Witten Needs Dr Amanda Machin!



I’m signing because I agree with the reasons listed in the petition and I really like her courses.

Franziska Klage (Witten, 2021-02-15)


I‘m signing this petition because of all the good reasons mentioned in the text and because loosing Dr. Amanda Machin would mean that the students lose one of the best profs the UW/H ever had. Dr. Machin, Amanda, is always there to help us and her teaching methods encourage every student to learn and to participate even more.

Ann Kathrin Lürßen (Witten, 2021-02-15)


Amanda needs to stay

Jonas Redecker (Witten, 2021-02-15)


It is not a secret how much she's liked by the students of uwh. Her topics are incredibly important nowadays and her teaching style is a perfect fit for Witten. Also, she published many fantastic articles in important journals and she's an international professor of which uwh does not have enough, considering the fact that the university offers 2 international degrees! Last but not least, Amanda Machin is one of the few female lecturers. Uwh considers itself as an progressive university that looks beyond the surface of topics but in the aspect of equal representation of gender, the faculty of economics and society has to be better! There's a female professor who does and incredibly great job and Uwh is letting her go. I'm quite disappointed and wish there was more willingness to keep her as she'll be greatly missed!

Ramona Szymczak (Witten, 2021-02-15)


I'm signing because Amanda Machin is a very good lecturer, who has interesting topics that would be missed if she is not continuing to give courses in Witten.

Hannah Müller (Witten, 2021-02-15)


I am signing because I have participated in two of Amanda´s courses and learnt a lot in both of them. I completely agree to all the points stated in this petition and just hope that the faculty will listen to what their students have to say.

Anna Farfsing (Witten, 2021-02-15)


Witten needs Dr Amanda Machin on a permanent basis.

Moritz Struwe (Kiel, 2021-02-15)


I'm signing because UW/Hs values need to be represented not only in theory, written on its flags, but also in practice. We need a diverse, international teaching body with a focus on topics near to students hearts, such as sustainability. Additionally, we need female role models in academic careers today more than ever. Amanda is a great example for all of the above.

Lea Herrmann (Witten, 2021-02-15)


Dr. Amanda Machin fills important gaps in Witten University.

Carla Tenthoff (Witten , 2021-02-15)


I fully support the reasons given in the description, covering her teaching style and knowledge she shares and discusses in her courses. Furthermore, the diversity aspect and having a native speaker come on top.

Anna di Bari (Witten, 2021-02-15)


Prof Machin is an outstanding personality in the sector of politics at the UWH. It’s a shame that her contract has not been expanded. She’s got everything you need to be part of the Wittenian family. I strongly disagree with the university’s decision on not prolonging the contract.

Tim Rauschenberg (Witten, 2021-02-15)


I’m signing because I strongly agree with all points mentioned, and we need professors like Amanda.

Lisa Meerman-Lippe (Bochum, 2021-02-15)


With her unique academic background, especially her expertise on modern French political theory, Dr Machin is an integral part of the curricula of PPE-programs. The university and PPE is dependent on the qualities listed in this petition, not only in order to compete with other universities, but more importantly, to take on a leading role in diversity and plurality of theories and methods.

Finn Schmidt (Witten, 2021-02-15)


Im signing because I believe in all the reasons stated above. For me Amanda Machin is an exemplary professor. I would be saddened by her departure, especially as we are already sorely lacking female and international voices.

Sofie Rörig (Witten, 2021-02-15)


Amanda is a great professor. I learned a lot in her seminars!

Noémie Bricard (Witten, 2021-02-15)


Dr Machin is an amazing teacher and we need more of her kind at our university! She is a truly enrichment of our curriculum.

Stefania Andriolo (Witten, 2021-02-15)


Because she is an extraordinary professor. Her seminars are very informative and good structured.

Georgeta Nicolaes (Witten, 2021-02-15)


weil ich mich für eine gute, diversifizierte Lehre aussprechen möchte, die Studenten begeistert und inspiriert. Danke für die Petition!

Max Stockmann (Witten, 2021-02-15)


Mir Diversität von Lehrbeauftragten wichtig ist!

Hanna Worrmann (Witten, 2021-02-15)


I am signing this Petition because I agree that Amanda Machin is an asset to the University. Additionally, I would like it for other students to be able to benefit as much from her expertise and constructive feedback, as I have done with my B.A. Thesis supervised by her.

Simon Eckert (Brussels, 2021-02-15)


I'm signing because I totally agree with the aspects mentioned. In addition Dr Machin allowed us to benefit enormously from her international network by inviting guests from the UK, Newzealand and France to our lectures. This was super for us student, but also for the UW/H, as it gained additional visability.

Hanna Gottschalk (Witten, 2021-02-15)


I agree!!

Carine Biessels (Witten, 2021-02-16)


I‘m signing because of the gender issue.

Anna Stricker (Witten, 2021-02-16)


In research and teaching, Women who can be role models and mentors for students are urgently needed!
If a university already has a committed woman in teaching, it should also want to keep her!

andrea szymanski (deutsch evern, 2021-02-16)


I will help Students of my university

Mona Abdel-Rahman (Witten, 2021-02-16)


This is getting ridiculous. Let her stay once and for all.

Caio Passos Newman (Witten, 2021-02-16)


Amanda Machin is the only lecturer who managed to use zoom to improve her courses by inviting famous international lecturers that I would have never had the chance to see otherwise.

Lukas Witte (Witten, 2021-02-16)



Marius Pouplier- von Bonin (Witten, 2021-02-16)


Ich habe ihr Seminar zu Populismus als StuFu Seminar besucht und es war einfach nur großartig. Sowohl inhaltlich, als auch didaktisch. Amanda muss bleiben!

Dominik Diefenbach (Witten, 2021-02-16)

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