PETITION - Presentation of Eukatherine Gariaev to Nobel Prize on Medicine of 2021



This is an extremely important scientific breakthrough for the well-being of humanity.

Toby Hall (Antalya, 2021-05-30)


To safe the human life is the main task of the scientist-Piotr Gariaev.

Milka Kresoja (Belgrade, 2021-06-07)


Tesla Medical Capsulr

Sonja Lemaić (Herceg Novi, 2021-06-08)


If someone deserves this prestigious and honorable award for scientific research and very unique success and amazing results in quantum medicine and genetics that’s is absolutely dr Peter Gariaev.

Leon Bijelic (Beograd, 2021-06-09)


I support this kind of human work

Branislav Pejovic (Belgrade, 2021-06-09)


I am signing to promote New ideas in Biology and Genetics.

Velimir Abramović (Beograd, 2021-06-09)


Јер тако треба.

Светозар Радишић (Београд, 2021-06-09)


I do respect the work of Dr Peter G and his wife .

Ljiljana Ostojic (Beograd, 2021-06-09)


WeM Capsule

Rajko Lemaić (INDJIJA, 2021-06-09)


Gariaev to Nobel Prize on Medicine of 2021

Darko Calasan (Beograd, 2021-06-10)


Potpisujem predloga!

Ljilja- Ljubinka Simic (Beograd, 2021-06-11)


Podporuji vědecký průzkum, který slouží lidem a jejich svobodě.

Alice Fořtová (Březnice , 2021-06-13)


Слажем се.

Надица Шешум (Београд, 2021-06-14)


I am signing because Eukaterina deserves the Nobel price for her priceless and revolutionary scientific research and discoveries.

Sara Yadollahvand (London , 2021-06-16)


Because I tried a products of Garjajev. Very impressive!

Ana Fafulić (Belgrade, 2021-06-20)


I’m using Dr. Gariaev’s methods and they’re fantastic cure for many health issues!

Tanja Tzarovska (Skopje, 2021-06-21)


I need to live in a genuine country ....

Aruna Hemantha (Wadduwa, 2021-06-28)



Marija Zdravković (Požarevac, 2021-06-29)


Průlom může pomoci lidem i zvířatům.

Jana Jahodová (Kutná Hora, 2021-07-14)


I have to renew my passport

Nitesh Dolwani (Paranaque, 2021-07-16)


I love to sir lanka ....

Jayanth De silva (Kirebathgoda, 2021-07-16)


It help protect the democracy in Sri Lanka.

Bandara Jayalath (Brisbane, 2021-07-16)


I am signing this potion because West Vancouver neighbourhood needs this service
sooner the better.

Maryam P

Maryam Pour-Nas (West Vancouver , 2021-07-27)



bob martin (victoria, 2021-08-13)


I believe in our Charter Rights and Freedoms and for that reason alone I do not want to live in a Controlled World of a Marxist State.



Is useful.

László Lévay (Sátoraljaújhely, 2021-08-19)


Piotr and Katya´s scientific legacy has the ability to enlighten and empower mankind. Please give it the recognition it deserves by awarding the Nobel Prize to Katya! - James, BSc Biology.

James Ovenden (Richmond, 2021-08-22)


Podpisujem. Da. Uctu a obdiv vzacnemu panovi Garajevu.Co uz nie je medzi nami.

Elena Scensna (Zilina, 2021-08-22)


I'm signing because he helps people to protect their spirit. Most important matter this time.

Jana Vlčková (Zadní Třebaň, 2021-08-23)



Ajay Arora (Bathinda, 2021-08-24)


Great work deserves recognition.

Allan Brennan (Greystones, 2021-08-30)


The man is deserving

Vincent Crewe (Wakefield, 2021-08-31)


improving the world experiences with what works is essential

gregory thoorens (ottignies, 2021-09-01)


because I believe that Peter Gariaev is a good person.

Shian Lee (Negev, 2021-09-01)


i wont to help.
thank you

Peter Turner (carlisle, 2021-09-08)


I have the greatest respect for the extraordinary work of Prof. Piotr Gariaev, and his death is a tragic loss to humankind. His incredible mind and work must be honoured now, as it should have been during his lifetime.

Rosalind Paxman (Guildford, 2021-09-08)


I have a right to say no.

Sanchia Pienaar (Krugersdorp , 2021-09-10)


Mr. Peter Gariaev was a great man and I hope, his invention will help to all sick people. I mean for his work he deserves the Nobel Prize.

Mária Hlavnová (Bratislava, 2021-09-11)


I am signing because he was the only one who invented this Wve genetic technology to eradicate all dis-eases from humanity and all living creatures on earth.

S N Seer Seer (Issoire, 2021-10-01)



Peter Tóth (Nováčany, 2021-10-16)

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