I’m sick of the lies and fraud and the destruction of our country. Robin Swann needs to go and Stormont need to stop lockdowns and restrictions and let us go back to normal. Enough damage has been done already.

Kaz Robinson (Belfast, 2021-01-27)


Want him out

Patrick Campbell (Belfast , 2021-01-27)


He is useless

Jonny Mccloskey (Larne , 2021-01-27)


Robin Swann as well as most members of the Northern Ireland executive, British government et al. Have been complicit in one of the biggest corruption rackets ever! These Lockdowns are illegal and unconstitutional in every way! They have based covid positive numbers & deaths on faulty PCR tests therefore causing widespread fear. The consequences of these Lockdowns are devastating to human life. They all should resign and face trial for crimes against humanity!

Denis Cameron (Belfast, 2021-01-27)


Incompetence and killing people and there livelihoods

William mcilwaine (Derry, 2021-01-27)


As far as I’m concerned Swann does not have the people’s interests at heart he is just reading from a script

Ann Scullion (Dungannon, 2021-01-27)


I’m signing because I have witnessed first hand the devastation lockdown has caused in mental health, physical health & economically.

Suzanne Allen (Enniskillen , 2021-01-27)


PCR testing should not be used for diagnosis and it still is.

Denis Maguire (Belfast , 2021-01-28)



Alan Blake (Lisburn, 2021-01-28)


I believe Robin Swann is making decisions based on what he is being told to say and do, it is shameful the amount of suicides he has caused

Monica Digney (Belfast, 2021-01-28)


He has blood on his hands

Tanya Hinds (Belfast , 2021-01-28)


I'm signing because of ALL OF THE ABOVE'

Hayley Gordon (Belfast, 2021-01-29)


What has been happening is genocide. Swann consistently lies about death and case figures, his recommendations have crippled our economy and increased mental health issues across this country.

sarah armstrong (Ballyclare, 2021-01-30)


He has made an absolute shambles of dealing with the outbreak of Covid 19.

Gary Morrow (Lisburn, 2021-01-31)


I’ve seen the devastation the lock downs have had on my young children. And it’s been voiced and proved to have little or no effect, the problems lockdown bring far outweigh its apparent help.

Robin Huey (Ballymoney, 2021-01-31)


I'm sick of the lies and this lockdown has put a serious strain on my mental and physical health!

Amin Khan (Belfast, 2021-02-02)


The PCR test is a farce, and has known to be for quite some time. Also, the lockdowns are unlawful - and ineffective. The people have spoken, and it's no to tyranny.

Amie S (Kingscliff, 2021-02-02)


The government health measures are not evidence-based.

Robert Endres (Reading, 2021-02-02)


Enough is enough. I never fell for it but people are waking up. It’s time we put an end to this madness.

Simon Sharifi (Manchester, 2021-02-02)


I agree that Robin Swann has failed in his duties as health minister and that he allows policy decisions on tests that are not fit for purpose and the misrepresentation of deaths and hospital admissions as Covid carries a strong case for malfeasance in public office.

Mariea Rudenko-Fear (Reigate, 2021-02-02)


He has shown no understanding of the wider impact on the public and has only concerned about covid. The man has no qualifications to be a health minister

Lesley Chan (Bangor , 2021-02-02)


The failure to act sensibly in this role is beyond belief, he has lied and manipulated the population for his own agenda, he has allowed suicide rates to rocket as a result of these measures, cancer patients to die ,

Catherine Hardy (Belfast, 2021-02-03)


You’re responsible for fear mongering and putting my young kids education and mental health in the gutter! We are sick of this.

John Sergeant (Portadown , 2021-02-05)


Lockdown is cruel and doesn't stop viruses

Shareen Rouvray (Birmingham, 2021-02-06)


I agree with everything stated.
I would go further. I heard from a nurse on a surgical ward on Thursday that the Hospital my toddler attends may on the advice of the WHO be going to cancel children's surgeries if they live in postcode Covid hotspots!!!

Leanne Gregory (Birmingham , 2021-02-06)


We need stronger energy.

Patricia Sida ( Colchester, 2021-02-07)


Couldn’t agree more

Sam Mawhinney (Cumbria, 2021-02-08)


Mr Robin Swann has not been transparent or open. He has refused debate and shug members of the public down who have asked him questions by blocking them off his social media channels. This is no way to deal with the people who pay his wages.

Naomi Millar (Antrim, 2021-02-08)


Mr Swann, if you are truly inspired to represent the best interests of the people of Northern Irleand, please take some time to consider:
1. Why is there so much controversy around what is happening?
2. Listen to some of the truly brave and independent professionally qualified medical doctors, immunologists, virologists speaking out against the deception of PCR testing, mask wearing and the dangers of mRNA gene therapy.
3. Why in a democracy are we censoring so many people for valid and legitimate points of view
4. Why is the media not doing its job of properly challenging those in power, instead they are the virus of people's minds.
5. Deep in your heart you know what you are doing is worse than wrong, it's evil. You are taking the easy way out by reading the script. Stop it.
6. It's never too late to change, be a man and start standing up for the people and you will get support, otherwise if you can't handle it, just leave.

Stu Potter (Belfast, 2021-02-10)


He is in breach of his oath of office.

Marilyn Smith (London , 2021-02-13)


No viable virus is found in PCR Cts > 25, widely reported since July 2020, but the Southern Health Trust recently confirmed by FOI that 45 Cts are still being used in NI. Public Health England and The WHO's definition of a positive case includes symptoms or other clinical signs of the virus. Cases have been reported daily on MSM based on positive PCR tests at 45 Cts and not proper clinical diagnoses. These falsely inflated figures have been used to perpetuate lockdowns and shut down the economy. Deaths have been reported based on these PCR tests, not post mortem which was banned under the CV Act, risking opportunism for getting away with murder. The nation has been terrorised into wearing masks and social distancing, enforced by the PSNI. We have been torn apart from our families, including not being able to comfort dying relatives in their last hours. The NHS has been turned into the Covid HS. Hospitals are under pressure due to Health staff isolating needlessly based on PCR and not symptoms. Mr Swann stated to the BBC he would turn away cancer patients but treat Covid patients, and did exactly that with over 200 people the following week. All on video.
Those who test positive and their contacts have needlessly isolated causing loss of income and mental health. Care homes are no go zones, residents are forcibly tested without consent to this medical procedure. When they move in they are totally isolated for 14 days. The most cruel act.
Children will be forced to wear masks depriving them of O2 and mentally traumatising them on return to school. Food banks have never been so busy. Suicides have never been so high. NISRA provided an FOI showing just 113 had died solely from Covid-19. The evidence is overwhelming and to top it all the cure for Covid was found in April 2020. It's Ivermectin and the poorest countries in the world are using it while we waste time on untested vaccines, the trials for which do not end until 2023.
This is medical fraud of the most evil kind. I demand the Executive remove the 'Health' Minister immediately and order a full investigation into this crime. I also request the restoration of post mortem to ascertain what those who died actually died from. I will be forwarding a copy of this petition with it's signatures to the PSNI Chief Constable to ensure this crime is fully investigated.



Robin swann is guilty of many deaths in Northern Ireland and should be put to trial and charged with murder.



Mr Swann is not fit for public office. His decisions have resulted in huge damage to the NI economy and quality of life - for no obvious or defined public health benefit.

Jeffrey Peel (LISBURN, 2021-02-18)


The measures currently being used to tack COVID-19 are having much larger societal impacts than the disease itself and are resulting in greater long term harm.

Shane Martin (Ballynahinch , 2021-02-18)


He is not fit for purpose just like the pcr tests!!!!! He consistently ignores the growing scientific evidence which contradicts this so called pandamic and instead chooses to listen to the 'scientists,' appointed by the gov which just shows blatent arrogance and a total disinterest in how so many others are suffering and being affected by this whole charade!!!!!!

Diane Mccullough (Lurgan, 2021-02-18)


I believe he is doing a poor job

edward duff (Carrickfergus, 2021-02-18)


The incompetency I’d decision making from the health minister, who should be sued for mal-thesis

Rab wright (Ballymena, 2021-02-18)


He’s a dick, dick dick everything should be Norma covid should be normalised not used to manipulate and brainwash people in the uk to believe in something they shouldn’t. Covid is a type of flu that should be normalised not keeping people in lockdown like fucking animals Whitch is not helping people need to live there lives as they are waiting it in lockdown buisness and kids lives are ruined because of dickheads like him.

Feirouz Shirlow (Dromore , 2021-02-18)


I’m incensed by the gross injustice being perpetrated on this country by the entire administration, I consider their actions to be criminal in almost every way.

Ralph McCutcheon (Holywood , 2021-02-18)


Can’t make people live this way with scaremongering

Veronica Baldwin (Newry, 2021-02-18)


Based on varied research by credible scientists in differing fields, and on the recommendation of WHO, lockdowns are NOT helping us. Lockdowns create more poverty, homelessness, abuse and suicides. What Mr Swann is contributing to is the demise of many people’s families and lives.

It would seem that Mr Swann either does NOT understand the science behind sars cov 2 or he does NOT have the best interests of the population at heart when he forces lockdowns.

In my opinion, Mr Swann is NOT fit for office and should lose his position for his ineptitude.

Caroline Clarke (Castlewellan , 2021-02-18)


I am signing this petition because I want an end to the manipulation, deception and malfeasance of government ministers throughout the UK. But I fully agree with the petition.

Deborah Casey (Sunderland , 2021-02-20)


As a result of the inhumane lockdown measures imposed, myself and my families lives have been put under significant stress on all aspects of our daily lives. The pcr test has been proven to be inaccurate in addition to many other negative measures imposed against our consent. We have had enough and this needs to end now. The evidence is overwhelming that lockdowns cause more harm and destruction to lives than they do at saving lives. In addition, there have been a substantial number of deaths & adverse reactions due to the experimental mRNA gene therapy vaccine that is NOT being reported by our elected officials and main stream media. This is unacceptable and questions need to be answered around this.

Caoimhin Jordan (Belfast, 2021-02-20)


Mr Robin Swann has misled the general public on a massive scale regarding covid cases, deaths and lockdowns which has wrecked thousands of lives & businesses. He has lied to his constituents & broken his oath of office to protect & serve the public. He must resign & replace him with someone who works for the people.

Glenn Harris (Belfast, 2021-02-20)


The sewer infrastructure in Elspark is disgusting and Mr. Swann must go. our rates and TAXES and sewer rates and get bugger all for it

Per Larsen (Germiston, 2021-02-22)


Sick and tired of the pathetic service

Naas Bester (Germiston , 2021-02-22)


Agree on removing and getting more service

Martin Muir (Germiston , 2021-02-22)


Mr Swann has continued to destroy lives and the econemy based on a pandemic of highly flawed PCR testing in order to ensure people take an untested gene therapy which is still in phase 3 trials until 2023. He has refused to be honest with the data and used scaremongering and highly emotional messaging to scare the public.

Darren Ansell (Banbridge, 2021-02-23)


All Government Officials who refuse to acknowledge the independent science disputing the Covid19 propaganda is an enemy of the people. I have been shocked to discover how many Government officials have personal ties to Big Pharma and have received financial incentives to promote the C19 Pandemic Fraud. The truth always comes out and the PCR Test is a perfect example of how many Global Government Officials have lied to the people to promote a Global Vaccination agenda. It's time these officials are held personally accountable and feel what it's like to lose everything they value.

Annemarie Burton (Huntingdon, 2021-02-26)


Lockdowns don't work and I know more people who have committed suicide than any 'with' (not from) covid. Testing positive from a faulty pcr test 28 days before someone dies is a ridiculous way to record deaths. Scare mongering while 99%+ recover from it and the average age of death is 81yo. Glad flu has disappeared though.

Joyce Shaw (Newtownabbey, 2021-02-27)


This Person is a FRAUD, they have NO PLACE in governing NI....

niall simpson (Magherafelt, 2021-02-28)

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