Petition to Expel Seditious Members of Congress



I'm signing to remove Roger Marshall and Jake LaTurner. They are Republican ghouls who don't deserve the air they breathe

Brock Willard (Pittsburg, 2021-01-07)


I'm tired of our elected officials undermining our democracy. It needs to stop and getting rid of the sedionists is a good start

Mary Kelly (Deering, 2021-01-07)


Accountability is literally all we have left to set things right, or begin to...

Christopher Salazar (Media, 2021-01-07)


There’s no room in our government for traitorous, corrupt as fuck senators or congressmen or women. Every one of them should not only be expelled, but arrested and CHARGED with sedition.

Michael Scantling (Hot Springs, 2021-01-07)


The riotous events and attack on our capitol on Wed., Jan, 6th were fomented by some politicians who should never again be allowed to speak for the citizens they swore to protect. These politicians have failed all the citizens of our country by their insincere machinations to overturn the 2020 Presidential election. They should face public censure and expulsion from Congress.
Philip Mallouk
Woodstock, CT

Philip Mallouk (Woodstock, 2021-01-07)


My Senator, Mike Braun, is one of the Seditionists.

William Reidy (Valparaiso, IN, 2021-01-07)


I am signing because we have to hold these individuals accountable. You can’t just go around spewing lies.

Ruth Zagrabski (Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34211, 2021-01-07)


Josh Hawley is a disgrace and does not represent me as a Missouri resident from his home in Virginia.

Christina Miller (St. Louis, 2021-01-07)


Sedition is contrary to the oath of office each of these elected officials took upon entering their office.

Vickie Ireland (Pittston , 2021-01-07)


Myself and people that are law abiding that take the Constitution as a foundation of our faith of democracy. We will not give those in leadership roles to abolish the right and fairness to all that have died for this gift.

Chris Wells (Boise, 2021-01-07)


Seditionists have no business in American govt!

Kacie Coats (Dripping Springs, 2021-01-07)


These elected officials (including Trump) are engaging in and encouraging sedition.

Clarissa Ward (Norwalk, 2021-01-07)


I'm signing this because these individuals have actively undermined our democracy. They have violated their oaths of office, and tried to disenfranchise the voters of millions of Americans. These challenges had already been rejected by the highest courts in the country. They have failed in their service to protect and defend the constitution.

Naomi Armstrong (Little Elm , 2021-01-07)


They all need to be removed

Kathy Leaf (Ventura, 2021-01-07)


I believe in Democracy, and in defending it from this who attempt to overthrow it. If we don’t take action now, this will happen again.

Benjamin Richey (Sacramento, 2021-01-07)


These politicians are seditionist fascists

Robert Stevens (Grand Island, 2021-01-07)


Remove them immediately for trying to overthrow our democracy.

Brandon Coahran (Oklahoma City, 2021-01-07)


FUCK that bitch Donald. Democracy wins

Derek Rhodes (Denver, 2021-01-07)


I'm signing because I am 1 of 4 generations serve in the US military. And what they have done was not only self serving also dangerous for our democracy.

Larry White (Frindsville, 2021-01-07)


Democracy is fragile and must be defended

John Pollreisz (San Antonio, 2021-01-07)


Trump is an insane dangerous lunatic & the USA needs protection from him..

Laura Todd (Cumbernauld, 2021-01-07)


I'm sickened by the actions of Republicans who encouraged the terrorist acts at the Capitol yesterday!

Michelle Cogley (Pensacola, 2021-01-07)


These individuals pose a danger to the stability of the country.

Linda Banicki (Austin , 2021-01-07)



GERALD johnroe (Bay City, 2021-01-07)


Everybody who defended and excused Donald Trump needs to be out of office immediately for sake of our national security.

Anthony Boccia (West Palm Beach, 2021-01-07)


Sedition is a crime and should be punished.

Kimberly Champion (LAS VEGAS, 2021-01-07)


The GOP is a cancer to society inciting violence any chance they get.

Colin Kmetz (Streetsboro, 2021-01-07)


Trump is unstable, cares nothing about this country and will do what he can to burn it down in what time he has left

Patricia Workman (Clearwater, 2021-01-07)


They are not fit for their positions.



1/6/21 was a day I will never forget. I want to support the effort to keep anything like it from happening again.

Addie Mullennix (Sebastopol, 2021-01-07)


This seditious attempt to overturn the government must be met with the harshest consequences to those aiding and abetting it. Full stop.

Maria Gonzalez (Chicago, 2021-01-07)


I'm am totally disgusted by the anarchy brought to our capitol on 1/6/21, encouraged & incited by many Republican Senators & Representative who have been upholding the wild ravings of psychopath President Trump. They all need to be removed from office, investigated & charged for what they have done. They are traitors.

Kathleen Lewis (Morris, 2021-01-07)


There must be accountability for this terrorist act.

Kevin Werner (Shelton, 2021-01-07)


They took an oath to uphold the Constitution! Also Mike Garcia representing CA25 should expelled!

Tracy Mound (Santa Clarita , 2021-01-07)


We must stop the treason now, it may already be too late. Expel the traitors. Accountability is essential for a free society.

Joni Goodwin (Cleburne, 2021-01-07)


They harm our country with their lies and they are not fulfilling their oath to the usa.

Dana Dodd (Hixson Tn, 2021-01-07)


These objectors of a peaceful transfer of power and instigators of violence should never be allowed to represent the PEOPLE again. Their alliance is not to America but to a single man, Donald Trump, that is doing his best to destroy American democracy.

Pamela Griffin (San Antonio , 2021-01-07)


Insurrection is against the law!!

Jimmie McDaniel (Port St Lucie, 2021-01-07)


They must all be removed. They’re destroying our country. They will not stop. Please expel them!

Jose Rodriguez (White Plains, 2021-01-07)


#GROUPIESOFPUTIN dishonored their oaths of office & should be removed period. They all lied for Trump, turned a blind eye, never called out Putin, didn't immediately acknowledge Biden's victory, said mail ballots were fraudulent! THIS IS ON ALL OF THEM, ESPECIALLY MITCH MCCONNELL!

Paula Boyle (Norco, 2021-01-07)


I support democracy.

Margaret Hollidge (Glen Burnie, 2021-01-07)


I am signing because I would like to live in a democracy

Shannon Russo (Long Island City, 2021-01-07)


Recent actions in our nation's capitol must be addressed. We cannot move forward until those that seek to divide citizens of the US through lies, misinformation, and propaganda are held accountable. Knowingly spreading lies on social media that leads to real world damage and terrorism cannot be excused. In order to heal and move forward we must have truth and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. This isn't patriotism. This is not democratic. This was an attempted overthrow of duly elected officials. We cannot let this stand. Justice is demanded.

Bart Stanley (Punta Gorda, 2021-01-07)


What these Congress Members did is Seditious & an act of Treason!!

Christopher Mound (Santa Clarita, 2021-01-07)


I want all members in Congress who are subverting our constitution to be expelled

Debra Clark (Batesville , 2021-01-07)


They are unAmerican

Maria Hadjoglou (Merritt Island , 2021-01-07)


I’m signing because what happened at the capital was absolutely disgraceful to our country and those who incited this violence need to be held responsible.

Eleanor Thomas (Carrollton, 2021-01-07)


I’m signing because I’m tired of some politicians using the American people and their status to enact legislation that only serves them but hurts everyone else. Meaning they supported trump for their own agenda and didn’t care about all of his lies, etc.

Jennifer Dermer (San diego, 2021-01-07)


Trumpism and the cult beholden to it must be purged in order for our democratic republic to survive.

Demarcus Jackson (Lawrenceburg, 2021-01-07)



Georgina Acevedo (New York, 2021-01-07)


These representatives have participated in sedition. There is a dereliction of duty and they should not remain in office.

Anastacia Rasmussen (Tarzana, 2021-01-07)


I love my country. A nation of laws.
Let’s keep her.

Julie Stowasser (San Luis Obispo, 2021-01-07)


It is long past time these traitors and criminal opportunists face justice for all the harm they’ve done to the people of this country.

Reynaldo Cruz (Tucson , 2021-01-07)


I’m signing because sedition is a serious offense and there should be no room in Congress for those who would indulge in lies that take a sledgehammer to the foundations of our democracy.

Molly Reed (Portland, 2021-01-07)


Seditious Traitors to the constitution should not be representing people.

Scott Solomon (Henderson, 2021-01-07)


I’m signing because I’m appalled at the Republican congressmen who enabled the President’s sedition.

Jim Cahill (Southborough, 2021-01-07)


I care about every single human being in our country and their life.

Patrick Cornelio (Milford , 2021-01-07)

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