This nonsense has to end. This is not North Korea, or China.

Raymond Bachman (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-24)


I have three children enrolled in FHUSD. Time for our kids to get back to being kids. Thank you to all the Teachers and Staff for getting us here.

John Weil (Fountain Hills , 2021-04-24)


I am signing this petition because it should be up to the individual family/parents whether their children should be masked or unmasked, have their students temperature taken regularly with no sign or symptom of any illness, The children should be able to play freely with their friends without any social distancing mandate, and our children’s education should be free from political or ideological beliefs that are outside of the scope of primary education (for any political or ideological View).

Aaron Good (Fountain Hills , 2021-04-25)


I've had enough.

Carla Owers (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-25)


Because our kids deserve so much better.

Tangie Prieskorn (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-25)


Unmask our kids!

Kim Robertson (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-25)


Kindergarten boy

Chris Gaughan (Fountain Hills, AZ, 2021-04-26)


I agree with the statements in this petition. The state has no right to impose medical dictates on the public. Healthcare is an individual responsibility.

Tom Gaughan (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-26)


I agree 100% with what is stated here. Get back to teaching our kids withoit indoctrinating them. No more masks...its time to get back to normal.

Melinda Stanton (Fountain hills , 2021-04-26)


Our country is upside down-We have to save and protect out children and shield them from this radical, evil, manipulative agenda.

Sandra Levin (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-26)


We all know kids have never been in danger of Covid-19 since day one. Is is so wrong to force these young kids to cover their faces. It is ridiculous & we need people with common sense making decisions based on what is best for the kids! Stop spreading Fear!

Brandon Wise (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-27)


Iam a firm believer in what this stainds for



I want it kids to get back to normal. This society is giving us back our freedom why can’t our kids get that.

Jessica Johnson (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-27)


I am signing this because our children have endured and deserve the right to see their friends and teachers/staff smile as they complete their year in school!

Shanna Henslin (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-27)


I want my kids to be unmasked

Kaylyn Romo (Fountain hills, 2021-04-27)


I am signing off no mandatory mask for school, all business, government building and public places. Please lift the banned and enforcement.

Craig Savka (Fountain hills, 2021-04-27)


My grandchildren attend the high school in Fountain Hills and I agree with ALL THE DEMANDS.

Deborah Calla (Cornville, 2021-04-28)


I agree with this petition wholeheartedly!

Jacqueline Taylor (Mesa, 2021-04-28)


I’ve raised 2 daughters in this community, and I believe our schools need to be excelling and not playing partisan politics.

Douglas Levin (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-28)



Josh Burton (Fountain hills , 2021-04-28)


I’m signing because these masks need to go, it’s child abuse. The mask mandate has been lifted, let our kids breathe!

Jennifer Skouson (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-29)


I am against my child wearing a mask to school.

Lindsay Nagela (Fountain Hills , 2021-04-29)


It is a proven fact, that masks do absolutely NOTHING to prevent anything! Stop torturing out kids for something the adults' cannot agree on.

Laurie Gantner (FOUNTAIN HILLS, 2021-04-29)


I strongly agree with every point made in the above Declaration.

Kathryn Palumbo (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-29)


Kids do not need to wear masks!! It’s unhealthy and a form of child abuse.

Peter Bordow (Fountain Hills , 2021-04-29)


I have done the research , masks are extremely unhealthy for people to wear in the first place, and even more detrimental to children.
No one, and I repeat no one should be forced to wear a mask against their will!

Sharla Shore (Fountain hills, 2021-04-29)


Children have suffered enough! There are no scientific results that masks help children. Siblings in other school districts have had masks mandate removed. Children @FHMS are around their brothers and sisters that do not wear masks, then going to FHMS. Please remove this mask mandate for our school as well!

Melissa Jones (Fountain Hills , 2021-04-30)


It’s time for kids to get back to being kids, breathing fresh air and enjoying their friends! I’m also very concerned about the destructive curriculums and indoctrination methods in our schools. We need to teach kids to respect the Constitution and the true history of our country, and to love our country!!

Kathrine Jorgenson (Phoenix, 2021-04-30)


I want to dign

Suzie Logozzo (Fountain hills, 2021-04-30)


its the right thing to do

Jeff Miller (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-30)


I agree there is no need for mask on children.

Sandra Carbonneau (Fountain hills , 2021-04-30)


Freedom and liberty for all. God bless.

Pamela Wanamaker (Fountain Hills , 2021-04-30)


Give families the choose.

Allen Skillicorn (Fountain Hills, 2021-04-30)


There is so scientific evidence to support masking children!! Or anyone for that matter .

Katie O’Connor (Phoenix, 2021-05-01)


Children should NOT wear face masks at school,. Not healthy for their lungs...

Toni Keyes (Fountain Hills, AZ, 2021-05-03)


Stop letting school bodies make the decisions for the personal health of our children. This is not their job.

Tara Zucarelli (FOUNTAIN HILLS, 2021-05-04)


I have grandchildren who are affected, and I believe it is increasingly important to allow children to be unmasked.

Deb Beckman (Glendale, 2021-05-04)


Make it optional for kids and parents to decide!

Courtney Di Raffaele (Fountain hills, 2021-05-04)


I'm signing because I agree 100%. Our children's rights and our rights as their parents/grandparents are being violated. My grandchildren attend school in Fountain Hills.

Kendra Charlet (Buckeye, 2021-05-05)


I have an autistic grandson and understand the unique challenges of autism.

Valorie Burke (Rio Verde, 2021-05-05)


I feel children wearing masks is more harmful than good. I believe it hinders their development and isn’t necessary for their safety.
The percentage of kids who contract the Covid-19 virus is extremely low and that percentage also shows these cases are usually non-symptomatic or non-life threatening.

Bethany Henslin (Fountain Hills , 2021-05-05)



Stefan Genewick (Fountain Hills, 2021-05-06)


I want my grandchildren not to have to wear masks

Betty Bush (Olympia, 2021-05-06)


The governor and science says masks are not required.

Robert Bush (Olympia, 2021-05-06)


Without freedom, nothing else matters. Signing this petition is standing up for the freedom of our children as Proverbs 31:8-9 talks about, being a voice to the voiceless. These children do not know better. We have to stand up for their rights for speech, psychological development and oxygen. For crying out loud! We the people. End the tyranny.

Sabrina Haverty (Phoenix , 2021-05-07)

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