Grant Baby Haven the Care Deserved: Petition California Children Services For Additional Home Health Skilled Nursing Support



This little boy needs his nurses they help with movement and every day skill give him back his nurses

Tracy Blankenbaker (Amsterdam, 2021-04-20)


To keep Havens nurses. He needs them for all of his medical needs

Amanda Fry (Crawfordsville , 2021-04-20)


So baby haven can keep his skilled nurses.

Jessica Campbell (Ford, 2021-04-20)


I believe that it is necessary for Haven to have nurses at home to help with his care that cannot be administered by non medical person's. Thank you for helping.

Patricia Skluzacek (Willmar, 2021-04-20)


I believe that without his nurse it will do him more harm than good.

Lee Rayner (Clinton, 2021-04-20)


I too am disabled and have had to fight for services or do without. Also I think it's a shame that we don't take care of our veterans and their children.

Shana Morris (Lockport, 2021-04-20)


He needs his nurses

Donna Guzman (Haverhill, 2021-04-20)


I have a special needs daughter we deserve all the help we can get

Sally Bickham (Grantville , 2021-04-20)


Keep Havens skilled nurses he needs them for all his medical needs. As he has complex issues that require that

Shona Docherty (Scotland , 2021-04-20)


I am signing because i know this baby boy need and deserves all the help he can get in order for him to keep surviving. He is sucha strong little boy and he needs this help to get by.

Lisa Ferris (Lorain, 2021-04-20)


Because Haven needs nursing and he deserves it

Dalana Trulock (Peoria, 2021-04-20)



Kimberly Royster (Vernon, 2021-04-20)


Haven really needs his nursing help. His mother needs the help also. Please give the nursing care back to this family.

Gena Haxby (Manti, 2021-04-20)


Hoping the right decision is made and Haven can continue to receive the medical care from the skilled nurses.

Christen Burdick (Hollister, 2021-04-20)


I’m signing because as a Registered Pediatric Nurse, I know the amount of care, time and number of supplies a child like Haven needs for his continued care on a daily basis. To deny him skilled nursing care or to deny him anything based on his diagnosis and medical history is not only short sighted but could impact his quality of life and his overall safety.

petra hayden-wisnewski (York, 2021-04-20)


I love haven and Mandi so much

Destiny Dugger (Indianapolis, 2021-04-20)


Please don’t take away Haven’s nurses. His mother is not able to care for him by herself. Due to him being on a lot of medicine & the therapies that Haven needs. He needs a Registered Nurse that knows how & where to administer his medication cause he has a J tube & a GJ tube. One for milk & one for medicine. Also he needs a Registered Nurse that understands his medical conditions.

Tyer Stacey (Austin, 2021-04-21)


Haven needs all the help he can get. Please help them.

LeAnn Drake (Ann Arbor, 2021-04-21)


It is important for Haven to have these services
in order to survive. Haven's life matters!

marianne wooden (Dayton, 2021-04-21)


I’ve watched Havens story online since he was born. He has overcome more obstacles in his short life than many adults. Multiple surgeries, as well as COVID. This little boy needs daily nursing support and all the equipment to go along with it.

Sara Brady (Oshawa , 2021-04-21)


This child qualifies for the kind of support you're considering withdrawing!
Look at his data, spend time carefully surveying his developmental needs. His survival depends on your decision.

Anita Baker (Waco Texas, 2021-04-21)


He need all help. He is sweet little boy. Please help him

Charla Hyles (Wharton, 2021-04-21)


I'm signing because I believe Haven benefits from in home skilled nursing rather than medically untrained helpers. Helping Haven during his formative years through primary and secondary school will be a cost benefit to society as he will not need as many expensive medical procedures later in life.

Cyndy Mercedes (Downingtown, 2021-04-21)


I'm signing this because I know that Haven and Mandi Smith deserve to get all the help they are asking for. It is beyond my thinking of how they could be refused any help they deserve. Just think if God Forbid, this was your child what would you do. Mandi is a fantastic Mother and a deserving Vet, who served our country and serves the many needs Haven requires 24/7, try and sleep not knowing if your baby will have an emergency during the night and not being able to save his life, who can even think of no granting all the nurses and all the medical services they need. Please I beg you from the bottom of my heart and as a mother myself, give all to Mandi and Haven as soon possible. Thank you, With respect, Nancy Cicale

nancy cicale (Middletown, delaware, 2021-04-21)


I want haven and his mom have the best care and all the nurses he needs

Renee Cote (Halifax, 2021-04-21)


This precious little boy NEEDs skilled nurses to help the family

Sharol Severson (Clinton, 2021-04-21)


Haven has my heart at hand! Due to Haven’s three months prematurity at birth, and so many other life threatening health problems, such as kidney disease, Haven deserves ON-GOING MEDICAL SERVICES from QUALIFIED Nurses and other services such as OT/PT; Speech therapy and Feeding Therapy. Haven THRIVES with these services. Please help him to continue to thrive!

Jennifer McClung (Alexandria, VA, 2021-04-21)


Haven deserves to have the same chance at life like any other child. I'm a mom of 2 preemies and I know the importance of home health nurses. They are heros! They are not only there to care for the patient but the rest of the family as well. They are a shoulder to cry on, they are hope that your medically needy child will make it through the day. If you take away that help then you are taking away Haven's chance of a normal and healthy life.

Maria Loredo (Starke, 2021-04-21)


We need to fight for Haven, be the voice for Haven. Haven needs more then eight hours a day of nurses. Keep Haven’s nurses.

Catherine Getz (Piscataway, 2021-04-21)


I’m signing this because Haven needs to have his needs taken care of by professional nursing individuals. His care is to intense to be taken care of non medical individuals. In my opinion it would put his health in jeopardy.

Jeanette Korzeniewski (Toledo, 2021-04-21)


I truly believe this single mother needs medical help with her son.

Noel Fennell (Philadelphia, 2021-04-21)


I believe Haven needs his nurse to help keep him safe and to help his family out

Bronwyn Hutching (Hamilton, 2021-04-21)


I am signing this because Haven needs all the help he can get ... The nurses are a wonderful big help ... please consider this all the meds and things that haven needs in a day and the nurses are a great help please keep the services ..

Jennifer Luzier (Clearfield , 2021-04-21)


Haven has a tube for feedings that is in his intestines. It takes a skilled nurse to care for such a situation. He also has shortened intestines and care needed when anything administered through his tube. He is a very fragile child who needs specialized care.

Linda Wolf (Warren, MI, 2021-04-21)


I have son that has a disability and we do need extra hands and a village

Nancy Brooks (Columbia, 2021-04-21)


I totally support Baby Haven and Mandi Smith to keep their skilled nursing care in their home. Havens care is so complex beyond just what just the eye can see. He not only requires multiple meds each day but therapies, his cares are very detailed and his little life and his moms life depends on having medical support vs non medical support in their home due to his complex medical needs. Please reach beyond what you see and look at the facts. Approve this child for what he and his family needs to grow and thrive. Thank you

Megan Jewett (Boonville, 2021-04-21)


Haven needs his nurses. Mandi is an amazing mom and does everything that she can to provide and protect her amazing son. But with all his medicines, feed tube, all of his therapies and doctors appointments, she can't do it all by herself. It's not how many Machines or tubes he has, its more as making sure he's getting the right doses of his medicine, being on time with them, putting them in the right tube and not the wrong one. Keeping him from pulling his GJ out and then have to go to the emergency room. Watching all of there videos, he tried to pull on all his cords constantly, takes more then just one person to keep this little boy thriving, and out of hospitals. Takes a village. Taking away his skilled nurses is taking away the village.

Bri Lehane (Port st lucie, 2021-04-21)


Haven still needs Skilled Nursing to aid in his over all health. He has medical issues which should be taken care of by a skilled nurse. I fully support continued care for his health and well being.

Harriet Reese (Aurora Il, 2021-04-21)


Haven really needs the nurses. I've been on live with Mandy and Haven when he's had bad choking spells and reflux and really I thought a couple times he wasn't going to make it. Mandy has so many health problems there is no way she can do it all on her own. For the sake of this wonderful, gorgeous, sweet baby reconsider it's could mean life or death for him. He is so precious. Thank you.

Stella(Rosie) Burk (Zephyrhills, 2021-04-21)


I'm signing on Havens behalf because I know without his medical nurses haven won't get his medical care he needs with certified nurses that know what to do in order for Haven to survive and thrive with his medical condition he has I feel Haven would be able to survive if he has his nurses to be able to make sure he gets his feedings everyday through his feeding tube and keep all his tubes flushed out and on nurses who are certified to fit the care he needs to know how to deal with all his medical needs Thank-you and God ess

Eleanor Cardot (Shawnee, 2021-04-21)


Because I have watched so many videos of Haven and Mandi. Haven is behind due to his diagnosis an early birth. Haven needs multiple shots on daily bases. Tubes need to be changed, meal bags need to be cleaned out and changed. To watch these skilled Nurse's do their Jobs is a miracle in itself. if there's an UNSKILLED nurse doing it an gets it wrong and God forbid and Haven doesn't survive it would be because of the lack of SKILLED NURSE'S. I Can see that Mandi and her family are doing the VERY BEST that they can BUT Haven NEEDS SKILLED NURSE'S to thrive and be the best that he can and will be.. Haven is a very bright young boy he's trying his hardest with everyone's help. Take away his SKILLED NURSE'S then you take away ability to survive to be the best that he can and will be. Mandi and family believe that Haven is the MOST IMPORTANT person he COMES FIRST!!!!!

Jackie Ballard (Fair Oaks CA 95628, 2021-04-21)


This little boy has spécial needs only a certified nurse could provide

Lucille Berube (Quebec, 2021-04-21)


Haven has come a long way in 27 months of life. He still has a long way to go. It takes the Nurses to help with his medical needs. The care they provide Haven is so important at this pivotal time. The physical therapy & speech therapy is helping him in ways that can’t be done without the special care Nurses provide. Mandi is a single Mother. A disabled veteran of the US Army. She can’t be left on her own to care for all of hers & Haven’s needs.
Please don’t cut off Haven’s nursing care.

Vickie Leister (Turlock, 2021-04-21)


I'm signing this because I feel he need the help on a daily basis need

Loretta Noah (Hillsborough, 2021-04-21)


I am signing this petition in the hope that Haven can receive skilled nursing care for an extended period of time. His needs are many, and takes more than one person to meet these needs.

Brenda Parr (Murphysboro, 2021-04-21)


This little boy has been through enough battles so please continue to allow him the help he needs to continue to grow healthy

Donna Ebner (Ambler, 2021-04-21)


Haven needs considerable amount of medical care. Please keep his nurses.

Liza DeWitt (Parsons, Pa, 2021-04-21)


Because i know how it is to raise a premie baby. My son was born 3 and a half months early. I was told he wouldnt live to be 3 or ever walk. I has to fight for him to keep his care team and now i have a thriving 17 yr old son who has beat all odds. This baby needs this service to keep him thriving and healthy and safe. Please look at what will happen if the services are cut off. This child needs to be able to survive abd live.

Chasity Maxwell (Evansville, 2021-04-21)


I believe with all my heart that Haven would benefit from any and all help that can and should be offered to him

Melissa Jonio (Muskegon, 2021-04-21)


Haven NEEDS these Specialist Nurses to survive in his medical care - bringing in non specialist care will just be detrimental to Haven

Ruth walker (Leeds, 2021-04-21)


Heaven needs his nurses because of his medical needs

Crystal Barnes (Parkersburg, 2021-04-21)


Im signing this petition because Haven deserves all the love help and support he needs.💜 😍😘

Linda Stoltzfus (Gordonville, 2021-04-21)


This little one deserves and needs all the support he can get.

Brandi clay (Etters, 2021-04-21)


I'm signing this petition because of the information that Mandi Smith received concerning her son Haven Smith and that he would not be eligible to keep getting help with nurses, or any other help at home. This child needs this help along with Mandi his mother. There needs to be a medical professional in that house for that child!!! It was brought to Mandi's attention by one of the nurse's that she thought Haven behavior was going in the wrong directions and that it may be pointing to autism. There were other things that she brought to Mandi's attention. If she hadn't had a professional medical nurse there helping and watching Haven he still wouldn't have really known what was happening. Please help take care of this child.

Billie McIntosh (Canon City, 2021-04-21)


Please allow Haven to have continued support through home health care. He requires skilled nursing for all of his day to day activities as well as to monitor/administer all his medications. We want to make sure he stays out of hospitals and to ensure that we need him to get the support he needs at home.

Shetul Shah (San Jose, 2021-04-21)


I am signing this because Baby Haven needs his nurses for everyday care and wellbeing.

Terri Canady (Satsuma ,FL. 32189, 2021-04-21)


Haven should have everything he needs. Mandi is a wonderful mother and does everything she can for him. But we all know we all need a helping hand sometimes

Esperanza Zepeda (W Covina , 2021-04-21)


This precious boy needs proper medical care so he can continue to thrive and stay alive and safe.

Kayla Grohn (Atlanta , 2021-04-21)


He needs the medical help and supplies to survive

DEBORAH ALLTON (New Albany, 2021-04-21)


Haven needs his nurses! Please don’t take them away!!

Judy Curtis (Kingwood, 2021-04-21)


I have been watching the videos for a few months.He needs constant care and his Mom is a veteran who deserves your help!She left her family to protect ours.We cannot.let this child suffer when people who have nothing for our country get help! Please have a heart in this matter!

Sondra MEileen (Rockdale,Tex, 2021-04-21)


This child and mother need skilled nursing care to keep Haven alive and thriving. Denying him skilled nursing is unfathomable. Please revisit this case. See all the facts and make the right decision to continue his nursing care.

Nancy Molina (Natick, 2021-04-21)


Please allow Haven to keep having the nursing care that he needs.

Paula Trimnal (Statesville , 2021-04-21)


This is critical for Havens well-being to function and have quality of life. His life depends on it.

Glenda Westenskow (Rupert, 2021-04-21)


As a micropreemie mom I know how important it is to have nurses help in home and whenever necessary. This little boy needs all of the extra help he can get to be able to grow and thrive. Taking away his nurses before necessary seems unjust and cruel.

crystal swinney (Camp lejeune, 2021-04-21)


I believe baby haven deserves the BEST care possible! I have been following his journey for quite sometime, and as a mother myself I couldn’t even imagine even having to fight for this! This is the RIGHT thing!

Bethany smith (Cave city, 2021-04-21)


This sweet boy is such a miracle. He has beat all odds and he his thriving in such amazing ways. A big part of why he is thriving aside from having the most incredible mother is his team of nurses. If he doesn't have those nurses he will most likely lose progress he has made and it will be thst much harder for him to continue to meet those milestones and to thrive as well as he is. His mother is incredible in every way but shes only human and she needs help to make her sweet boys dreams a reality. Let him keep his amazing nurses. They aren't just his nurses, they're his angels.

Amy Komes (Waterman, 2021-04-21)


I’m signing this petition because I’m an adult with special needs and know how important having people to help first hand. So I definitely support Haven and his family with this!

Angelina Froese (Lethbridge , 2021-04-21)


I have followed Mandi's journey from day one as a mother to a preemi baby. She has to constantly fight for to keep her son in a normal state of health or even alive. With this kind of regular responsibilities on a single mom it could be too much on the physical and mental health of both her and the baby. So please accept her petition.

Falguni Gopalan (Hamburg , 2021-04-21)


This little boy need to keep receiving the care he needs for him to progress more. There no way the family can do this on there own they need every single bit of help they can get because of there care needs aswell.

Gemma Jones (Lancashire, 2021-04-21)


Haven has still a long way to go and he needs the medical help he has been getting
Day to day things could change
For him plz don’t let this sweet boy have his care taken away.... it’s critical

Candace Anding (Mount Olive, 2021-04-21)


There is this boy named Haven who needs his skilled nursing not only for meds but to learn developmentally , physically, and mentally. I say give him his nurses back . I know what it's like to have a compromised 1 child and it's certainly not fair to take his nurses away that Haven needs .

Annmarie Southland (Southington, 2021-04-21)


Allowing a child with a hidden disability (CP, global delay, gjtube, multiple medications) to struggle to achieve their potential, when all that is needed for success are appropriate accommodations (skilled nursing assistance) and specialized instruction is Not acceptable.

Cathy Evans (Wausau , 2021-04-21)


I’m saying this because I have followed Haven‘s journey from the time he was born until now. His family does everything conceivable to provide him all the support that they can, but the reality is that he needs additional care, and it would be a terrible shame for him not to receive the care that he needs. Haven is a miracle baby, and it’s in atrocity that a petition like this is even necessary in order to ask that he receive the support that he needs to thrive.

Maria Grechanik (Glenview , 2021-04-21)


Haven needs care full time especially with his tubes, speech, and everything he requires to survive daily!

Jenna Fox (Tuscaloosa, 2021-04-21)


I’m signing this petition for Haven and Mandi... So this handsome boy Haven can get all of his medical care that he needs🙏❤️🙏❤️

Gina Gutierrez (Vacaville, 2021-04-21)


For 2 years, I have followed Haven. Please continue his very much needed medical assistance for his issues resulting from being a 1lb premie. I can't imagine taking care of Haven without nurses.

Pam Forney (Schererville, 2021-04-21)


I have witnessed this child's medical requirements, his struggles and a single mother who is doing everything she can to keep her baby alive for over a year. Taking nursing care away at this time leaves a mother with tasks no one person can do, and jeopardizes this baby's life if he has unskilled care. Doing so would mean negligence on the part of the agency that removes his nusing care.

Kathleen Caputo (New Hyde Park, 2021-04-21)


He needs his medical care nurses treatment and everything

Denise Negron (Bronx, 2021-04-21)


Haven deserves the best care possible!!

Cheryl Wheeler (Calumet city , 2021-04-21)


This child (and his mother) deserve the care required to keep him health and well! There shouldn't even be a question about this.

Alyssa Schlotman (Sioux city, 2021-04-21)


It is necessary for this child to have all the help that he needs in one day.His medical care day by day helps him not only survive but thrive. He was sent to this earth with a purpose!

Dilma Nissel (Akron, 2021-04-21)


I’m signing because I know firsthand the time it takes to care for a preemie. My daughter was born at 23 weeks and spent 4 months in the NICU, and spent the next 6 months at home on monitors, oxygen, meds, tube feedings. It’s exhausting and help is a necessary part of keeping our kids alive.

Shealyn Standley (Firth, 2021-04-21)



Iris Oliveras (Hankins, 2021-04-21)


I believe this baby, Haven has a right to the care he needs. He’s come along way from less a of a pound and his family wants to keep him healthy and prolong his life because they love him.
He is an American citizen and his mother served in the Military and served time for all of us. They deserve to have what Haven needs

Carol HOLMES (Canyon Country, 2021-04-21)


Please help this child and his family. My daughter was born 12 weeks early, I stay home with her 24/7 and have my parents help me a lot. Mt husband works but also helps. I truly can't imagine what Haven's family go through. There are many issues that need to be managed. Please help them

Ana Vergara (Riverview, 2021-04-21)


Baby Haven needs these nurses for his everyday care. Without them his health could be jeopardized. So please do what is right here. Mandi needs this to go through so her son can get what he needs.

Joyce Moore (Morris, 2021-04-21)


Haven deserves the care he kneeds little baba been through enough now your taking his nurses away from him he has already been through so much kind regards Frances alexander

Fran West (Edinburgh , 2021-04-21)


Haven à besoin de ses soins quotidiens, la vie est plus importante que tout autre chose au monde. Cette maman combattante doit être aidée ne lui retirez pas l'espoir qu'elle a de sauver son petit garçon .

Thérèse Gosselin (Gerpinnes, 2021-04-21)


I’m signing because Haven and all kids needs this medical help,his momma fought for our freedom,we all should stand with her in this fight for her son’s life

Mary Muncy (Warfield, Kentucky , 2021-04-21)


The boy brings smiles to my face.. His mom cannot do this alone, she needs extra skilled hands to keep her son alive! Bless this family

Rochelle Leyva (Los angeles, 2021-04-21)


I feel the needs of a nurse is a must for his health

Lesley Brechin (Hoppers Crossing, 2021-04-21)


No one should ever have to worry about their child not getting the care they need to live a healthy life. Parents of disabled children deserve ALL the help they can get.

Teresa Campbell (Milwaukie, 2021-04-21)


I'm signing this petition because Haven needs this ongoing care for his quality of life....Mandi needs all the support she can get....Please have a heart and keep supporting them

Jay Hawthorn (Feilding , 2021-04-21)


I know how it is when a child is in need of special care and without that a child is the one growing up without the proper care they need to grow up with..

Judi Jurkovac (Spokane, 2021-04-21)


He deserves the needed help

Mary Grubb (Mary ellen green, 2021-04-21)


I’m signing because this toddler is human n he does need help in order to make him alive. We shouldn’t turn anyone down

Nancy Griffin (Davenport, 2021-04-21)


I watch the amount of work this beautiful child needs each day and the mother definitely needs care and help with the wellbeing of this child,it would be unfair to ignore his needs ,hope this child gets the help that is needed.

Carol Power (Londonderry, 2021-04-21)


I've followed this family's story for some time now, and she is absolutely right! This baby deserves every bit of medical care if not more that he is recieving! I, myself am also a NICU mother and I know how difficult things are and the exhaustion from hours of worrying if my baby was okay. Don't take this Mamas little bit of peace of mind that baby Haven had all he needs at home away!!! Let them keep their help! Keep them home and out of the hospital!♥️

Anastasia Hodges (Huntsville, 2021-04-21)


It's the right thing to do to keep Haven alive and well

Patricia Andrews (Bristol, 2021-04-21)


Haven needs this care, please reconsider his case.

Kathy Lake (Pensacola, 2021-04-21)


Haven and his mom needs these services I am a mom of two special needs children. These services are a Huge help.

Carolyb Snow (Pigeon Forge Tennessee , 2021-04-21)


This family needs all the help and assistance they can get to look after the complex needs of this precious little boy.

Nan Frame (Paisley, 2021-04-21)


My son Jayden who is 13, about to be 14 in June was born at 28 weeks and even tho he didn't have all the health issues like lil man Haven he has had some struggles through life that he overcame, after overcoming his premature issues, then at age 8 years old he developed seizures but other then that my son is a very smart, intelligent, who loves computer technology and almost 6 feet tall, he's my miracle

Mary Hellman (Baltimore, 2021-04-21)


Haven should be given the care he needs and it shouldn't be reduced when he needs it. Mandi has fought foe he Country show respect and give her family what she deserved and needs for her son.

Annelouise Smith (Somerset, 2021-04-21)


Get Haven the care he needs!

Wendy Spadaccia (Bethlehem, 2021-04-21)


I am singing this on behalf of mandi Smith as I think little heaven worrier needs his skilled nurses and I think mandi and his grandparents are amazing but with out this help from the nurses a little boy who has underlined health conditions would suffer

Shereen Duffy (Scotland , 2021-04-21)

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