**Save Iron Horse Mud Ranch**



It needs to open for the add sport

Gary Klimowski (Dover, 2021-04-25)


Im signing because I have always wanted to go and enjoy the ranch but now that im set up to go enjoy the ranch its being closed because someone wants to many things to someone elses stuff..

Shawna Hudson (Old town fl, 2021-05-11)


We love iron horse mud ranch

Trey Drummond (Chiefland , 2021-05-20)


Iron horse mud ranch is a favorite for me and my family of all ages!

Tesla Whitaker (Hudson, 2021-06-05)



Charles Valentine (Oldtown fl, 2021-06-05)


I'm signing in strong support to open back Iron Horse Mud Ranch.

James@Caroline Stewart (Casselberry , 2021-06-05)


Iron Horse is good for Perry

Russ Davis (Perry, 2021-06-05)


We love this mud park! Keep Iron Horse Open!!!!

Twyla Blumenberg (Old Town , 2021-06-05)


My family and I enjoy the events at IHMR due to them being CHILD AND FAMILY FRIENDLY events.

Katherine Denison (Patterson, GA, 2021-06-05)


I'm signing because my family loves going to iron horse mud ranch to play and have fun throughout the year cause there nowhere else to go.
Thank you

Charles Wood (Perry, 2021-06-05)


I love Iorn Horse it’s one of my favorite mud events to go to and it is one of the closest to my house. I stand by them, they are good people and they make sure we have a safe and fun time when we go. Mr. Lee’s requests are not fair. Why should one man be able to stop all of us from having a good time…?

Kayla Shay Williams (Old Town, 2021-06-05)


Mud bogging is a sport and it keeps families outdoors!

Kimberly Harbst (Cape Coral , 2021-06-05)


Love me some mud

Kimberly Irby (Old town, 2021-06-06)


It my right

Kevin Lawrence (Umatilla, 2021-06-06)


I am signing this petition because Iron Horse Mud Ranch has always been my favorite and most family involved mud event.

Camdin Brown (Edgewater, 2021-06-06)


Iron horse is a great family friendly mud park that brings lots of money to Taylor County and the adjoining property waiver is allowing all the parks neighbors to hold the owners hostage unless they meet there demands. That's wrong, and illegal (Extortion)

Joseph Pierce (Port Saint Joe, 2021-06-06)


IHMR brings so much to Taylor County community this should not be an issue!

Gilfred Martel II (Cairo, 2021-06-06)


To many mud parks are being closed bc of neighbors, and we need some place to be able to go and spend time with family and loved ones doing what we love to do

Hunter Phillips (Reidsville, 2021-06-07)


I love Iron horse one of mine and all my family's favorite places to ride and enjoy the day/weekend together it would be a shame if their gates closed

Shaylynn Taylor (Fanning springs, 2021-06-07)


Iron horse mud ranch is an awesome place for us mud truck enthusiasts to bring our family and have a great weekend.

Danny Murray (Jacksonville, 2021-06-07)


My friend has taken me to this location and it was the perfect get away

Rob Brady (New Port Richey, 2021-06-07)


Our family loves to come spend the weekend watching all the events going on!

Teresa McGillivray (Perry, 2021-06-07)


This is a awesome place where people socialize, families come together and get children outside instead of playing on xboxes and social media. We should all support outdoor activities that are family friendly!!!

Susan Touchton (Homosassa, 2021-06-07)


This place is amazing and one bad apple shouldn’t be able to ruin it!

Amelia Piotrowski (Waynesville , 2021-06-08)


This is a FAMILY friendly SAFE venue that is excellent for not only the county but Florida...FAMILY owned!!!

daniel arends (new port richey, 2021-06-09)


Me and my FAMILY came to Iron Horse to enjoy a weekend with my brother, Chad Carver and had the best time! There isn’t a place on earth that entwines from the oldest to newborns! This is a shame that the fate of Iron Horse
Iies in the “permission” of one person. We spent money in Perry as well, we bought food, supplies, gas and fast food.

Christa Hill (Clewiston , 2021-06-09)


People should be allowed to enjoy a fun time in peace!!

Blake Foley (Opp, 2021-06-10)


We love coming to iron horse mud ranch! It’s family oriented and it’s a great place! Y’all shouldn’t shut this park down.

Alysa Kaitlyn (Jacksonville , 2021-06-11)


We want to save Iron Horse.

Scott Turner (Trenton , 2021-06-12)


I'm signing this petition because Iron hoarse mud ranch is my go to destination in Florida, it's the only reason I'll visit! It's a great park, ran by great people! And I hope the county realizes this!!!

David Long (Canton, Ohio, 2021-06-12)


My family and I absolutely love iron horse. It is the best and most family oriented mud bog that we have ever been too. Unfortunately I have not had the chance to bring my children and if it closes I will never have the chance to show them this wonderful.place. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the weekend with family and friends.

Remy Forte (Homosassa, 2021-06-22)


Iron Horse is a vital part of the motorsports lifestyle and deserves to operate without extortion from neighbors.

George McCann (Lakeland, 2021-07-01)


This great country is losing more fun places like this every year and it’s a shame, I’ve made many great friends and have many good memories at iron horse and think it should be kept open for many to enjoy for years and years to come

Michael Johnson (Brooksville , 2021-08-31)


It's still a free country and a land owner should have rights! It appears that extensive measures have been taken to show respect to the neighbors. It sounds like this attemp for ransom is being accepted by the authorities. It's a sad consequence for this family that has invested their land, time and money so that families will have somewhere to enjoy family. Shame on everyone of you that are allowing this tragedy!

Tina Davis (Hilliard, 2022-02-26)


It’s wrong what their doing to this man!

Michael Davis (Hilliard , 2022-02-27)


Mud bogs are so much fun! Think of how much revenue the community gets during these events! Shame on these neighbors for wanting to take advantage and extort their neighbors!

Kara VanGiesen (Crest Hill, 2022-04-04)


I love this place. Me my kids and family of all ages can enjoy this off electronics n it's a great price n so much fun. Memories arcade Here.

Teresa Long (Crawfordville, 2022-06-17)


Iron Horse is more than recreation, it is a life line to everything I hold dear. The Iron Horse is family. Please allow Iron Horse Mud Ranch to continue bringing joy to thousands of people that love the place and what the Larson family has so compassionately created! Thank you.

Nichole Rapp (Bushnell, 2022-10-25)

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