**Save Iron Horse Mud Ranch**



Todd and his family and team deserve the world!!

Katie Hill (Toluca, 2021-02-03)


I'd rather see people mud riding and enjoying themselves instead of drugs and fighting which could be caused my people being so dang bored!

Courtney Courtney Mothershed (Foley, 2021-02-03)


In support of off road parks.

Tom Hilyard (Spring Hill, 2021-02-03)



Wyatt Twitty (Barnwell , 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this because I believe that Mr Todd Larson is bringing a huge positive impact on this sport and what it’s about and we shall not let this inconvenience stop what matters to thousands of people. #getthisstarted

Clay Turner (Crawfordville Fl, 2021-02-03)


This brings in slot of out of towners and that means Money also it has put us on map

LaDonna Denmark (Perry fl, 2021-02-03)


I want the iron horse to stay open

Kenny Padgett (Perry, 2021-02-03)



Scot Geer (Belleview, 2021-02-03)


I enjoy going to perry Florida every year to visit iron horse mud ranch.

Brendan Ford (Middletown , 2021-02-03)


I am signing on behalf of the great events held here at Iron Horse Mud Ranch. It is a great safe place for families to vacation and spend quality family time. These such events bring in revenue to not only the park but all of the local establishments in the Perry Florida area. I look forward to spending more of my money in your county, and state as I would be traveling from Iowa.

Thanks again! Kaleb Bentley

Kaleb Bentley (Jesup, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this because the off-road community needs these events.Todd and his team are amazing ppl in the community and has a HUGE name in the 4x4 industry. a lot of small. Businesses need the income that this event brings in too . I’d be coming from Vancouver BC canada to this event in the next year also with a group of guys and trucks ! WE NEED THIS

Nolan Skopliak (Maple ridge , 2021-02-03)


Because it’s a damn good time to spend with family and friends and they have worked incredibly hard to make this place a safe weekend getaway for thousands and thousands of people!!!

Laura Como (Kemptville , 2021-02-03)


We love that place!

Andrew James (Jacksonville, 2021-02-03)


I'm signing this petition because I really enjoy the mud bog events and believe this is an unfair action against Iron Horse Mud Ranch. These demands are are out of control and need to be removed from the permit process.

Reginna Quigley (Houston, 2021-02-03)


The other property owners have been extorting the Larson family long enough. The demands are ridiculous. All they're trying to do is see how much they can get out of the Larson family for doing absolutely nothing in return. This is ridiculous.

William Bardon (Welch, 2021-02-03)


Everyone loves it here!!! EVERYONE.

Caitlin Gauthier (Trenton , 2021-02-03)


I think its bs that because of bs neighbors they cant have events

David Pannell (Fort Atkinson, 2021-02-03)


I am a big fan of Iron Horse and would for this place to stay open

Jacob Joy (Robertsdale , 2021-02-03)


I love Iron Horse. Todd and his family have created a wonderful and extremely well run place to come hang w the best people ever!!

Lisa Griggs (Thomasville, 2021-02-03)


My family and I love going to Iron Horse every year. It's ashame that a handful of folks can stop thousands of people from having fun just because they don't get their way.

Justin Barclay (Thomasville, 2021-02-03)


I am signing because iron horse mud ranch is a place where family and friends to get together and do what southern folks like to do play in the mud and cookout why should someone take our right to do so because they don’t get any extra benefits from it that’s not fair to the public that go every time it’s open I strongly support Iron Horse Mud Ranch

Bret Durden (Morriston , 2021-02-03)


I come there and love it. We spend money there and now you're going to lose a lot of visitors and money.

Patty Ward (Howell, 2021-02-03)


SAVE IRON HORSE and the revenue for our county!

Robert Simmons (Perry, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because iron horse is a place where family friends and people who share the same interest can relax and enjoy time together. Every year we meet new and incredible people who become family

Amberlyn Bradley (Hudson, 2021-02-03)


I enjoy iron horse

Jordan Godwin (Tallahassee, 2021-02-03)


Iron horse was my first mud bog and what made me fall in love with the sport. The thought of not being able to return one day is heartbreaking

Sarah Wanserski (Brighton, 2021-02-03)


I'm signing in support of the Larson family. The Larson family has done nothing but try to make a safe place for friends and family of all ages, colors, and gender to come and enjoy themselves. It's sad to see an individual who has worked so hard on giving back to the general population be shut down due to adjoining landowners being unpleasant.

Nathan Chartrand (Bethalto, 2021-02-03)


I love mud bogging and support off-road parks

Andrew Mcgonigle (St Augustine FL, 2021-02-03)


I believe that they make a positive impact on the local economy and it's not fair that the adjoining property owners are basically making demands that will put a local business out of business

Norman Ambrose (Carrabelle, 2021-02-03)


I'm signing this because that place has brought just joy and amazing people into my life and it should be able to do that for others still as well and as long as possible

Hope Elizabeth (Spring hill FL , 2021-02-03)


Best park i have been too!

Dustin Starling (Callahan, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this because this place and events have been some of the best times in my life I love the Camaraderie and all the people getting together and having a good time no violence no crap just fun loud trucks and when somebody has a breakdown everybody jumps in and helps it doesn’t matter who they are where they’re from and what they look like everybody gets together helped each other out and has a dam good time

Jenny Acree (Port St Joe, 2021-02-03)


I'm signing because my fiance and best friends love this event.

Tash Davey (Oxford Mills, 2021-02-03)


Its a great place to get together to have a safe and fun time with family and friends.

Kelly young (Land O' Lakes, 2021-02-03)


I enjoy the family organized events.

Larry Roberts (Williston , 2021-02-03)


This is not right that one person can control the legal lively hood of another person. There is a lot of money at stake for Taylor county.

KIM MILLER (Holstein Iowa, 2021-02-03)


This place is awesome alot of family time alot of people come to have fun

Glenn Severance (Maine, 2021-02-03)


Me and my family & friends love this place...❤️❤️

Samantha Tomlinson (PERRY, 2021-02-03)


I love the sport and all the Todd Larson and the Iron Horse Mud Ranch has done for the sport.

James Kish (Petersburg , 2021-02-03)


This is absurd to close down such a fun event. This event brings revenue to Taylor County. This guy is just wanting to cause problems. Don't you think we have enough problems in the world. This is a place where families can come together and just have a good time. Not like other mud bog event places, that have a bunch of drunks and things that shouldn't even be seen!!! Let this man run Iron Horse the way he wants to. Let people go there have fun release some tension and just have fun. Nothing is wrong with what they are doing.

Sara Brandt (New Port Richey, 2021-02-03)


Because the bogs are amazing and I only see certain family members when I go

Cheyenne Porter (Quincy, 2021-02-03)


I want to save iron horse

Casen Heartsfield (Perry fl , 2021-02-03)


It’s a great place for me to take my kids.

Allen Russell (Perry, 2021-02-03)


I'm signing because we have great family memories there and it is good clean fun for the kids to get off the electronics and play in the mud and out in mother nature

burge Pamela (SPRING HILL, 2021-02-03)


My family and i love going to mud parks for our mudcations! They are a great way of spending time with the family with out electronics and not spending a fortune.

Nina Exum (Zephyrhills, 2021-02-03)


No one land owner should have any say in what another land owner does on his/her own property. Nor should anyone profit from another man/woman just so they can do something with their private property

Franklin Redding (Alapaha , 2021-02-03)


There’s no reason, a great sport and great time should be shut down due to a uncooperative neighbor!!!!

Michael Kennedy (Jacksonville , 2021-02-03)


It's a great family park, the owners have done such a great job making sure there is no issues . And we love it!

Gina McCard (Forsyth, 2021-02-03)


We look forward to coming down twice a year every year this place is awesome and the people down here are great to be around lots of wonder times plus this is one of the only places you can bring the whole family.

David Perry (Carrollton , 2021-02-03)


I'm signing this petition because Iron Horse Mud Ranch is one of the largest money producing businesses in Taylor County behind the paper mill that employs thousands of local people. Smaller businesses in Taylor County depend on the traffic that Iron Horse Mud Ranch and similar events draw in from all over the continent! That's right, Canadians come down to enjoy our outdoors as well.
Also, IHMR is one of the only forms of entertainment in the entire county and it encourages people to enjoy the outdoors and builds community relationships.

Max Kallschmidt (Perry, 2021-02-03)


This is important economically to our county!

Aimee Young (Perry, 2021-02-03)


I am a regular visitor to Iron horse mud ranch



It is a great place to attend. The best run operation I have seen in my 20yrs of traveling to offroad venus.

Charles North (Springhill, 2021-02-03)


I'm signing th in because this place needs to stay.

Jasmine Wilcomb (Brooksville , 2021-02-03)


Iron horse is such a awesome event for me and my family

William Dawe (Dowling, 2021-02-03)


This is a free country,and you shouldn't be bullied by your neighbors. Everyone should be happy and work,together, as neighbors.

Jan Dees (Mayo, 2021-02-03)


This town survives partly because of the mud bogs. To lose the revenue they bring in would be devastating to this town and the local vendors it supports.

Abby Floyd (Perry, 2021-02-03)


My family friends and I drive 2000 miles 2 times a year to visit this park, we have all invested a crazzy amount in campers toter Homes and trucks to make the trip, the owner and his family are the most amazing people I can’t imagine not having it to go to

Jordan Healey (Oxford mills , 2021-02-03)


We absolutely LOVE Iron Horse Mud Ranch!

Stephanie Pearson (Glen St Mary, Fl, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because I have many Great memories at Iron Horse! People need places to go and enjoy their hobbies, its not like we can just go off-roading anywhere anymore. We have to have these types of parks or else we are Trespassing just trying to play in the woods. If people keep squeezing the fun out of life you’ll see what direction our youth turns to!

Shaun Bass (Panama city FL, 2021-02-03)


I want to keep Iron Horse Mud Ranch Opened and they will keep supporting Taylor County Community

Todd Grimes (Tallahassee, 2021-02-03)


The Iron Horse Mud Ranch is a safe family event where people come from all over the country!! We have traveled from Williamson NY the last 2 years for this event. It also helps the town businesses. Restaurants, Hotels. Gas . Stores.

Ralph Storrs (Williamson , 2021-02-03)


This place is in everyone’s heart. Memories are made with family here.

Kristen Eastman (Tallahassee, 2021-02-03)


I love iron horse mud ranch and am tired of them taking everything away so our kids have nothing to do!!!

Katie Adkins (Youngstown, 2021-02-03)


I'm signing because they should be able to run their Mud Bogs, which people from all over the US attend, without being extorted from by their neighbors. I thought Extortion was against the law, and here you are encouraging it by allowing it to continue. Please eliminate the need for waivers, so that he can operate his enterprise freely.

Dana Hornkohl (Farmington Hills, 2021-02-03)


Because this is a family and friends tradition that my family looks forward to twice a year.

Dana Perkins (Macclenny, 2021-02-03)


This is a great even that helps support the local community

Tiffany griffin (Tallahassee, 2021-02-03)


I’m in support of Iron Horse Mud Ranch and it’s effort to proceed with events without the signature and/or approval from its surrounding landowners.

Brad Shippert (Dixon, 2021-02-03)


I want iron horse

Julia Hodge (Port Richey , 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because the Iron Horse mud ranch has been around forever and it’s a fun time. The people who go there have memories and enjoy it everytime they go. Taking it away is unfair and dumb.

Ashley Sellers (Perry, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing to support the Ranch and the Larson family because of all they do for this sport and the families that come together from all over the world to enjoy what they’ve built for us.

Eric McDonald (Lindsay, 2021-02-03)


Iron horse is a great place to have fun and were everyone if a family

James Vickers (Port saint joe, 2021-02-03)


What you're allowing the neighbor to do is quid pro quo!

Clint Heinz (Gregory, mi, 2021-02-03)


It's all about the mud

Tim Frogger Snyder (Fenwick mi, 2021-02-03)


Because there is very few things for the rural areas to enjoy with their family.

Lisa Davis (Old Town, 2021-02-03)


Please let this great family event continue!

Cyndi Hornkohl (South Lyon Mi , 2021-02-03)


To preserve a great place to use mud trucks and atvs .

The county will have a great economic loss if it’s shut down

Matt Speights (Temple, 2021-02-03)


This is a family friendly ran event and ranch. They have provided a safe and fun place for people of all ages . I’d like to be able to return with my kids again for them to experience the event one day.

Joy Carl (Battle Creek, 2021-02-03)


I love going to the mud Boggs

tammy egan (live oak, 2021-02-03)


My family loves going here

Sharon Geiger (Euclid, 2021-02-03)


It's a great place for family to get together and it does bring in money for the community and that is a big deal for small town like us.

Violet Hlton (Perry, 2021-02-04)

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