Declare Pennsylvania November 2020 Election in Dispute



I think we should Do 2020 presidential election over.

Tymechia Brown (Chambersburg, 2020-12-27)


This election was a fraud

Thomas M. Wingert (Cchambersburg, 2020-12-27)


I'm signing this petition because I will not accept election results that by all appearances are fraudulent. Especially when the Democratic leadership of Pennsylvania has stopped every effort of transparency. If they have nothing to hide then they should hide nothing!!

Matthew Shipley (Alison Park, 2020-12-27)


This election was a theft. I have no idea if my vote was even counted. Most corrupt election in history. I demand a paper ballot in person recount!!!!

Cynthia King (Middletown , 2020-12-27)


The Pa election results are fraudulent.

John Eyth (Chicora , 2020-12-27)


Stop the Steal

Raymond Polk (Allison Park, 2020-12-27)


I want my Country back..

Franklin Black (Centerville, 2020-12-27)


Laws were broken.

Dale Bricker (Pittsburgh, 2020-12-27)


I’m signing this because the election was rigged.

Karen Yagatich (Pittsburgh, 2020-12-27)


Joe Biden isn't my president. The Biden administration is a fraud...

Luke Weaver (Chambersburg, 2020-12-27)


Because I disagree with the results of the election and Biden committed fraud

Maureen Joyce (Phila Pennsylvania , 2020-12-27)


Mail in ballot had no security thus allowing criminals to stuff the results with Biden votes Dead people voting, non citizens voting Thus canceling out the vote for Trump

Chris Fromme (Pittsburgh , 2020-12-27)


Anyone with eye can see it was rigged!😡😡

Deanne Adams (Saint Thomas, 2020-12-27)


The election was not held by following the Constitution. This alone makes the election results invalid, and not to mention the extended vote counting and the counting of ballots that were not properly submitted.

Clint DeLuca (Beaver Falls, 2020-12-27)


The 2020 was a complete fraud with ample evidence especially in the Philadelphia area

Susan Soden-Brown (Hellam, PA, 2020-12-27)


Irregularities, unconstitutional judicial and executive procedures without the consent of the legislature.

Kevin Brashers (Chambersburg, 2020-12-27)


It's obvious how blatant the fraud is you just don't change the rules at the end of a game to benefit the losing team in order to help them win, but that's exactly what happened with allowing mailins to show up days later allow the losing candidate to gain and win the state of Pa. And when everyone is sent home except a couple people and a couple hundred thousand votes show up in the middle of the night and how lucky was Biden to have a check next to his name on every one of them. The court system, the F.B.I. (federal boneheads of incompetence), and our leaders have failed the real american people. You people think you have done a great thing but all in all you divided a nation so far apart that it will take decades to bring back all because you are afraid of him draining the swamp. I hope he fills it with concrete so we don't hear you pieces of shit whining anymore

Michael Kattner (Jim thorpe, 2020-12-27)


If a Democrat Presidential Candidate had an Election Rigged & Stolen, with proof of such acts at a level never seen before, the Democrat Senators would consider it an act of war, and fight to the death. Mitch & the Republicans do NOTHING, just want to let it pass. NO FIGHT!

Tricia Cunningham (Apollo, 2020-12-27)


The 2020 election was filled with fraud and law violations. We need this corrected in order to maintain a fair and balanced society.

Leah Krichten (Gettysburg, 2020-12-27)


Massive election fraud

Delbert Vargason (Oil city , 2020-12-27)


During this election process I worked as judge of elections and the county workers would not provide a definitive answer when questioning the process. This is totally out of the norm. SCYTL machines were used and the information on our election process left THE UNITED STATES. WHY DID THAT OCCUR OUR Election process is required to stay in the boundaries of the USA.

Debbie Hadfield (Pittsburgh, 2020-12-27)


I believe there was widespread voter fraud in our PA election. And also for the disregard of the PA Constitution by our governor and secretary of state to change voter election law without legislative approval.

Carol Rebert (Orrtanna, 2020-12-27)


I want a fair outcome and President Trump is the better choice to lead the nation.

Michael Nau (Marietta, 2020-12-27)


The election was STOLEN by the globalist from American citizens. We will NOT comply with, or EVER accept this SCAM.

Lisa Wantz (Gettysburg, 2020-12-27)


If there’s even the slightest of evidence or doubt, the American people deserve an investigation.

Stacy Reale (Drexel Hill, 2020-12-27)


I'm signing because I believe that even one illegitimate vote, one dead person vote, one incident of voter fraud, one incident of election fraud is too much and invalidates the whole election process.

Timothy Fry (Houtzdale, 2020-12-27)


Very suspicious of mainstream media. There is clearly an agenda. If it looks like a snake, it’s a snake. A lot of unanswered questions!!!

Josette Peckman (Orwigsburg , 2020-12-27)


The election counting process in Pennsylvania was clearly fraudulent, first and foremost by disobeying the law and not allowing Republicans to watch the counting process. The Constitution allows us to disallow fraudulent electors after a fraudulent voting process took place.

Cheryl Sobun (Mont Alto, 2020-12-27)


This election was fraudulent and unconstitutional. As a lifetime resident of Pennsylvania, I am disgusted with the blatant disregard for integrity in our electoral process.

Amber Schmitt (Jeannette, 2020-12-27)


Election integrity MUST be maintained

Kelly Miller (Mechanicsburg, 2020-12-27)


The Omnibus Bill was wrongly passed in PA and on top of that, the Governor added on illegal election practices. Signatures should have been verified. Democrat only ballot curing. More absentee ballots counted than requested. Ballots received after Election Day counted. Convene and right the election wrongs now.

Marianne Fein (Hulmeville, 2020-12-27)


There is no way Biden won PA, Pennsylvania was working had a better life a democrat will take it away

Donna Abell (Gettysburg, 2020-12-27)


I strongly believe there was sufficient voter fraud to change the outcome in the 2020 presidential election.

Heather Welsh (Gibsonia , 2020-12-27)


I feel that the election was not fair. There are a lot of Trump haters that would do anything to rig the election. I think it would be in the United States best interest if we re counted the votes.

Alissa Coffman (Gettysburg , 2020-12-27)


PA election is illegal. Fraudulent ballots were counted and legal ballots cast out!

Perry Shearer (Abbottstown , 2020-12-27)


The election was stolen!

Debra Hutchinson (Port Royal , 2020-12-27)


Rigged election, voter fraud.

Matt Wentz (New Oxford, 2020-12-27)


My gut is telling me something is very wrong with the election count. Makes no sense that half the country votes for a man with mental challenges, and votes against a man who has done more for this country than any other president ever will. Trump's rallies netted tens of thousands while Biden hid in his basement, safely away from media questions. The election was a sham & a insult to voting Americans.

Regina Costa (FLEETWOOD, 2020-12-27)


There is certainly election fraud. I have seen the hearing in PA and convinced it was rigged. Based on the evidence of mail in ballots coming in heavily for Biden at a statistically impossible margin, and more ballots than requsted,I will not accept any other outcome than , President Trump as my President.

Tara Flitter (Gettysburg , 2020-12-27)


We the People voted for President Trump in a landslide and deserve a fair election

Melissa Yoder (Schuylkill Haven, 2020-12-27)


I’m signing because we have been stollen from . And we want what is ours .

Brendon Barczak (Gettysburg , 2020-12-27)


I would like a fair election

dominique brown (Chambersburg, 2020-12-27)


I'm signing because there is too many irregularities in the voting system! How can you received more than what was mailed out!

Martha Cunningham (Burgettstown, 2020-12-27)


The fraud was blatant in Pennsylvania. The Constitutional election laws were ignored by the SC and the Governor, against the state legislature. The AG pre-celebrated prior to the election.

Romelle Thompson (Woodlyn, 2020-12-27)


The rampant election fraud which took place in pa should not be overlooked.

Michael McHale (Philadelphia, 2020-12-27)


At this point, my vote did not count.

Tara Bozek (Lake Lynn, PA, 2020-12-28)


There is so much evidence of fraud, the evidence must be able to be presented Instead the corrupt state supreme court has refused to let the existing evidence to be heard, eliminating the opportunity for the people to have a voice.

Eric Stoltzfus (Hatfield, 2020-12-28)


There is documented voter fraud.

thomas mckenney (Gettysburg, 2020-12-28)


I am signing because this election lacked integrity at multiple levels. The actions by the PA Supreme Court were unconstitutional and resulted in a degradation of basic election control mechanisms as explicitly detailed in the PA Constitution. The Governor’s denial of the State Legislature’s request to hold a special session to address the multiple improprieties identified in the November 3rd election, further elevates my concern that the improprieties were both planned and coordinated.

Walter Brown (Carlisle, 2020-12-28)


This election was fraudulent.

Peggy Carr (Plainfield , 2020-12-28)


I am fighting for my Constiturional right to a free and fair election. Your inaction is trampling on my rights. Uphold the oath you took.

Allison Mancuso (Harrisburg , 2020-12-28)


We the people need to have the same trust and respect showen to us as our politicians demand from us.

Ronda Kuhn Gehr (Fort Loudon, 2020-12-28)


Fraudulent voting in PA!!!!

Donna Sprague (Enola, 2020-12-28)


Mail in voting fraud was rampant. The election was even more fraudulent than normal.

Matt Herrmann (Cranberry township, 2020-12-28)


Trump won this election. Dems are GUILTY of voter fraud without a doubt.

Megan Martin (Butler, 2020-12-28)


This fraud must be exposed so that we cancretain our right to a free,fair election in the future

Cindy Oliver (Claremore, 2020-12-28)


I believe there was widespread voter fraud in our Pa Election. Total disregard of the Constitution by our governor and secretary of state! Disregard of election laws without legislative approval.

Anna Akers (Johnstown, 2020-12-28)


Trump won the election, Biden stole the election!

Lorne Horst (Lancaster , 2020-12-28)


I'm signing because the evidence that the democrats made my vote worthless through cheating and stealing the vote is disrespectful, unethical, and frankly, disgusting. They have treated the great USA as a third world country run by corrupt dictators. If this is permitted to stand, we have lost our country.

Angela Iacobucci (Cedar Lake, Indiana, 2020-12-28)


I am attaching my signature because my voting rights are being violated with a corrupt system of vote processing.

Jay Gardenhour (Waynesboro , 2020-12-29)


Trump won the Election. Plain as day.

Patrick Harrison (Oxford, 2020-12-29)


The election was fraudulent

Louise Carpino (Philadelphia, 2020-12-29)


We the People are tired of the corruption in America!!

Todd Guyer (Newburg, 2020-12-29)


Obvious voter fraud!!!

David Williams (Homer City, 2020-12-29)


The counts are all your jobs as legislators and select electors. You know if you politians went by the Constitution we wouldn't be in this predicament as well if you truly worked for the people we would not be here. As for the people hold all politicians accountable call, email, knock on their doors, protest and impeach them.

Michelle Brown (Fayetteville , 2020-12-29)


I did my do diligence in voting as a resident, but I can’t trust my vote was counted accurately! I am tired of this city and state being under tyrannical rule and not for the people!

Jo-Ann Christina (Philadelphia, 2020-12-29)


Americans deserve a "fair" election. Only "legal" votes must be counted, and all "illegal" votes must be removed from the count.

Audrey Shoop (Ford City, 2020-12-29)


The election has wide spread fraud

Leroy Shildt (Mount Holly Springs, pa, 2020-12-29)



Lisa M Fetters (Grampian, 2020-12-29)


Biggest election fraud ever in PA and across the US

Penny Coleman (Dubois, 2020-12-29)


Our republic is dependent on the outcome of this election. We the people of Pennsylvania have seen evidence and heard testimony of many firsthand witnesses indicating this election was rigged and the results are untrustworthy. We demand this evidence and the accusations be investigated. Free and fair elections is what is expected. There is cause for doubt in the minds of the voters that Pennsylvania was given a fair election. Those elected to uphold free and fair elections need to do their jobs and investigate the 2020 presidential election. Do not concede to the results as they stand. 12-29-20

Crystal Martin (Denver, 2020-12-29)


There is no doubt that fraud was committed in the Presidential Election of November 3, 2020! Our Pennsylvania Legislature CAN AND SHOULD call for new elections and settle this once and for all! STOP THE FRAUD!

Rob Boysen (Trevose, 2020-12-29)


I want mine and everyone else's vote to be counted legally in every aspect.

Sandra Osterlund (Camp Hill, 2020-12-29)


The Pa election was a fraud.

Kim Villani (Pittsburgh, 2020-12-29)


Election integrity matters

Barbara Mountz (Newville, 2020-12-29)


This election was a fraud with thousand examples of it in each of the swing states.We want an honest and fair election, this is still America

Maurita Wisniewski (Pittsburgh, 2020-12-29)


I was at the hearing in Gettysburg and heard the sworn testimony of all the fraud that took place

Gezelle Laughner (Carlisle , 2020-12-29)


I believe President Trump won this election.

Kim Whirlow (Valencia, 2020-12-30)


Election fraud, more votes than registered voters

Douglas Wooten (Clarendon, 2020-12-30)


Based on all of the irregularities and things done that are unconstitutional I reject that PA had a free and fair election.

amy faltot (Natrona Heights, 2020-12-30)



Jim Worthington (Newtown, 2020-12-30)


This election was fixed, totally.

Betsy Geisel (Johnstown, 2020-12-30)


Suzanne Conner

Suzanne Conner (Creekside, 2020-12-30)


I feel my Constitutional right to vote—my one franchise—has been diluted by fraudulent votes cast by people who are dead, people who do not exist, votes that were not timely, and voted that were not duly observed when counted. This is unconscionable that my vote is not counting as it should be. It is weak and diluted by fraudulent votes. I will never trust PA voting system again.

Cathy Hester (Irwin , 2020-12-30)


This election in no way should be accepted as the will of the people!! It is fraudulent!!!

Susan Settle (Nicktown, 2020-12-30)


I know voting was not done correctly in the uear of covid

Crystal Gauss (Hanover , 2020-12-30)

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