Support SP Land & Housing Trust's Purchase of SP Primary School



This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve an important part of the history and culture of our area, and to enhance the educational and entrepreneurial opportunities in the community.

Robert Howell (Southern Pines, 2021-04-24)


My mother attended this school.

Mosi Taylor-Brown (Chesapeake, 2021-04-25)


I'm signing because I support Southern Pines Land Trust's purchase of the Southern Pines Primary School and its land.

Betty Brown (Southern Pines NC, 2021-04-25)


That was the start of my public school educational journey.

Arnor Little Alston (Greensboro , 2021-04-25)


I'm signing this petition for freedom

Veronica Scarborough (Suitland, 2021-04-25)


I’m signing because I’m from Moore County and I attended Elementary School at the facility in question. I love my school and have great memories of my years there

Angela Cobb (Greensboro, 2021-04-26)


I believe in the mission and ability to fulfill the mission of the Southern Pines Land & Housing Trust, and I believe it is a vital effort on behalf of the entire town of Southern Pines.

Susan Southard (Southern Pines, 2021-04-27)


I am signing because I grew up in Moore County and see the need.

Nelda Caddell (Raleigh , 2021-04-27)


It’s the right thing to do!!

Tom Leen (Jackson Springs, 2021-04-27)


The money for this school was originally raised by the Black community. The school should go back to the community!

Susan Mocsny Thomas (Pinehurst, 2021-04-27)


I believe this will be of great benefit to the everyone in Moore County and to the citizens of Southern Pines in particular.

john Arnold (pinehurst, 2021-04-27)


Turning this property over to the West Southern Pines Center ... is the right and moral thing to do. Our African-American sisters and brothers deserve to own and manage this property in tribute to their countless brothers and sisters whop have built this greater community over many years. DO THE RIGHT THING!

Christopher Stevenson (Pinehurst, 2021-04-27)


I believe amazing things will be done to transform this site for the good of our community and to strengthen relationships with our neighbors.

Stacey Ostlund (SOUTHERN PINES, 2021-04-27)


I’m signing because I believe in the history of this school and the community it has served. We need to continue that heritage and not be destroying our past.

Elizabeth Walker (Pinehurst , 2021-04-27)


This is a great avenue for change and recognition in our community! Let’s love and support each other through this endeavor.

Hannah Ostlund (Southern Pines, 2021-04-27)


I totally believe this is the right thing to do for the community!

kathy nekton (Vass, 2021-04-28)


I am signing this because this property belongs to the community and should be part of the communities heritage and be used for positive community activities and resources.

Susan Deutsch (Southern Pines, 2021-04-28)


This is a great and meaningful endeavor. It will be a great asset to the community.

Charles Cameron (Cameron, 2021-04-28)


I grew up in another state, but we had a similar community center that was a high school that had been repurposed for arts and recreation. I attended art classes and ballet there as a child. This center would be an excellent use of the space for the community! Look forward to signing my kids up for cooking classes there, and more.

Ashleigh Corsino (Pinehurst, 2021-04-28)


I am signing because this is the best way to support future generations in Southern Pines.

Aymee Tiffany (West End, 2021-04-28)


I’m signing because I know it’s the right thing to do for our community!

Ashley Wheeler (Whispering Pines, 2021-04-28)


I support this very important acquisition for enriching African American history, cultural arts, and business in Moore County, which will benefit Moore County residents of *all* heritage groups.

Jane Haladay (Pinehurst, 2021-04-28)


I totally support the initiative.

Carol Davis (Cameron, 2021-04-28)


The community needs it.

Stephanie Diaz (Carthage, 2021-04-28)


It will be an enrichment of the community, the town of Southern Pines, and Moore County, as well as the surrounding counties. It fulfills the historical covenanted purposes of the site in the community.

Brenda Murphy (Southern Pines, 2021-04-28)


The community really needs this property !

Anthony McCauley (West End, 2021-04-28)


I believe in this project and what it may accomplish for the local community in this area.

John Bowman (Whispering Pines, 2021-04-28)


I’m signing because I want this center in my community!

Jessica Wells (Southern Pines, 2021-04-28)


I'm signing because this is important to the community. This was a Rosenwald school, built with community contributions and should remain as a community resource. The plans do just that.

Anne Wells (WEST END, 2021-04-28)


This use of a property, whose original purpose was to educate and elevate a community, will continue that mission in a way that serves ALL of Southern Pines and surrounding communities.

Emily Miller (Southern Pines, 2021-04-28)


Southern Pines is my hometown and SP Elementary holds wonderful memories and should continue to serve the community.

Holly Fitzgerald (Wilmington , 2021-04-28)


I am signing this petition because it is the appropriate thing to do to encourage the School Board to move forward with the sale of this site to the the Land Trust

Marco Rotting (Southern Pines, 2021-04-29)



Donald Harnum (Pineho, 2021-04-29)


I want to help bring positive and meaningful growth to this area of our town.

Genevieve Walker (Aberdeen, 2021-04-29)


This is a vital and necessary petition

Larry Partee (Durham, 2021-04-29)


I am signing this petition because this project is right for the area, right for the people of all racial and economic walks, and RIGHT FOR THE TIMES. What a difference this will make in our community.

Gerald Ostlund (Southern Pines, 2021-04-29)


I'm signing this because I believe in this mission.

Loretta Maness (Robbins, 2021-04-29)


I'm signing because this project would enrich the culture of our Moore County Community.

Larry and Anne Oliver (Whispering Pines, 2021-04-29)


I'm signing because I believe in this initiative and that it will provide valuable opportunities in our community. Thank you!

Edith McWilliams (Southern Pines, 2021-04-30)


This school has been a part of this community for years, and we NEED a community center for the children to be able to learn about their culture and be in a safe environment while doing so. This is necessary.

Dejonna LaFollette (Southern Pines, 2021-04-30)


I’m signing because I attended WSP and I believe in and support the development plans by SPLH Trust.

Nedra Johnson (Charlotte NC , 2021-04-30)


My 1st school experience was at this location during the summer of 1969 with an experimental head start program.

Maurice Holland (Aberdeen , 2021-05-02)


I grew up in Moore County and believe this is an important need for our community.

Josephine McNeil (Durham, 2021-05-02)


This is an important site (and initiative) that will preserve black history and culture for future generations. The black community that built this school was cheated out of the benefits of their tax dollars and civic efforts. It would be historically redundant to say nothing of unjust to deprive blacks of this important institution again.

Deborah Barnes (Greensboro, 2021-05-02)


I support the initiative.

Lanisha Bailey (Aberdeen, 2021-05-02)


I'm signing this petition to show my support for this important project. I moved to the area 3 years ago and it would make me so proud of my new home to have a center for African American History, Cultural Arts and Business!! Thank you!

Mariann Murphy (Whispering Pines, 2021-05-02)


Accurate history is so important! Also, the plans to use this space for community development is a perfect fit for West Southern Pines which was once a thriving town of it's own.

Elizabeth Manley (Aberdeen, 2021-05-02)


This is a necessary thing for the Southern Pines community as well as Moore County.

Jody Foyles (Southern Pnes, 2021-05-02)


Historical preservation is important- especially in this case.

Carol Hoffman (Whispering Pines, 2021-05-02)


I attended this school for grades 1-3.
Also, attended other public functions, for example, MLK programs, funerals and other community events.

Nanette Martin (Aberdeen , 2021-05-02)


I'm signing this because I support the efforts to create an African American Cultural Center in West Southern Pines.

Jonathan Scott (Vass, 2021-05-03)


It s good history & useful adaptation for the community.

Kent McGill (Lakeview, 2021-05-03)


We shoved Black citizens into west So. pines so the land geographically is theirs. 2) as I understand, the land was promised to the citizens I
Of West Southern Pines decades ago IN WRITING, and 3) the proposed plans for the land are incredibly more needed, inspiring, and valuable than whatever paternalistic crap the Town Council may support. If whites cannot keep their word, what makes the. So bloody superior? I am white no credit to me.

Sharon Shaw (Southern Pines, 2021-05-03)


This petition is extremely important in the present political climate because some educators believe the story of the U.S.'s sordid racial history should be swept under the carpet. I believe a black cultural center and museum is needed.

Kathleen Leuck (Pinehurst, 2021-05-03)


I want to live in an area that demonstrably supports and respects a variety of races, cultures, experiences. I also support SP Land & Housing Trust because their plan is detailed, strategic and will be a cultural and economic bonus to our area.

Darcie Davis (Pinehurst, 2021-05-03)


I’m a local artist and creative minister who believes that a fuller version of our local history needs to be honored and included and that the arts provide a gateway of healing for people of all ages.

Allyson Markotich (PInehurst, 2021-05-03)


I believe the WSP Community has an opportunity to invest directly in this area with an impactful project that could provide additional support for the entire county. At Habitat for Humanity, we believe everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home, and the revitalization of this neighborhood can be a tremendous step toward adding affordable housing opportunities for residents unable to secure affordable housing otherwise. We also believe the business development of this area can provide additional employment and service opportunities for local residents.

Christopher Fraley (Whispering Pines, 2021-05-03)


This is an important issue.

Barbara Saskor (Pinehurst, 2021-05-03)


I support the Southern Pines Land & Housing Trust’s acquisition of Southern Pines Primary School and their plan to develop the West Southern Pines Center for African American History, Cultural Arts & Business

Kimberly Geddes (Aberdeen, 2021-05-03)


I am signing this petition because I feel it is - without question - the right thing to do. Grateful for the opportunity .....

Ann Rothe (Pinebluff, 2021-05-03)


Im from
Moore county snd this school is sentimental to myself and family where we attended. Plus it’s on the west side.....

Brittany Harris (Aberdeen, 2021-05-03)


I’m signing because black history is my history

Sandi Wyatt (High Point , 2021-05-03)


I went to this school, as well as my 3 children. This property means a lot to our community and should STAY in our community.

Learen Blue (Aberdeen, 2021-05-03)


I grew up in southern pines and I am a former student back when it was southern pines elementary and would love for the history to stay.

Candace White (Woodbridge , 2021-05-03)


The SP Land & Housing Trust will preserve the cultural & historical integrity of this significant landmark. Their plans to develop a cultural center at SPPS site to recognize, celebrate & support the important contributions made by & within this African-American community is long overdue.

Kathleen Byron (Pinehurst, NC, 2021-05-04)


The deed of this land designated it to black people. It was created entirely due to the fact that black kids had no where to go to school. It is the duty of the Moore County School Board to ensure that part of the deed is respected.

Alexis Tyson (Southern Pines, 2021-05-04)


I am signing this because I was born in Moore County and raised in West Southern Pines. My parents graduated high school on that campus in 1955 and 1958. My siblings and I attended elementary school there. Our children were students there and it has been a fixture in our community for many years. The auditorium has been used for events stemming from Black Arts Festivals to my late brother inlaw's funeral. There has been talent shows, fashion shows, gospel concerts, plays, and community meetings. It will be extremely beneficial to the residents of the entire city of Southern Pines for the campus to remain for the citizens to utilize as needed and to be a center to educate the residents and tourists about the rich African American culture that once existed and can be a starting point to revitalize and restore and provide opportunities to our community.

Tene Brown (Kennesaw, 2021-05-04)


This would be a great addition to the community, brings jobs and preserves a landmark in the community.

Donna Pratt (SANFORD, NC, 2021-05-04)

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