Make Armored Mud Balls a State "Sedimentary Structure"



I believe in preservation of natural artifacts and want to help bring knowledge of geology to the general public.

James Moisson (Groton, )


I'm a docent at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and I appreciate the significance of paleontologic discoveries in Massachusetts.

Mary Ann Lowen (Amherst, )


I have never signed a petition, so let this be the first! Yay for armored mud balls!

Justin Lippert (Turners Falls, MA, )



Amber Dupuis (South Deerfield, )


Professor Little is an inspiration to all those who study and appreciate natural history. He generously donates his time to educate youth and community groups.

Chevy . (SOUTH HADLEY, )


Because who doesn't love the quirkiness of geology? Armored mud balls could be made as cookies, or cake!

Candace Drimmer (Northampton, )


I am signing because we have such unique geologic features in Franklin County, and I want to see them preserved and protected.

David Collins (Ashfield , )


I am signing this petition because I believe that the armored mud balls are important and should be protected.

Kathleen Spencer (Ashfield, )


Recognizing these unique structures will enhance peoples' understanding of the glacial history of Massachusetts. Our state's glacial history is tied in many ways to our natural resources, landforms, economy and cultural history.

Molly Hale (Florence, )


I want the mud balls saved .

Beverly L Demars (GILL, )


I am a supporter or Richard Little, and if he believes something is important, then I do too.

Jim Perry (Shelburne Falls, )


Armored mud balls are rarely seen, uniquely presented in this area and a critically important key to the geological processes that shaped the Pioneer Valley and Massachusetts.

They’re worth saving as much and for the same reasons for saving the Massachusetts Statehouse building!

Art Schwenger (Heath , )


Because AMBs Rock!! :)

Jacqueline Cappuccio (Turners Falls, )


These are incredible and we need to preserve them for future generations.

Kim McKeage (Greenfield, )


We need to protect as much of our geologic heritage in the United States as possible and this is one small but significant sedimentologic step.

Richard Bailey (Boston, )


As an Oregon geologist, I recognize the importance of preserving rare geological features that shed light on the Earth's deep history. In my 35 years working the western US I have not seen lithified armored mudballs in the field--they are exceedingly rare.

Frank HLADKY (North Bend, )


I’m signing because I love rocks.

Fran Conley (Turners Falls, MA, )


I want to support this cause!
Very rare and important.

Theresa Rice (Gill, )


These sedimentary structures are rare and should be preserved due to their geological significance.

Paul McLain (Lakeland , )


I’m signing because these armored mud balls are fascinating, and they’re unique to Massachusetts and should be recognized as such.

Laurette Crane (Warwick, )


It's our job to preserve history for future generations

Robin Gurdak-Foley (Whately Ma, )


We should recognize and protect special and unique geological features
"Civilization exists at the whim of geology - subject to change without notice."
Wm. Durant

Jane McGahan (Greenfield, )


Richard Little was passionate enough to educate me about AMB's during a recent phone call and I believe this unique geological formation should be recognized for it's significance in Franklin County.

Nicole Reigle (Greenfield, )


The armored mudballs are a fascinating feature. Prof. Richard Little identified and described them as a feature within the last few decades, and used scientific evidence and reasoning to figure out how they were made. For educational purposes and to celebrate their first home in Massachusetts, the mudballs should be named the Massachusetts State Sedimentary Structure!

Sarah Doyle (Turners Falls, )


Local landscapes give us a sense of place and should be better known and preserved.

Julie Meyer (Florence, )


The armored mud balls in Turners Falls are amazing. Thank you Professor Little for your dedication to getting the word out!

Janel Nockleby (Turners Falls, )


I enjoy seeing them at Unity Park and in Greenfield

Wendy Podlenski (Greenfield, )


We must respect and care for our environment so that we can continue to learn from it.

Felicia Sevene (Amherst , )


I love that Massachusetts uniquely has these lithified oddities preserved in its geological record, and I'd like to see them acknowledged and celebrated.

Carol Coan (Greenfield, )


I am an Earth Scientist and TV presenter passionate about rocks, fossils and landforms. I am currently writing my first popular science book all about the wonder of rocks and their secret stories. One of my chapters opens with an armoured mudball I picked up in a wadi in Tunisia on geological fieldwork when I was an undergraduate student. It is one of my most prized possessions! I love this campaign, as for me, AMB are a reflection of how systems function in nature. Thresholds are exceeded, processes respond and create new forms and features. I have never seen lithified mudballs, so to see them here is extraordinary. I hope they get the recognition they deserve and I would love to talk to Professor Little about his passion for AMB and perhaps one day even come and see these features in person to touch them.

Anjana Khatwa (Corfe Mullen, )


They are geologically significant and unique to Franklin County Massachusetts! We want to make sure they are not forgotten!

Lisa Davol (TURNERS FALLS, )


I’m signing this petition to make Armored Mud Balls a the official State Sedimentary structure because they are not only unique to Massachusetts, and certainly give Franklin County a claim to fame, but are rare on this earth. They are such a wonderful geological educational tool that why should they NOT be our official State Sedementary Structure?

Annette Kilminster (Greenfield , )


These are a treasure of our geologic history and should be preserved for future generations.

Beverly Taylor (Templeton, )


this is a rarity and Prof. Little has done a wonderful video explaining this

Margaret Dougall (Saxtons River, )


I was inspired by Professor little’s passion for AMBs

Eric Halloran (Shelburne Falls, )


I believe in armored mud balls!
I want them represented!

Elizabeth Tiffany (Easthampton, )


I am a retired Professor of Geology at Columbia U. I taught field geology mapping courses, among other things, in which students were introduced to the sediments of the Newark Basin, the western counterparts to the sediments holding the armored mud balls in Massachusetts. We had no such structures. Thus the ones in the CT valley are unusual and worth preserving and celebrating.

David Walker (Piermont, )


having an official state sedimentary structure draws necessary attention to education in the geosciences. Learning about armored mud balls encourages and facilitates understanding of our state’s important and fascinating geology.

Rebekah Patnode (Greenfield, )

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