Unmask our children in kentucky



I am a parent with 3 kids in kentucky schools

Miranda Stovall (Louisville, 2021-06-12)


Kids need to quit wearing masks. It is detrimental to their mental and physical health

Jennifer Griffin (Louisville, 2021-06-14)


Our children have the right to go to school without diapers on their face.
Our children have the right to see smiles on people’s faces.
It’s our children our say not anyone else’s. Stop the abuse on our children.

Tammie Smith (Lebanon, 2021-07-03)


I will not force an unknown vaccine on my children and they do not need to inhale their own dirty air for 8+ hours a day. The virus has a 97%+ survival rate.

Jill Bennett (Bardstown, 2021-07-14)


Mask are actually unsafe for our children! They do more harm than good and children are not carriers of this virus! Stop this madness and stop dividing this country NOW!

Sandra Hasson (Cold Spring, 2021-07-14)


I am calling for the immediate reversal of the mask protocol for kids k-12, vaccinated or unvaccinated, attending in-person learning within the state of Kentucky.

Donna Adams (Louisville, 2021-07-14)


Caring for our future generations

Michael Gregory (Corbin, 2021-07-14)



Tiffany Dickey (Prospect, 2021-07-14)


Masks cause harm to our children.

Laura Lloyd (Whitesville, 2021-07-14)


My child and my grandchild should NOT be forced to wear masks!

Valerie Lawrence (Louisville, 2021-07-15)


As a parent of four school aged children, I have seen four different ways the masks have been detrimental to my children’s emotional, social, mental, and academic health. Make masks optional for all students and staff, and stop the discrimination against children who can not or will not be vaccinated.

Shannon Dahl (Louisville , 2021-07-15)


Masks are not only useless and sturdies have shown potentially dangerous but we are psychologically damaging our children.

Kyla Beck (Louisville, 2021-07-15)


I do NOT want masks to be required in school.

Nancy Jacobsen (Anchorage, 2021-07-15)


I have done the research and know that wearing a mask is causing kids to have bacterial pneumonia and staph infections. Plus, the poor students just sat in silence when they wear wearing them. It is demeaning and all about control. Even Dr. Fauci admitted masks don't work.

AA Crowe (Beaver Dam, 2021-07-15)


I’m signing this because we are the voice for our children. This is a matter of their overall well-being. Please reverse the mask protocol.
Thank you.

Carter Sartor (Anchorage, 2021-07-15)


I don’t want to make children wear masks

Jarrett Rininger (Hartford, 2021-07-15)


Mental health matters!

Kelly Browning (Louisville, 2021-07-16)


We the People need to stand up to Government Tyranny And stand up for the future of our children!!

Tricia Browning (Louisville , 2021-07-16)


Let our kids be kids! Totally unnecessary for this population!

Sherry Jenkins (Louisville, 2021-07-16)


Masks are not healthy for children or adults. New pediatric study shows how much carbon dioxide is breathed when wearing a mask . This is not healthy to children’s development, particularly heir brains. It is also harmful to their mental health.

Jean Hoover (Louisville, 2021-07-16)


Look at the data

Charles Palmer (Louisville , 2021-07-17)


I have 3 school aged children that I do not want to wear a mask!

Tasha Wright (Bedford, 2021-07-19)


No mask! Mandates are over!

Patricia Moss (Greensburg, 2021-08-01)


Masks are going to ruin our children's immune systems. They cause my 8 year old to have anxiety issues. He doesn't care he wants to go to school. But his education suffers due to behavioral issues.

Carrie Adams (Owensboro, 2021-08-04)


My grandchildren go to school in ky. I will fight with everything I have for them!!

Laurie Taylor (Metropolis, 2021-08-05)


I know masks DON'T WORK and are NOT NEEDED, and that they actually cause adverse health effects to our school kids. TICKS ME OFF!! Get a CLUE, BESHEAR!!

Brian Browning (Louisville , 2021-08-08)


It's our right as parents to choose what is best for our children.

Renee Salgado (TUC, 2021-08-09)


It should be the parents choice not the governments!!

Nikki Phillips (Hardinsburg, 2021-08-10)


My kids shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask! And I as their parent should be allowed to decide what is best for them.

Jenny Wethington (Hardinsburg, 2021-08-10)


It should NOT, be the governors decision if my grandchildren are ti wear masks....masks have been proven to not stop the virus!!!! This is blatant overreach and control.

Larissa Moore (Harned, 2021-08-11)


Masking is false science, unhealthy and dangerous for my kids. LET MY CHILDREN BREATHE

Amy McClain (Vine Grove , 2021-08-11)


I'm signing because this is enough of this bullshit, kids should NOT be forced to wear masks. it's not safe, it's not effective, enough is enough.

Caitlyn Stith (EKRON, 2021-08-11)


I am a parent, I should be able to make my own informed decisions about my child’s health & safety.

Brittany Hunt (Hardinsburg, 2021-08-11)


I do not believe the masks do any good, especially upon children, and giving them a touch of freedom and normalcy and then taking it away is cure in my opinion

Alanna Clemons (Leitchfield, 2021-08-11)


I’m signing because it’s my right and should be my choice for my children!

Jaime Stevenson (Harned, 2021-08-11)


I disagree with the child mask mandate and the abuse of "executive orders" by our Governor.

Steve Bainer (Paris, 2021-08-11)


I want masked off our children in school

Christina Guy (Mount Washington, 2021-08-12)


CDC has proved 85% of people who wore masks full time still ended up with COVID-19.
Covid-19 was designed as a biological weapon, these cheap masks are not what you use. I've had hazmat training and you need the correct mask/filters.

Brad Girdler (Brooksville, 2021-08-19)


I am against all masks and the interference of government in our personal freedoms.

Cheryl Parker (Mt. Washington, 2021-08-20)


I'm disgusted with all I'm realizing about the Kentucky board of education!

Scott McNeil (Maysville , 2021-09-03)


Masks are not effective or healthy for our children.

Heather Ryckman (Taylor Mill, 2021-09-07)


Masking up doesn't prevent virus transmission and/or protection. It HAS been proven that wearing masks causes our children to develop upper respiratory infections (which CAN lead to other major ailments and/or death). They also don't allow them to exhale carbon dioxide properly.

Holly Dowell ( Centertown KY, 2021-09-12)


It is not right to have these kids sit in school breathing bacteria in their lungs all day causing upper respiratory infections!

Brent Dowell (Centertown, 2021-09-12)


Take the masks off our children

Kathy Hatton (Bellevue, 2021-11-08)


The benefits of masks in preventing serious illness or death from COVID-19 among children are infinitesimally small. At the same time they are disruptive to learning and communicating in classrooms. They may be partially effective in shielding adults from COVID, but since when is it ethical to burden children for the benefit of adults?

Keith Berrier (Louisville , 2022-07-27)

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