Motorcycle Awareness Plates



Oney Vigil

Veronica Lewis (Pueblo, 2021-04-20)


I believe in motorcycle awareness

Kassandra Cortes (Pueblo, 2021-04-20)


To create awareness for motorcycle awareness. We need some change because too many innocent lives are lost too such senseless driving awareness.

Brandon Guerrero (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-20)


My father was hit by a driver and lost his life!

Melissa Vigil (Swink, 2021-04-20)


I'm a motorcycle rider and would like to raise safety awareness

Pat Gonzales (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-20)


For my Uncle Onesimo Vigil

Cheryl Aragon (Fountain, 2021-04-21)


in memory of Jesse Donez & a salute to all fellow riders

Karen Sheree Scott (Fountain, 2021-04-21)


My friend lost a cousin.

Jarell Martin (Colorado Springs , 2021-04-21)


My son was hit by a SUV driver said he never saw him.

Patricia Romero (Clovis, 2021-04-21)


The loss of so many Everyone should matter

Sandy Williamson (Duncan, 2021-04-21)


I myself, my family and friends ride. More awareness is needed for every rider and their families.

Lynette Foxe (Colorado Springs , 2021-04-21)


A lot of people in my family ride motorcycles including my dad and this is something I hold close to my heart.

Antonio Vallejos (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-21)


I’m signing because I’ve lost too many friends to motorcycle accidents that could have been prevented🥺

Carrie Mozo (Pueblo West, 2021-04-21)


I believe that motorcycle safety is very important and this will help with these issues

Charles Klemick (Calhan , 2021-04-21)


My husband and I are bikers along with many family members and friends. This awareness is needed to keep all bikers safe.

Rayanna Garcia (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-21)



dwight smith (Fountain , 2021-04-22)


I am a biker

Miguel Espinosa (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-22)


I ride.

Stephanie Eddins (Colorado springs, 2021-04-22)


In memory of Oney!💞

Deborah Maltman (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-23)


Tony Hardy

Tony Hardy (Fountain, 2021-04-23)


I am signing the petition because I have family and friends who ride motorcycles.

Crystal Romero (Colorado Springs , 2021-04-24)


Rosa Romero and her family deserve this! Much love

Angelica Estrada (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-24)


I am signing because I am a rider and I believe in this cause!

Mandy Washington (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-24)


I support this

James Rien (Colorado Springs , 2021-04-25)


Because texting and driving is not enforced, people that kill motorcyclists are not held accountable, distracted drivers in Colorado are a constant threat to all that share the road, there seems to be no enforcement for violations on our roads.

Barry Bateman (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-26)


Texting drivers, drivers running lights, drivers changing lanes without clearing have given me many close calls on Colorado roads...once a car changing lanes came close enough that I had to rap on the passenger window at freeway speed to get the drivers attention when I had nowhere else to go.

Steve Hayes (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-26)


My friend was killed when someone ran a stop sign and hit him on his motorcycle.

John Vish (Colorado Springs, 2021-04-27)


Im a motorcycle rider

Pat Fahey (Canon city, 2021-04-27)


I'm signing because I'm a ridder and I want to enjoy the freedom of riding without worrying if I'm going to make it home alive or be hit by someone who doesn't see me...

Kevin Thomson (colorado springs, 2021-04-28)


Wanting to get license plate design approved.

John Vigil (Fountain , 2021-04-28)


Motorcycle awareness is something that should not be overlooked, yet is never talked about in full light. These plates will bring the topic into a new perspective, make it more known and will become the first step in keeping our Bikers safe.

Sam Dedrickson (Fountain, 2021-04-28)


I want this to happen!

Talia Cunningham (Colorado Springs , 2021-05-06)


Our son and d-n-l and many of their friends are riders.

Susan Frindt (Woodland Park, 2021-05-06)


My son was killed by a driver who took a left hand turn directly in front of my son's bike.

Debby Standard (PEYTON, 2021-05-06)


Nick Uberecken

Norma Robertson (Colorado Springs, 2021-05-06)


I had a loved one taken in a motorcycle accident.

Paula Wulf (Colorado Springs, 2021-05-06)


I have lost some of my brothers and sisters to absolutely ignorant drivers people have to be made aware

Susan Crover Rousseau (Colorado Springs, 2021-05-06)


We lost our nephew to a distracted driver who blamed it on my nephew NOT paying attention and who came out of nowhere!!!! Yet he the driver is the one who turned left in front of my nephew. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE...LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE!



My husband loved riding a MC - he was very safety conscious! However, he was killed in a MC accident in 2017.

Janet Strickland (Greeley , 2021-05-06)


Motorcycle Awareness saves lives

Jeanna McMahon (Peyton, 2021-05-07)


Motorcycle awareness is important to all riders.

Dani Wolf (Colorado Springs , 2021-05-07)


This is such a worthy awareness program#

Karen Marshall (Fountain, 2021-05-07)


I care

Deborah Cook (Ft. Lupton, 2021-05-07)


I am an avid motorcycle rider and know friends that have been injured in accidents attributed to distracted driving.

Tammy Munsch (Colorado Springs, 2021-05-07)


Drivers need to be aware and share roads with motorcycles

Patty Labardini (Colorado Springs, 2021-05-08)


I believe in this initiative

Jeff Munsch (Colorado Springs, 2021-05-08)


I am a motorcycle rider and there have been too many deaths

Shelly Smith (Colorado Springs, 2021-05-09)


I ride and do what I can to be seen, but far too often it's not enough. "I didn't see the bike" is an excuse for distracted or lazy drivers who can't be bothered to pay attention to other users of the road. If creating a new motorcycle awareness license plate saves one biker's life it's worth the effort.

Richard Glitz (USAF Academy, 2021-05-09)


I am a female biker that wants to raise motorist awareness! We need to raise their awareness

Teresita Tirona (Woodland Park, 2021-05-09)


Motorcycle awareness is important and should be recognized!!!

Marisol Buckler (Colorado Springs , 2021-05-15)


I ride motorcycles as well so I know the struggle of having to constantly be aware of my surroundings. If I can be aware of my surroundings so can a driver of a car or truck

Jordan Montpas (Fountain, 2021-05-18)


I support this movement.

Robert Cook (Westminster , 2021-05-18)


I am a passenger on a motorcycle and have many friends and family who ride!!

Natalie Rios (Pueblo, 2021-05-31)


I am a biker. I like to spread awareness for all my brothers and sisters. Look twice save a life

Ernest Balerio (Pueblo , 2021-05-31)


My cousin and uncle died on a motorcycle

Kristen Landgren (Pueblo, 2021-05-31)


Myself and my family n friends ride motorcycle.

Carol Jones (Pueblo, 2021-05-31)


I feel we need more awareness around this topic

Jose Valenzuela (Pueblo, 2021-06-01)


My brother David Spicer, 26, was killed in a motorcycle accident last June. The driver said he thought he had enough time to make the turn pulling out in front of my brother. The driver was not held accountable

Daniela Maria (Pueblo, 2021-06-01)


Have lost friends and family to motorists being unaware of motorcyclists on the road.

Simon Ayala (Pueblo, 2021-06-01)


If a petition signature is all it can take to prevent another innocent live lost, prevent another families mourning of a close relative and loved one, than why doesn’t everybody who come across the petition sign it? I am signing simply because I care. I wish that every decent human being could too.

Joseph Hawk (Colorado Springs, 2021-06-01)


My family rides

LeAndrea Bryant (Pueblo, 2021-06-10)


I’m Signing this petition because I believe it’s time that this needs to be recognized. So many lives have been lost.

Renee M Gonzales (Pueblo, 2021-06-12)


Awareness needed, and I know lots of others who ride, and me and my husband ride.

Deborah Tafoya (Pueblo, 2021-06-12)


We need the awareness

Charlotte Lanford (Northglenn , 2021-06-12)


My whole family ride motorcycles!

Claudia Baca (Pueblo, 2021-06-13)


It's a very important subject for me and my family. Alot of bikers in our community and we need to take a stand and make sure their life's are protected

Michelle Madril (Pueblo, 2021-06-15)


I have friends that ride

Lindsay Midboe (Pueblo, 2021-06-21)


Save lives

Coral Laski (Colorado Springs, 2021-06-28)


People need to be more aware of motorists

Crystal Garcia (Littleton , 2021-08-05)


I am a biker

Balerio Ernest (Pueblo, 2021-11-06)


I am signing this petition because I ride a motorcycle. I have also lost many friends and family to individuals not paying attention to motorcycles. My cousin was killed by an impaired driver.

Veronica Jaramillo (Pueblo West, 2021-11-06)


I am the founder of Pueblo Bikers Awareness in Pueblo Volorafo and I as well support this petition & so does our 700 + and growing members. We all have family or friends that have been hurt or killed by impaired drivers. I am a strong advocate in harsher penalties for motorcycle deaths caused by impaired drivers.

I would like to help support and promote your petition.

Pacheco Mark (Pueblo, 2021-11-06)


I have family that are motorcyclists

Yvonne Vigil (Pueblo, 2021-11-06)


My children's father and the love of my life was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle home on July 19 2021. He passed away from injuries caused by the accident on August 2 2021 just two weeks before his 37th birthday. My children's lives will never be the same at just 12 and 15 years old they suffered the biggest loss imaginable. They will forever have a missing piece in their lives. It's important to us and all families with bikers and fallen bikers to increase motorcycle awareness.

Desirea Sommers (Pueblo , 2021-11-06)


I my self and my family all ride and we are always aware of the other riders

Lawrence Gonzales (Avondale , 2021-11-06)


To raise awareness

Norma Salinas (Pueblo, 2021-11-06)

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