Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



Matt Gaetz is a puts.

William Buttrill (Jacksonville, 2020-12-17)


I support disbarment of Matt Gaetz

John Greenway (Belton, 2020-12-17)


He took aim at our democracy to destroy it.

Rich McInnis (Portland , 2020-12-17)


He is a disgrace to everything the United States stands for

Sheryl Paloni (Albuquerque , 2020-12-17)


Enough is enough.

Joe DeFeo (Bloomfield, 2020-12-17)


Matt Gaetz is a disgrace to the Constitution of the United States.

Virginia Johnson (Hawthorn Woods, 2020-12-17)


I am signing because he represents my hometown and I still have friends and family there. His lack of care for them is appalling.

Francie Koehmstedt (Fort Collins , 2020-12-17)


Florida needs and demands a representative that will be involved in what is best for Floridians.

Denise Burgos (Orlando , 2020-12-17)


Justice must prevail if we are to heal as a nation and truly move forward. Those responsible for hate and sedition must be held accountable. We can unite when hatred is defeated.

Amy Stoch (Los Angeles, 2020-12-17)


Matt Gaetz is an embarrassment to the legal profession as well as decent Americans everywhere
He has no business holding a law degree that he does not value nor uphold ethically.

Theresa Roeske (Wellsville , 2020-12-17)


This man is a menace to FL

Kathy Newell (Orlando, 2020-12-17)


Representative Gaetz engaged in seditious behavior damaging to our Republic and shoule be held to account. His violation of the public trust has been ongoing and severe.

Julie Snow (St. Petersburg, 2020-12-17)


As a licensed attorney in Kansas, Texas, the Eastern and Northern Districts of Texas, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, I believe it is my responsibility to help police the legal profession.

Brent Dyer (Dallas, TX, 2020-12-17)


Matt Gaetz is doing things that are wrong and un-American.

Lynn Marinaro (Santa Clara, 2020-12-17)


Matt Gaetz is an embarrassment to the state of Florida and to America. His actins and words have made a mockery of the pandemic and America as a whole.

Josh Wolff (Antioch, 2020-12-17)


We need to look to lawyers as honorable and honest.Too many are flouting the Rule of Law. Mr. Gaetz taints the profession.

Lea Santello (Ivoryton , 2020-12-17)


Florida is the innocent victim of our f@#$ers in office.

Cynthia Stafford (Sarasota, 2020-12-17)


I oppose politicians that violate their oath of office.

Harold Needham (Ypsilanti , 2020-12-17)


Matt Gaetz is an embarrassment to our country.

James Fyer (Deltona, 2020-12-17)


Matt Gretzky needs to be sanctioned for his conduct.

Andrea Heinle (Leechburg, 2020-12-17)


I’m signing because Matt G is a tool of the super wealthy to spread lies and distrust to the American people. He is a danger to the public and should have no voice or power over anything to do with American democracy.

Brandy Borst (Houston , 2020-12-17)


Matt Gaetz is incompetent

Joseph Hackett (Marshfield Ma, 2020-12-17)


This mans unethical behavior should get him disbarred. There must be consequences.

Sherri Bryan (Burton, 2020-12-17)


He does not have my interests at heart. He is bad for citizens of FL.

Gary Len (Naples, 2020-12-17)





Matt Gaetz is corrupt.

Dena Chislak (Lake Worth, 2020-12-17)


I'M signing this petition because Mr. Gaetz has repeatedly violated his oath withiut remorse or any consequences.

URSULA PRISCO (Plymouth, 2020-12-17)


Lawyer admitted to practice in Washington. Gravely concerned with the behavior of subject attorney Gaetz, and others, in their seditious abuse of the judicial process, and the resulting degradation and disrepute it brings on the profession of law, the judiciary, and or democratic constitutional republic.

Jeff Bean (Normandy Park, 2020-12-17)


Matt is a disgrace

Linda Short (Winter Haven, 2020-12-17)


Mr. Gaetz has repeatedly spread misinformation about the pandemic, which undoubtedly has led to the loss of life.

Andrew Hilton (Los Angeles, 2020-12-17)


I would like to find a way to cause consequences for all of the congressional seditious actions.

Pamela Taylor (Montrose, MN, 2020-12-17)


Matt Gaetz is a deplorable subspecies or maybe a third cousin to the HOMO Genus. I am not sure Gaetz would like that nomenclature being homophobic. Or that he is a member of the Hominini tribe.

But I digress! As a lawyer, he has disrespected his oath to the law and to the constitution. Nuff said! While you are at it, look into disbarring Barr from the Bar.

Bob Lawrence (Citrus Heights, 2020-12-17)


Matt Gaetz is not mature enough to be in Congress!

Nancy Swann (Portland, 2020-12-18)


Lawyer admitted to practice in Washington. Concerned with the behavior of attorney Gaetz.

Sharon Williams (Dolton, 2020-12-18)


Matt Gaetz should no longer be allowed to practice law.

Stefanie Schimpff (Syracuse, 2020-12-18)


He signed his name to a lawsuit that sought to overturn the will of the American people. I know of no greater example that would fly in the face of our democracy and our Constitution. He should be disbarred.

Katherine Shaw (Neptune Beach, FL, 2020-12-18)


Matt Gaetz deserves disbarment for attempting to interfere with the rights of valid Registered voters to freely choose who is the next President of the US of A.

Lori Stone (Wesley Chapel, 2020-12-18)


Justice Matters

Nancy Ervin (Statesville, 2020-12-18)


To restore decency to legislative body.

Andanilza Miranda (West Palm Beach, 2020-12-18)


Matt Gaetz is a traitor to our country.

David Foster (Flint, 2020-12-18)


He is a disgrace to his profession. He is a seditious and immoral attorney that casts shame on the Florida Bar. Intimidation of witnesses and attempts to disenfranchise voters.

Harriette Oliver (Orange Park , 2020-12-18)


Sedition is a serious charge, and criminal behavior acting against the constitution and the law of the land. Trying to subvert the constitution invalidates his oath of both the bar, and his current office. Unless he is punished this won’t be his last worst act.

Rachel Johnson (Bedford, 2020-12-18)


From witness intimidation to compromising a security briefing of Congress and now to participating in seditious actives meant to subvert our democracy and free and fair elections, Mr. Gaetz's has violated his congressional and Florida State Bar oath to our county and the Constitution on 3 occasions. I am formally signing this petition to request he be disbarred.

Laurie Anderson (Georgetown , 2020-12-18)


Matt Gaetz's behavior is both unacceptable & unbecoming for both a layer & a representative.

alishia giller (Cove, 2020-12-18)


Gaetz is a follower not a leader. He’s a bandwagon Trumpie who has lied and knowingly spread disinformation the last four years. He is easily one of the worst of a bad, crooked, evil bunch.

Dean Westerman (Wellsville, 2020-12-18)


Matt Gaetz knowingly engaged in conduct that absolutely should have gotten him disbarred without citizens having to ask for it.

Pam Yelvington (Hastings, 2020-12-18)


Have you seen or heard Matt Gaetz? As if the DUIs weren't enough

bryan wenzel (Del city, 2020-12-18)


Gaetz willingly participated in an act of sedition

Elizabeth Dorsey (GREENSBORO, 2020-12-18)


We have to clean out the corrupt and illegal attacks on our rule of law and constitution

Jan Forney (Houston, 2020-12-18)


Treason & sedition

jennie Price (SANTA BARBARA, 2020-12-18)


Matt Gaetz appears to have a conflict of interest between his duty to the people of Florida and his personal life as a close associate with the immediate family of the President of the United States. This conflict did not appear to exist or impact him as a junior Congressman until recently, and his loyalty to ideals the President has communicated seems to cloud his ability to reason. Mr Gaetz is unfit for office, and has materially communicated his intent to undermine the democratic election in November 2020 and the results which followed. Mr Gaetz has materially misrepresented himself as speaking for the constituents in his district, and their health and welfare in the face of factual and judicial review, in favor of political interests and his personal wealth and gain.

Daniel Shields (Boca Raton, 2020-12-18)


Matt Gaetz continually attacks the Constitution of the USA.

Karen B. (Normal, 2020-12-18)


He's a walking ethics violation

Thomas Swanson (Baton Rouge, 2020-12-18)

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