Kilcornan mast location



The location of this development is too close to the local schools and playing fields

Brid Nealon (Kilcornan , 2021-02-21)


Don’t want it in such a beautiful area and near our lovely school where all the children of kilcornan go and from surrounding areas

Declan Kelly (Kilcornan , 2021-02-21)


I live close to the area and am working in the national school in kilcornan which is very close to where the proposed mast is being erected

Marian Sheehy (Limerick, 2021-02-21)


Research shows these 5G masts are detrimental to our health. This is a huge concern especially as it's proposal is to be erected directly amongst our community.

Juanita Griffin (Kilcornan, 2021-02-21)


My daughter attends Kilcornan National school. And I have two more daughters that will be attending as well please God.
Too close to primary school.

Noor Kelleher (Kilcornan, Limerick , 2021-02-21)


Health concerns over mast

Avril Lane (Adare, 2021-02-21)


It will will be an eyesore in a very popular and once lovely walking loop. Independent health studies show it is not healthy living next to these masts

David Downes (Dromlohan, Kilcornan Co Limerick, 2021-02-21)


I'm not happy with this

Patrick mcdonagh (Galway, 2021-02-21)


its not fitting in the landscape, it is an unwanted service in the area, and its visually obtrusive, devaluating the area, its close proximity to dwelling and local school. Fibre broadband is more long term approach.

Eleanor O Dwyer (Doolin, 2021-02-21)


I have concerns for this being too close to kilcornan national school where my two children attend amd their young brother will be attending there too in two yrs time

Carol Hennessy (limerick, 2021-02-21)


Concerned about the close proximity of this to Kilcornan National School and the Kilcornan preschool, both of which I have children attending.

Melissa Holly (Limerick, 2021-02-21)


The planning process seems rushed. No public consultation while most of the community are isolated from each other.

The mast seems overly big for the needs of the community, it seems to be more like backbone infrastructure.

It is extremely close to the school. I don't have kids but would share views from concerned parents.

Given the national broadband plan there doesn't seem to be a long term need for such a large tower.

The images are too blurry to see the impact.

Brian Hanrahan (Limerick, 2021-02-21)


I live in the Kilcornan and my kids go to school in Kilcornan. The mast is too close to the school

Rachel Cregan (Kilcornan, 2021-02-21)


I am a part of the kilcornan community

Diane Cronin (Kilcornan, 2021-02-22)


I feel that this mast is both an eyesore and a health hazard to the local people of Kilcornan. These things should not be built near residential areas. There is plenty other places it can go. Why in the middle of a community.

LILLITA O neill (Kilcornan, 2021-02-22)


Lithos must be stopped. Why always near a school.

Daniel Sheahan (Limerick , 2021-02-22)


Because of the visual impact in a beautiful historical area, too close to the School and hub of our community

Dave Downes (Dromlohan, Kilcornan Co Limerick , 2021-02-22)


We need to find alternative ways to modernise our country without pitting neighbours against neighbours in the name of progress

Marian omullane Omullane (Kerry , 2021-02-22)


Health concerns for the people of kilcoran

Donal Moriarty (Limerick , 2021-02-22)


Not comfortable with proximity to the national school or the proposed size of the mast.

Muriel Henihan (Limerick, 2021-02-22)


People should be consulted in a public town/village hall setting before any telecommuting sought.

Bat Collins (Rathkeale, 2021-02-22)


I’m signing here because of health concerns for my friends family living in the area

Marie O Mahony (Cork, 2021-02-22)


I am concerned about emissions from the proposed telecommunications mask. My friend and her young family live in Kilcornan.

Valerie O'Shea (Co. Cork, 2021-02-22)


Concerns over its proximity to the school.

Anne Delaney (Kilcornan , 2021-02-22)


I’m signing this because I object to the erection of the mast in Kilcornan.

Claire Williams (Limerick , 2021-02-23)


Health concerns for the school and all the children that it could potentially impact.

Jason O'Shaughnessy (Limerick, 2021-02-23)


I have 3 young children and I want them to grow up in a clean abd safe community.

Norma Kenrick (Limerick, 2021-02-23)


I'm signing the petition because
1) I have noted from researching the environmental impact of similar masts worldwide, the proposed mast may cause leukemia in young children.( ref. United States National Library of Medicine)
2) The Displayed site notice (s) indicated contradictory information re. The nature of the proposed development.
3) The photographs re.The visual impact of the mast, submitted by the applicant were taken from a distance and at a time of day as to be unclear .

Mike OCathain (DROMLOHAN PALLASKENRY, 2021-02-23)


Health risks to all involved

Mary Byrnes (Galway , 2021-02-23)


I don’t want to live beside this

Cathal Downes (Limerick, 2021-02-23)


To support Kilcornan residents due to their fears about health implications and also the visual impact on the area

Gary Hehir (Limerick, 2021-02-23)


I said so

Sean fitzpatrick (Limerick , 2021-02-23)


The location is wrong

James Nealon (Co. Limerick, 2021-02-23)


My children attend school opposite

Pamela Choi Fitzgerald (Limerick , 2021-02-23)


I live close to this application and have major concerns about it. Also the proximity to the school.

Dan Downey (Kilcornan, 2021-02-23)


Proximity to the school and playing pitches

Padraig FitzGerald (Kilcornan, Co Limerick, 2021-02-23)


After 7 cases of brain cancer in one school after a cell tower going 100m away from a school to me that is very alarming.
Link to a video

. . (Kilcornan , 2021-02-24)


I'm concerned about the health implications for the local residents and the users of the local crèche, school and playing fields, all of which are very close to the proposed location. Also I have a basic question: is such a mast needed in the locality?

Teresa Wallace (Kilcornan, 2021-02-24)


No mast here

Noel Gubbins (Co Limerick, 2021-02-24)


It's an unnessessary eyesore on the surrounds also encroaching on possible untouched and listed archeological site which could be already damaged by the extensive works carried out without a archeological dig

Patrick Collins (Rathkeale, 2021-02-24)


This is too Close to Kilcornan National School.
Complete eyesore in the area, and will devalue homes later on.

Lorraine O'Connell (Kilcornan, limerick, 2021-02-25)


Not happy about the location

Alan O Gorman (Kilcornan , 2021-02-25)


My family live there. And there was no consultation about this.

Michelle Riordan (Kilcornan, 2021-02-25)


The visual impact this will have would be seriously detrimental to an area of natural beauty. It's proximity to houses and the local school is not in the best interest of community. The trees that were cut down were home to a breeding family of red squirrel which are a threatened species.

Colette Fitzmaurice (Limerick, 2021-02-26)


This said mast should not be in this location next to a school and a community centre that is widely used far and near , not to mention the populating of the local people in this area

Jean Hennessy (Co Limerick, 2021-02-27)


I don’t want it

Jack Mullane (Limerick, 2021-02-27)


Lack of public consultation and transparency by mast company . During lock down there is no opportunity for the community of Kilcornan to discuss the proposal .

Ann Enright (Kilcornan , 2021-02-28)

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