Please Save Our Erie County Fair!



We the people are fed ip

Kim Dils (Derby, 2021-05-14)


I’m signing because I believe that the Erie County fair should take place in 2021.

Fran Osborne (Marilla, 2021-05-14)


There is no reason we should not have the fair. We are living in a police state and it is out of control.

Jennifer Starbuck (Buffalo, 2021-05-14)


There is no reason to cancel the Erie County Fair

Km Jones (buffalo, 2021-05-14)


Our County Fair must go on!!! Most of Erie County has their covid vaccines.

Pat Mustillo (string:WEST SENECA, 2021-05-14)


Enough is enough already!!

Jaime Ertel (Depew, 2021-05-14)


I love the fair!

Joe Florea (West Seneca, 2021-05-14)


It is the right thing to do!!!

Mary Keller (Orchard Park, 2021-05-14)


Simply because we have a constitutional right to live our lives

Tom Harris (Buffalo, 2021-05-14)


The fair is a tradition, if the State Fair can happen there is no logical or scientific reason why county fairs all over the state shouldn't be happening.

Susan Blum (Williamsville, 2021-05-14)


I'm signing because Mark Poloncarz should have the power to cancel because he doesn't want to go or because of "carnies". This is a free country and if we want to go we should be allowed to make thst choice for ourself. Mark Poloncarz should never have that kind of power.

Grace Dudek (Orchard Park , 2021-05-14)


I have gone for over 50 years until last year, and it makes the summer in Erie County memorable, with food, concerts, people watching, animals and all the other events that it has.

Everett Caci (Wiliamsville, 2021-05-14)


The overreach needs to end now and we need to continue living life to the fullest, not in fear.

Jennifer Elrod (North Tonawanda , 2021-05-14)


The Fair is important and Cuomo is not a dictator.

Jennifer Lead (East Bethany, 2021-05-14)


We need to open the state!!

Theresa Geiger (Clarence , 2021-05-14)


I want to attend the fair

Melody Wojcik (Cheektowaga, 2021-05-14)


Enough is enough!

Amber May (Tonawanda , 2021-05-14)


No reason for the fair to be cancelled. More things need to be open with less restrictions.

Vincent Blasio (Hamburg, 2021-05-15)


We need to open everything up! Our civil liberties have been taken far too long. There is absolutely no reason why any events should be canceled.

Terry Lush (Cheektowaga, 2021-05-15)


I enjoy entering my art projects in competition and seeing everyone elses entries.
I look forward to visiting the fair with my friends, eating the food, watching the shows.
Most of all I want to get back to normal life.

Barbara Ball (Fredonia, 2021-05-15)


I’m signing because this political warfare is getting OLD!

Nicole Kavanaugh (Silver Creek, 2021-05-15)


I am a 12 day everyday fair going, need normal activities . Humans are social people we need people to survive

Cindy Nitzer (West seneca, 2021-05-15)


I'm signing because we need to get back to living our lives, getting the local economy back on track, and to give us something to look forward to.

Michele Sullivan (Holland, 2021-05-15)


The fair is outdoors.! Let’s go!!!!

Sandra DeSimone (West Seneca , 2021-05-15)


Common sense should prevail

Patrick Herbert (West Seneca, 2021-05-15)


I would like to be able to get back to some normalcy

Jane Cooper (buffalo, 2021-05-15)


I’m So sick and tired of hearing about COVID, vaccinations & what we are doing wrong as a county. Shut up you leftists and open up our economy. The fair is a staple to the area and we can make our own darn health choices.

Nicole Celano (Grand island, 2021-05-15)


There is no reason that we can’t attend the Erie County Fair this year. Open the Fair

Chris Yax (West Seneca , 2021-05-15)


Planning a fair takes time Mr Ukraine! Let it go like your requests to let wrestling happen. You should be spending your time schmoozing donations like Randy Hoak is doing weekly. U should be hosting events cause it is noble and the right thing to do. He's doing it to 'raise' money for the good of his corrupt cause. Being in 'power' to schmooze more money and share the wealth without accountability. To family/friends of Poloncarz Pals...

Jesus Frank (hamburg, 2021-05-16)


Open up our state! Enough is enough

Michelle Claus (Lackawanna , 2021-05-16)


I love the fair and feel it can be enjoyed safely by those who want to attend!

Katie Spencer (Elma, 2021-05-16)


It is the people’s fair!
Not the government’s. No one is forcing anyone to go, It is a choice If you don’t feel comfortable then don’t go.

John Graham (Blasdell , 2021-05-16)


I want the fair back

Gail Block (Buffalo , 2021-05-16)


The fair needs to happen this year. Enough is enough with this bullshit.

Ronald Reeb (Orchard Park, 2021-05-17)


We need the fair to help stimulate the economy, so people can blow off steam. Have fun feel like things are normal again. To socialize once again.

Colleen Cooper (BUFFALO, 2021-05-17)


This ridiculous crap needs to stop! What good is the vaccination if New York is going to continue with this nonsense?? Time to get rid of the Cuomo clown and get back to normal!

Kathy Brem (Marilla, 2021-05-17)


It should be open WITHOUT restrictions. The CDC even admits there is no evidence of the spread of covid outdoors, that it was "highly exaggerated".

Traci Sliwinski (Hamburg, 2021-05-17)


We NEED the fair! It's been too long.

June Queeno (Buffalo, 2021-05-17)


It's important to our community to open up and support not only the Erie County Fair, but to support all local businesses

Shari Steck (Lancaster, 2021-05-17)


I see no reason we should not have the Fair and many other events this year.

Deb Barth (West Seneca , 2021-05-17)


Let freedom ring! Stop the madness. Stop the control. The economy and the people deserve and have the right to live according to the Constitution as it was written. See Amendment #1. And no more required masks! Thank you!

Sheri Voss (East Aurora , 2021-05-18)


Tired of all this bullcrap!
Open the state!!

Suzanne Gallagher (Derby, 2021-05-19)


I have been going to the fair for 45 years ever since my mom took my brother and I for the first time when I was 5 years old. I have not missed a year except for last year due to the pandemic. It is a part of who you are in this region. We have lost enough time living life it is about time to bring back enjoyment. For some people it might be the last chance they ever get and for others it might their very first time ever knowing the fair fever...

Heather Dieterle (Corfu, 2021-05-19)


We love the fair!!! The majority is outside & many are vaccinated.. if your uncomfortable, don’t go but I will!

Jennifer Golovin (Cheektowaga , 2021-05-20)


These liberal nutcases haven't got a clue... they are not turning us into sheep...

Brenda L Ellis (BUFFALO, 2021-05-20)


I want the fair. There is no reason for it not

Joan Hudak (WILLIAMSVILLE, 2021-05-20)


If you are scared to go than dont! It should be a personal choice!

April Ponitz (Elma, 2021-05-20)


It is time to let people make their own mind up if they choose to attend the fair or not

Cindy Kohler (Buffalo, 2021-05-20)


Infection rate is it 1% enough control open us all up completely

Alan Piasecki (Alden , 2021-05-20)


I want the Erie county Fair open

Artie Cousineau (Buffalo, 2021-05-20)


I’m signing because we need to have OUR EC FAIR back

Christine Mellerski (Orchard Park , 2021-05-20)


I’m signing because I grew up in Hamburg and return every year with my family to go to The Erie County Fair. It was so sad not to be able to do that last year.

Kathleen Augello (Wantagh, 2021-05-20)


Because we need to get back to normal.

Rebecca Kempkw (Alden, 2021-05-20)


I’m over COVID

Julie Clark (East Aurora, 2021-05-20)


Thank God for people like you Mychajliw !! They want full control over everything in our lives' ! The tyrant's have to be Stopped !

Sean Mahoney (Springville, 2021-05-20)


ERIE COUNTY FAIR is the reason why I moved to Buffalo from Long Island I’ve been here since 2000 and the only time I miss Siri county fair is when the government shut us down. Please bring it back

Sharon Caleca (Amherst , 2021-05-20)


The fair must be held this year.

Santina Alessi (Alden , 2021-05-20)


Our country needs to get back to NORMAL !

Janet Wiesmore (Alden, 2021-05-20)


I am an exhibitor at the fair and it would be unfair to all of the exhibitors of we didn't have a fair

Amelia Hintz-Strub (Springville, 2021-05-20)


If the majority of people in NYS got the vaccine and your science is correct we should be safer even if unvaccinated people come to our state. If it didn’t help why push for the vaccine ?

Richard Hamann (East Aurora , 2021-05-20)


We need to get rid of covid restrictions!

Michelle Siegel (Tonawanda, 2021-05-20)


Enough fear lingering already OPEN UP! EVERYTHING!

Katrina Zambron (Buffalo, 2021-05-20)


We need to get back to normal. Stop the governmental overreach. Open everything now!

Don Tredo (Lancaster, 2021-05-20)


Livlfe needs yo get back to normal.

Chuck Haist (Akron , 2021-05-20)


Its the right thing to do

Doug Dobe (Alden, 2021-05-20)


Mark P should not cancel the fair. Allow people who WANT to go, to go. VACCINATED OR NOT!!!!

Julie Beers (Orchard Park, 2021-05-20)


Enough of the lock downs and shutdown businesses no more masks open up nys

Caroline Pandolfi (Blasdell, 2021-05-20)


It’s time for everything to fully reopen!

Eva Christ (Kenmore, 2021-05-20)


Poloncarz and the Democratic Party are a bunch of horse's asses!!

Jon Schuleit (Hamburg, 2021-05-20)


I love the fair and the government guidelines around covid are absurd and about nothing more than control.

Miranda Croom (Holland, 2021-05-20)


As a Veteran I am tired of seeing and hearing are rights being eroded by these tyrant dictators in office .I served to be free not oppressed.Many if my brothers in arms gave their lives for our freedoms.

.Nicholas Levesque (buffalo, 2021-05-20)


Our county needs to reopen and get back to living

Stacy Shaver (Depew, 2021-05-20)


The fair has always been a huge part of my summer, and I look forward to it every year. It was so disappointing not being able to enjoy the fair with my friends last year, and I can’t imagine not being able to do so, this year.

Suzanne McNerney (Hamburg, 2021-05-20)


We need the fair! People need hope! We are listening we are all trying to get vaccinated let our children live their lives!

James McNichol (Hamburg, 2021-05-20)


Open the fair!

Tim Huether (Niagara falls, 2021-05-20)


The fair can easily be a safe and fun return to normalcy.

Catherine Gerace (Cheektowaga, 2021-05-20)


We love our fair!! We need this!!!

Michaeline White (Lancaster , 2021-05-20)


Fuck Cuomo and Poloncarz

Johnathan Anson (Cheektowaga, 2021-05-20)



Kyle Hutchinson (Alden, 2021-05-20)


Cuomo is out of control. Full open nursing homes too!

Jessica Maines (Snyder, 2021-05-20)


This insanity has to stop now!

Nicholas Orticelli (West Seneca , 2021-05-20)


If NY fair can open,
So can we! Enough Is enough!

Michelle Manka (Lake View, 2021-05-20)


I love the fair as do
Thousands of others. It must be brought back for all!

Deborah Williams (Holland, 2021-05-20)


It's time we are allowed to get back to our summer events.

Patty Hayes (Niagara falls, 2021-05-20)

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