Halvempi koronavirustesti omiin kotimaihinsa matkustaville! Affordable Covid19-test for travelers reaching their own home countries!



I have been over a year without seeing my family and the corona test is more expensive than my flight going to my home country.
Also, theres only possibility to PCR when they are accepting everywhere the antigen test which is always cheaper than the PCR but no, in Finland they only offer the expensive PCR. It is unacceptable.

zoe mesa (tampere, 2021-05-10)


Pelkät testit maksoi minulle melkeen 600€, liput siihen päälle, niin ei tarvitse syödä vähään aikaan, ja juu, olen Suomen kansalainen ja kävin saattamassa äitini haudan lepoon. Törkeää rahastusta.

Marjukka Moore Moore (Penarth, 2021-05-10)


I am a EU citizen living in UK..

Hilkka Helevuo (Wantage , 2021-05-10)


I want to be able to visit my home country without paying an exorbitant price.

Ritva Garson (Carnforth, 2021-05-10)


Erittäin tärkeä asia! Euroopan keskiarvoon verrattuna testien hinta Suomessa on huomattavan korkea, ja osin tästä syystä en ole itsekään nähnyt perhettäni 2 vuoteen. Lapseni on ollut poissa kotimaastaan ja sukunsa luota kolmasosan koko elämästään. Hinnan laskeminen edes eurooppalaiselle keskitasolle helpottaisi valtavasti meidän kaikkien liikkumista perheidemme luokse, ja taloudellekin olisi varmasti hyödyllistä saada matkustaminen taas pyörimään paremmin.

Giovanna Iacono (Helsinki, 2021-05-10)


It is a ridiculous price, it should be free if we really want to stop this pandemic!!

Michela Salizzoni (Bologna, 2021-05-10)


A compulsory test for COVID should not for a reasonable price if not totally free.

Vadim Bogulean (Vantaa, 2021-05-10)


Yes please. With the arrival of covid both I and my partner lost our jobs and while my partner was pregnant. We have now a child and we are still jobless and we want to visit our relatives asap without spending a fortune on these bloody covid tests in finalnd

Phil Hinch (Lahti, 2021-05-10)


Allekirjoitan, koska ole. Ulkosuomalainen ja en voi hyväksyä ”lypsämistä” tällaisen asian suhteen.

Inna King (Lake Oswego, 2021-05-10)


I'm signing because the prizes of covid-19 tests are so high in Finland.

Anita Asikainen (Helsinki, 2021-05-10)


Because these tests are so expensive at the moment and are added to a cost of the flight tickets. Not everyone has that extra money to spend. And yet we all want to see our families, specially aging parents. This sets us into different position to other European people who travel to their native countries.

Pippa Pekkanen (York , 2021-05-10)


I want to bring my kids to visit my parents in Italy and can’t afford to pay the corona test for 5 family members.

Veronica Nurra (Espoo, 2021-05-10)


Because the test prices is clearly not fair

Kal Khaled (Helsinki, 2021-05-10)


I’m Finnish citizen, living in Germany. I’m fully vaccinated. Getting tested in Finland is more expensive than my round trip to Finland. It makes me mad and frustrated. It’s absolutely ridiculous how much they charge in Finland for the test. Government definitely should do something about it!!!!

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Marja Reismann

Marja Reismann (Niedermohr , 2021-05-10)


I have my old parents living in Finland.

Sari Laukkanen-Wolfer (Schönaich , 2021-05-10)


I'm signing this petition because I have experienced firsthand how unreasonably high the Covid test prices are in Finland. I am based in London but my family lives in Finland and therefore I need to travel back and forth between the two countries several times a year. I just returned from Finland recently and paid more for my test than for the flights. And after visiting my husband's family in Spain, I found out that the same PCR test costs three or even four times less in Spain. And compared to the prices of the two tests you need to take on arrival to the UK the tests in Finland cost more than double! There are numerous companies in the UK that now offer the tests at a very affordable price, for example Randox offers a PCR test with certification for travelling at £85, so how is it possible that even the cheapest test in Finland costs €150 (Medipulssi)?

Saara Vuorela-Valladares (London, 2021-05-10)


This charge is quite Abusive

Janiele Pispala (Vantaa, 2021-05-10)


The test is too expensive in Finland

Paweł Figiel (Espoo, 2021-05-10)


I'm a resident of foreign background in Finland and haven't seen my family in 1.5 years.

Luisa Fonseca (Helsinki, 2021-05-10)