Petition to UHSAA to End COVID-19 Related restrictions on Extracurricular Activities



I have witness the harmful effects placed on athletes first hand as a high school cheer coach. I fully agree with everything this petition states and have also been forced to take a COVID test which I fully disagree with.

Laikyn Pehrson (Monticello, 2021-05-20)


I’m signing because testing is ridiculous. This is an additional stress on our kids and also coaches.

Marci Black (Blanding, 2021-05-20)


We need our freedoms restored! We need to stop using our children as pawns in this stupid COVID “safety” game

Natani Laws (Blanding , 2021-05-20)


My kids should not be tested.

Regan Richmond (Sandy, 2021-05-20)


The Covid fear and lies needs to stop! Kids need to get back to being normal kids!

Audrey Webb (Delta , 2021-05-20)


You are infringing on the rights of so many!

Reagan Workman (Blanding, 2021-05-20)


I have 2 student athletes. I am entirely opposed to any more needless testing.

Janae Monson (Blanding, 2021-05-20)


My student/child will not participate anymore in any sports. He is sick of being tested to play a sport he paid for! This is wrong and evasive and against my freedom to choose what my child body has pushed upon it. Please stop covid19 testing.

Brooke Jones (Sevier, 2021-05-20)


These bi weekly covid test news to stop. Exposing our youth to the chemicals on those swabs is not safe.

Julie Saliby (Orem, 2021-05-20)


I’m signing because I’m tired of Federal officials directing our local needs. Was never the original intent of our Government. Using Federal $’s to entice us into this nonsense is not only immoral but unethical.

Timothy Olschewski (West valley , 2021-05-20)


I agree there should not be such strict testing for kids to play some sports

Trey McDonald (Blanding, 2021-05-20)


The testing is lame. My daughter says she has not heard of one single positive case that was found through sports testing. She goes to a 6A school with lots of kids participating in sports. It is a waste of time and resources.

Jess Benson (South Jordan, 2021-05-20)


My children will not test to play next year because the tests are faulty and the reasons behind the force of this is even more faulty. Children need exercise, and they are least at risk from this virus.

Esther Olschewski (West Valley City, 2021-05-20)


Let the kids get back to normal. The youth are at a very low risk for Covid and we as parents know the risks of sports when we let them play. Stop the Covid madness.

Kayela Bradford (Blanding, 2021-05-20)


It’s our right to wear a mask or not. It’s our right weather we want to be vaccinated or not.

Jenny Morris (Delta, 2021-05-20)


This is such a waste of time and money! Just let these kids be kids without worry or fear.

Whitney Shurtz (Delta, 2021-05-20)


I'm signing because the government didn't con me like they did so many other sheep.

Craig Crippen (Blanding, 2021-05-20)


I think it’s unconstitutional to mandate testing for covid in athletes in the Fall of 2021 or ever!

Tiffany Acton (Blanding, 2021-05-21)


Let these kids have their lives back!

Laura Skirucha (Draper, 2021-05-21)


Liberty, freedom needs to be restored

Brittney Carlson (Blanding, 2021-05-24)


Subjecting children to unwarranted and intrusive testing is abuse!

Ann Pierce (Washington, 2021-06-27)


I’m against my child’s medical rights to privacy being violated

Lorrie edwards (Wellsville, 2021-06-27)


Stop using children as political pawns.

Brenda Minor (Orem, 2021-06-27)


No one should be able to tell my child they have to be medically "tested" for something they are showing no signs of having. There is no evidence that asymptomatic people are spreading a virus. My healthy athletic child should be able to participate in any event without someone burdening them with their fears and idiocy.

Shaela Crowther (Bluffdale , 2021-06-27)


I am signing this because the tests have been proven over and over to be inaccurate. They cause my boys that play High school sports unnecessary stress. We are saying, “NO MORE of this ridiculous nonsense!!!”

Jolene Phelps (South Jordan, 2021-06-27)


It is communism to continue this charade. Pimping our children out by testing them without due cause is disgusting. This unconstitutional breach is essentially rape of our children. Stop. It.

Amanda Ballif (Dammeron Valley, 2021-06-27)


This has controlled our lives for far too long. The kids are HEALTHY! Let them play with no restrictions!!

Shauna Winter (Nephi, 2021-06-27)


I pay for this crap, stop hurting our kids you cowards

Taylor Larsen (Saratoga Springs, 2021-06-27)


Holding the youth hostage for federal ransom monies is immoral and illegal.

Ashley Baker (Cache County, 2021-06-27)


This has gone on long enough. Information about the virus changes EVERY day and also changes to fit whatever you need someone sees fit. Come out of your high towers and let the kids play. Let them get back to having a life. This year's Seniors have not had one year of a true HS experience yet.....give them what is left of those days back.

Robyn Oliver (Syracuse , 2021-06-27)


Stop the masks, the kids are at very limited risk. Follow the science

Jana Blankenship (Roy, 2021-06-27)


I think it is a violation to force this testing on our srudents

Jamie Wilson (Centerville, 2021-06-27)


Enough is enough. End the covid testing for kids sports!

Krista Mayne (Midway, 2021-06-27)



Cyntha Stagg (Erda, 2021-06-27)


My son will not be forced to test for sorts next year!

Jill Wallace (South jordan, 2021-06-27)


Students should not be subjected to COVID testing. They should have the right to choose and not have their freedom taken away.

Joyce Spencer (St George, Utah, 2021-06-27)


I feel it should be a choice for all . not forced black mailed into doing something they don't want to do. why don't cox enforce kids who are over weight take more gym classes and weight management class we have a an epidemic of child hood diabetes. make our kids more healthy with out shots!

Jody Rose (clearfield, 2021-06-27)


Children are not at serious risk from Covid. Tests are inaccurate. This kind of testing is coercive and an invasion of bodily autonomy. Asymptomatic spread has been proven to be a fallacy.

Karlene Carper (Lehi, 2021-06-27)


I will not consent to any of this any longer!!

Stephanie Smith (Heber , 2021-06-27)


I’m signing because I’m done with my kids being used as pawns by the govt.

Tenille Blackett (Mona, 2021-06-27)


Stop the tyranny!!!! Leave our children alone!!!!

Deanna OHara (Salem, 2021-06-27)


I do not believe in test to play.

Racquel Couch (Kaysville, 2021-06-27)


Parents are responsible for their children and can make informed decisions regarding their health. It is not the place of government or the schools to dictate that anyone get the experimental COVID shot! We have God given agency to choose for ourselves and it is the duty of the government to safeguard these rights as outlined in the Constitution! I demand you uphold and defend the Constitution and a parents right to be the sole caregiver for their children!

Carrie Morison (Tooele, 2021-06-27)


It is enough, stop the silliness….

Martin Swenson (St. George, 2021-06-27)


I'm signing because everyone needs to stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Ellen Kowallis (Midway, 2021-06-27)


I am not okay with required covid testing.

Hailea Colver (South Weber , 2021-06-27)


Making testing mandatory for extra curricular school activities, is stupid and redundant.

Gracie Stiles (Hurricane, 2021-06-27)


My son didn’t play high school lacrosse this past spring due to “test to play.” Stop interfering in the lives of Utah citizens. Covid testing never should’ve been mandated in the first place.

Andrea Woolley (Sandy, 2021-06-27)


stop fucking with us

Kip Carman (DRAPER, 2021-06-27)


Im sick of my high schooler being an anxious mess. Your draconian, illegal crap has almost ruined him emotionally!

Seanna Williams (Orem, 2021-06-27)


They should not be subjecting our children to this testing. It is morally and ethically wrong for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate that does not harm healthy children. The government or schools have no business or right to be involved with medical procedures on anyone nor should they mandate them.

Cynthia Viereck (Harrisville, 2021-06-27)


I have a healthy child that loves to cheer. I believe it is the parents right to make decisions and be an advocate on behalf of their child.

RoxAnn Ovard (Henefer, 2021-06-27)


I want freedom to chose!

Lacee Loveless (South Weber, 2021-06-27)


I’m signing because I’m tired of the political establishment illegally trying to control my family in regards to things they have no authority. I’m tired of the socialist behavior of lilcox and his minions

Michael Chase (Salt Lake City , 2021-06-27)


COX is a RHINO, complete puppet and needs to GO!!!!!

Thearsea Duke (Riverton, 2021-06-27)


COVID is a fake pandemic

Bradley Jeffery (Payson, 2021-06-27)


I'm tired of government over reach

Edwin Hawkins (Blanding, 2021-06-27)


This is all about control. Leave the youth alone.

Vanessa Farnsworth (Lehi, 2021-06-27)


Governor Cox doesn’t have the right to make decisions for my child. I do. We elect people that will speak in behalf and make decisions according to the people’s will. This is not what the majority wants in Utah. It’s sickening how they are going after our children.

Alicia Johnson (Pleasant grove , 2021-06-27)


Enough is enough stop using our children for you own personal agenda

Sheena Rose (Riverton , 2021-06-27)


This would be called government overreach.

Sandy Hurst (Farmington, 2021-06-27)


Against the Nuremberg code! Save our Children from these evil people!

Toni Davis (Pleasant Grove , 2021-06-27)


The EO in the nasal swab is a carcinogen. I will not have my daughter, or any young person for that matter, put at risk for the sake of money. End this insanity already. Out governor needs to quit being such a pandering coward.

Stephanie Wray (Roy, 2021-06-27)


I refuse to have my students tested for extra curricular activities

Amy Griffin (Elwood, 2021-06-27)

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