As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 2008, it is beyond time that licensed mental health practitioners are supported in their work, especially in rural areas with limited behavioral health services and due to increasing MH issues stemming from the pandemic.

Cynthia Gee (Corning, 2021-01-25)


this is essential for safety net providers to remain available to the most vulnerable among us.

Ellen Wageman (Brooklyn, 2021-01-25)


My colleagues include those who are LMFTs and LMHCs, and have as much insight to address individuals' mental health as others through the course of their education and training. With the strain on mental health due to the pandemic, as well as the ongoing shortage of providers of mental health counseling in the area, this population of Licensed Practitioners of the Healing Arts must be treated equally to Licensed Social Workers. New Yorkers need the support, accessibility, and breadth of knowledge inherent in having a variety of professional licensing.

Angie Longwell (Bath, 2021-01-25)


It is imperative that the people we support in our services as a provider of OCFS and OMH approved provider of services, have the ability and access to appropriate services they need and can get them from LMHC and LMFTs in our community.

Laura Pennington Gawel (Niagara Falls NY, 2021-01-25)


I am an LMHC that supports this petition

Paige Lorette (Stillwater, 2021-01-25)


I am signing this petition because LMHCs, LMFTs, and Psychoanalysts play a vital role in serving the community's mental health needs. They have also completed academic and clinical internships that prepare them for the clinical work.

Kristen Miguel (Syracuse, 2021-01-25)


There is an ever increasing need for mental health services due to COVID-19 and the uptick in relapse, overdoses, suicides and depression that are developing. Added to the opioid epidemic, we need more behavorial health providers and need to be able to provide greater services, not fewer. Removing these services means as a group our response is heading in the wrong direction. We need to move forward, not backward.

Ginger Janet Macleod (White Plains, NY, 2021-01-25)


I'm signing because we need to allow our LMHCs to continue to diagnose patients, especially as we are encountering shortages of licensed mental health professionals.
Thank you!

Liane Nelson (Hartsdale, 2021-01-25)


I'm signing because it is imperative that LMHCs continue to be able to diagnose. Due to the workforce shortage of licensed social workers to provide mental health counseling in article 31 clinics, LMHCs have filled a critical need in meeting the demand for services. Clients will go underserved or be denied services if this provision is not renewed or better yet made permanent. There are not enough providers in the market otherwise.

Maureen Wendt (Lockport, 2021-01-25)


I support this cause!

Marc Rodriguez (Yonkers, 2021-01-25)


This is a travesty, another ivory tower demand by individuals who are far removed from the trenches. The need is great and the demand growing. These are professionals who are qualified to diagnose. To remove them from this responsibility will only complicate the work that needs to be done and create more bureaucratic obstacles to quality and timely service delivery, especially for community-based organizations that provide quality supervision for all of its mental health practitioners.

Andrew Malekoff (Long Beach, 2021-01-25)


Clinic Director of Outpatient Mental Health Facility

Shannon Dziadaszek (North Tonawanda, 2021-01-25)


I’m a mental health counselor and this change is bullshit. There is no logical reason for this change other than to limit our ability to do our work.

Paul Danilack (Rockville Centre, 2021-01-25)


I am signing because this is not the time to make these changes since we are seeing an increase in anxiety and depression due to the ongoing pandemic. We need to continue to diagnose in order for insurance companies pay so as a non profit we can continue to provide immediate care for families that cannot afford the mental health services that are desperately needed

Elissa Smilowitz (Roslyn Heights, 2021-01-25)


I believe strongly that LMHCs, LMFTs, and Psychoanalysts should have the authority to provide diagnoses for their clients.

Chuck Rosenow (Croton on Hudson, 2021-01-25)


Angelica gomez

Angelica Gomez (Brooklyn , 2021-01-25)


I have been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) for 15 yrs...this is being based on semantics?...we are trained clinically trained to assess our clients therefore we can diagnose

Cerissa Vultaggio (Queens, 2021-01-25)


It seems like billing issues get in the way of helping participants in an optimal manner.

Todd Wittenberg (New Rochelle , 2021-01-25)


I'm signing because as a Certified Peer Advocate and Benefits Coordinator, urgent care intake workflow will be severely adversely affected, negatively impacting care that mental health clinics provide.

Marshall Sidman (Jamaica, NY, 2021-01-25)


Our ability provide help to people when and where they need it will be compromised if essential practitioners do not retain their full scope of practice in our organizations. The more we recognize and validate that the simple act of asking for help saves lives, the more we need to grow our capacity to do just that .. so that when people reach out, there is a capable hand available to provide that help.

Audrey LaFrenier (Albany, 2021-01-25)


I'd like to retain my full scope of practice in community-based agencies after June 2021

Karin Straker (Far Rockaway, 2021-01-25)


I am an LMHC

Alison Wood (Schenectady, 2021-01-25)


LMHCs are highly trained clinical professionals and diagnosis is part of the field and the misleading prior language needs to be changed from "identify and evaluate" to "diagnose". This is long overdue.

Victoria Gulino (HUNTINGTON, 2021-01-25)


Terrance O'Neal

Terrance O'Neal (Yonkers, 2021-01-25)



Ruthellen Trimmer (Huntington, 2021-01-25)


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Erika Orbon (Hauppauge, 2021-01-25)


With the increase in numbers of people needing help, more professionals should be able to diagnose, if they are fully qualified, not less.

Barbara Johnson (Cortland , 2021-01-25)


We must add to our MH workforce!

Lisa Hoeschele (Cortland, 2021-01-25)


WE are experiencing a significant workforce shortage and cannot lost any front line therapists in community mental health

Anne Constantino (Getzville, 2021-01-25)


I am a licensed mental health counselor, similarly licensed like a social worker, with VERY similar academic background and professional experience to have the ability to diagnose. I have sacrificed myself financially and emotionally to get to where I am in my professional career, and questioning an LMHC's ability to diagnose would undermine our professional capacity in this profession which involved extensive research, case, studies, internships/externships, etc.

Samantha Gonzalez (Glendale, 2021-01-25)


There is an increased demand for behavioral health care services and we need our workforce to retain their full scope of practice to serve youth and families.

Maria Cristalli (Rochester, 2021-01-25)


Mental health services provided by clinics are more important now than ever.

Ellen Feldman (Manhasset , 2021-01-26)


I am an LMHC and feel every but as qualified as an LMSW to diagnose. This is a legitimate 60 credits masters degree that makes me every bit capable to do so! There should be equity across these degree's. There is such great need and limiting our ability to diagnose will limit the scope of our practice and greatly impact the community and individuals we serve. Please consider this when making this choice. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Emily Frederick (Amsterdam, 2021-01-26)


Our workforce is so strained and we need them to continue to have the ability to diagnose!

Angela Sullivan (Ithaca, 2021-01-26)


At a time of a substantial behavioral health workforce shortage, the sunset of Part Y Chapter 57 removes critical mental health practitioners from key elements of service delivery. The result punishes community mental health providers and cripples access to behavioral health care - all at a time when it is more necessary than ever (during this pandemic).

Robert Basile (New York, 2021-01-26)


It’s very important for people who need help

Joan Basta (Franklin Square, 2021-01-26)


Making this change will inevitably impact the services we provide and we do not have enough other licensed staff to manage to provide services..

Lindsay Gozzi-Theobald (Rochester, 2021-01-26)


these qualified practitioners are an essential part of our workforce

Kim Sadwick (Rochester, 2021-01-26)


I will be licensed in the future and need to be able to do my job.

Jasmine McCleary (Rochester, 2021-01-26)


I’m signing because these services are critical. It is too hard to access services!

Susan Miller (Cortland, 2021-01-26)


My friends matter.

Danielle Palombo (East Rockaway, 2021-01-26)


I am a Mental Health Counselor working towards licensure and this would be very beneficial for me and future LMHC's and LMFT's.

Kanza Chatman (Fairport, 2021-01-26)


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Erin Gorman (Ballston Spa, 2021-01-26)


LMHCs have an extensive clinical background and greatly serve the increasing amounts of individuals in NYC with mental health needs.

Kaylaliz Acosta (Bronx, 2021-01-26)

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