Please sign this petition to impeach Biden and Harris



He is reversing ever thing Trump did good for the country and plus he cheated in the election 💯

Jason Schroeder (Wichita falls Texas, 2021-06-24)


It’s important that we have competent people to run our country and Biden and Harris are doing a terrible job for our country and our people

Deborah Crim (Bakersfield, 2021-06-24)


Biden and harris are not keeping any promises at all

MIKE Hobbs (Nampa , 2021-06-24)


president biden is not competent enough mentally to tie his own shoes, he is ruining this country,letting all the illegals in our country by the hundreds of thousands needs to stop now, a task force needs to be implemented to round up and oust every illegal alien in our country, americans need to take a stand and get that puppet and his cronies kamala harris and the entire democratic staff out of office NOW!!

Rodney Krupa (michigan, 2021-08-13)


Biden is not my president and never will be.

Warren Brosius (Barnesville, 2021-08-16)


They are ruining our country and hiding all the damage they are doing under a cloak of freebies and money gifts that will make life so hard for decades to come. Americans are dying from the coronavirus and Biden is letting more people untested, unvaccinated, and untracked into our country every single day. Biden wants to force Americans to get the vaccine but, doesn't require it for the millions of people he is allowing to come in our country at the border!! These people need to go before we lose more than just rights, land, and our abilities to communicate our concerns.

Elizabeth Meredith (Henderson, 2021-08-17)


Biden is unfit, to wit his unilateral order to exit Afghan mission, leaving billions of dollars of war machines for Taliban seizure.

RENE HEAD (CYPRESS, 2021-08-20)


Harris and bidens incompetence is literally arming terrorists weve been at war with for 20 years while he simultaneously is atacking my second amendment rights! The irony is not lost on me however because hes also destroyed our ability to screen for these terrorists at our southern border!

Loren Schaefer (Deposit, 2021-08-23)


Since Biden and Harris have been in office they have shown time and time again that they are both incompetent. They have disgraced our nation. The Biden , Harris administration is detrimental to the health and welfare of this Nation and the security of the American people.

Richard Crocco (Texarkana, 2021-08-24)


complete failure

george searing (athol, 2021-08-24)


Because he let America down by how he handled Afghanistan pull out. Disgusting 🤮

Shiann Reed (Sedro Woolley , 2021-08-26)


Somebody needs to bring an end to this cluster-fudge of an administration. 1 failure and embarrassment after another. How much more do we need to endure???

Michael Scheck (Oakdale, 2021-08-26)


Biden needs to go!

Carol Anderson (Monroe, 2021-08-26)


I believe in the impeachment of joe Biden and Kamala Harris !

Ashley Grandchamp (Bryan , 2021-08-27)


Im signing bc Biden and harris are an embarrassment to this country and are completely incompetent at their jobs. They are the reason 12 marines are dead. they stranded thousands of americans and completely left our allies for dead. They are a liability to everyone. The sooner they are out, the sooner we can try to fix this. If thats even possible.

gail galeano (Ooltewah, 2021-08-27)


Their corruption and direlection to their duties need to be addressed and they need to be removed from office immediately.

John Melland (John Day Oregon, 2021-08-27)


Biden has created a divide between the races, allowed looting, vandalism and murder under the label of civil rights. Has allowed lawlessness, allowed open borders, allowing sanctuary cities.
Mainly, he is running a criminal enterprise, known as Our Government.

Astrid McDuffee (Corona, 2021-08-27)


Joe Biden is a disgrace and Kamala is not any better!

Shannon Boustead (Burgettstown, 2021-08-27)


I find it absolutely repugnant the things that this administration is doing to this country. From mandating vaccines to letting Terrorists in Afghanistan to obtain tax bought American weapons this is only the beginning of the short comings of this administration. It is immeasurable how much america as whole has slipped since the election of this man and were not even 2 years in on this day

Nicholas Miller (Granite city, 2021-08-28)


In almost 50 years as a public servant joe Biden has shown zero accomplishments
Now as President he’s definitely unfit for duty

Ed House (Union City, Ca, 2021-08-29)


We need a president to stand strong and keep our country safe not a weak president

Sharon Smith (Forked River , 2021-08-30)


Biden has ruined this country and its name. It's time for trump to return!

Melissa Smith (Brazoria, 2021-08-30)



Justin Kegel (Reno, 2021-08-31)


Biden is a threat to America and is no way the commander in charge. Hes for the dismantle of America. And there for shall be punished to highest. So sick of these other humans thinking there above us all, slither there way in office for the destruction of our freedom. We will fight all there funny ass plans to do snake ass crap.

Gabriel Whitcher (Medical Lake, 2021-08-31)


pretty freaking obvious reasons!

Brittany Elliott (ASHEBORO, 2021-08-31)


I feel this administration does NOT have the American people's best interest at heart . They are destroying our country. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Psaki, have bold faced lied to the people, opened our borders up to allow illegals to flow in by the thousands without the concern to COVID-19 because they are not checked for it and God knows what other kinds of disease they may be bringing here.

Lesa Callahan (Clinton, 2021-09-01)


He has betrayed the AMERICANS!!!!
God have mercy on us all if he remains in office.

Carol Crane (Lake Placid , 2021-09-01)


This has got to STOP! Thank you for starting a petition. Biden has done more damage than any president EVER. I am actually ashamed to be an American, so sad.:(

Patricia Fletcher (Bend, 2021-09-02)


Of his overall incompetence and lack of acknowledgement of his failures in the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Joseph Stumpf (Las Cruces, 2021-09-02)


He has disgrace our country

Beverly Schmidt (Chesapeake, 2021-09-03)


Biden is incompetent

Kimberly Naim (New York, 2021-09-03)


Biden and Harris are unAmerican, and allowing USA to be taken advantage of by the worlds worst adversaries. AMERICANS DO NOT LEAVE AMERICANS BEHIND, 90% IS NOT ACCEPTABLE VICTORY, LACK OF BORDER CONTROL RISKS OUR CITIZENS AND WAY OF LIFE.

James golinski (Lawrenceville, ga, 2021-09-03)


He & his administration are useless & dangerous to America!

Carlene Ingram (Houston , 2021-09-03)


This President is destroying our country

Kenneth Burks (Lufkin , 2021-09-05)


I’m signing because I am an American citizen who wants her freedoms and liberties back and my voice to be heard. Biden has negotiated with terrorist because he is one, he has let immigrants in for his own greedy agenda for votes, we are not a communist country and I am tired of this pedophile try to turn us into one.

April Monnich (Beaver falls, 2021-09-05)


Joe Biden is guilty of treason and murder.

Charles Mylod (Scottsville, 2021-09-05)


I want america back again

Nancy Blevins (Hickory, 2021-09-06)


The way Mr. Biden has conducted himself ever since Jan. 20 2021, all the way up to the pull out in Afghanistan. I no longer feel safe as an American citizen.

Tyler Rose (Clearlake, 2021-09-06)


We need to put a stop to the destruction of America

Marty Beaston (pangandle, 2021-09-06)



Karin Botes (Germiston, 2021-09-07)


He has turned his back on American cut jobs and more. Harris has done nothing.

Shelia Clarke (Collinston, 2021-09-09)


my body my choice

Steven Lacy (Barstow, 2021-09-09)


He should be prosecuted for treason

Bob Hartman (Colorado springs, 2021-09-10)


Totalitarianism is starting to emerge in the USA...via Medical Tyranny/ Forced Lock-downs and unconstitutional Mandates on experimental/dangerous injections...Joe Biden Must be impeached....

Roy Sandbank (Marquette, 2021-09-10)


Biden is totally incompetent and an embarrassment to our country. The entire democrat leadership is useless & worthless. They are all TRAITORD.

Waymon Theriault (Palm City, 2021-09-10)


Biden is a peice of shit say there*****in names joe

Gary Vollink (Rockford , 2021-09-10)


A dictator out of touch taking our freedoms away. Totally botched removal out of Afghanistan leaving Americans behind. And LIES. LIES. LIES

Brend Brewster (Mobile, 2021-09-10)


It is not okay to #1 LIE, not just a few times, this man is a pathological liar #2 force vaccinations and NOT require illegals you're letting in by the thousands get them! U and the hoe, need to go! She has done absolutely NOTHING!!

Lonnie Johnson (Deland, 2021-09-12)


He and she are destroying this country. Tired of their lies!

Euletta Seaton (Lubbock, 2021-09-12)


He is ruining our country! And he is getting our men and women killed. Not to mention the women men and children over seas. Now we could be at war with who knows how many countries. He can't even have one rational thought his speeches are terribly worrisome. I've never seen so many empty shelves, so many gas stations without gas, stores closing early because there isn't enough staff, so many people having their freedoms taken away. And let's not forget the forcing of the covid 19 vaccine that hasn't been around nearly long enough. Let's stop him before he does anymore damage and get kamala out of here too. It's sad to see how far downhill we have gone in such a short period of time with him in office. What could this country look like by 2024 if he keeps all this up?

Ashley McFadden (Mount Joy, 2021-09-12)


President Biden was not fit mentally to retain presidency in the first place, his cabniet and vice president knew this. Now, after the tragedy of retreat in Afghanistan, he holds responsibility for Americans and Allies trapped behind enemy lines, the deaths of the 13 service people who were killed, etc. He has done no apology, merely acted as if it were the only option. Shame on him. Shame on Kamela Harris, and Shame on everyone in his support system. It is treason of the United States and all of them should be tried in court.

Alexis Robinson (Panama City Beach, 2021-09-12)


Joe biden and his administration are trying to control America. Joe biden is becoming a dictator and as Mark Levin puts it, this is "American Marxism".

Chandra Trenkamp (Delphos, 2021-09-13)


He is a criminal, a pedophile, is clearly unfot for duty through demonstrations of delusion and confusion. He has given back grounds to China, he has given power to terrorists, and deserves not only impeachment, but also a trial for treason and war crimes.

Brandon Perdue (BATON ROUGE, 2021-09-13)


Joe Biden and his administration is ruining America and selling us out.

David Adams (Phoenix , 2021-09-13)


He's a moron

Aimee Lacasse (Berrysburg, 2021-09-13)


He's a F%$$ up.

Bradley Griffin (Pattonville, 2021-09-13)


I want my life back

Carley Spivey (Cookeville, 2021-09-14)


I dont feel safe in my country anymore

Deann Childs (Pahrump, 2021-09-14)


I am signing this because they are not visiting Afghanistan and they don’t even care we need to get rid of them even Gavin Newsom

Justin Savarese (Chula Vista, 2021-09-15)


Of the Unconstitutional actions He wants with Vaccine mandates and the embarrassment and udder disgrace he has brought to the united states of America He should be brought up on crimes against humanity for the Pull out in Afghanistan and the deaths he has caused by doing so

Adam Ganim (New York Mills, 2021-09-15)


Biden is responsible for the murders of 13 soldiers and abandoning hundreds of others.

Jenna Trombley (Summerville, 2021-09-15)


Joe only works for big business. From Freedom to Fascism to a complete loss of health truth and health freedom. Censorship of truth is at a all time high. I think 99% of politicians should be impeached especially Bernie Sanders for taking that 600K from big Pharma 2 years ago. I actually believed in Bernie. Joe, I could smell his evil from across the country

vincent casano (longmont, 2021-09-15)


i am grossly discussed w/ the border, Afghanistan, his mental/physical health and comprehension of what is going on around him in addition to who his handler(s) are.

shannon bergquist (lockport, 2021-09-15)


The Administration committed " TREASON " and should be dismantled,and prosecuted.

Thomas H McFarland (Louisville, 2021-09-16)


Biden is not out for the best interest of the people. Taking our troops out and leaving our equipment for Taliban to take over is a recipe for another terrorist attack on the U.S. Get this incompetent man out of office!

Lauren Cream (Manvel, 2021-09-16)


He is anti American

Billy Sutton (Texarkana , 2021-09-17)


Im signing because that OLD FART is INSANE, I'm also signing because my LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST is taking way to long to send that UNCIRCUMCISED PENIS LOOKING OLD MAN BACK TO HELL.IN WHICH HE'S FROM. So since GOD is taking his PRECIOUS TIME to get rid of that old fart, i decided to sign the PETITION and wait on JESUS to send old man joe back further than his hairline. 🙏 AMEN

Daiz Emory (Atlanta, 2021-09-18)


I want the border closed. I want Pelosi's multitrillion dollar tax burden placed upon American taxpayers for the next several generations to be stopped! Kill the bill. Save America. Kil the bill.

Ed McLendon (Biloxi, 2021-09-19)


Biden and Harris are hypocrites, and acting like dictators.

Bobby Rojas (Gage, 2021-09-19)


He is ruining our country. He is an absolute bafoon.

Amy Linnell (Redding, 2021-09-21)


Biden left Americans in Afghanistan, he promised to not do mandates, he promised to unite the country,he has not cared or gone to the border! He is scaring me as our leader and I do not want my son growing up in this government!

Virginia Barkley (Villa Rica , 2021-09-22)


Joe Biden has caused significant damage in just 9 months. He is not mentally competent to handle the position.

Christopher Bazinet (Gulfport, 2021-09-22)


I feel that they leading America down a road of destruction. They have forgotten the main reason America was formed " in God we trust"

Justin Jerrett (Rio Linda, 2021-09-22)


Trump is my president!

Stacey boquet (Bourg, 2021-09-22)


He is ruining the United States of America. He stole all our votes for Trump. He should be guilty and deserve to be sentence to death. Him and all his regeme.

Elaine Ryan (Meadville, 2021-09-22)


I’m deeply concerned that this president and Vice President are inept and could care less about the ditch this country seems to be in. I do not feel safe. I’m disabled and everything is so much more expensive. All the previous policies worked well. But I am truly concerned about my life now.

Teresa Parrish (Grain Valley , 2021-09-23)


Biden administration has destroyed our borders and is causing a criminal INVASION ,then he leaves our soldiers in Afghanistan and brings back Afghanistan people that won't inseminate here And could be terrorist !! Already they brought a measles outbreak !! Now Haitian are coming in the thousands and attacking our border !!! Biden does nothing to stop this Invasion

Jacqueline Sauls (Raleigh, 2021-09-24)


I don't need a srnile old man telling me what to do with my body while his plan is going to inevitably create more homelessness and further the plague of covid as it stands he's going to cause a crash of the American economy

Cheryl Brown (Phoenix, 2021-09-24)


I’m signing because TRUMP is my PRESIDENT!

Florence Williams (Montegut, 2021-09-24)


President Biden is clearly showing he in incompetent!

Jon Morgan (Springhill , 2021-09-25)


Biden and Harris are frauds, socialist , liars, traitors, scumbags, they should be in prison with pelosi, Schumer,

Steven Joyce (Fort pierce, 2021-09-25)


Biden is destroying the country

felicia toronto (Port Charlotte, 2021-09-26)


Biden Administration is going to destroy our freedoms

Kimberly Hutkin (Clearwater, 2021-09-26)


I love my country and my God given rights. Tired of traitors running rough shot over We the People.

Patrice Zenz (Goodyear, 2021-09-26)


They are destroying our Republic

Valerie Johnston (Naples, 2021-09-26)


We the people need a President that’s for the people and this country, not their friends, partners nor themselves. We need a competent staff in the White House.

Douglas Fink (Hesperia, 2021-09-26)


These two have been trying to destroy our country!

Gay Ganser (Vero Beach, 2021-09-26)


He was not elected by the majority

Albert Brice (Houston, 2021-09-26)


Biden & Harris are a disgrace to the United States of America. I want them removed from Office because, I believe, they are incompetent. I don't agree with their anti-American policies.

Andrea Palmisano (Melbourne , 2021-09-26)


Our country is going to hell with Biden/CHINA........Harris......they both should go to jail for treason! They cheated in our elections!

Renee Gerbo (Punta Gorda , 2021-09-26)


I am totally disagreed about Biden government.

Victortjj Tsai (Chupei, 2021-09-27)


They are corrupt and working against America.

Shelva Carner (merritt island, 2021-09-27)


Our country can no longer hold up under this administration.

Rosann Russell (Navarre, 2021-09-27)



christopher cooney (SEBASTIAN, 2021-09-27)


Biden never won. He is a puppet for the deep state

Marni Dutter (Thorp, 2021-09-27)


Su mala administración y ideas políticas están llevando a la nación a la destrusion

Abel López (Miami garden , 2021-09-28)


They are ruining the country and undoing everything that has been done for the good of the citizens under the Trump administration. We live in America, the home of the brave and the land of the free; NOT a communist country which they are slowly turning this into.

Christy Evans (Bronx, 2021-09-29)


Biden is destroying America. IE oil production.Abuse of power. Financial waste programs.

Steven White (Huber Heights, 2021-09-29)

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