Stop the Wind Farms in North Jack County!



I own land in Jack County and I want it to stay “nature” friendly. I love my wildlife and want to keep it this way!!!

Wonaka Williams (Ponder , 2021-01-26)


I own property on Hwy 148 in Jacksboro and have seen the endangered whooping cranes flying overhead during migration. I also understand how the wind farms ultimately cause longer lasting economic devastation to the region than any benefit provided.

Charles Williams (Jacksboro/ Ponder, 2021-01-26)



Billy Cypert (Jacksboro, 2021-01-26)


I’m signing because I believe that 1) they are an invasion of privacy 2) they take moneys away from the county 3) they lower the land values of nearby lands 4) they have been documented to cause physical harm to persons who live near the turbines & 5) they are a danger to most species of wildlife and domesticated animals.

Sally Marshall (Bowie, 2021-01-27)


I am signing because wind turbines are not efficient and they destroy the landscape. There is also research that shows that they are harmful to the health of those that are near them.

Sylvia Hunt (Newport, 2021-01-27)


I'm signing because I want to preserve the traditional beauty of this land. I worked hard to buy and build my home, and I dont want wind farms to destroy view, and my property's value.

Bryon Barton (Bowie, 2021-01-27)


Impacts Southern Clay County

Scott Cleveland (Henrietta, 2021-01-27)


This would be detrimental to Clay County as well.

Lynda Cannedy (Joy, 2021-01-27)


I'm signing this petition because I am a land owner who does not want his property value hurt, game and migratory animals impacted, noise impacted, and visual beauty damaged.

Mark Bartle (Azle, 2021-01-27)


This is wrong !

Amy Tackitt (Daphne Al. , 2021-01-27)


My family has owned, farmed, and paid taxes on this land for over 125 years. It is a treasure to us and I don't want it to be ruined by noise and pollution.

Kay Murphey (Post Oak, 2021-01-27)


I own land in Jack county

David Fruth (Ponder, 2021-01-27)



BARRY SCHULZ (Justin, 2021-01-27)


I am signing because of the forever more loss of Property Values, Land Rights and the damage to our Legacy handed down to future generations. It is also not the Texas Way. It will pit Landowners who sign up against the best interest of countless neighbors.

Roby Christie (Jacksboro, 2021-01-27)


Land owner and against windfarms. They harm the environment, the rural landscape, cause the devaluation of property values. Besides the known harm to wildlife as well as the unknow harm to wildlife that will be seen in the future.

Yvette Schindler (Bowie, 2021-01-27)


I own land in jack county & am concerned about my land value & how the wildlife will be impacted.

Robert Brooks (Ponder, 2021-01-28)


I am singing this for my grandmother who has land there. Also my father and I lease it for cattle rights.

Reed Durham (Lipan , 2021-01-28)


Jack County will lose more money in the long run from depressed land values as well as diminished land appreciation. New home construction will bring a more sustainable tax revenue stream. If the windfarm does get approved you will no longer see mid-size to luxury homes being built in that area which bring sustainable tax revenue. Tax abatements do not make sense for the windfarms.

Miles Maddox (Jacksboro, 2021-01-28)


I’m against it.

Leza Kirksey (Longview , 2021-01-28)


Wildlife, quality of life, this is not the place for turbines. I am a landowner and will be negatively affected.

LISA Brown (Bowie, 2021-01-28)


I’m a Texan

Kevin Gilbreath (Longview, 2021-01-28)


I am signing this petition because the very reason I purchased property in Jack County is that it fulfills my long term desire for ranch ownership and wildlife preservation. Erection of wind-farms destroys my purpose and cannot be reversed in my living years. It must be stopped now!

Joseph Cordina (Parker, 2021-01-28)


To express my opposition to any and all wind farms and northern Jack County and or Clay County

Wayne Johns (Bowie, 2021-01-28)


I am against a tax abatement for windmills. It will hurt our property value and bird migration such as the Whooping Crane that flies to Aransas Wildlife preserve each year.
As a public information request, who is the Commissioner that asked to include
this issue on the agenda?

Maurine Dickey (Jacksboro , 2021-01-28)


The Wind Farm will deprecate land values, be an eye soar, hurt the environment, kill endangered species and the wind farm contracts are written one sided and take advantage of land owners that don’t read the fine print. The men representing the wind farm will tell land owners what they want to hear and yet the contract is written different.

Gary D Massie (Bowie, Texas, 2021-01-29)


Wind Generators eventually failed. It is said that it requires more fossil fuel to construct than the electricity they can ever produce. Net results are negative. Also, they seem to be replace rather than repaired which creates a problem in ridding of them. They are truly and eye sore. They affect the bird population, and kill many eagles which you and i would go to jail for. bb

Bill Bussey (Longview, TX, 2021-01-29)


I’m signing because I am a landowner in northern jack county and I am against wind farm development!

Joshua Schulz (Decatur, 2021-01-29)


Damage to wildlife

Sherri Clem (Texarkana , 2021-01-29)


Wind turbines are a false promise of green energy The turbines are not efficient nor reliable The company installing them is doing it for the tax credits and really doesn’t care about the landowners or the environment

Cullen Keith McConahay (Bowie, 2021-01-30)


I live in southern Clay county, approximately 2 miles north of the Jack co. line. I built a new house on approx 50 acres and wind farms will not only reduce the value of residential property in any area but will make them impossible to market. Please remember that wind farms will request tax favor while new residents will pay taxes and shop at local businesses which are vital to the local economy. Wind farms will employ a few local contractors during construction but will then revert to only a few maintenance personnel. Allowing wind farm development will cease housing (family) growth for many years within their line of sight!

Patrick Johnson (Bellevue, Texas , 2021-01-30)


Windmills lie in waste from years past. Covered in dirt cause they are not biodegradable. They are not the answer!

Laura Childs (Longview, 2021-01-30)


I don't want wind farms near my property!

Priscilla Briney (Bowie, 2021-01-31)


I’m opposed to the negative impact wind farms have on land values.

Mark Southard (11710 FM 2127, Bowie Tx , 2021-02-01)


I am signing because of the decrease in property values, bad health effects for humans , wildlife and live stock. They also really ugly obtrusive.

Raymon Hunt (Irving, 2021-02-01)


I DO NOT WANT ANY wind farms IN MY Or NEAR MY AERA!!!!!!!!!

Carl Todd Matlock (Newport, 2021-02-04)


I own land in northern Jack County.

Larry Gifford (Alvord, 2021-02-04)


If this was passed my family property would be negatively affected by this and I’m very against all that wind farms stand for!

Laura Gifford (Alvird, 2021-02-04)


My partner’s family will be directly impacted by the negative effects of this wind farm, and several endangered species are put further at risk.

Tyler Halbrooks (Lewisville, 2021-02-04)


My family owns several 100 acres in Jack county. I am highly against the wind farms and absolutely DO NOT want them anywhere near our family land or Jack county!!! They are ugly, loud and will degrade the value of the land and all the land in the area. Not only that but people move to the country to enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature, NOT to hear sounds of blades swinging!!!

Tina Crunk (Jacksboro, 2021-02-05)


No true value to property owner

Robert Frie (Jacksboro , 2021-02-05)


I’m moving to place on 148...

Michelle Evans (Jacksboro , 2021-02-05)


I’m a landowner and do not eat wind farms

Eric White (Jacksboro, 2021-02-06)


I’m moving to an area off of 148

Gregory Evsns (Jacksboro , 2021-02-06)


I really don’t want wind farms on my ranch or in the area.

Bobby j. Sparkman (Levelland , 2021-02-08)


They are not good for anyone or the environment.

Denese Rogers (Jacksboro , 2021-02-08)


Have land in North Jack county and bought in this area for a peaceful refuge from the city. I DO NOT WANT A WIND TURBINE as there are plenty in the area already, they are loud, they kill birds and are not efficient. It will also hurt the property value as this newly purchased property is part of our retirement. Please DO NOT allow a wind turbine farm in North Jack county!

Robyn Talton (Jacksboro, 2021-02-08)


I don’t want them! Decreases property values

Tonja Frie (Jacksboro, 2021-02-09)


Do not want wind farm near my house or neighbors.

Ginger Dennis (Jacksboro, 2021-02-10)


Windmills are ugly. Noisy. They decrease property values and do not serve as a valuable energy source.

Pamela Hamman (Jacksboro, 2021-02-17)


I’m tired of these rolling blackouts and others having no electricity and the wind turbines aren’t even running!

Diana Hobdy (Jacksboro, 2021-02-18)


The negative impacts of wind-farms.

Steve Stanford (Chico , 2021-02-20)


The Wind Farms are detrimental to wildlife. They are not reliable enough. They will diminish my property value. They are an eyesore.

Wayne Gilbert Jr (Jacksboro , 2021-02-21)


The real estate values in Jack County will be drastically and negatively affected with the potential new wind farm...

Roxanna Maddox (Jacksboro, 2021-02-23)


I live in North Jack county and moved here for the beautiful views. I do not agree with the wind farms being the answer to our energy problems.

Pamela Spikes (Jacksboro, 2021-03-05)


I own ranch land in Jack Co south of Bryson.

Daniel Emmer (Southlake, 2021-03-10)


Stop this travesty

Charles Marley (Coppell , 2021-03-11)


I reject the use of public funds to subsidize private enterprise. Wind farms cost the taxpayers and the land owners with no real benifit to the ecology. The 2021 freeze proved the unreliability of this technology. The savings in fossil fuels for electrical generation is offset by the construction and maintenance of the turbines and electrical system. High cost. Little benefit. Unless you are supporting a French utility company.

Rick Bowers (Wichita falls , 2021-04-07)


I am a landowner in Jack County and strongly oppose Wind Turbines. They destroy the beauty of the countryside, depreciate property values and tax revenue, and are not biodegradable. KEEP THEM OUT OF JACK COUNTY!!’

Bryan Mitchell (Jacksboro, 2021-04-07)


I’m signing because I have family land in north Jack County and do not wish for wind turbines to be in the area. They would ruin the environment and area.

Colson Youngblood (Jacksboro, 2021-04-07)


We own a ranch in Jack County and don’t want ANY more wind farms!!

Nicole Youngblood (Fort Worth, TX, 2021-04-07)


WE do not need or want wind farms in Jack County!

Nelson Mitchell (Jacksboro, 2021-04-08)


Please stop the wind farms!

Mike Brisky (Jacksboro, 2021-04-08)


I’m opposed to windmills

Robert Morris (Jacksboro , 2021-04-08)


I dislike the existing wind farms in Jack county. I would hate to see the expansion of such an eyesore to our beautiful county.

Ron Butler (Jermyn, Tx, 2021-04-08)


No to wind farms!!!!!

Lucille Tipton (Jacksboro, 2021-04-09)



Vicki Thompson (Bowie, 2021-04-10)


I'm signing this petition because I do not want to see Wind Farms in the county which I reside, nor do I want to pay for the "Tax Abatements or Subsidies" in the development.

Amanda Dale (Perrin , 2021-04-14)


We do not need any more wind turbines . They are killing birds and they do not provide cheap electricity. They are federally subsidized with the taxpayers hard earned money.

Yvonne Youngblood (Gilmer,Tx, 2021-04-16)

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