Funky bay Market



I want to help my neighborhood. With the new market I can’t.

Kimberly Eller (Sparta tn, 2021-03-15)


Der Markt ist nicht gut

Gabi Temmler (Weeze, 2021-03-15)


I enjoyed the game until you changed the market. Moved over to Farm Bay.

Cynthia Crowe (Fleming Island, 2021-03-15)


I HATE the new market. I miss selling back and forth between my neighbours and friends. Cant get the tools needed unless you buy them. I didn’t start playing this game to become even poorer. I have definitely cut back my play time and have found other games.
Bring back the old market!

Tracy Cowley (Grande prairie , 2021-03-15)


Neuer Markt

Gabriele Rasch (Funky Bay , 2021-03-15)


Neuer Markt

Walter Rasch (Funky bay, 2021-03-15)


I’m signing because I have invested a lot of time and money to have to walk away from it because we can’t play in the same manner we have played as a team that you promoted us to do in the first place.

Rita Reding (Diamond, 2021-03-16)


I’m retired and loved this game. I can’t afford to spend a lot of money on games. I have bought the adventures but will not do that again.
Fix the old market and bring it back please.

Val Beltz (Chambersburg, 2021-03-16)


I hate the new market!!! Bring back the old one!

Brittany Galzinski (Stroud , 2021-03-16)


I'm signing because it's not fair what has been done to our game by changing the market so that it is impossible to help friends and neighbours. Has become all about buying gems to progress rather than the team based game it was

Dana Martin (Talbingo, 2021-03-16)


Quero que volte ao normal

Kátia seixas (Rio de Janeiro, 2021-03-16)


The game is not worth nor fun playing now. All the time & diamonds spent building my inventory is now worthless. IM ANGRY. Having to pay an outrageous inflated price and forced to sell at closeout prices well below sell price. so....The the developers must think we players are stupid. Its insulting and I feel ripped off.

Bev Stevens (Saint helens oregon, 2021-03-16)


A good game was ruined

Anoria Safadi (Beirut , 2021-03-17)


I used to enjoy this game but the new market is impossible to get task done. If I need something for upgrading barn or silo I have to use gems I do not have as I'm on SSD I cannot afford to buy gems

Debbie Tomblin (Columbus, 2021-03-19)


Bitte gebt uns den alten Markt zurück.

Daniela Schulz (Bochum, 2021-03-19)


I don’t like new market and game is so boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martina Vidak (Zagreb , 2021-03-20)


I agree with the author of this petition

Marian Scott (Shipston on stour, 2021-03-21)


Quero o antigo mercado de vilta



Need the old market back!!!!

Lê Vy (Ha noi, 2021-03-26)


Please return the game to the original. Market refreshes every 10 minutes and neighbors can help each other. I will no longer be buying gems until this is done. I'll move on to Farm Bay.

Tammy Callahan (Sanford , 2021-03-26)


Market was apsolutly better before!

Blazenka Krznar (Zagreb, 2021-03-29)


I’m very unhappy with the new market. We get next to nothing for selling things, have no choice in what we buy, and can’t buy from people anymore. It sucks when we really need to get certain things.

Linda Rivera (Concord , 2021-03-31)


I don't dislike the new market feature.
But I really miss shopping! I can't hunt for what I need, I can't sell my stuff for the price I choose... WHY???

Kim Burnhams (White River, 2021-05-18)

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