Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



I believe in the rule of law. I believe in the constitution of the USA.

Jo Carvill (Bend, 2021-01-23)


We will not tolerate domestic terrorists

Sandra Rohde (Appleton, 2021-01-23)


He doesn't need to be in any position of political power after spreading lies.

Laura Bruckner (Cocoa, 2021-01-24)


He’s a total embarrassment.

Becker Scott (Bradenton, 2021-01-24)


Matt's misguided support of Trump at all costs is an error in judgement. He does not deserve to represent and serve FL.

Michael Laden (Destin, 2021-01-24)


I’m signing because I do believe in the law and accountability. I do not believe that some people should be above our laws.

Karen Campbell (Loxahatchee , 2021-01-24)


I was a practicing attorney and his behavior brings embarrassment upon the profession.

Dodie Junkert (Clinton, 2021-01-24)


I support disbarment due to Matt’s constant lies and desire to take away the democracy of the United States.

Paula Patterson (Largo, 2021-01-24)


Matt Gaetz is a traitor, therefore doesn't respect the rule of law.

Michael Ping (Portland, 2021-01-24)


He supported the insurrection and continues to publish lies about the election being stolen.

Joyce Ansley (The Villages , 2021-01-24)


Matt Gaetz has been trying to disrupt our government by spreading lies and inciting a violent overthrow of our government and the people's votes. He is a disgraced felon and has no business in government.

Jane Swallows (Corrales, 2021-01-24)


Matt Gaetz is an accessory to over through the US Democracy!

Kimberly Noel (Sparta, 2021-01-24)


He was an eager participant in an effort to overturn a valid election & his rhetoric encouraged an insurrection. He should not be an officer of a court he does not respect.

Linda Valentine (Naples, 2021-01-25)


I’m worried this country won’t be able to endure many of representatives like this idiot.

Harry Janner (Bethlehem, 2021-01-25)


He is complicit in trying to overturn the election. Lying and encouraging violence.

Patricia Guenther (N Venice, 2021-01-25)


This man has lied and instigated this riot along with Trump! Also he knew this was gonna happen! He’s evil

Martha Delgado (Pembroke Pines, 2021-01-25)


This man is completely out of touch with the real world. His support of a terrorist President is incomprehensible

Keith Caron (Jensen Beach , 2021-01-25)


He Is unfit to hold any office or have any power. His Twitter account is proof that he is divisive and adding to political chaos.

Matthew Boucher (Providence , 2021-01-25)


I’m signing because Gaetz encouraged violence and lied about the election being stolen. He is a useless bigot.

Patricia Dantona (Saint Augustine, 2021-01-25)


If you run on law and order incorporate that into your actions

Peter Townend (Medford NY 11763, 2021-01-25)


Gaetz needs to go quickly for his actions.

Wayne Alberts (Justice, 2021-01-25)


I'm signing because we must put truth and law and order and states-persons back into the Congress if we are to be example we want to be for our children, grandchildren and other countries and the Leaders America used to be.

David Bodenstedt (Gulfport, 2021-01-26)


I love my country

cynthia smith (san mateo, 2021-01-26)


We need to hold the Republicans accountable for their actions. This is a great first start re: Gaetz, but we also need to begin the expulsion of his and his fellow seditionists from Congress.

Linda Calabrese (Orlando, 2021-01-26)


Trump enablers must be held accountable!!!!

curtis holland (Clearwater, 2021-01-26)


Graetz is a stain on this country and no respectable organization needs to condone his acts and speech.

Martin Horner (Clinton, 2021-01-26)


Gaetz is not capable of serving

John Haase (Cocoa Beach, 2021-01-26)


Treason must be punished

Chris Minnick (Trinity , 2021-01-26)


Having read the petition and agreeing with the history of violations it lays forth, I affix my signature calling for investigation and potential disbarment of Mr. Goetz from The Florida Bar. He has failed to honor his oaths and further jeopardized the safety and freedoms of Floridians and other Americans.

Bonny Fisher-Pruitt (Casselberry, 2021-01-26)


Matt Gaetz has exhibited unethical and undemocratic behavior. He should honor his oath as a lawyer and member of Congress.

Diane Lewis (Seminole , 2021-01-26)


He is a divisive, seditious man who should not represent anyone.

Lea Shaw (Navarre, 2021-01-26)


I am signing because he knew what he was doing is wrong and willfully continued and continues.

Shari Mitchell (Austin , 2021-01-27)


Matt it a weasel, a disgrace and a traitor to democracy.

Chris Wronski (Vancouver , 2021-01-27)


Matt Gaetz is a wart on the American system of Gov't.

His history of being a drunk driver that was helped (more than once) by GOP executive and dad, the senior Gaetz.

You know, twisting public safety to keep baby boy matt out of jail.

Yep, this guy is a typical spoiled idiot who would be chasing ambulances if the Florida voters opened their eyes.

Oh but why would Florida voters careanyway?

Remember, they voted in as Governor, and then Senator, a guy whose company swindled MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Medicare/Medicaid money. From OUR POCKETS.

But then, maybe you get the government that you deserve.

Gerald Dombeck (Torrington, 2021-01-27)



Stacey Lederberg (Boca Raton, 2021-01-27)


Gaetz has committed sedition.

Edith Repp (Miami , 2021-01-27)


We are a nation of laws not men! We do not worship or idolize men who take an oath to serve the people. We support them, appreciate them and respect them but we do not idolize them. It's very simple. Matt Gaetz has become mystified by power and fame and is on a collision course with destruction. We can not allow him to lead our country down this path of insanity. It's obvious he is complicit the insurrection and should be held accountable. He must be barred, removed from office and prosecuted.

Joey Courteau (Los Angeles, 2021-01-27)


He is a traitor to our country and should be held accountable. He is complicit and a disgrace to his profession.

Christina Alaniz (Banning, 2021-01-27)


He is a bad person

Matt Cortina (Redondo beach, 2021-01-27)


Sedition and treason must be held accountable.

Jeff Luth (Seattle, 2021-01-28)


The attempt to overturn a legitimate election by a representative of the people is so egregious and cannot go without serious consequences for those involved.

Margaret Gerrish (Palmetto Bay, 2021-01-28)


I'm signing because it is a travesty that these public officials act as if they are above the law. Matt Gaetz has spread lies and conspiracy theories endlessly in the lead-up to the coup attempt on the Capitol and continues to use this public position to spread hate and lies. He is responsible for 5 deaths and continues to incite more violence and division with his hate speech.

Christie Castellano (AUSTIN, 2021-01-28)


The man has violated his oath of office and promulgated the overthrow of the government and our democracy. After he loses his law degree he needs to be banned from the house and any public office.

Marcel Kates (Punta gorda , 2021-01-28)


Matt Gaetz needs to be held accountable for his attempts to subvert our democratic process in pursuit of the re-election of a false president.

Robert Hill (Auburn, 2021-01-29)


People like Gaetz are a danger to our Democracy.

Craig Bush (Panama City Beach , 2021-01-29)


He is a smart man there was no systemic fraud in the election. Yet, why contributed to inciting the instruction.

Laura Hershorin (Sarasota , 2021-01-29)


Failure to uphold the Constitution

Susan Dillinger (Holiday, 2021-01-29)


Matt Gaets is aiding and abetting the president in insurrection he should be removed and censured

Donna Richman (Palm coast, 2021-01-29)


Matt Gaetz is unfit for any office. He constantly lies. And, is always on the wrong side of the law.

Ester Morales (Houston, 2021-01-29)


Because he was complicit in the violent overthrow of the US capital by encouraging the mob which put his fellow members in great danger.

Linda Beemer (Spring Hill, 2021-01-29)


He violated his oath to uphold the Constitution. He supported insurrection against the UNITED STATES. He doesn't deserve to represent us

Jim Horn (Fullerton, 2021-01-29)


As a Florida representative you do not properly or honestly represent Florida or the United States in a manner required of our elected officials. You must resign.

Paul Guariglia (Wilton Manors, 2021-01-30)


Gaetz is without critical thinking skills and a moral rudder. A political opportunist, not a people’s advocate.

Thelma Gilbert (Remington, Indiana, 2021-01-31)


I'm sick and tired if the GOP and their traiterous b s. Those who attempted to overthrow our democracy should be in a federal prison, period. And those trying to sweep it under the rug, fired. They are culpable at the very least.

Susan Moire (Worcester , 2021-01-31)


Anyone, especially an attorney, who supports frivolous suits, attempts to overturn a democratic process and disenfranchise the votes of millions of Americans should not be allowed to practice law. He brings shame and dishonor to the profession. He endangers the very fabric of our democracy.

Angelica M. (Westbury, 2021-01-31)


1. I only hear hate speech that supports FAKE INFORMATION. 2. He has zero manners to institutional rhetoric, and behavior........ 3. He must stop YELLING, follow rules, and speak when his turn on the floor.

Jeanette Roberts (Port Charlotte, 2021-02-01)


Objecting to overturn an election is a direct attempt to subvert our democracy.

Domenic Mattei (Coraopolis, 2021-02-01)


I’m signing because legislators must be be held accountable for their attack on our democracy.

Raquel Byrnes (Menifee, 2021-02-01)


He's a moronic danger

Kristin Magnia (Fairview , 2021-02-02)


I’m signing because he is not for the people, he is for the traitors that line his pockets. He does not support/adhere to the Constitution and must go!!!!

Lisa Welch (Tampa, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because Matt Gaetz is a traitor to our nation!

Chad Sanchez (Murray, 2021-02-03)


I had always had great respect for all of our elected leaders. I didn't have to agree with their politics to respect their service and role. I am saddened that I can no longer feel that way towards leaders who refuse to lead and are comfortable with attempts to overthrow our fair laws and cause dissent in our country. Innocent people have been hurt, have been killed yet Mr. Gaetz continues with his efforts to foster public words that lead to violence and potential harm to his fellow citizens. We can all "speak" with our vote but I also support this complaint to the bar.

Susan May (Orlando, 2021-02-04)


I am signing because I am fed up with these crooks who think they are above the law and free of any consequences for their actions.

Rebecca Haro (Tolleson, 2021-02-04)


He does not belong in congress. He doesn’t do what is best fit us, he does what is best for him

Diane Silver-Smith (Boynton Beach Florida , 2021-02-04)


Matt Gaetz is insurrectionist garbage who’s unfit to serve any office or even a Chili’s for that matter screw this guy

Serh Wynn (Oklahoma City, 2021-02-04)


Such behavior is inexcusable and all parties should be held accountable for their actions on January 6, 2020. To allow Mr Gaetz to continue practicing law in the state of Florida is a slap in the face to all residents both in Florida and the US as a whole.

Erik Engus (Dundee, 2021-02-04)


I believe Matt Gaetz is a seditionist deterred spread the lies of election fraud that helped fuel the attack on the capital. He has blantly disregarded his oath of office.

Richard Gagliardi (Somerset, 2021-02-05)


I don’t like Facism

Susan Frankel (West Palm Beach, 2021-02-05)

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