Petition against irrelevant fine amount collection by the Vels University,Pallavaram.



I'm poor family

Sowmesh Babu (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


One of the student

Yussuf M (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


During this pandemic we are facing huge trouble and our financial status are very poor so we are anable to pay huge amount

Subhikshaa Singam (Trichy, 2021-07-06)


We didn't use any resources from the college.. but they charge us full fees.

Dinakaran Perumal (Kanchipuram, 2021-07-06)


Iam singning because they are collecting the full amount for fees in this lockdown period. I paid more than 5000 for penalty and condonation.

Kamalesh Raj (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Im signing this petition, my college charging more fees against the rule

Irai Anbu (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


The institute got full fees for last 1.5 year and got extra fees for examination , placement service ( not even one company have came foe placement ) and breakage ( with opening college )

Dinesh V (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


My university is collecting penalties with the minimum amount starts from 500 which exceeds to 1000 and above

Rajeswari Vijayakumar (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I am one of the person who facing the same problem

Girija V (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I'm signing because of we all facing this problem in this pandamic period

A.kishore Kumar (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


To much fees amount

Navee Kumar (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Irrelevant ones..

Karan Rio (Kanchipuram, 2021-07-06)


In this pendamic situation our college is not reducing any fees amount and also collecting the breakage fees

Tharani E (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Tho government order is to take 75% of fee.. but in vels university..its like need to pay full amount.. please give us justice. At this covid lockdown time

Shalini M (Chennai , 2021-07-06)


They are collecting full fees for semester examination they were collecting with fine

Nasar N (Sankarapuram, 2021-07-06)


Many students were suffering lots of problem as family financial status during this pandemic situation.. So every students must give a proper and common education without any fail..

Monikasundhar Monikasundhar (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I am signing because the fees is unpayable in this time.

Akshath Balaji (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I am harshini studying in Vels University. They are collecting the full amount of fee in this pandemic also. Pls do consider our situation

Harshini Harshini (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I'm monisha studying B.E.Biomedical Engineering in vels university. I'm here to complaint my college fee payment , they collect 100% fee against government rules and also collect breakage fee just for an online class , I request to the government to take action immediately.

moni sha (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I'm a victim...and in this pandamic we haven't went to college..but this management is still collecting breakage fee of 550 rs

Arun K (CHENNAI, 2021-07-06)


As per goverment annonced that student only pay 75% of fees but vels university college are collecting full fees with 1000 rs penalty this is consider as illegal......government must take action students are suffering

Vigneshwari A (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Due to the irrelevance tuition fee collections in VELS INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. As we students house environment are still suffering from Covid 19 and Less salary/ no income at all because my dad is an A/C mechanic and because of lock down he didn't earned anything. We urger the government to take an action.

N. Tanveer Raza (Muggappair East, Chennai , 2021-07-06)


Due to the irrelevance tuition fee collections in VELS INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. As we students house environment are still suffering from Covid 19 and Less salary/ no income at all. We urger the government to take an action.

Fazlullah Khadeer (Chennai , 2021-07-06)


Asking additional fee

Vignesh War (Chennai, 2021-07-06)



Bhavani Srinivasan (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Irrelevant fees collection even in pandemic situation. Asking money if we were at home for past 1.5 years as if we were at college through!

Lokesh S (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I'm singing because ...I'm also suffer by this issue... Kindly take action for this petition

Divya Ravi (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


every year we are paying maintenance fee,insurance fee,cultural fee without even going to the college for the past 1.5 years.
Now they re even asking for additional 550 /- as Breakage fee before collecting our TC and Marksheets(for final year students).

Vishal V (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


our university doesn't reducing the fees as per government Information. kindy make an action.

praveen kumar s (chennai , 2021-07-06)



Keshav Selvaraj (Chengalpattu, 2021-07-06)


I'm signing this petition for issue of fee that for useless for students...

Misha Misha (Trichy, 2021-07-06)


Government aspects rules University fees is 32,000 but vels University collect 40,000 per semester and fine for every thing exam fees 2000 rs and fine amount 1000 rs . total amount of fees per semester is 50,000 so kindle take action for this illegal theft from students money

damo dharan (chrompet, 2021-07-06)


I'm student of vels University

Vasanth Babu ( Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Forcing students to pay money very soon.

Swetha Kuppan (Chennai, 2021-07-07)


Lokesh Sriram

Lokesh Sriram (Chennai , 2021-07-07)


I m singing because, Vels university is asking 100% fee in this pandamic situation also.kindly take action sir

Mahesh alex (Chennai, 2021-07-07)


Im signing this because im a student of vels University. And currently experiencing the struggle to pay the full fees amount for the college

Samuel A (Chennai, 2021-07-07)


For online classes this fees is too much

Mohammed Ahmed (Chennai, 2021-07-07)


This pandemic situation is that time all are difficult to earning money and same time the vels University use the situation of this not reducing of hostel fees of (2019-2020) and not giving a refund amount fully and get the signature of gave full amount of refund amount of caution deposit.

Vinoth Kumar (Kallakurichi, 2021-07-07)


I'm signing because of The management was very poor there is an no mercy in covid suitation
They told to pay double the amount of breakage fees for final year students.

Dilip Kumi (Chennai, 2021-07-07)


Our college collecting breakage fees . We don't know why we want to pay for breakage because we don't go for college for past one and half year. This pandamic situation we paid the full semester fees and exam fees no reduction in fees also why they didn't understand our situation.

Shalini R (Chengalpattu, 2021-07-07)


Im signing because this is daylight robbery
Pay fee ontime and if you late pay penalty but the penalty was not 100 or 200 its direct 500 starting and 1000 I can't understand why vels is sooooooooooo......greedy

Kishor Kumar (Chennai, 2021-07-07)


Im detained 1 year for not paying my fees in this pandemic my family struggles to have food daily but this college can't understand our situation any way my 1 year was gone 😔

Rocky A (Chennai , 2021-07-07)


My college is collecting unwanted fee in the name of breakage fee even we did not go to college for the last one and a half years

Immanuvel Raja (Chennai, 2021-07-07)


they are getting. the full fees even though education minister warned them tk get 75% of fees

joseph kuruvilla (Katpadi, 2021-07-07)


They were collecting full fees
Due to this pandemic we
are not able to pay fees

Akshaya S (Thiruvanamalai ( District) , 2021-07-07)



K A (CHENNAI, 2021-07-07)


They wear collecting full fees bue to this pandemic we are not able to pay fees

Janakaran M (Thiruvannamalai(destict), 2021-07-07)


I am signing because we face it every day every year.

M Monisha (Chennai, 2021-07-07)



Akilesh N (Kondithope, 2021-07-07)



Abishek Abishek (Chennai, 2021-07-07)


Vistas has collecting the 100%fees against government rule kindly take the step about that

Santhosh .S (Chennai, 2021-07-07)



Sugan M (Chennai, 2021-07-07)


Am too a student there so

Bala Shamgith (Chennai , 2021-07-07)


I am advocate

Swetha Sentamil (Chennai , 2021-07-07)


I'm signing this , because not everyone is financially stable cause of this covid situation. they could take down the electricity expenses and Decrease our fees

Imran roshan Basha (Chennai, 2021-07-07)


Full fees vanguranha sir

Vasantha kumar (Tambaram, 2021-07-07)

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