Junior Cycle students call for a change of the Junior cycle 2021 examinations.



Im signing on behalf of our daughters and their friends and the hole 3rd year. Cancellation of the up coming junior cycle is a must and giving them a fair chance of achieving their goals by what last years juniors received, who missed out on less than what the juniors have missed out currently.

Gillian O Brien Murray (Dublin , 2021-01-08)


Im signing on behalf of our daughters and their friends and the hole 3rd year. Cancellation of the up coming junior cycle is a must and giving them a fair chance of achieving their goals by what last years juniors received, who missed out on less than what the juniors have missed out currently.

Gillian O Brien Murray (Dublin, 2021-01-08)


I’m signing because I am a junior cycle student who feels it unfair for the exam to go ahead in June as students are underprepared and under much stress due to the pandemic

Yasmin Rasheed (Drogheda , 2021-01-08)


I agree with the content of this petition.

Áine O'Reilly (Dublin , 2021-01-08)


This is our granddaughter and we believe in her. She is a rational thought out young lady and deserves to be listened to.

Gerry and Lilly O Brien (Limerick city, 2021-01-08)


Give the kids a proper chance

Christopher O Brien (Limerick city, 2021-01-08)


We shouldn’t have to do our junior cycle exams too much stress

Layla Qureshi (Bettystown, 2021-01-08)


i want the jc to be cancelled

vera ejike (dublin , 2021-01-08)


i believe it is unfair for us to sit this exam

sophia foley (dublin , 2021-01-08)


I’m signing here because now that we are in another lockdown I will find it much harder to learn, and with all the time we missed in school last year we are still behind with all our work and wont have enough time to catch up. It is stressful enough studying for exams that I don’t know if I’ll have or not. I think that we should have predicted grades for this year’s junior cert.

Eimear Kelly (Dublin, 2021-01-08)


These past two years have been really hard and I don’t think I am physically or mentally prepared for the Jc this year.

Alannah Cole (Dublin , 2021-01-08)


since 2nd year i have really struggled to learn and keep up but it’s just too difficult. i’ve already gone a level lower in maths and my results have dropped from 80s to 40s in various subjects. i am not mentally available to sit the mocks let alone the junior cert. please cancel it and relieve the pressure

emma scanlan (dublin , 2021-01-08)


It’s too much pressure on the kids with COVID pandemic so rampant.

Vicky Mcgauley (Dublin , 2021-01-08)


This in unfair and we should have clarification

Laura Matthews (Dublin, 2021-01-08)


Third year exams may not go ahead but it is very likely that the now second years will. This would be unfair because we have lost the same amount of time and it is ridiculous to expect us to catch up in time.

Aoife McCann (Drogheda, 2021-01-08)


I don’t think it’s fair that students should take important exams in times of immense uncertainty.

Charlotte McMahon (Dublin, 2021-01-08)


i’m signing this petition because i completely agree with the fact that we missed nearly a half the year of work and it wouldn’t be fair for the Junior cert to go ahead.

Dorina Rahlin (Balbriggan , 2021-01-08)


I feel personally it would be to much pressure on those who are part taking in the exam, especially because the pandemic we are currently in.

melissa asare (Dublin , 2021-01-08)


Im signing because I think it is unfair to expect students to sit the exam in june after missing so much of the course

Sinead Devane (Dublin, 2021-01-08)


I think it’s really unfair for students to be studying for an exam that they don’t know will go ahead

Mark Berney (Drogheda , 2021-01-08)


In a time of such confussion, we need the answers that can easily be provided

Eve Duffy (Dublin, 2021-01-08)


i 100% agree

daria fingleton (dublin , 2021-01-08)


I am signing This petition because I am a junior cycle student myself and the stress of not knowing what is happening is destroying my mental health cop on

Siobhán Quinn (Dublin , 2021-01-08)


The amount of stress put on students such as myself is already high enough as it is and now that we also have to worry about covid and losing our education we are still forced to sit this exam

Scott Curran (Dublin, 2021-01-08)


I dint feel safe taking the exam and there's a global pandaic a state exam shouldn't be the main concern

Laura Cox (Dublin , 2021-01-08)


To see all the young people get a fair result

Julie Byrnes limerick (Limerick city , 2021-01-09)


My son is due to sit his Junior Cert and it's very unfair, the way ye are being treated

Mary O Flynn (Ballymacoda Co. Cork, 2021-01-09)


I’m the mother of a junior cert student . Good luck to you all & stay safe

Louise Fitzgibbon (Cork, 2021-01-09)


It's relevant to me

Natalie Ozmen (Dublin , 2021-01-09)


I am a 3rd year student and totally agree that we are at a disadvantage. How can we have normal JC when all schools have different sections of the curriculum covered.

Adam bolger (co.limerick, 2021-01-09)


I fully agree with this. It is so very unfair to expect these children to sit these exams. They have missed so much school and teaching over the last 10 months. Let these children and their families know sooner rather than later what is going to happen. Don't leave it to the last minute as usual, decide SOON.

Veronica Larkin (Dublin, 2021-01-09)


My son is in 3rd year and is supposed to do his Junior Cert this year.

Monika Selker (Wexford, 2021-01-09)


My son is due to sit exams and its not fair

Lisa Hegarty (Clondalkin, 2021-01-09)


I agree

Attracta Farrell (Athenry, 2021-01-09)


Its causing untoll stress for alot of students.

Edel Hughes (Waterford, 2021-01-09)


It's the right thing to do!!

Mary Murphy (Letterkenny, 2021-01-09)


My son is junior cert this year, it is so unfair the pressure this has put on the boys and girls,they have lost so much time in school

Janet O donnell (Dublin, 2021-01-09)


My daughter is to sit her junior cert this year and the stress and anxiety it is causing her not knowing what is going on is hard for me as a parent to watch . In reality kids lost alot more time as before if they had cough bit of a sore throat you would give them medication and send them in now we must keep kids out to be safe. It is unfair to expect these kids who have had there whole worlds thrown upside down and stress from the worry that we even as adults are experiencing to be able to sit exams when they realistically have not covered the work and feel comfortable in it. It would be like giving someone 7 driving lessons and go out there and take the test!!! I hope the minister makes a decision shortly and does not leave these kids to worry and suffer longer thank you

Lillian Abbott (Offaly, 2021-01-09)


My daughter needs to know what is happening

Jennifer Duffy (clonmany, 2021-01-09)


Its bloody important to someone

Michelle Goggin (Co.laois, 2021-01-09)


My daughter is due to sit her Junoir cert & it’s so unfair to her, she is very stressed

Norma Wilson (Letterkenny, 2021-01-09)


My daughter and niece are due to sit their JC exams this year too & I don't think its fair on them.

stephanie carton (co wicklow, 2021-01-09)


I'm signing this because I agree with you

Olivia Hynes (Dublin, 2021-01-09)


My son is meant to do this even though he has had to miss so much due to the pandemic. IT IS NOT FAIR ON ANY OF THESE CHILDREN!!

Jocelyn Reilly (Drogheda, 2021-01-09)


I believe the junior cert should be cancelled or changed for 2021

Francesca Eyers (Killorglin, 2021-01-09)


I feel that it would be very unfair to expect kids to sit this exam after missing out on so much time in school already, also for their Safety and the safety of all teachers and anyone involved .

Angie Phillips (Co. Wexford, 2021-01-09)


My daughter is doing the Junior Cert this year and I agree with this petition,they have lost so much on it already and wont be able to catch up IF they go back in February,there has been so much pressure on them since they went back in September,there is only so much they can take

Nicola McDonnell (Carliw, 2021-01-09)


I agree I have a son in 3rd year and has dyspraxia he has struggled threw lock down I feel it’s very unfair under the circumstances to have to do junior cert exam

Tracey Reilly (Dublin, 2021-01-09)


The junior cert should be cancelled this year. Health is more important and the stress everyone under because of covid is increased dramatically when having to consider exams as well.

Debbie Thompson (Cork, 2021-01-09)


I think it's time for massive change in state exams

Caroline Cleary (Wexford , 2021-01-09)


These students need to be acknowledged a d considered as well given their upcoming state exams and these years are the foundation blocks for their Leaving Cert. A fair and equitable system approach with decisive action needs to be afforded to them

Yolanda Meacle (Cork, 2021-01-09)


My son has worked tirelessly on his homework and in school

Anna Marie Molloy (Cork , 2021-01-09)


I'm signing because my daughter is doing the junior certificate this year and she is worried with everything they have missed out

Patricia Duffy (Ballybay, 2021-01-09)


I have a son in this year and they need to no what’s happening!!

Barbara Delaney (Swords , 2021-01-09)


Everyone is entitled to a voice & be treated as an equal

Paul Reals (Limerick , 2021-01-09)


It is not possible for 3rd Yr students to sit an exam for a 3 Yr course when they have not completed it.

Catherine Fennelly (Portlaoise, 2021-01-09)


My daughter is in junior cert

Karen Herlihy (Cork , 2021-01-09)


It is so unfair with all the uncertainty going on for exam students for their mental health the stress of this is playing a huge part on their lives. Please please think of the bigger picture and not just on a state exam

Carol Spencer (Wexford, 2021-01-09)

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