Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



Because he is a disgusting human being and I am tired of him breaking the law.

Beth Muscat (Kent, 2020-12-18)


As a resident of his area, I say that Matt Gaetz has violated his oath of office and has supported sedition. He deserves the full penalties allowed by law.

Raymonda Schwartz (Crestview, 2020-12-18)


Matt Gaetz is a danger to democracy, and an idiot.

J Agata (Sebastopol, 2020-12-18)


No politician or elected official has the right to ignore the will of the voters. This attempt to deny people their right to vote is appalling. This was just another attempt by Gaetz to undermine the will of the American people.

Jean Stanton (Loxahatchee , 2020-12-18)


Anyone who assists in an attempt to make a mockery of our court system should forfeit the right to practice and/or use it.

Linda Freeman (Delray Beach, 2020-12-18)


I am a Florida resident and this person in no way shape or form is an honorable representative of the people of Florida.

Amber Storer (Rockledge, 2020-12-18)


We need to keep our courts an example of our fair and impartial legal system. Those who violate their oaths and cannons as lawyers must be sanctioned and disbarred to maintain the integrity of the law!

John Hickman (Ashburn, 2020-12-18)


Trying to undo the will of the people. He is a disgrace to Democracy

Joseph Rose (Newport, 2020-12-18)


I'm signing this petition because Matt Gaetz behavior is outrageous. He is has been given preferential treatment time and time again. He has broken the law, trampled on the Constitution and put our democracy at risk. Enough is enough! Florida and the American people deserve better.

Tawanna Sloan (Colorado Springs, 2020-12-18)


He engaged in witness intimidation by threatening Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, barging uninvited into a SCIF facility, carrying unauthorized electronic devices, compromising the security of a classified briefing, and other egregious activity.

Monica White (Dana Point, 2020-12-18)


Gaetz is a traitor. Plain and simple.

Kelly Smith (Clermont, 2020-12-18)


I’m signing because the GOP corruption and Trump coverups have gone to far.

Lynn Sharp (San Diego, 2020-12-18)


Matt Gaetz is a traitor.

Jo Colosimo (Mesa, 2020-12-18)


He's a criminal

Amy Burkey (New Milford, 2020-12-18)



Phillip Copeland (Louisville, 2020-12-18)


I’m tired of unchecked immoral behavior and blatant disregard for rules of conduct.

Jody Bauer (Bellingham’s , 2020-12-18)


No lawyer should engage in disinformation and outright lies. Also he's an anti masker.

Season Hayes (Littleton, 2020-12-18)


I’m signing because time and time again Matt Gaetz reals his oath of office, disregards court rulings and seeks to discredit the judicial system in service of one Donald Trump. Enough is enough.

Darryl Price (Denville, NJ, 2020-12-19)


Matt Gaetz has violated his oath of office and participated in felony witness tampering in regards to the congressional impeachment trial toward Michael Cohen.

His signing of seditious motions to the Supreme Court demonstrates his lack of respect and/or knowledge of the laws of this country.

Robert Weathers (Boynton Beach, 2020-12-19)


I'm in agreement with Pamela Keith that Mr. Matt Gaetz should be disbarred for multiple violations of the Florida Bar Code of Conduct.

Marv Daniels (Dillon, 2020-12-19)


I am a Florida resident, former elected official, legal secretary by trade, and believe Matt Gaetz should disbarred. I have know better attorneys who lost their licenses for lesser crimes. Please disbarr him ASAP. Thank you.

Cathy Harris (Naples, 2020-12-19)


For conduct that violates ethics.

Doug Taylor (WASHINGTON, 2020-12-19)


He has repeatedly shown disregard for the law and the Democracy of the United States.

Grace McLemore (Charlotte, 2020-12-19)


Gaetz is my rep and is an embarrassment.

Michael Schneider (Ft Walton beach, 2020-12-19)


Matt Gaetz is a horrible person and has no business having any position.

Margie Johnson (Hermiston, 2020-12-19)


He needs to be disbarred and charged with treason

Adam Taylor (Rutland, 2020-12-20)


His behavior is harmful to our Democracy and has done real world damages. Such behavior must be punished.

Mary Boston (Westland, 2020-12-20)


Matt Garth has violated the Florida Bar Code of Conduct and MUST suffer consequences of disbarment to restore trust in our Democracy.

Tracie Andrews Pitelka (Winter Park,, 2020-12-20)


Gaetz has shown Behavior on Numerous Occasions over the past 4 yrs in his Political Office Unbefitting an Esquire of the United States. He has also Risked the Lives of Innocent Pedestrians & Motor Vehicle Operators Driving while Intoxicated. This Person Should Not Be Allowed to Continue these Actions as a Qualified Law Enforcement Agent.

Avalon Coleman (Alexandria , 2020-12-20)


Matt has long been an embarrassment to the state of Florida. His participation in the seditious Texas lawsuit is beyond embarrassing: it is an affront to democracy and to the Constitution of the USA.

Kristen Stieffel (Orlando, 2020-12-20)


Signing because Gaetz is a disgrace to the professsion of law.

Avril Burg (Solon, 2020-12-20)


I'm saying this because people in high positions set an example for others to follow. When they break their oath such as Mr. Gaetz has we must send the message that this is unacceptable.

Laurie Gardiner (Belmont, 2020-12-20)


He signed on to an intentional effort to undermine the results of a free and fair presidential election. As an attorney, he knows better. There must be consequences for this unethical behavior.

Robin Pearl (Long Beach, 2020-12-20)


Gaetz needs to go!

Lillian Hampton (Waverly , 2020-12-20)


This congressman is very unethical. He does not represent the democracy he swore in to protect. He must be disciplined. He is a rogue representative and not protecting his constituents. He believes and pushes false accusations pertaining to voters rights.



I urge you to disbar Gaetz. He has no honor, integrity and fails to value an oath.

Deborah White (Orlando , 2020-12-20)


This nonsense in Congress has to stop.

Cynthia Lopez (San Antonio, 2020-12-21)


Matt Gaetz is in violation of his oath again.

B Fetzer (Ephrata, 2020-12-21)


He is a detriment to the entire country by his treasonous tweets in support of Trump!

Beverly Jungvirt (Salem, 2020-12-21)


I do not believe Matt Gaetz is following the the rules and standards set by the Florida Bar.

Kimberly Diaz (ST PETERSBURG, 2020-12-22)


Attorneys and elected officials take oaths, he has violated both. Criminal actions must have consequences.

Judy Starr (San Francisco , 2020-12-22)


I agree with the petition

Robyn Olsen (Maple Grove, 2020-12-22)


Matt Goetz has abused his power, lied and cheated.

Donna Randle (Richardson, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is a traitor and embarrassment to this country. He does not represent the standards a lawyer should uphold and must be disbarred!

Michelle Williams (Auburn, 2020-12-22)


I believe that none are above the law

Andrew Bamford (Hillcrest, 2020-12-22)


First Gaetz is a vile human being
But more important is that he has made a mockery of the judicial system and he is not above the law.

Christal Pettit (Knoxville, 2020-12-22)


We all take an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution and not to promote sedition.

Richard Meadow (Houston, 2020-12-22)


He is a despicable Representative who is damaging America.

Bob Comstock (Wilmington, 2020-12-22)


I'm signing because MATT GAETZ is a threat to American democracy by continuing to perpetuate false statements about our 2020 election results. He is undermining the oath of the office he was sworn in to represent.

Judy Davis (Jacksonville, 2020-12-22)


Because I support this petition.

Natalie Beeler (Thousand Oaks , 2020-12-22)


I'm signing this petition for the permanent disbarment
of Florida Senator Matt Gaetz for conduct unbefitting of a member of congress.

Steven Savage (Hackensack, New Jeesey, 2020-12-22)


I am signing this because of Mr. Gaetz's blatant acts of Sedition in trying to overthrow the incoming Presidential Administration.

Tammy May (Apopka , 2020-12-22)

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