Wildlife not buildings on the Lower Holt



Seems like a radical way to create access to the natural environment… why not just walk, sit or camp in the Lower Holt? It’s perfect the way it is.

Kate Cox (1982) (Sydney, 2021-06-26)


I agree with the petition the holt is precious and our duty as Frensham Girls is to look after it

Jane Stanham (1982) (Paddington, 2021-06-26)


Winifred West was passionate about service and care. We, as former students, were blessed with direct, daily experiences in nature and the friendship, freedom and beauty that this brought. We must protect and preserve this.

Fiona Halliday (East Lindfield, 2021-06-26)


In this age of severe climate change and loss of natural habitats, the prospect of losing this unique area, set aside as part of Winfred West's vision, inspired by St Francis of Assisi and having been so beneficial to generations of Frensham girls including myself, my mother and her sisters, is simply unimaginable. It must be saved!

Jane Pike (Hungerford , 2021-06-26)


If this plan goes ahead half the forest will be removed, the wildlife dispersed and left for dead, including platypus, and the important wildlife corridor from Mt Gibraltar to Mt Alexandra will be severed.
Wombats are protected under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and it is illegal to trap and relocate them.
It is all very well for Frensham to use the wombats living there as part of their advertising and to impress the world with their eco friendly ideals but they now need to practice what they preach. The could start by protecting the forest in the Lower Holt and ALL the wildlife therein for the enjoyment of future generations of Frensham girls and the wider community in the Southern Highlands.

Suzy Porter (Bowral, 2021-06-26)


The Holt is the last vestige of bushland and a corridor and haven for wildlife. In these times it is more important than ever that it be retained, protected and nurtured and not decimated and built on.

Stephanie Holden (Canberra, 2021-06-26)


I’m signing because the holt can never be got back. It will not be a place for the girls to experience wild life and there is plenty of area near Lindon and turner for another boarding house if that is what’s needed. Wilderness is important and a wild space so close to the school is unusual in this day and age

Lindsay Davy (Bungendore, 2021-06-26)


I'm signing because I believe Frensham is well placed to be able to meet its moral responsibilities and indeed can afford to care for the endangered ecological communities that it has stewardship over. The proposal will damage if not destroy what it ostensibly seeks to nurture: there is no logic to the design.

Penny Wheeler (Watson, 2021-06-26)


Developing the Lower Holt is a ridiculous idea - too close to the school to be effective

Caroline Parker (Kiama, 2021-06-26)


I am all for progress but this is destruction. The lower Holt is a vital part of the school in forging the sensibilities of students. A peaceful, natural environment to explore and much needed for the habitat; the ones in uniform and the ones with fur or feathers. Winifred West, Cynthia Parker and countless others, I am sure, would not approve. Developments should happen in the streets on the other side of the school (Oxford, Vernon, Stanley Sts) where infrastructure, sewerage, electrical are already in place. In so many ways this would be a much better solution.

Brooke Logan (Sydney, 2021-06-26)


I believe the holt , natural bush in the school grounds is a highly valuable assets for the schools original education ethos. Winifred West believed in all education settings and being outdoors in nature is so beneficial for mental health and extending education possibilities. Save The Holt !!! Keep Frensham a unique country school.

Philippa Playford (Sydney , 2021-06-26)


The Lower Holt has been a sacred area since Winifred West purchased. It is a place for natural species and animals. There was never any intention from West to destroy this habitat of wildlife and her intention was to have natural space for the Frensham girls and their families to roam free, have picnics and enjoy the natural environment. Building there will destroy this. Plus in this age of severe climate change we need to protect these areas and grow more trees. It is my belief that the Board and Governors are all about money and greed. This goes against the ethos of Frensham. It was never intended to be a very large school.

Pip Orr (Millthorpe , 2021-06-26)


I am a long term resident Wingecarribee Shire and also, a Frensham 'old girl'. Over 28 years I have worked with the benchmark Bushcare group which has operated on Mt Gibraltar (The Gib). The Holt is on the lower slopes of The Gib. My experience in Bushcare together with my training as a horticulturalist affords me insight into the imperative for protecting local bushland and therefore the Lower Holt, which is positioned at a 'pinch point' in a vital riparian wildlife corridor. The importance of protecting these remaining pieces of habitat bushland cannot be overstated. Also, protection of The Holt is in line with the Founders' vision for Frensham Schools.

Sarah Cains (Bowral, 2021-06-26)


There is no need to destroy the holt. This area is one of the better parts of the school. More importantly it is a wildlife corridor of which there is less and less in the area.

Georgina MacDougall (Kirribilli, 2021-06-26)


I dont believe building an Outward Bound like facility for year 9s is the way to teach them about the natural landscape. Its there all around them in the Lower Holt -why destroy it to build a man-made facility to teach them about it -this isnt logical. What would be more logical would be to incorporate land stewardship and nature preservation into their education. Once the Lower Holt is developed , this natural habitat is gone for good. Not something the current generation are going to thank us for

sarah martin (Sydney, 2021-06-26)


I am signing for many reasons, the most being the impact this will have on the wildlife that lives in the lower holt. Not only will habitat distraction reduce species, but noise impact from a house full of children will scare the remainder away.

Fenella Raines (Sydney , 2021-06-27)


I am signing this petition because I believe the Holt is an exceptional piece of mainly undisturbed land - there is no need to build any more buildings in particular “The Holt Project”.

Katrina Gregory (Bigga, 2021-06-27)


Wildlife over wild ideas please Frensham. Service and love for the Holt. This is the kind of space that nature and humans need the most and need to value and care for the most in this changing world. It is my hope that you teach by example to the present girls how vital it is that we preserve precious wild corridors of nature.

Melinda Heise (Cooma, 2021-06-27)


I am signing this partition as I was a student at Frensham and the lower holt was an incredible part of the culture to the school. It is a sanctuary for animals and it should be protected!

Camilla Paton (Willowtree , 2021-06-27)


Winifred West would turn in her grave to know this very special bush environment is to be destroyed by development. I oppose this development or anything like this affecting the lower holt.

cybelle Blakebrough (Coledale, 2021-06-27)


I’m signing this petition because so many of my memories of my time at Frensham include the times we spent wandering around the Holt and thinking how lucky we were to have such a beautiful space when so many schools were merely just concrete jungles. The Holt is an integral part of the learning experience at Frensham, of learning to love an appreciate nature and all its wonders. To lose that would be a tragedy for future Frensham generations and would drastically alter the experience of an education at Frensham.

Allison Dawson (Mangerton, 2021-06-27)


The lower holt provided such happy times for all of us at school. It is one of the draw cards that allows Frensham to be unique against other schools across the country. To be able to provide girls with that sort of space is unparalleled.

Clementine Retallack (Sydney , 2021-06-27)


I’m signing because the holt and creek are such beautiful areas.and should be left in their natural environment without any further development.

Sarah Carter (Orange, 2021-06-27)


I study vertebrate palaeontology and I think this is a bad idea. Every country has wildlife worth protecting, and in the case of Australia, looking after wildlife is even more vital. Over 80% of our native mammals exist no where else in the world. If we screw up, they're gone for good.

Antonia Parker (Sydney, 2021-06-27)


It is so important that we protect that area as there are many wombats that live in the area.

Mieka White (Bondi, 2021-06-27)


Don’t destroy the holt that’s dumb

Catherine Talbot (Sydney , 2021-06-27)


Leave the lower holt alone, its perfect the way it is.

Isabella Verran (Sydney, 2021-06-27)


If you want to experience the natural environment, don’t damage the little left on this planet . Find another way. Keep what we have .

Rowena Parry (Sydney , 2021-06-27)


I do not want to see the destruction of endangered wildlife and trees in the Holt.

Jennifer Beard (Lancefield , 2021-06-27)


Frensham has increased buildings from all sides. I think the Holt should be left as it is, giving the sense of a country boarding School which is one of its many attractions.
Allowing this corridor of bush and it's wild life to be there when the girls need to find some peace and tranquility. Once lost it will be gone for ever and everyone's mental health is just as important as the buildings for their education.

Petrina of Balmain (Canberra, 2021-06-27)


What sort of uncaring message is destroying an irreplaceable place of quiet, beauty and habitat sending to the students. Get creative, work it out in the space you already have! Disappointed this was even considered.

Elizabeth Sully (Gold Coast, 2021-06-27)


Thank you to the Old Girls!! and Wombatise for fighting this absurd development proposal. I’m in disbelief there is a project to bulldoze much of the Lower Holt in order to build “eco” accommodation, allowing the girls to experience living in a forest which will no longer exist… I’m an old girl myself and the Holt is a sacred place to be protected. Not to mention the native animals that have been carefully rehabilitated there with years of work. 80% of the Burrows in the Lower Holt are ancestral, being part of the ancient pathway. The burrows are thousands of years old and of natural heritage.

Ava Martin-Cansick (Sydney, 2021-06-27)


Frensham does not need to develop more land, we should take for granted how much open spaces we have, and utilise these spaces. The lower holt is the most intuitive classroom the girls will ever step foot in, especially as the world is progressing towards a greener environment. I think it a worthy investment to maintain the little green spaces left and use this for the girls benefit.

Harriet Scales (Tamworth , 2021-06-27)


I am signing because I believe the lower holt should remain in its current state as it is a crucial wildlife corridor and a part of Frensham that should remain untouched.

Caitlan Mahony (London , 2021-06-27)


Dear Frensham Board, what an indictment of your lack of care or understanding of the need to experience and safeguard nature with your development plans for the Holt. As an old Frensham girl, this beautiful wild bush was such a special place, as it is! You do not need to clear it and plonk a building in it to better experience it. Ridiculous and completely lacking in adequate conservation education role model and stewardship. I will join many other old Frensham girls to help stop this if you take this further. Please, leave the holt wild. It is an integral part of Frensham as it is.

Amanda Sully (Hobart, 2021-06-28)


To protect and keep the Lower Holt

Annabel Lomax (Mittagong, 2021-06-28)


It’s ridiculous to think that Frensham would destroy the lower holt in order to build more accomodation! It’s just not what Frensham is about.

Meredith Munro (Merriwa, 2021-06-28)


I'm signing this petition as I am opposed to the development of the Lower Holt and feel that land and environment should be protected.

Ado Beaumont (Tandur, 2021-06-28)


It is completely ironic that Frensham would want to build a centre for girls to experience nature and wildlife, which displaces the wildlife that lives in that same habitat. I honestly think Winifred West would be turning in her grave right now.

Anthea Falkiner (Mittagong, 2021-06-28)


I many fond memories of enjoying the wildlife in the lower Holt. It would be a great shame to deny that for future Frensham girls.

Aleta Jansen (Noosaville, 2021-06-28)


The Holt is integral to Frensham’s meaning and spirit. It is the difference between Frensham and a more ordinary school. The idea of destroying it by development is crass and completely counter to Miss West’s vision.

Becca Grey (Petersfield, 2021-06-28)


For Winifred West and generation of students and their families Frensham' has been a rural boarding school - a microcosm for society, providing a structure through which 'social responsibility' could be developed as part of the education process. A favourite metaphor for the school community was the tree; as opposed to the rigidly structured pyramid which was 'inanimate' and 'totalitarian', the tree was 'growing', 'alive', 'regenerative' and 'democratic'. With little community consultation and a process for development that is one of stealth - the core values of our community are to be chopped down and made into an artificial environment at the cost of the natural authentic beauty there. We are only ever custodians and I ask the Board of Directors and management of the school to look at alternative activity if there is to be development.

Wendy Farrow (Sydney , 2021-06-28)


Holting influenced my whole life which lead to tree planting on a large scale and to building leakie weirs to regenerate our creek. It had water through out the big drought. It would be very sad to lose such a precious asset for the future girls.

Dimity Davy (Bungendore, 2021-06-28)


The one small place you can get away from others and have some time in nature and they want to throw a building in the middle. Horrible for the environment and not beneficial for the students.

Willa Robinson (BUNGENDORE, 2021-06-28)


Don’t ruin the eco system of the Holt just because you “want” a new boarding house - go camping instead, build somewhere less detrimental to the local wildlife. Frensham can afford it! Also, as a an alumni I can tell you students deserve the opportunity for privacy and a little bit of quiet in nature outside of the main campus.

Rubyanna Edwards (Port Melbourne , 2021-06-28)


I’m very concerned for the loss of natural habitat also for the loss of a stunning belt of Australian bush which is so much part of the Frensham experience.

Lucy Mora (Melbourne , 2021-06-28)


I absolutely loved this small slice of nature, being a Frensham girl.

Not only the huge disruption to the environment and habitats living there, but how many other schools in the world have their own, private, untouched little forest?

There is no need to rip apart this beautiful ecosystem.

Cassie Phillips (Woollahra, 2021-06-28)


Save the holt, we need the serenity of bush land not more construction

Yoland Antill (Brighton, 2021-06-28)


Hands off the holt

Hannah Preece (Hobart, 2021-06-28)


The purpose of this plan is to build huts from which the students can experience the bush... tents would be way better, preserving the forest, its wildlife, saving millions of dollars that could instead be gifted to sound environmental causes, and perhaps giving the students some valuable survival skills that may be needed in the environmental nightmare they will be adulting in.

Alison Wheeler (Lake Cargelligo, 2021-06-28)


Please keep the natural state of the Holt !

Georgina Jamet (Oloron Sainte Marie, 2021-06-28)


I am an old Frensham student who loved the holt and don’t want to see it ruined, as well as a landscape architect who believes this is goes against Frensham’s ecological commitment to the area. Save the wombats!

Ruby CrNe (Sydney , 2021-06-28)


I’m signing because if Frensham really wants a Timbertop style area for their year 9 girls, it should be built far away from Frensham so that they have no access to internet devices which is what I understand this whole thing is for!

Penny Segalla (Kenthurst, 2021-06-28)


I’m signing because as usual someone has overlooked the big picture.

Julia Simpson née Price (Albury, NSW, 2021-06-28)


I am signing because the Holt at Frensham instilled wonder and imagination in me and continues to do so for many. It is a space that helps build the creative mind - so intrinsic to the soul of Frensham.

Amelia Campbell (FRESHWATER, 2021-06-28)


I'm signing because the Lower Holt is a treasure that Frensham must continue to enjoy as it is, in its natural state. Other areas in the grounds are equally suitable and would not involve loss of habitat.

Jenny Simons (BURRADOO, 2021-06-29)


Because the space and the natural environment surrounding the young girls is what makes the school special!! It takes them away from the built environment and separates the school from all the others.
Once it is gone, it is gone forever and the precedent is set to develop further.

Poppy Roxburgh (Sydney , 2021-06-29)


As a Frensham old girl this is not what the foundational structure of the school has been built on. Environmental protection and security of natural habitats has always been a necessary aim for this school to protect.

Holly Lambert ( Exeter, 2021-06-29)


I respect and support the reasons for the original vision.

Leona Brooks (Sydney, 2021-06-29)


The gardens and the grounds have always been an intrinsic part of what makes Frensham so special even the school uniform symbolises the brown soil, the green leaves and the purple iris flower. We therefore have a duty of care to the founding spirit of Frensham, future students and the wider Southern Highlands community to keep this precious pocket of nature intact.

Lucy Costello (Newcastle, 2021-06-29)


I love wild life

Milda Didziulyte (Vilnius, 2021-06-29)


The holt is a valuable wildlife corridor in this highly developed region. A unique place of wildlife, trees and a much needed space to walk in wilderness. This land cannot be replaced or regenerated ever to what it once was.
Please reconsider this proposal.

Heidi McGeoch (Bowral , 2021-06-29)


It is unbelievable that a school could undermine it’s values by destroying a wonderful natural environment to build an environment study centre. I am nonplussed at this total vandalism. There are better sites. They should use one of them.

Susan Hawick (Burradoo , 2021-06-29)


An already cleared site would be much less damaging.

Sarah Eddowes (Sydney, 2021-06-29)

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