Demand The Resignations of Lycoming County Commissioners Scott Metzger and Tony Mussare



Queer adults were all once queer kids, and all kids will meet queer people. It's not an adult subject, it's a fact of life, and we need to let our kids learn to be better people.

Alex Boyer (Wilkes-Barre, 2021-06-10)


I’m signing because I’m disgusted in these commissioners. I’ve know Scott Metzger for years both through his probation job and personally from living in Montoursville.
It’s amazing to hear how he feels about the LGBGTQ Community when he’s always been so friendly and polite in public.

Rhonda McDonald (Montoursville, 2021-06-10)


Because hate is ugly.

Amanda Stellfox (Lancaster , 2021-06-10)


I find Metzgers comments abhorrent. Step down.

Crystal Raines (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


These two are a danger to public safety with their radical right hate speech and actions. Metzger had a giant poster of his orange messiah on his garage and Mussare spent his time at trump rallies and protests in Harrisburg.

Alan Biber (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


This shouldn’t even be an issue. It’s not the 1950s anymore. There’s nothing harmful in those books. All kids need to be supported, otherwise, take all the Princess books off the shelf too, because they don’t know what sexuality is and shouldn’t see princes kissing princesses.

Alyssa Riggle (Montoursville, 2021-06-10)


Kids need to be kids. The politics of old white men do not belong anywhere near children. I’m sick of these people attempting to cancel everything they don’t like just because they still want it to be 1950. These two commissioners are bad representatives for the community and need to leave it entirely. I’m saddened to see the pretend-care for children while they threaten to defund institutions that educate those same children. It’s obvious they do not give a damn about children. And instead wield them for their own political gain.

Jonathon Correll (Montoursville , 2021-06-10)


I don't think Mr. Rodgers would side with these knuckleheads.

Nicholas Allen (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


Metzger and Mussare are bigots. And bigotry has no place in public office. I support the JVB Library and our LGBTQ community.

Antares Barr (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


As a person who had to hide this for fear of even just being kicked out of my house at 10 years old, this is just a shame to see. We’re meant to be inclusive of everyone no matter who they are, and growing up wrapped under social stigma with no way to show it or learn about it further is hell. Many people, even at these young ages, know what they are in heart, and even if they are straight and cisgender, it’s an amazing education tool to teach kids to be accepting.

It is wrong to hide this and stifle away education and resources from even children. Stop treating us as second-class and forgetting we exist when we are just trying to live as we are.

Payton Hammaker (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


I’m signing because as a former resident of Lycoming County for one of the most influential chapters of my life, I found Williamsport “home” at one point but hearing about this hurts my heart. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I don’t believe the commissioner(s) when they say they “represent everyone” with an action this shameful and ignorant. To say this “wasn’t an attack on anyone” is a ridiculous lie, one for which I am grateful to see other people are in agreement on by also signing this petition and being vulnerable enough to extend their gracious love and support for this community and its children. I only hope and pray the inclusivity continues, starting with and going beyond the library. Kids need to be kids, yes, and kids deserve to be able to read and learn about love, sexuality, gender, pronouns, etc. as appropriate. Providing them the resources to do so if they wanted as a display for one month out of the year isn’t going to bring any harm to the tax payer’s dollars the commissioners are worried about. Lycoming County Commissioners, you can try to take away our right of the First Amendment...but remember, the first Pride was a hell of a riot.

Kaitlin Wallick (Scranton, 2021-06-10)


It’s up to the library to decide what books to display and it’s up to parents to decide what books their kids read. The library is for everyone and everyone is unique.

Brandy Smith (Williamsport , 2021-06-10)


My father and his entire family and I were all born in and he is buried in Montoursville and this is just embarrassing.

Amber Currie (Zionsville, 2021-06-10)


As a trans woman, having had these kinds of books as a child would have given me the necessary language to understand my own gender, had they been made available to me.

The actions and words of these commissioners are actively destroying queer children's access to understanding themselves. They're hateful bigoted people, and such people deserve no role in government.

Lilith Gallup (Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 2021-06-10)


As a local to Williamsport, I support the library's decision to promote tolerance and acceptance of our LGBTAQ+ citizens.

Kay DeLaney (Lock Haven, 2021-06-10)


Children need to understand that their feelings are ok and they are accepted in our communities. This is an appropriate display during pride month.

Sandy Field (LEWISBURG, 2021-06-10)


This is despicable behavior. It’s discriminatory, hateful, and prejudiced. This is not what we need from elected representatives. We employ them and they should strive for a higher standard than this. Disgusting. Shameful. Grounds for termination at a “real” job. Grounds for termination here.

Beau Schemery (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


I’m signing because I think the recent events pertaining to Scott Metzger are homophobic and no official should be.

Carle Winnie (Williamsport , 2021-06-10)


I support JVB in their Pride Month display.

Phoebe Wagner (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


Bigotry and hate have no home here.

Lili Keeler (Laurys Station, 2021-06-10)


Children learning about ALL types of people is the first step in raising an inclusive and kind society.

Shanice Brandon (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


Nazi scum bigots like this asshole need to be voted out of office and publicly shamed and shunned for the rest of their deplorable lives.

Christopher Carroll (Chester Springs, 2021-06-10)


I worked at the James V Brown library during my 4 years at Lyco. The Williamsport community is important to me - everyone in the community- not just people who share my beliefs.

Michele Connors (Weatherly , 2021-06-10)


It is a huge overstep of authority for a local official to attempt to censor a public library.

Sam Wagner (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


These commissioners are not acting in the best interest of the public with these actions of hate, lack of acceptance, manipulation & bullying. This is not what they were elected to do; they are not child psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers or educators- therefore their commentary is nothing more than personal opinion, out of the scope & boundaries of their position and irrelevant.

Mary Burns (Galloway , 2021-06-10)


I think it’s no place for the commission to recommend what they believe is acceptable material for our libraries to sponsor or advocate. The attempt to veil lgbt books to children only every does more harm then good, the kids learn what the lgbt community is and can be better informed than even their parents. Unhindered access to child friendly depictions of lgbt + books would only make a more tolerant society nothing else.

Cameron Butler (Williamsport , 2021-06-10)


Freedom of speech. Children's books are written at child's level. Hate is taught. Commissioners represent all county constituents not just a select few.

Phyllis Murray (Muncy, 2021-06-10)


They are too ignorant to be public officials.

MICHAEL RUPERT (South Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


All youth need to see LGBTQ people represented in literature to foster a more empathetic society; they can't just sit on a shelf in hopes that the "right people" will find them. And elected officials must NOT use threats to funding to dictate how libraries operate. Librarians know best how to use and promote their resources.

Alex Andrasik (Penn Yan, 2021-06-10)


I'm signing because the ignorance and hate spread by these commissioners must end.

Sandy Ludwig (Cogan Station, 2021-06-10)


The commissioners showed their intent to censor and discriminate against the LGBTQA+ community. They showed the will full ignorance and disregard for the community.

matthew nolder (Milton, 2021-06-10)


LGBTQ+ representation needs to be available for all age groups!

Michelle Carpenter (Montoursville , 2021-06-10)


Because everyone deserves to see them selfs in books and to feel loved. I have a mtf sister and feel if this was more widely available when we where kids that she would not have waited so long to come out to us

Shelby Whitlock (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


I find the actions of commissioners Metzger and Mussare to be repugnant, unlawful and against the grain of their constituents.

Elizabeth Downey (Muncy, 2021-06-10)


I’m signing because bigotry has no place here!

Kelly Rodriguez (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


This type of ignorance is what prevents our county from moving forward, creating an inclusive environment, and being an attractive place for young people to live.
People like Scott can’t be tolerated.

Andrew Murphy (Muncy, 2021-06-10)


I object to threats to defund public libraries because these 2 clowns are attempting to impose their idea of morality.

Nicholas Goff (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


I am a Christian who believes love is love and these commissioners are not representing all the members of the community.

Christina Robidoux (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


As an educator and librarian, I'm appalled at the actions of these two commissioners. This attempt at censorship is a very bad slippery slope.

Nicole Warner (Jersey Shore, 2021-06-10)


hate has no place in PA

Sean Black (Bethlehem, PA, 2021-06-10)


Odd to think being heterosexual is such a fragile state that a picture book might change kids… also, I think six libraries should get more than $1.3mm in funding annually.

Noah S (Muncy, 2021-06-10)


Gay rights are Human rights.

Julie Walsh (Pittsburgh , 2021-06-10)


Showing my support for all of the members of our community.

Jim O'Connell (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


I'm signing because we should teach our children acceptance instead of hate

Megan Boyd (Jersey Shore, 2021-06-10)


Because I'm one of your gay residents. Educate yourself.

Tracy Wittig (Montgomery , 2021-06-10)


I'm signing because everyone should be treated equally and have a seat at the table. Individuals should not be excluded or hated for who they are. LGBTQ rights are human rights

Sheryl Klus (Watsontown , 2021-06-10)


I'll never feel safe living in Pennsylvania as long as people like these two have political power

Spencer Davis (Mechanicsburg, 2021-06-10)


Equality means EVERYONE

Angel White (Aliquippa, 2021-06-10)


Scott Metzer does not represent me in many issues

Sandra Graham (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


Kids should not have to hide who they are these books are not hurting anyone....

Megan Nolder (Milton, 2021-06-10)


Children learn how to be tolerant when they are presented with information that explains to them why it is wrong to bully other children. By moving the books from the display back to the shelves or out of the library, and by threatening the library's funding, the commissioners are committing extortion. They need to be removed.

David Moore (Meadville, 2021-06-10)


Representation matters, and these guys don't represent ALL of us.

Cory Baney (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


County commissioners should not use their position to further their sociopolitical agenda. Commissioners Mussare and Metzger are causing harm to members of our community by stating that books on display to recognize PRIDE should be hidden away on the shelves.

Meghan Johnson (Williamsport , 2021-06-11)


I'm signing because as a former resident of Williamsport and a former staff member of the Library I always viewed the library as one of the safest spaces in town. It was a place where everyone could come together and enjoy a mutual love for knowledge and most importantly community. The children's library especially was always a place where I saw the most inclusion and acceptance.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community it disgusts me that a member of the council would say that children don't understand gender and sexuality at early stages of life. Gender and sexuality is built in to the system as a defacto way of life. From the time a woman conceives she is inundated with gender biased gifts, clothes, accessories, etc based on whether she is having an anatomically male or female child. How could a child not understand it? If a girl plays with a truck she is told girls don't do that here's a baby doll. If a boy plays with dolls or expresses any sort of emotion he is told boys don't do that because those are feminine qualities. And heaven forbid a child express anything other than heteronormativity and it is practically shamed, gas lit and/or beaten out of them. So please commissioner I'd love to know what about gender and sexuality children do not understand. Lots of children have two moms and or two dads and that doesn't mean they're confused it means they are loved and they are cared for and they are growing up in households where they are exposed to other cultures, lifestyles, etc and most importantly authentic individuals who are not afraid to live life as they are. Isn't that a value we want our children to be learning? Authenticity along with respect, confidence, integrity and community. Those are the values of LGBTQ+ communities and we proudly share those values with people who want to see our voices and influences erased because the most important value we hope to pass on is love and love is love is love is love because we are all human beings and the library is a place where we seek the stories of those with different perspectives and ideas and we build bridges that reflect the life experiences of all people.

If you are not willing to acknowledge the efforts of those who helped and continue to help make the library the place of inclusion, community and love that it is then you do not deserve to be a leader for the county. The city of Williamsport was a place where I felt the most love and community during my time there and for you to try and diminish that quality shows me you are not worthy to represent the people whose stories may be included in your request nor anyone else's.

Qiana Hill (Lititz, 2021-06-11)


1. Separation of Church and State
2. Anyone who holds such position should in NO WAY let their personal beliefs and/or opinions bleed into their professional career

Chrystan Provost (Williamsport, 2021-06-11)


This backwards homophobic mindset shouldn't represent American communities anymore.

Nicholas McMichael (York, 2021-06-11)


I'm signing because it's ridiculous that we have to argue that these books are good for kids.

Katie Lynch (Forty Fort, 2021-06-11)


As a public servant, you can not direct public access or display.

John Zangari-Ryan (Lewisburg, 2021-06-11)


Kids who are different need to see themselves represented in picture books—and kids who are not different need to know that there are many different ways to be a kid. There is no place for censorship in our public libraries.

Sarah Hoffman (San Francisco , 2021-06-11)


The actions of the Lycoming commissioners are an attempt to harm people I love.

Gary Hardcastle (New york, 2021-06-11)


I am not a bigot! And believe love is love and it should be celebrated and supported!

Jessica George (Jersey Shore, 2021-06-11)


I'm sick of being treated as less-than-human, and I'm looking out for the mental well-being of the kids who will come along after me. Scott Metzger is a HOMOPHOBE.

Wendi Smith (Williamsport, 2021-06-11)


I grew up a queer kid in central PA. I faced a lot of ridicule from adults like these two and never felt safe in my own hometown. People like them cannot serve the public without harming them immensely.

Marielle Miller (Shamokin, PA, 2021-06-11)


As public servants their biased opinions should not be influencing their decision making abilities.

Gregory Renn (Muncy, 2021-06-11)


You’re an idiot Scott

Joseph Winters (Montgomery, 2021-06-11)


We should be beyond this crap by now.

Michele Bell (Lewisburg, 2021-06-11)

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