Moreland Council adopt a Zero Carbon Moreland target by 2030



I am concerned for the future of our planet and we have little time left
We must go to zero carbon emissions by 2030

Richard Arnold (Brunswick , )


We must act now. The fires of 2019-2020 can't be forgotten. Massive immediate climate action is the only response to this emergency. The science is clear. Moreland has a clear moral duty to act now.

Ian Mack (Coburg North, )


The race to net zero is on with great opportunities to be had. So let's get there sooner!

Logan Shield (Avondale Heights, )


This is necessary, and in line with the Council's declaration of a Climate Emergency.

Rhydian Cowley (Fawkner, )


The world needs greater momentum on climate action

Darryl Johnson (Moreland, )


I want a good life free from I was carly I’ll health and harm

Carly Dober (Melbourne , )


I'm signing because we have a responsibility to care for the earth and to safeguard what we have for future generations

Saide Cameron (Brunswick, )


Obviously the planet is heating up rapidly and we need urgent action at all levels of government and community.

Simon Roberts (COBURG, )


I'm signing because having a livable planet is the most critical issue facing humanity. Urgent action is needed now, not in the future.

Tamar Hopkins (Coburg, )


I’m signing because we’re in a climate emergency.

Ellen Poyner (Melbourne , )


I'm signing because climate change is the defining challenge of our time and I want Council to act in line with the science. We have no time to waste and our children depend on us.

Debora Riley (Brunswick, )


If we don't act our children and grandchildren will face a very uncertain future

Bruce Francis (BRUNSWICK, )


We have no right to bequeath a damaged earth to our children and their children

Helen Morris (Brunswick West, )


We have to act now. We all have a responsibility- individual citizens, organisations, businesses and Council.

Council needs to show some leadership - the municipality has a proud history of leading on environmental and social issues - keep up the good work of past councils and councillors- be strong, brave and forward thinking; do what you know is right - zero emissions by 2030. Together we can do it - you have the support of residents- old and YOUNG!

Deborah Davison (Brunswick, )


Leadership in this country is coming from the bottom up

Jane Holroyd (COBURG NORTH, )


I’m signing because we are in a climate emergency, with mass extinction on the rise and ecosystems collapsing as a consequence. I want a future for all on this planet.

Lisa Kovacevic (Preston, )


The need to improve air quality and prevent climate change is urgent

Benjamin Maher (Brunswick, )


I'm signing because we need to take action NOW for our grandchildren and their families!

Maggie Kidd (Brunswick West, )


Climate targets have to be accelerated. Zero carbon emissions by 2030 is achievable if the world unites against climate change. An imperative for all people and animals to survive.

Jenny Lobato (Coburg , )


The more we can do the better

Anna Sinn (Melbourne, )


I'm signing because the climate issue is urgent and action needs to happen NOW

Patience Gorman (RESERVOIR, )


There is no more time to waste, Moreland Council. According to the Potsdam Institute, We have already hit many of the tipping points that will irredeemably take us to catastrophic climate events and social collapse Unless we act now with courage and determination and bring forward our plans for zero carbon emissions. We need leaders who can show the way to other councils and levels of government.

Rosaria Burchielli (Brunswick, )


I think saving the planet could be a reasonable thing to do

ANTHONY DILLON (Brunswick, )


I support real action to mitigate climate change.

Joe Greet (Coburg North, )


I care about our future.

Morag Mckillop (Coburg North, )


we are facing an extinction.

Rachael Koffel (Coburg, )


Everyone, including local governments, needs to work together to reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions to ensure a safe planet for our children and grandchildren.

Kenna Morrison (Brunswick, )


Climate Change is one of the most important issues and should be at the forefront of politics and economics.

Enzo Lara-Hamilton (Elwood, )


We need to do everything we can to push emissions reduction forward.

Terry Cooper (Coburg, )


I'm signing because this is the single most important issue of our generation, our species and all of those species we share the only planet we all have

Tim Carver (Coburg, )


I think it's important and achievable

Kelly Ozuna (Northcote, )


... for ALL LIFE on Earth



Waiting for 2050 is not an option.

Leah Watts (Brunswick West, )


Semper Fi

David Merwin (Washington, )

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