Declare Pennsylvania November 2020 Election in Dispute



I believe the PA presidential election was fraudulent and demand an investigation of the process and a recount- making sure votes were tabulated fairly.

Darlene Bracken (Black Lick, 2020-12-30)


I’m signing because of the abundance of evidence of voter fraud!!!!!

Lorea Goodlin (Vintondale, 2020-12-30)


The Election is rigged

Kaleb Lippert (Morrisdale, 2020-12-30)


I took numerous calls from voters on election day what happen when they went to the polls to vote. They targeted Seniors citizens and Republicans.

Donna Ricupero (Enola, 2020-12-30)


It was not a legal election

Diane Savich (Harrisburg, 2020-12-30)



brian william thomas whalen (sharon, 2020-12-30)


America MUST have honest elections!! November 3,2020 was NOT!

Linda Russell (LeRaysville, 2020-12-30)


I believe that there was voter fraud.
I firmly believe that President Donald J Trump is our president for 4 more years. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Donald Trump IS THE President for The People.

Tracy L Watson (Apollo, 2020-12-30)


I believe that there was fraud in the election process. Either by increase in number of unregistered votes,changing the state law by the governor and the courts not by the legislative government . Un Pa constitution this process of not following voting rules and laws in the 2020 election showed an intent to fraud Pennsylvanian people of their rightful vote.

Susan Colangelo (Vintondale , 2020-12-30)


Disgraceful elect!

patricia dubanos (BELLMORE, 2020-12-30)


President Trump Won by a landslide

Stacie Trev (Media, 2020-12-30)


I believe that serious corruption has affected the election results and am concerned that the country will lose much of what we have fought to protect if we don't stand in defense now.

Sherri Chippo (Mechanicsburg, 2020-12-30)


We the voters were lied to!

Andrea Dixon (Vintondale , 2020-12-30)


The evidence of wrong doing is compelling and demands legal action. Statistically many events were not probable.

James Martin (Biglerville, PA, 2020-12-30)


I want PA representatives to stand up and reject the 2020 election PA votes

Karen Long (Shelocta, 2020-12-31)


I'm signing this because the election was stolen by credible, massive fraud.

Carey Walsh (phoenixville, 2020-12-31)


I want better for my children. The truth will prevail!

Rachelle Welker (Dover, 2020-12-31)


I believe there are significant irregularities and concern about the 2020 Pennsylvania Presidential elections to warrant declaring the results INVALID.

Robert Glatfelter (York, 2020-12-31)


There was massive election fraud in PA, and Governor Wolf and Secy of State Boockvar refuse to acknowledge what amounts to treason, on the part of Democrats, and Wolf and Boockvar, in particular.

Kathryn Chilcote (West Chester, 2020-12-31)


I do not have any confidence in this election being fair and accurate and want the results to be investigated to uncover all fraud. Otherwise I will never have confidence in our elections or that my vote will be cast according to my wishes going forward.

Cindy Rota (Chester Springs, 2020-12-31)


Every legal vote should count

Danielle Willauer (Pottstown , 2020-12-31)


Only legal and all legal votes were not counted or accounted for in the state of Pennsylvania.

Mary Lynch (Livonia, 2020-12-31)


I believe there was serious election fraud during the November 2020 election.

Jennifer Stewart (Exton, 2020-12-31)


The evidence is too overwhelming to ignore. Regular citizens are doing more to expose the fraud than our elected officials. Mr. Pulitzer (who, during live GA hearing on 12/30, proved that the voting equipment was not only connected to wifi/internet, but his team was able to access the actual voting equipment (that GA residents are presently voting on) and establish that it does have two way communication) this alone should be enough evidence to decertify results! No matter what party, everyone should be equally outraged! Mr. Bobby Piton has done extensive data analysis in several states, PA among them & brought many issues to light. Add to that all the sworn affidavits from those voters or those working the polls and there is no way PA results should be certified. Phil Kline’s organization has extensive information on how Mr Zukerberg of FB, poured millions of dollars into the election in designated states, PA being one, dictating where ballot drop boxes must be located, paying for satellite election offices & dictating where they should be and even paying some election workers salaries. How can the state legislature not decertify the results and if they don’t do their job , how can US Congress accept the electors with all this evidence available. They should not!

Michele Bauder (Lehighton, 2020-12-31)


I believe that this election is fraudulent .

Richard McDonald (New Kensington , 2020-12-31)


My votes, and my states electoral votes are disenfranchised by the fraud that took place in other states.

Aaron Martin (Canal Winchester, 2020-12-31)


I went to bed & the country was red, woke up from my 2 hour snooze & the country was blue. There's no way there wasn't any fraud. We all got mailed at least 6-12 apps for ballots.
2 days before Pa. called the electoral for Biden we saw a guy from the polling place where my sister votes and he said they couldn't call Delaware County because they "lost" 47 flash drives. I thought every vote counted!

Michele DAnjolell (Upper Darby, 2020-12-31)


I believe there was blatant voter fraud in Pennsylvania

Virginia Hostetter (Indiana, 2020-12-31)


I believe in voter transparency. And this election was full of fraud since the truth is being hidden from the public.

Donna Hox (Lester , 2020-12-31)


I want every legal vote to count for whom it is intended. Period.

Vincent Natale (Havertown, 2020-12-31)


The data analysis of the votes in Pennsylvania prove that this election is fraudulent.

Cindy Nelson (Glen Campbell, 2020-12-31)


All the evidence proves the election was rigged in bidens favor.
This is an act of treason and anyone who days there isn't enough evidence should be treated as a traitor.

Cindy Allen (Reading, 2020-12-31)


I'm signing because WE NEED A VALID VOTER SYSTEM, and what we just had was VOTER FRAUD!!!! Supreme court's need to do their Job they get paid for and open their eyes to all this Fraud!!!

Lorri Englese (Laporte Pa, 2020-12-31)


I care for my country.

Christopher Chartier (St. Thomas, 2020-12-31)


Because the fraud is in plain sight for everyone to see the numbers don’t add up period

Frank Clark (Glenshaw, 2020-12-31)


I will not accept Joe Biden as the President-elect! Nobody won this election yet! And I will also not accept that Donald Trump is a lame-duck one-term President I will not believe the liberal, leftist, and lying news media! I still think that Trump has a chance to be re-elected. I am praying for a fair, impartial, and legitimate resolution to the 2020 Presidential Election. This is why I am signing this petition.

Nan Fagan (Darby, 2020-12-31)


I’m signing because I want every vote to count

James McBride (Clifton Heights, 2020-12-31)


More people voted than were registered to vote. Election integrity must be maintained and ensured with strict adherence to the rules!🇺🇸

Darrin Sebastian (Moon Township, Pa, 2020-12-31)


The Fraud is so evident that it is a sin Our Elected Officials in the Senate are blowing this off like nothing happened..

Charles Yucha (Mount Carmei, 2021-01-01)


This past election was a farce. Entire Democratic Party are a bunch of scumbag cheaters and liars. This country is in great hands with President Trump

Mike Parr (Clifton Heights , 2021-01-01)



John Kiger (Conneaut Lake, 2021-01-01)


There are just too many inconsistencies in how the PA election vote was tabulated and too much security film footage showing ballots being brought in unsupervised.

Scott Huber (Lewisberry , 2021-01-01)


I’m signing because I believe there to be fraud involved in the Nov 3 Presodential Election. Specifically the State Constitution was over ridden by the Court. This is unlawful. Votes accepted after Election Day defies the State Constitution.

Dan Wyrick (Carlisle, 2021-01-01)


My vote matters.

Moire Bridges (Indiana, 2021-01-01)


I am signing this petition because cheating in not an option. There are way too many examples of fraud. We can stand silent.

Cathie Huber (Lewisberry, 2021-01-01)


This Election was completely rigged and crooked! TRUMP-2020!

Norman Claus (GLENSHAW, 2021-01-02)


I believe that the integrity of the election is very important right now to keep this Country what it is

Kim Costa (Orwigsburg , 2021-01-02)


I believe there was fraud conducted in 2020 election and our governor and secretary of state certified illegal votes!

Kathy Hunter (Homer City, 2021-01-02)


I feel cheated

Trish Pagac (Brackenridge , 2021-01-02)


We have lost the confidence of the American People in ANY future elections. President Trump won, was cheated of votes and our great country will expire as we know it if the 2020 Election Fraud is allowed.

Margaret Kinter (Blairsville, PA, USA, 2021-01-02)


All we are asking for is a free and fair election. If Biden truly won PA then democrats should have no problem doing a bipartisan forensic audit of those ballots immediately. No more delays.

Kaitlin Derstine (Telford, 2021-01-02)


Because the biggest voter fraud in the history of our country must not be allowed to prevail.

Donna Collins (Butler, 2021-01-03)


Tired of watching all the lies in the media. We want to know the truth.

Eric Pearce (Indiana , 2021-01-03)


I believe 2020 was an unfair election

Lawrence Powers (Gibsonia, 2021-01-03)


I love my country and my freedom.

Christina Donato (Danville, 2021-01-04)


We love America as she was founded. We need to restore President Trump’s victory, as well as free and fair elections going forward.

Joy Margulies (Boca Raton, 2021-01-04)


I want the obvious voter fraud in my state to be fully investigated and those who committed this fraud held accountable for Treason against our Country!

Kim Ritter (Somerset, Pa 15501, 2021-01-04)


I believe this election to have been fraudulently tampered with and the results should be declared null and void

Mark Densmore (Spring, 2021-01-05)


I firmly believe the 2020 election was corrupted by individuals in our current government.

Richard Halac (Carlisle, 2021-01-05)


So much is wrong with this election. It needs to be investigated and those who were involved in this fraud prosecuted.

Elisa Kreiger (Harrisburg , 2021-01-06)


It's obvious that the election was rigged and falsified and Ferb over 400,000 votes in the state of Pennsylvania for Donald Trump to be removed is an act of treason. I voted for Donald J Trump and my vote counts!

Chris Viboch (Munhall , 2021-01-06)


I am opposing a fraudulent election as is my right under the Constitution.

Nancy Petrovich (Greensburg, 2021-01-06)


I'm signing because I live in PA and this election was a travesty. The corruption is disgusting.

Jo Kirley (McKees Rocks, 2021-01-06)


I'm afraid mt vote didn't count and will lose my constitutional rights

Tricia Brownlee (Blairsville, 2021-01-07)


I believe that the November 2020 election was fraudulent and should be investigated.

Rhonda Hallas (Greenock, 2021-01-07)


I am signing because the election was rigged using dominion machines. The violence was staged and paid for by Clinton and Soros!!! Antifa breached the Capitol!!!

Melanie Corso (Pittsburgh, 2021-01-07)


The election was not counted correctly.

Eugena BurkePowers (Valencia, 2021-01-07)


I’m signing because my vote was STOLEN from me by the very people who are SUPPOSED to represent me!!!!!!!!!

Michelle McCarty (Duncansville , 2021-01-07)


I am signing this petition not only because I believe the election in Pennsylvania was fraudulent, but because as a poll watcher who spent time at five different precincts, I personally witnessed how the unconstitutional changes by PA Governor Wolf, Secretary Boockvar and the PA Supreme Court impacted the election.

Bill Halle (Butler, 2021-01-07)


The election in Pennsylvania was a fraud. I now have no faith in the election system and our idiot Governor Wolf should be impeached.

Shari Roberts (Drums, 2021-01-07)


I am signing because the 2020 election is beyond a disaster due to so many fraudulent actions.

Wendy Krug (Levittown, 2021-01-08)


I despise fraud and damages to our sacred right to vote in fair elections

Ed Herrmann (Holtwood, Pa, 2021-01-08)


The Nov 3 election in Pa was corrupted and election results need to be overturned.

Carl DeYenno (Chester Springs, 2021-01-08)


I was in DC on 1/6 & I will not let them steal this election without a fight.

Lance Baird (Greensburg, 2021-01-08)


Constitutional American

Kelly Koelsch (Black Hills,SD, 2021-01-09)


My vote was errased by a fake vote. I was disenfranchised. I also have no way to know if my vote was counted correctly, because instead of counting the Actual Text of Donald J Trump for President, instead it was an unknown bar code that was counted.

Thomas Moses (Alburtis, 2021-01-10)


The 2020 Presidential election was rigged!

William Cannon (Boothwyn, 2021-01-10)


I believe the election in PA was fraudulent. The proof is there in black and white.

Michael Freedman (pittsburgj , 2021-01-10)


Please help American citizens fight for a legal election. Arrest the treasonous thugs who rigged our election system.

Luann Watts (Oakdale, 2021-01-10)


There is so much voter fraud done this year. This needs fixed as I lost faith in our system

Alicia Rouscher (York, 2021-01-11)


The POTUS is being railroaded by the feckless legislature. Sad.

Robert Crankovic JR (Pittsburgh, 2021-01-14)


The 2020 election has major fraud that is being covered up.

Alicia Alford (Chambersburg, 2021-02-08)

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