Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



Im pissed at these assholes. They need to go. How disgusting as people they are.

nancy Neill (Vero beach, 2021-02-08)


I’m signing because he is a stain on Democracy!

Maureen Lyon (Waterford , 2021-02-13)


Gaetz is an unAmerican, craven opportunist who would throw his grandma under a bus if it meant the slightest of advantages for him. In the top ten of worst people in Congress.

Jamie Shoemaker (Morongo Valley, 2021-02-23)



Barbara Gideon (Palm Beach Gardens, 2021-03-02)


I’m sick of the hypocrisy.

Karen Mueller (Niles, 2021-03-08)


Prediction is not a perk of elected office. People in elected positions of political power are SERVANTS of their constituencies. Sex trafficking and child pornography are crimes. The hypocrisy absolutely mind blowing. Matt Gaetz is a seasoned disgrace.

Natalie Wilkerson-Smith (Spring Hill, 2021-04-02)


He needs to be punished

Leslie Requejo (Santa Barbara Ca , 2021-04-02)


Matt Gaetz is a piece of scum who should never hold political power of any kind.

Brandon Juhl (Everett, 2021-04-04)


Matt broke his Congressional oath to the Constitution numerous times. As Congressman, Matt most probably committed federal crimes as an elected lawmaker. And it is way too dangerous to allow him to continue as Congressman.

Michelle Mustaerd (Amsterdam , 2021-04-16)


we need an end of the divided states of trumpism
we need a functional government to server the needs of the people for the people & defend the constitution as was your oath not self serve grandstanding to prolong the inevitable by contaminating the integrity of the processes as you was elected to do. .
we need our elected officials to live up to our name & further unite all the people of these united states with liberty & justice for all .
not help create divided states civil war with liberty & justice for a select few that contribute to you personally for later favors .
regardless of state you are suppose to represent your states dignity & contribution to protect these united stats with your stats commitment to work in unison &be unitized with all other state to complete the puzzle of unity & rule of laws that protect out constitutions of the united states & defend all the people from Enemies Foreign and Domestics you first agreed in oath of office .
first amendment free speech only apply when you first defend the constitutions of those amendments that grants you those privileges .
in short freedom of speech is only free if you tell the truth & be honest with you & me & don't abuse ,betray your right to liberty when broadcast falsehoods of conspiracy & jeopardize public safety that will create public at large danger to your own people you was elected to protect .
if you don't trust the votes of the people & question the integrity of the voting process then was any votes for you counted fragrantly & should we the people badger your supporters .
do you trust your stats pool-workers & state government ?
was the votes rigged in your state ?
if we cant trust the rules of laws & our constitutions & elected officials then no one has any rights in a cannibalistic system as even the last cannibal dies when no one left to kill & eat.
now ask the people of your state did you do something great when you practice hate speech with perpetuation of unproven lies to help one demigod & create a riot agents that united states ?
or was you entrusted to use there names & power of your stats voter they entrusted in you to unite our country & certify there conurbation votes .
when you are speaking the voice of the people you must be truthfully & echo there voice & true wishes as for the people & by the people

m H (nyc, 2021-04-16)

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