Stop University System of MD Covid Vaccine MANDATES Now!



I have a child at UMD

Kim Flaherty (Rockville, 2022-01-18)


Because its ludicrous. FDA did NOT recommend anyone under 65 to get boosters. CDC overrode them, why? We know these jabs don't stop COVID at all. This is a human drug STUDY. Our children are not guinea pigs and are NOT at any risk of severe disease or death. STOP LYING and TREADING on our civil rights.

Jodi alexander (Rockville, 2022-01-18)


I'm signing because I work for the University but not on campus.

Linda Smith (Keedysville , 2022-01-18)


My daughter is interested in attending UMD.
People should have the right to choose if they want this shot as the risks outweigh the benefit for most without comorbidities.

Kate Gorman (farmington, 2022-01-18)


I am against this mandate for students and staff of the University system of Maryland to be vaccinated against Covid 19. This mandate goes against what our country is built on for freedom as stated in our United States constitution. We should not have our freedom taken away to make our own health decisions.

Patricia Hewitt (Baltimore, 2022-01-19)


Body sovereignty is essential to the liberty of a society. Furthermore the “science” that you would use to support such a mandate is corrupt at its core The true science defeats the reasoning for such a policy

John Roberts (La plata, 2022-01-19)


I don’t believe in the forced mandates

Karen Smith (Germantown, 2022-01-19)


Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles as found in the Ten Commandments as well as the belief that human beings are made in the image of God, all are created equal under God, and all have inherent value. I do not believe that the government or institutions have the right to mandate medical procedures for the governed or for employees. This directly goes against our Declaration of Independence which states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” I, as well as my fellow citizens, have the God given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I have the right to refuse a medical treatment I do not consent to because it infringes upon my right to liberty and possibly life.

The Nuremberg Code, written in the wake of Nazi Germany’s horrific medical experimentation during WWII, states under section 1, “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.” This code was written to protect the rights of human subjects by making sure that they clearly understood all risks and freely gave their consent before undergoing a medical procedure.

I do not consent to being forced to take a vaccine that has been reported in the VAERS database as producing adverse effects and even death in some people who have received the vaccines. Blood coagulation and cardiotoxicity are just two of the possible risks. Taking the shot can be like playing Russian roulette with your life. How many vaccine induced disabilities and deaths are acceptable for the “greater good”?

In addition, these shots do not prevent the immunized from getting COVID, although they may reduce the amount of time it takes one to recover. The minimum size of a respiratory particle that can contain SARS-CoV-2 is calculated to be approximately 4.7 μm and is able to penetrate most masks, meanwhile COVID continues to morph. We are not stopping the spread through lockdowns and vaccines. COVID is here to stay, just like the flu. How long will we continue these harmful measures that have led to a mental health crisis, loss of small businesses, damage to our economy, and devastation to our children’s education?

Sherry Frick (Oakland, 2022-01-19)


Students, staff, faculty should have the right to make their own health choices. The vaccine does not prevent the spread or contraction of the virus.

Amy Simmons (Keedysville, 2022-01-19)


I have college aged students who have natural immunity and therefore do not need the vaccine. In 5 years, when more research has been done on this vaccine, I will reassess my opinion

kathy morrissey (Half Moon Bay, 2022-01-20)


What are the point of vaccine mandates when vaccinated people are getting and spreading this? Unvaccinated people pose no threat to the vaccinated if these vaccines work as well as they claim!

Brooke Gue (Boonsboro, 2022-01-20)


Mandatory vaccines are unconstitutional and dangerous

Steven Appel (Towson , 2022-01-20)


The vaccine is harming our children!!!!

Joan Martin (Baltimore , 2022-01-20)


If you are for real science, real health, and real immunity -- and building a brighter and more loving and abundant future -- letting people make their own health decisions is the moral and correct thing to do.

James Grapek (Rockville, 2022-01-20)


Covid has dwindled down to a common cold. Vaccines aren’t protecting us from the variants and we have no long term studies on this mRNA technology. Risk vs Benefit & it’s a no from me! We are Americans, this isn’t China!! People need to stop complying NOW!

Mariam Canning (Huntingtown , 2022-01-20)


I am a healthy student that doesn’t want to be forced to take a new drug with no long term stories for an illness that I’m at low risk for. Many experts have proven the booster and vaccines have become less effective as the virus has mutated. By this time next year the virus will be declared endemic by much of the globe so the mandates are irrational and unnecessary.

Evan Moore (Annapolis, 2022-01-20)


My son will planning to attend UM and we have had a horrible time with U of M & AACC due to vaccine mandates. This is discrimination and a violation of our rights as Maryland taxpayers!

Mary Bowen (Friendahip, 2022-01-21)


CSM has sent out multiple requests reminding us to reenroll because they must be hemorrhaging students. Their policies for masking and testing are outrageous considering even the CDC states that masks and vaccines don't work, especially for the age group that is least affected by the virus.

Mary Schwalm (Waldorf, 2022-01-21)


I believe that individual medical decisions should be left up to the individual, and should not bar students from pursuing an education, even via virtual or remote learning.

krista keysar (La plata, 2022-01-21)


Universities should not have a say in what students or employees put into their bodies and what is best for each and everyone of them. They should not intentionally treat students differently based on their vaccination status. Students should not be unable to join groups, use campus facilities, or be formed into a “group” of students who are pushed to not be on campus. Inequality at its finest.

Maura Joanne (Pocomoke City, 2022-01-22)


People should have the freedom to choose whether or not they want the vaccine.

Kathryn Bankard (Baltimore, 2022-01-23)


I am currently a student at Salisbury University. The actions taken by the school and the state have progressively ruined what is supposed to be the "best 4 years of your life". The mandates set forth to protect a group that has been deemed the healthiest when fighting against the virus, in a time where mental illness is far more of a problem for the college-age range, has been nothing but detrimental to the development of young men and women. This is all a result of political stunts by those far older and only in the game of politics for one reason, personal gain. If I wasn't far along in my college years already, I would have transferred somewhere to get the "college experience" that many others are receiving.

Mark Lettieri (Frankford, 2022-01-25)


Vaccine mandates are unscientific and unconstitutional. The vaccine does not stop infection or transmission and the courts have already found it to be unconstitutional and so we will either go to school in another state or sue

Don Rondeau (Gaithersburg , 2022-01-27)


My 3 high school students won't even apply to college with mandates. Vaccines are far too dangerous for this age group and they are not needed. Stop your evil now. It's all about big pharma giving colleges grants and bribes

Diane Nader (Bloomfield Hills, 2022-01-27)


I’m signing this because my first child is about to go to college. Medical decisions should be left up to the families. We will be watching to see where to send our kids to school.

Christa Bauer (Baltimore county, 2022-01-27)


This policy is endangering the lives of the students. The vaccines come with tremendous risk and are proving to have little to no benefit. Many of the students already have been infected (even with the first round of mandatory vaccinations) and have natural immunity.

Lisa Sirota (Baltimore, 2022-01-28)


Mandates are unconstitutional and a violation of my freedoms to make my own medical decisions

Robyn Sprague (LaPlata, 2022-01-28)


Parent of a UMD college park sophomore

Aviva Distenfeld (Hollywood, 2022-01-28)


Science no longer governs any of these decisions. It’s time to let our young adults resume normal life.

Gershon Distenfeld (Hollywood, 2022-01-28)


Vaccine Mandates are immoral, unethical and illegal! I stand against force and coercion!

John Miano (Niagara Falls, 2022-01-28)


I am an alumni at Towson University.

Bianca Van Horn (Owings Mills, 2022-01-28)


Medical Mandates violate personal choice and personal freedom.

Chris Peabody (Leonardtown , 2022-01-29)


My son and spouse are vaccine injured. The decision to vaccinate is my decision. No one else. Freedom.

Doris Smith (Millersville, 2022-01-29)


I am concerned about the safety of the vaccines and about the loss of the right to personal autonomy over medical decisions. I also believe that the vaccines are ineffective. Vaccinated and unvaccinated are like spread the disease. People should be able to make their own judgment about whether or not they’re likely to have a strong dangerous reaction to the virus. Or a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine. They should be able to make this decision with informed consent. Coercion has no business in this decision.

Paula Hoppel (Havre de Grace, 2022-01-29)


We have an unvaccinated daughter who is unable to attend college in Maryland because of the mandate. Leaving Maryland.

Jill Peabody (Leonardtown , 2022-01-29)


This is coercion! And discriminatory!

Megan Copeland (Friendship , 2022-01-29)


Where do I begin?
- you can still get covid if you are vaccinated
- you can still spread covid if you are vaccinated
-what does the mandate do? It divides your students and teachers. It is not protecting their health. Follow the science, be courageous and shut this mandate down. You have harmed our children enough.

Melanie Hecht (Parkville, 2022-02-04)


Because these mandates are a violation of our Rights !

Stephanie Bettin (Bel air, 2022-02-04)


I am signing this Bc of multiple reasons. 1- FREEDOM OF CHOICE
2- these government experimental jabs are NOT safe. The gov and 3 letter agencies have covered up the “vax” death rate. Medicare/ Medicaid whisleblower released data showing over 45k deaths from jab.(lawsuit has been made)
3. Gov is forcing “vaccines” that are not FDA approved. The “vaccines” that are approved, are not available for another 2 yrs.(bait & switch tactic)
3. FDA will not disclose ingredients in “vax” & are asking for 55yrs until disclosure. Just insane
4. There are therapeutics such as Ivermectin & HCQ that beat the virus. Our gov knows this, but refuses to admit & are actually threatening doctors who prescribe those meds for CV19.
5. The virus is no threat, survival rate is 97.9- 99.8%, pending on age and health. The hospitals are more of a threat than the virus due to doctors being forced to follow “protocol”, pushing Remdesivir into patients, which causes serious injury & death.
6. Graphene Oxide-hydroxide has been found in the “vax”, used for nano-technology. This is all being done as part as Klaus Schwab & WEFs “4th Industrial Revolution”. (Transhumanoid)
7. I don’t want to be part of the Social Crediting System after forcing “vax” passports & switching fiat currency to crypto. They would have complete control over a person once that system is set in play.
8. I want to stay a pureblood as Gods creation.
9. I don’t like needles

Brandon Warner (Baltimore, 2022-02-04)


As someone who is currently being held back from attending college due to the illegal vaccine mandates. I am hoping to help fight back wherever I can.

Kassandra Kirschenheiter (Great Mills, 2022-02-05)


This is unconstitutional. Period. End it now!!!

Tony De Cesare (Lutherville, 2022-02-07)


Forcing anyone to be injected with any medicine is illegal and unconstitutional. This jab has caused more deaths than any VAX in history! Why do you choose now to avoid the science. These Orwellian mandates need to stop immediately!

Kimberly Muhlenfeld (Forest Hill, 2022-02-08)


This policy discriminated against students and staff. The vaccines and boosters have not been shown to stop the spread of the virus and students and staff who have recovered from the virus do not need this unnecessary treatment. Mandating anything that is medically unnecessary is medically unethical. This is an unethical mandate.

Carrie McCartyGibson (Forest Hill, 2022-02-09)



Jules Bertholet (Bethesda, 2022-02-10)


My body my choice!!!!

Christy Murphy (Berlin, 2022-02-10)


I am signing because I believe in medical freedom, especially for a virus that is treatable and survivable for most, which covid is. The vulnerable are the ones who should be target protected, if they want.

Patty Stroble (Baldwin, 2022-02-10)


The University System of Maryland is not following science in mandating such oppressive measures by forcing students, including my son attending one of the USM schools, to inject unnecessary booster shots which does nothing to stop getting or spreading the virus but instead weaken their immune system.

ENOUGH! You said follow the science and now follow it damn it!!!

Will Huang (Fairfax, 2022-02-11)


The so-called vaccine does not work does not protect you from getting the virus or passing it on.

Shawn Batche (Lake Orion , 2022-02-13)


I believe that no person should be forced to get a vaccine against their free. The school system is forcing them to do this by holding their education hostage. I believe by doing this the school system must be held accountable for any harm that they have caused to the students both physical and psychological. If we allow this forcing of an emergency use drug without having years of data showing it’s side effects than we are opening a door to not having a choice of what goes in our bodies. My body my choice!

Terry Wagner ( Nottingham, 2022-02-24)


The mandates are illegal, unnecessary and will prevent my children from going to these schools.

Lynn Katen (Forest Hill, 2022-03-01)


The vaccine booster mandated by UMD put my son in the hospital with myocarditis. I do not want him to receive another vaccine in order to attend UMD.

Stephanie Dellamura (Walkersville, MD, 2022-03-09)


I’m signing this because I want to enjoy going to school again. I have not enjoyed one day at school because I am always on edge with this mask mandate. I am more focused on making sure I am complying than focusing on my studies.

Alexandrea Brooks (Baltimore, 2022-03-13)


I’m signing because my incoming freshman daughter is 2 dose vaccinated and has had Covid, and the risks to take a 3rd vaccination or any future boosters to remain “up to date” per CDC puts my daughter’s long-term health at risk for no clinical benefit. My daughter would have chosen another college had she not already declined other admissions to out of state schools with no booster mandate.

S F (Eldersburg, 2022-05-09)


UM College Park must lift its booster mandate NOW!!!

Shannon Ballard (Davidsonville, 2022-09-09)

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