**Save Iron Horse Mud Ranch**



Great family friendly place to have fun with adults and kids

Travis Newsome (Bronson , 2021-02-03)


I love iron horse

Daniel Thompson III (Glenwood , 2021-02-03)


We look forward to this every year.

Cindy Labonte (umatilla, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because I’m not only a bog guy but I travel from Michigan down to support the Larson family at iron horse mud ranch because they make it a family friendly event.

Jeff Douglas (South Lyon mi , 2021-02-03)


Its an amazing place for families to enjoy an have a great time. Please allow them to remain open

Jeremy Johnson (Fountain , 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because this is a very family oriented place an we all love to mud bog and have fun

Heath Millinor (Perry, 2021-02-03)


Family-oriented and best people around

Ken Kelly (Howell, 2021-02-03)


Damn the Democratic Party

Doug Smith (Quincy , 2021-02-03)


My family absolutely loves this place! The people are truly amazing and it should stay open.

Denice Culpepper (Brooksville , 2021-02-03)


Iron Horse brings a lot of much needed revenue to the local businesses in Perry. It would be crazy to lose that!!

Mark Arnold (Perry, 2021-02-03)


Iron horse is an amazing place that thousands of people look forward to going every year

Brinson Rye (Madison, 2021-02-03)


I love mud bogging. Me and my wife and family ride atv's regularly. Its great for everyone.

Alan Dawson (Sylvester, Ga, 2021-02-03)


Because***** j Henry lee and his demand list.

Brandon Cook (Altha, 2021-02-03)


This park is amazing every time we go and Todd Larson, his family, and crew have turned the park into a super family friendly place unmatched by anywhere I’ve ever been.

Jameson Dunkley (Jacksonville, 2021-02-03)


Many people I know enjoy these events immensely. It always a good family weekend. Please keep them going.

Virginia Borolov (Dunnellon, Florida , 2021-02-03)


I'm signing because this is BS if the person or person's new about this before they moved here, my recommendation is you should have not bought near a place of such business

Warren Ahne (Brooksville, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this because I love going to iron hours mud ranch

Ginnah Boyett (Tallahassee, 2021-02-03)


I love Iron Horse. I believe it helps local businesses and the community. It allows individuals to safely enjoy mud bogging. I have enjoyed mud bogging at Iron Horse for several years now.

Kara Montgomery (Jacksonville , 2021-02-03)


Let's keep
This park open some people
Enjoy muddin

Joe Terry (Dunnellon, 2021-02-03)


I am a participant at Iron Horse Mud Ranch for the last 2 years. I support this family owned business!!!

Daniel Vickers (Ormond Beach, 2021-02-03)


This was an amazing family oriented park that brought much revenue to the surrounding areas of the town and will much hate to see something the Larson’s worked so hard for to bring back to life

SKYLER Kinchen (Jacksonville, 2021-02-03)


This is one of the nicest mud events in the country! Please don’t let a greedy neighbor ruin this for thousands!

Robert Hogg (Pensacola , 2021-02-03)


There is no place like it all around good people I look forward to going to event there in March and October every time sad to see it come to this

John Adams (Pensacola, 2021-02-03)


This is so wrong and should be able to proceed without the joining waivers

Christine Cifaldo (Holiday, 2021-02-03)


These are wonderful people that go above and beyond to turn a crazy place. Into a family friendly park.

Russell Hoskins (Farmington Hills MICHIGAN , 2021-02-03)


This place is absolutely amazing. The mud ranch is my baby brothers favorite place. He and my dad travel all the way from VA just to go evey year. My children and I enjoy going when we can with my dad and brother

Nicki Whitley (Edgewater, 2021-02-03)


It shouldn’t matter if the owners next door agree every year if they agreed once they agree for it every year to happen

Brittany Barnes (Homosassa, 2021-02-03)


This bog is a tradition that brings in revenue for the community through tourism by use of convenience stores, restaurants, mechanics and more.

Krysta Carter (Perry, 2021-02-03)


Me & my family love coming out there it is a great place to get away & very family orient. The mud trucks are a plus . it would not the same without iron horse mud ranch .

Rebecca Lietz (Seffner, 2021-02-03)


We travel many miles to come to this great event! From Michigan every year! We need to keep this going please lift the waiver and let’s enjoy the great out doors of Florida

Dustin Reist (Alma , 2021-02-03)


One man should not be able to overrule the majority Todd Larson runs one of the true family friendly mud bogs out there that alone should stand for something

Raymond Stratton (Jacksonville , 2021-02-03)


We love the sport and the whole ironhorse family

Kevin Miller (Madison, 2021-02-03)


I love ironhorse and visiting Perry Florida

Justin Farrar (Phenix city , 2021-02-03)


Im signing because Iron Horse is a great place for family and never disappoints everything is controlled and ran respectively, the only park I know of that you have to have everything shut down at dark to prevent injury and or death of someone because of not being able to be seen at night. My Family and I Love Iron Horse Mud Ranch and support them %100

Montana Wilson (Baker, 2021-02-03)


This is the only good thing we have left in this town!

Arial Arcularius (Perry, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because of the revenue that this event brings to my small town.

Trent Wolfe (Perry, 2021-02-03)


I think the owners of Iron horse are doing everything they can to offer a fun, family environment for not only locals with nothing to do but also visitors into the area which in turn boosts economy. My family enjoys Iron Horse and the owners

Renee Bennett (Mayo, 2021-02-03)


I support what they have done. Iron horse brings in all kinds of people, people who would have never met or seen. They bring wealth to the surrounding area

Cory Perkins (Weirsdale , 2021-02-03)



tom maliszewski (Westland, 2021-02-03)


Iron horse makes plenty of money Its a family Fun event everybody really enjoys to do with their families

Kayla Parker (Perry, 2021-02-03)


Me and my brothers with our family comes to iron horse every event they have and bring our truck to play. We drive 5 1/2 hrs every time loaded with trucks and side by sides and all. We bring rv and campers and friends just to hang out. We take off work and make plans just for this event.

Jeremy Livingston (Hiram, GA, 2021-02-03)


The neighboring properties are asking just a little too much.

Samuel Bingham (Saint Johns , 2021-02-03)


The Taylor County Commission enforcing a provision to only issue a permit, contingent upon "adjoining property owner's demands being met" equates to Conspiracy to Commit Extorsion. The Larson family has vastly improved this property and had brought millions of tourist and Tax Dollars to Perry FL and Taylor County. These voraciously greedy adjoining land owners should be publicly shamed for their efforts to ruin the stellar business which the Larson's have made of IHMR. County commission should look at their tax income from the events held at IHMR and then poll their residents regarding income during IHMR events. The few evil adjoining land owners are literally trying to financially injure the whole of Taylor County's population just so they can have special privileges on someone else's private property and try and force the Larson's to [ay for improvements to their own lands; to the good of only themselves. The Taylor County commissioners need to take a serious look at the impact (both financially and potentially criminally) of letting IHMR shut down over this ridiculous and possibly illegal clause in their issuing of event permits. Prayers for the Lawson's that JUSTICE is done and the evil, greedy persons are put in their right place.

Carrie Bradberry (Salem, 2021-02-03)


This is the only family thing in Taylor county to enjoy with family

Debra Morgan (Greenville, 2021-02-03)


I love this place! My whole family loves coming here

Roberta Rutherford (Brooksville , 2021-02-03)


We come from Michigan to support this place and love everyone involved in it

Brandy Powell (Lake city , 2021-02-03)


I love Iron Horse Mud Bog and Mr. J Henry Lee is a twat waffle.

Dylan Bronson (Clermont , 2021-02-03)


I love Iron horse ranch and mudd bogging..

Laura Mann (Lagrange , 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this because I have had so much fun here. I have broke a few trucks here and I have mad some great friends at this mud hole and it would a horrible decision to get ride of it

James Dinkins (Orlando, 2021-02-03)


This is a great park to go to kid friendly and great people i know Todd and I am sure Todd has went above and beyond to please his neighbors one guy should not have this much day so in this decision

Steve Hagemann (Edgerton , 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this because it’s the right thing to do. No neighboring laying owner should have the right to demand the requirements for other landowners when you live in the country. This land owner is a selfish piece of crap and needs to be dealt with legally.

Gary Harsey (Havana fla, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this because iron house is a place for friends and family to get together and have a good time.

Hannah McCabe (Levy , 2021-02-03)


The iron horse mud ranch is a awesome family friendly park where friends family can have a great time..its a nice get away from home.. and the Larson family are a amazing bunch of people who give alot to the community to there park and to all the mud addicts that go there to have a safe family friendly good time..

Billie Vaughn (Springhill , 2021-02-03)


I love iron horse mud boggs

Garet Miller (Live oak fl, 2021-02-03)


Save iron horse!

Amanda Nasser (Trenton, 2021-02-03)


There’s no community events supported anywhere anymore. They all get cut out by BS regulations, laws , etc. and they close. When you take away every incentive to visit your town you lose all visitors business and your town becomes “a place there’s nothing do except get in trouble”.

Dylan Manley (Leesburg, 2021-02-03)


This is home to me!! This place means so much to me, the kids, and everyone around! There has to be ways around this!! Save Iron Horse!
What do we have to do!!

Mariah Eleam (Panama City, 2021-02-03)


The Larson family is more than just our friends, they are our family. Every year we load up our trucks and travel thousands of miles to be at Iron Horse Mud Bog Events. They do such a wonderful job putting on these events for the public to enjoy. It is a very family friendly park that kids of all ages can enjoy. The Larson have worked so hard to make this park one of the best parks in the country. We stand and support the Larson and Iron Horse Mud Ranch 100%.

Lindsey Goodin (Emmett, 2021-02-03)


I love bringing my family here. It's our favorite vacation destination every year

Dan Sisler (Silver Cliff , 2021-02-03)


The mud world needs this place

Chad Moore (Ithaca, 2021-02-03)


My family and myself love the ranch and have been going for many years.

Justin Ritter (Leesburg , 2021-02-03)


To keep our mud family as one.

Whyett Jensen (Brooksville , 2021-02-03)


This is a great family outing. Our family from all over the state and Alabama meet here twice a year. Would be a shame to not be able to go.

Rose Wilson (New Port Richey, 2021-02-03)


We don't have very many places to go play in the mud. This is by far the best one. Please don't take it away from us!!

Angrl Hutchins (Youngstown, 2021-02-03)


The Disney Land of the Mud industry.... an amazing place for FAMILIES to come to, too relax at the beach or watch a spectator, or even be in the middle of the mud hole having an absolute blast. The businesses in the community would take a major impact if Iron Horse were to shut down..

Samuel Boggess (Hardeeville,sc, 2021-02-03)


This is a family event that our small family business work our butts off all year to go to the the event twice a year for a min vacation doing what our family likes doing with our now teenage kids

Melody Harvey (Weekiwachee, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because we have planned to come up to iron horse in March. We have heard amazing things about iron horse. How it’s properly ran, always nice and cleanly picked up after an event. I don’t see the real issue with keeping the gates open if they’re not invading Mr. Henry’s business or property.

Jennifer Buhlmaier (Okeechobee, 2021-02-03)


Because we love iron horse and mud bogging don’t take away the very few places we have left to go.

Madison Rhea (Plant city , 2021-02-03)


Love this place for the whole family!

Mandy Murphree (Crystal River , 2021-02-03)


Great fun and clean place!

Roseanne Taylor (Hudson, 2021-02-03)


We love iron horse it’s an amazing family park for all ages to enjoy!

Hinote Brandon (Robertsdale, 2021-02-03)


Iron horse mud ranch mud Boggs are a great way to spend time with friends and family. For 4 weekends out of the year it is an absolute blast and 1 property owner around the ranch has an issue so literally thousands miss out. The mud bog also brings $1000s of dollars to the Perry area when there is an event. Where it be good, gas, hotels, and even auto parts.

Tanner Smith (Thomasville, 2021-02-03)


I have been going to mudbogs since i was 17 when i went to woodpecker in white springs. My very first time going to iron horse, was back in 2015. I didn't care for it back in the day. But ever since todd started adding extra and doing guard rails, and flags on sxs/atv. Building the park for the kids to play at. TWO diff atv holes. And so much more, I've enjoyed coming! I've been going for 2 yrs now & have NEVER been let down at ANY event. My fav is the sxs&atv event, but i absolutely love dysfunctional family reunion. I always hang out with old friends, and meet new ones! I'd hate for this place to close down. It's my absolute fav mudbog! Hopefully we can get enough signatures to keep this open.

Kaylee Smart (Obrien, 2021-02-03)


Iron horse brings crowds and millions spent in Taylor county every year

Devin Register (Lake City, 2021-02-03)


WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? I've been coming here for 8 years if not longer!!! this is such a fun gathering! Bring us adults togther as kids again to play in the mud and feel free. I say keep it!!

Crissa Madrid (Tallahassee, 2021-02-03)


Im sighing this because iron is a society that brings all kinds different countries together to enjoy a traditional event of knowledge, mechanical skills courage, engineering, team work and peace. Save iron horse

Troy Folds (Mayo, 2021-02-03)


Because I fully support this family park and everything it does to bring families together for ever lasting memories

Brandon Fulcher (Oxford ,Ga, 2021-02-03)


I love the family function that Iron Horse Mud Ranch brings. Kari and Todd are wonderful people and they done so much work to deserve this opportunity to be able to keep Iron Horse Mud Ranch Open !!

Kaitlyn Ecker (Perry, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because as long as I can remember this has been the spot to go to. This is the greatest place in perry Florida to go and have fun!

Savannah Bell (Oakfield , 2021-02-03)


Everyone across the world comes there to have a good time!

Lacey White (jacksonville , 2021-02-03)


All of my long time friends go up to the bog. They have a blast with their children and make unforgettable memories.

Stephanie Dodson (Panama City, 2021-02-03)


Its not right for the adjoining owners to try to constantly benefit for own personal gain. Iron Horse don't owe you a dang thing.

Steven Wiley (Kingsland, 2021-02-03)


Because it's a great place to have fun safely with my family. Been going for years.

Michael Lee (Dothan, 2021-02-03)


I am a fellow mud bogger and enjoy the sport and enjoy the mud family even more. This is the best and most family friendly event in the country that we have attended for years now.

Jonathan Bolerjack (Chunchula, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this because one person demands and reasons shouldn’t take from other peoples fun if it doesn’t directly affect their life, property, or personal belongings. It’s one person over hundreds of people that goes each and every year and bring business to the small town.

Alexis Kersey (Bowling Green, 2021-02-03)

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