TNR Program For Our Town!



Cats deserve to have better lives and TNR works to stop the suffering of kittens who die out in the heat/cold.

Karen Villalta-Ruiz (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


Way too many strays.. Need to fix them

Craig Mcguire (North bergen, 2021-01-06)


I am signing because I don’t want to spend another moment seeing kittens and cats suffer on the street when there is one very simple solution, TNR.

Clarissa Irina (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


I’m divining because it’s right!

Marcia OConnor (Secaucus , 2021-01-06)


It’s a cause that matters to me.

Nancy Hernandez (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


I have lots of cats in my backyard.

Teresa Seguen (North Bergen , 2021-01-06)


I’m signing because Clarissa is out there busting her butt to help save all the cats and she needs some help!

Danielle Baker (Howell, 2021-01-06)


It is absolutely necessary to control the population and the well-being of the existing cats. The population is growing exceedingly large, very quickly and it needs to be handled humanely. The cats are doing well outside but breeding season is very busy one

Melissa Van Vorst (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


I have personally witnessed that amount of kittens born in north Bergen. I have taken the time to transport them to rescues to get the help they need and help them find families. Some residents find it a burden which ends in people poisoning the cats in north Bergen.

Zurayma Feliz (East Rutherford , 2021-01-06)


I’m signing this petition because I support this cause.

De Anna Moffit (Leesville, 2021-01-06)


As a True North Bergenite who had 13 neutered cats on 43rd st I know how important & helpful this program is to both Residents & Cats.
Please adopt this Program.

Janice Laffman Zorovich Hmelar (Cliffside Park, 2021-01-06)


TNR is something that all towns should have and be aware of and have programs for. It helps both the people and the cats in the town.

Jessica Gianduso (Little falls , 2021-01-06)


All Cats deserve to live a good life without the danger on the streets !

Lilian Jat (North Bergen Nj , 2021-01-06)


Since the township stopped this program we've been overrun with stray cats. It needs to be reinstated, it's the only humane way to deal with this problem.

Daniel Deitz (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


This needs to be addressed, too many kittens being born to either die or reproduce in the streets.

Marianna Telford (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


I am signing because as a resident of N.Bergen who has adopted one cat found by the NBPD and another from a TNR org, it would help clear things up and allow this group to do good things. My cats are tormented nightly by ferals who will walk right up to our home, yawling and spraying to where i have had to take my cat to the vet because of stress from the feral cats. Help reduce population humanely by helping NBP. Please

Sharon Boyce (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


Their are a lot of cat that need care and homes.

Gabriel Hernández (North Bergen , 2021-01-06)


because is to many cats than peoples put on the street, doing TNR will help cats don't have more kittens, the peoples how through the cats on the street should be punish

Gladys Caballero (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


I am an animal lover and these fur babies need to be taken care of and help control the population which is overcrowded already

Karen Huebsch (Guttenberg, 2021-01-06)


We have a huge cat problem in North Bergen. TNR is the only humane and sustainable form of controlling the cat population. There are new litters all over town every 3-4 weeks and it’s only going to get worse. The town has to do something to help assure these cats can live a healthy outdoors life without reproducing offspring.

Andrea Espinal (North Bergen , 2021-01-06)


Save the cats!! Too many strays that need help.

Leslie Rodriguez (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


The cats need help. By providing TNR assistance will help the WHOLE city.

Amanda Scheinbeck (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


There are too many stray cats that keep reproducing and most don’t end up surviving at the end.

Karina Cespedes (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


Cat lives matter!

Nancy Burke (Wantage nj, 2021-01-06)


I know TNR works. The cats are useful in keep rodent population down.

Barbara Shore (Great Meadows , 2021-01-06)


A Tnr program needs to be in place to control the homeless cat population that will continue to grow rapidly without a program like this in place. The sooner this starts the better, the longer there is no Tnr program the more cats that will be born on the streets and the more cats that will need to be fixed.

McKenzie Dunn (Sussex , 2021-01-06)


I am singing because I care.

Debora York (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


It is the human thing to do and it works!!!

Maureen Looney (North Bergen, 2021-01-06)


I signed because I care about these poor innocent cats and the importance of reducing their population thru TNR programs, not only in North Bergen but in West New York where there is a huge lack of TNR programs and funding.

Eva Evgenis (West New York, 2021-01-06)


I tnr ferals and they appreciate it. A great way to control over population of kittens. ❤️

Diane Pedrosa (Newburgh , 2021-01-06)


I’m signing because I support TNR and every county and town should have a program!

Lauren Strausberg (Middlesex , 2021-01-06)


Thank u

Marca Levin (North Bergen , 2021-01-07)


We all live within a small radius that has a huge problem with the cat population in these towns.

Brian Stone (West New York, 2021-01-07)


I take care of 5 stray cats behind my building in west New York. But as I walk my dog I see a new cat every day! We need this program!!!

Carlos Echeverria (West New York, 2021-01-07)


do some thing for the voiceless!! Can’t do ever Ourselves

Caroline Nuytten (North bergen, 2021-01-07)


There are too many stray cats in our town, especially where I live. Neutering them will definitely stop the increase. No animal should be left in the streets especially during the cold.

Jenifer Jenifer Siguencia (North Bergen, 2021-01-07)


It is about time this town and others surrounding it, stop being a third world country with regards to animal control. Stop paying tax payer money to a proven failure.... let this group or other non profits step in to help

Gerry Nobile (North Bergen, 2021-01-07)


I am signing due to the uncontrollable cat population in North Bergen.

Hande Kemmer (North Bergen, 2021-01-07)


North Bergen needs. A TNR program

Kevin Distel (North bergen, 2021-01-07)



Laetitia Poux (Montrouge, 2021-01-07)


Every town should have a TNR program

Laurie campisano (Wayne, 2021-01-07)


The solution to the problem is long overdue. I do TNR myself, independently, pay for procedures out of my own pocket and that, for a town the size of NB and the feral cat population as it is, is just unacceptable. NB should be ashamed that they have to be shamed into upstarting a TNR program after all this time.

Beth McCawley (North Bergen, 2021-01-07)


I'm signing because I love cats & hate to see homeless ones on the street.

Linda Koetter (No bergen, 2021-01-07)


A TNR program is desperately needed anywhere there are homeless cats. It's vital to reduce the pain, suffering and death of cats and kittens. One look at what happens to a kitten in the winter should convince anyone with a heart to budget for this. We as a society should not allow babies to starve and freeze to death. The problem needs to be addressed at the root of the problem - homeless cats should be humanely rendered infertile.

Amy Faliks (Livingston, 2021-01-07)


This is an important program that will help not only cats but the township as well.

dody ricci (little egg harbor, nj, 2021-01-07)


I work in North Bergen, and I know the need. I also have cared for feral cat colonies and I know TNR works!!

Erin Pellecchia (Jersey City , 2021-01-08)


I love animals and they deserved to be treated very well.

Amparo Morrón (North Bergen, 2021-01-08)


Tnr works...we do it in secaucus and see the difference year after year

Christine Conte (Secaucus , 2021-01-08)


I'm signing because this has become a major issue in Union City, and I don't want the same to happen in North Bergen.

Alejandra Toro (Union City, 2021-01-08)


Love cats

Kevin Frisse (North Bergen , 2021-01-08)


There is a huge feral cat community right on my street! I was blessed to find my two cats right in my backyard but it becomes a problem every spring. Some of our neighbors feed them and provide shelter during the winter months. No one has tried to trap them to neuter as far as i know.

Karol Bacuilima (North Bergen, 2021-01-08)


This is critical to stop the endless reproducing of cats and the horrible suffering caused by it! This is the only solution.

Karen Landau (Union, 2021-01-08)


The cats deserve a program like this one

jaime cruz (north bergen , 2021-01-08)


I'm signing because animals should be protected by humans and their circle of procreation should be contained so they don't suffer from human and nature as a result of a town not being proactive. You took over a town to house humans and forgot the original inhabitants?

Veena Prakash (Union City, 2021-01-08)


Population soaring and suffering due to irresponsible past owners. TNR will not only control population growth but can help some find a forever home.

Maria Arias (Weehawken , 2021-01-08)


I’m signing because we have a lot of stray cats that just keep producing multiple litters

Evelyn Servellon (North Bergen, 2021-01-08)


I am a rescuer that moved to Weehawken just over a year ago... I have helped over 30 cats in this time from the streets with trapping, fostering and finding homes when appropriate. I would like to see a similar program put in place in Weehawken. The majority of the help provided this far has come out of private funding. I could help the next six currently coming to my feeder nightly if there was a program in place. Medical is key...

Cindy Marinangel (Weehawken , 2021-01-08)


This is a compassionate and humane way to deal with this situation, as well as a long term solution.

Katia Suttile (North Bergen, 2021-01-08)


Feral cat population is out of control and rescues need more resources

Shanna Vitaliano (Weehawken, 2021-01-08)


TNR reduces the populations of unwanted cats and kittens that are thrown to the streets. We need to control the numbers of these poor innocent cats living in the streets searching for food being attacked from other predators, sick or getting killed buy a car or someone who hates cats Abusing them. This is the only way to control the population so females will not constantly reproduce kittens.

Fran Lee (West Orange, 2021-01-08)


I see many cats 🐈 around my block

Abraham Ministro (West New York , 2021-01-08)


I am signing this because I think it is a great place to start, and the least that can be done, to help this situation. I love cats, own one myself who was a stray, and it pains me to see all of these strays struggle to live, especially in the cold. At least with neutering them, we can avoid having more of them running around, reproducing, and potentially creating more issues for them and for our neighborhoods.

Faby Tejada (North Bergen, 2021-01-08)

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