 2021-01-22)


Gaetz is a turncoat!

Cynthia Swanton (Jacksonville, 2021-01-22)


I’m signing because it is time to get crazy insurrection it’s out of office!

Deborah Carver (St. Cloud, 2021-01-22)


Gaetz is too ignorant to represent Florida.

Roy Fouts (East Palatka, 2021-01-22)



William Minogue (Madeira Beach Florida, 2021-01-22)


As a Florida resident, I am repulsed by Rep. Matt Gaetz’s behavior. I believe the stated reasons in Pamela Keith’s complaint is worthy of Mr. Gaetz’s disbarment.

Shawn McCormack (Fort Lauderdale, 2021-01-22)


He’s one of the insurrections.

Kerry Lyons (Union City PA, 2021-01-22)


I want justice.

Kathleen Reif (Vero Beach, 2021-01-22)


Disbar him for his role in an attempt to subvert a free and fair election

john cielukowski (Cocoa Beach, 2021-01-22)


I'm signing because I don't want crooks in my government!

Lila Songer (Mims, 2021-01-22)


Matt is objectifies truth, law and order, and science. Therefore he is a danger to his constituents.

Blaise Castellano (Redondo beach , 2021-01-22)


Matt Gaetz supported sedition and tried to ignore the votes of people in Florida. He is spreading lies and disinformation. He should not be an officer of the court.

Paula Higgins (Tampa, 2021-01-22)


He's broken not only his Oath as a Lawyer here in Florida, but also his oath as a Florida Federal Representative to the Congress of the United States, several times. It's time for accountability.

David Sutherland (Indialantic, FL, 2021-01-22)


It is my duty as an American citizen to protect the Constitution
Gaetz engaged in behavior that threatens our Constitution and our democracy
He needs to be thrown out of office and disbarred

Dian Keller (Loxahatchee, 2021-01-23)


I am signing this because Matt Gaetz betrayed his oath and does not belong in the Congress.

Allison Bendersky (Baltimore, 2021-01-23)


He is a criminal and a noise maker Always spreading lies!

john buchanan (niagara, 2021-01-23)


Gaetz is an enemy of this country as well as her best interests. He needs to be prosecuted and held accountable.

david herter (huntington station, 2021-01-23)


The assault on liberty and our sacred institutions is not acceptable and those who participated for what ever reason must be held accountable. No exceptions.

Tony Egler (sarasota, 2021-01-23)


I’m signing because he’s NOT an American.

Laura Milton (Jacksonville, 2021-01-23)


He was complicit to the attack on the Capitol. Period

Shanelle Moses (Raleigh, 2021-01-23)


Anyone who aids in inciting insurrection has no place holding office politically, let alone upholding the law legally.

Ronald Gavadin (Buffalo, 2021-01-23)


Mr. Gaetz does not reflect what our country stands for and for the law. The voting process in our country is sacred and it should not be part of a conspiracy theory driven by a president. As a law maker Mr. Gaetz should have followed the law and what the judicial system has to say in the lawsuits. He chose to instead follow a person who think he above the law and his lies, in doing so disregarded all lawful procedures. He does not represent our legal system and lawful citizens, he should be disbarred.

Patti Wynn (Naples , 2021-01-23)


He's a traitor. A traitor should not be able to practice law.

Barbara Gasta (Federal Heights, 2021-01-23)


Matt Gary’s is a criminal conspirator in an attempt to overthrow the US government.

Rick Vaughn (Nokomis, 2021-01-23)


He is a national disgrace

Mariam Mills (Myrtle Beach, 2021-01-23)


Because Gaetz broke his oath and spews misinformation.

Lisa Burrows (Melbourne Beach, 2021-01-23)

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