Support of a Madison County Idaho Resolution for Madison County to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary County



Total support of Sheriff Henry

Ryan Lerwill (REXBURG, 2021-01-07)


The second amendment is the right to bear arms given to all citizens of the United States. Without it, there are no options to protect or defend any other rights established in this free land. The second amendment must be protected and not limited in its scope either by location or time!

James Allen (Rexburg, 2021-01-08)


I’m am pro 2nd Amendment! This is a right given to us and should never be infringed on. We need to protect these rights at all cost.

Lane Sommer (Rexburg, 2021-01-08)


It is my right under the Constitution of the United States of America the land of my birth to have and the right to have, to own and bare arms. I have the right to protect myself against foreign and domestic enemies of my country

DeVerl Stoddear (Sugar City, 2021-01-08)


Great idea

Paul Baker (Sugar City , 2021-01-08)


All legal and constitutional rights need to upheld.

Dalan Lerwill (Burley, 2021-01-08)


If they (federal government) try and impose restrictions on the second amendment it is our responsibility to stand up for our rights and the constitution by passing legislation defining our position as citizens, law enforcement, cities, counties and states within the great county. We need to stand up for ourselves on a local level and become a constitutionally empowered stronghold of American values and freedoms.

Blake Walker (REXBURG, 2021-01-08)


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" --Edmund Burke
It appears to me there is little we can do to change the course of things on a national level, but we must do all we can to maintain culture, beliefs,--our way of life locally.

Kelly Baker (Sugar City, 2021-01-08)


I Live bordering Madison county

Sharon Gould (Teton ID , 2021-01-08)


I believe in the second amendment

Wayne Tillery (Sugar city , 2021-01-08)


It’s time for us to be proactive about protecting and expanding our rights.

Rob Woodall (Rexburg, 2021-01-08)


to declare my natural right to defend our liberty

Reed Hill (Menan Id 83434, 2021-01-08)


I’m signing because I want to be able to protect my second amendment rights.

Alicia Muir (Rexburg , 2021-01-08)


The 2nd amendment is everyone's right!

Russell Powell (Rexburg , 2021-01-08)


Support the Second Ammendment

Ryan Christensen (Rexburg , 2021-01-08)


I agree with the second amendment, don’t want to loose my rights

Jose Perez (St. Anthony , 2021-01-08)


Because I don’t trust Democrats

Kyler Purser (Rexburg , 2021-01-09)


Pro 2A

Brasy Moser (Rexburg , 2021-01-09)


It's important.

Lisa Wright (Rigby, 2021-01-09)


I love this country with all my soul

Bryton Lochridge (New Plymouth, 2021-01-09)


We are losing to many rights given us by our creator once taken away we will never get them back so yes I stand for our second amendment rights

Dawnelle Mumm (Rexburg , 2021-01-09)


Because it’s my rights !!!

Mark Henrie (Rexburg , 2021-01-09)


The 2nd amendment is more important Now then ever before !!

Andrew Rammell (Sugar city, 2021-01-09)


I'm signing because I am a strong believer in the 2nd amendment and I as a gun owner want to keep that right.

Tanner Harris (Newdale, 2021-01-09)


I want to uphold the constitution rights

Kelly Robison (Rexburg, 2021-01-09)


I believe in the constitution of the United States.

Jason Merrill (Rexburg , 2021-01-09)


Im signing this petition because, I was born and raised in the area, and the people in Madison county and other nearby towns always have firearms. Whether its for intruders, protecting livestock, or going out and hunting, most homes have atleast one. It's how we were raised, but it also came with a lot of responsibility, and respect of something that could potentially do a lot of damage in very little time. We have knowledge, and the physical capability without a doubt! Armed Americans that know right from wrong, and have God always in there back pocket will be the last ones to stand, but our guns will need to be there the whole way through it.

Kaden Simmons (Saint. Anthony, 2021-01-09)


Im a hunter

Brett Passey (Rexburg , 2021-01-09)


Because I agree in freedom and the 2nd amendment.

Kevin Wright (Sugar City, 2021-01-09)


I support the 2nd Amendment.

Melanie Hansen (Sugar City, 2021-01-09)



Amadeusz P (Webster, 2021-01-09)


I love the 2nd amendment and we need to protect it.

Shawn Gatto (Webster, 2021-01-09)


I’m signing because now more than ever we need the 2A.

Wade Whitehead (Rexburg , 2021-01-09)


Supporting the Second Admendment.

Susanne Wilson (Rexburg, 2021-01-10)


I am signing because it is our right to possess and carry firearms

Wallace Wampler (Bloomington, 2021-01-10)


I'm concerned about the true agenda of some elected officials and their total disregard for our country and it's Constitution

Ronnie Moore (Rexburg, 2021-01-10)


Dems will inevitably take this right away if we don’t stand out ground to keep it. We need to take every precaution to ensure we are legally protected even though it already is a god given constitutional right.

Jared Klingonsmith (Rexburg, 2021-01-12)


I’m signing because the devilcrats are going to try and destroy as much of the constitution as they can and I’m not giving up my guns

Cole Klingonsmith (Rexburg, 2021-01-12)


It is a constitutional right

Travis Williams (Sugar city, 2021-01-12)


I am signing because with everything that is happening in this country there truly is a need to defend the second Amendment before it's taken away from us.

Merlin Webster (Rexburg, 2021-01-12)


I feel like the 2nd Amendment is worth affirming and re-affirming.

Kelly McCandless (Rexburg , 2021-01-12)


I believe that the second ammendment is a god given right and was given forth within that inspired document that has served as the foundation of our country, even the Constitution of the United States of America. And all rights put forth within this God-given standard of truth shall not be infringed. We are seeing an unprecedented attack on our 1st ammendment rights right now...we must secure the ability to defend ourselves against evil, though may God forbid that it comes to that point. But I would much rather that we were prepared and enabled to defend Lady Liberty than wish that we had only given ourselves the means to do so. May God Almighty bless and preserve those who seek to make men free and curse those who seek the destruction of free men and the home of the brave.

Justin Wright (Rexburg, 2021-01-12)


"Shall not be infringed"

Thomas Dalbeck (Rexburg, 2021-01-12)


I believe it is my right to possess a gun and use as necessary. The civilian militia is important in maintaining the safety of our land, and without personal firearms, we don't have that.

Amy McDougal (Rexburg, 2021-01-13)



Bryan Stegelmeier (Rexburg, 2021-01-13)


It’s because it’s our god given right to be able to protect ourselves and our families with guns or whatever we see fit. Not to mention this is the land of the free not the land of the oppressed and controlled.

Braxton McCandless (Rexburg , 2021-01-13)


I love the right to bear arms!

Sean Walker (Rexburg, 2021-01-13)


I believe in the Second Ammendment

Kimber Jones (Sugar City, 2021-01-13)


In Support of Sheriff Henry

Scott Stears (Rexburg, 2021-01-13)


Because the 2nd amendment guarantees my right to own and bare arms and that right should not be tampered with by anyone (unless you are a convicted felon or in the USA illegally)

Tiffany Snedaker (Rexburg , 2021-01-15)


The 2nd amendment facilitates my personal ability to make sure that I am protected under the 1st amendment and all of the other amendments.

Jim Sevy (string:SUGAR CITY, 2021-01-18)

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