Please Save Our Erie County Fair!



This is one of the only things that I get to enjoy in the summer in buffalo without this I wouldn’t feel like I’m at home!

David Feldmann (Depew, 2021-05-20)


There’s no reason not to have the Fair. Open our state!!!

Cheryl Ritter (Elma, 2021-05-20)


It’s been long enough... time to get back to normal!

Julianne Astyk (Lancaster , 2021-05-20)


I hate Polancarz the tyrant ! Please start a recall of that jerk !

Ronald Schifano (West Seneca , 2021-05-23)


The Fair is hugely important to the local economy and morale

Maggie Fanelli (Lancaster, 2021-06-25)


Theme parks and carnivals are fun

Genevieve Tuck (Charlevoix, 2021-07-15)

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