Let there be light in Ettalong



Safely is important for everyone. Lights will ensure that we have enough light to enjoy the area longer into the night.

Shery Stinton (NSW, 2021-07-25)


I believe that it would enhance the area and be safer

Catherine Diener (Seven Hills , 2021-07-25)


A good and safe way to improve the utilities of the area.

David Abrahams (Killcare, 2021-07-25)


I strongly support the lighting up of Ettalong
foreshore for safety, security and appealing ambience.

Kerrie Pochroj (Ettalong Beach, 2021-07-25)


It would definately enhance the foreshore and make the area usable after dark.

Allan Nash (BLACKWALL, 2021-07-25)


Ettalong has very little lighting. It would make such a difference, especially for older people and singles if there was a safe, well lit area for walking at night and early mornings, especially in the warmer weather.

Valerie Lawrence (Ettalong Beach , 2021-07-25)


It’s a great idea. And the council do nothing but put up unwanted high rise

Annette Lutze (Ettalong Beach , 2021-07-25)


I would love Ettalong to shine

Belinda Foy (Ettalong Beach, 2021-07-25)


I live locally and can see the need

Norma Cooper (Woy Woy, 2021-07-25)


I think it is a great idea people will feel safer when going for a walk after dark.

Bronwyn Maurer (Kariong , 2021-07-25)


It’s important for safety

Melanie Spencer (Ettalong, 2021-07-25)


I'm signing because I think this is a brilliant idea. The benefits of putting this into operation FAR OUTWEIGH the installation costs. Sue Johnson



I like the idea and think it is positive move and also would provide a safer feeling at night and encourage visitors and locals alike to be out and about after dark if desired.

Elayne Warwick (Ettalong Beach, 2021-07-26)


It really does need lighting

Robert Irons (POINT CLARE, 2021-07-26)


Because I live here and for safety

Jenni Grima (Ettalong Beach , 2021-07-26)


Would be wonderful to have lit up.

Sarah Billington (Concord, 2021-07-27)


I have a small business at the ferry Rd wharf and I do agree that the area from ferry to the diggers is beautiful and deserves an upgrade considering there are lots of people using ferry and foreshore.

Lanie Giles (Daleys Point, 2021-07-27)


This area is very dark & needs some lighting for walkers to feel safe at dusk.

Denise Hamilton (Ettalong , 2021-07-28)


I love this area

Paula Walsh (Blackwall, 2021-07-28)


It’s not safe to walk along the foreshore at night, millions was spent upgrading the area and it can’t be used to it’s full potential

Ashlee Simpson (Umina Beach, 2021-07-29)


I like to visit Ettalong and walk along the beach front. I'm in favour of improvements. There should also be drinking water taps available there.

Judyth Roberts (Tascott, 2021-07-30)


I am a resident in Umina and agree with this amenity and safety lighting for our whole community.

Linden Reid (Umina , 2021-07-30)


I’d like everyone to feel safer at night

Lisa Harris (Umina Beach , 2021-07-30)


As a frequent dog walker along the Ettalong Beach Esplanade i would feel safer if area was better lit. Often i feel that black spots can make one vunerable.

Kay Lehmann (Ettalong Beach , 2021-07-30)


I love Ettalong

Brett Mason (Nsw, 2021-07-30)


Safety first.

Chantel beetham (Umina , 2021-07-30)


I’d love to use the area after dark. It’s such a beautiful part of the coast ❤️

Maree Eade (Empire Bay, 2021-07-31)


I love walking along the waterfront

Sandra Chamberlain (Umina Beach, 2021-07-31)


It’s a great idea

Karen Dyga (Kincumber, 2021-07-31)


We walk of a night and it is very dark

Tracie Malcolm (Ettalong Beach, 2021-07-31)


This is a fabulous idea!

Amy Bruce (ETTALONG, 2021-08-01)


I'm a regular visitor to the area and love walking along the foreshore. Coming on to Summer it is a boon to be able to do this in the evening.

Sandy Cee (Liverpool, 2021-08-01)


It's dark at night & it will be much safer wuth lighting

Robyn Fagan (Woy Woy, 2021-08-01)


This is a great idea & love the use of Solar. Win Win🙂👍🤞

Jillian Scealy (Gosford, 2021-08-01)


Better to prevent problems, than fix them.

Tayla Horder (Umina Beach, 2021-08-01)


To make the foreshore safer for our community

Rodney Fagan (Ettalong Beach, 2021-08-02)


The Ettalong community feels the area around the foreshore is very poorly lit. This makes it very unsafe for the community members and visitors to return to cars or enjoy the area etc at night.

Robert James (Tamborine Mt, 2021-08-02)


It’s a worthwhile cause and the argument is about safety.

Vivienne Johnson (Woy Woy, 2021-08-03)


I love Ettalong.

Dianne Zappavigna (BLACKWALL, 2021-08-05)


I love this area

Mike Walsh (Blackwall, 2021-08-05)


Ettalong is our backyard and want is safe and happy

Juliette Bahadourian (Ettalong, 2021-08-06)


Because im a local and it would be a much safer place at night

Mark Fraser (Ettalong, 2021-08-10)


It doesn't feel safe with such minimal lighting.

Carole Andrews (Woy Woy , 2021-08-11)


I am a resident of Ettalong and frequent the foreshore and waterfront and would Love to see it lit up!

Lyds Mcmahon (Blackwall, 2021-08-12)


Ettalong foreshore is very poorly lit at night

Joanne Coulton (Booker Bay, 2021-08-12)


I believe there should be lighting for safety & also to make this area attractive

Leonie Francke (Umina Beach, 2021-08-20)


What a wonderful way to enhance the foreshore

Melanie Smith (Ettalong , 2021-08-24)


These lights are essential for safety.

Carol Rippon (Ettalong Beach, 2021-08-24)


I think it’s a very popular space and it would not only look great but definitely make it safer!

Emma Brown (Woy Woy Bay, 2021-08-24)


Let there be light!

Mark Big Daddy (Ettalong Beach, 2021-08-27)


This is a very important issue. Ettalong Beach is getting busier with new Residential Buildings and more Tourist Accommodation being built. The safety of everyone is paramount!

Kerie Howlett (Umina Beach, 2021-08-30)


Strongly agree that the footpath along Ettalong should have better lighting for evening walking.

Carolyn Krone (Ettalong Beach, 2021-09-19)


I'd like to be able to have evening strolls along the foreshore safely

Leanne O'Brien (Phegans Bay, 2021-09-20)


I am signing this petition because I think is would be a good idea to provide more lighting to the foreshore around Ettalong, NSW as would be to many similar site. Solar power is a wonderful and cheap.

Marie Ruperez (NSW, 2021-10-04)


This area could feel much safer for everyone and enable better use of the foreshore for the community.

Christine Iolini (Daleys Point, 2022-06-17)


I regularly walk between The Box and Ettalong Point at night and would love to be able to see where I am going at night

Julie paratore (Ettalong beach, 2022-06-23)


Dangerous walk at nite triped along path due no lights worst council for in the world

Bradley Clarke (Ettalong, 2022-06-23)


I would love to feel safe enough to walk with my daughter and dog when I finish work.

Amy Bruce (Ettalong Beach, 2022-06-23)


Environmental friendly solar lights would make the area safer and help save ongoing costs too.
The cost to the council could be easily reaped through improving faith in the council as well as more business

Harmeet Hora (Ettalong Beach , 2022-06-24)


Just a really good idea

David Abrahams (KILLCARE, 2022-06-24)


I frequently walk along Ettalong foreshore and would like to do so after dusk, especially in summer

Terry Collins (Blackwall, 2022-06-25)


Ettalong foreshore deserves to be beautiful. It's beautiful by day and should be beautiful by night. Enhancing the area with lights not only for safety reasons. It makes sense. It's gathering many tourists and new residents so let's add pride the the area.

Simpson Cathy (Umina, 2022-06-25)


I would love to go for walks along this foreshore especially in the warmer months. I don't because it is really dark without lighting

Carol-Anne Stewart (Ettalong Beach , 2022-06-28)


Because it will make people feel safer with petrol prices being so much and electric prices as well

Tina Mantoufeh (Darwin City, 2022-06-28)


As a resident of Ettalong Beach, I support any and all measures that will make the community safer and allow extra hours of enjoyment along the foreshore

Sharyn Ford (Ettalong Beach, 2022-06-28)


I’m signing because a) fairy lights are cheap b) they look nice c) they cheat up the place at night!!

Moray Robertson (Wagstaffe , 2022-06-29)


I love Ettalong Beach and want to feel safe and also it will make the walkway more enjoyable to use it after dark.

Johanna Reygersberg (Woy Woy, 2022-06-29)


We are so lucky to have the natural beauty and pavements along Ettalong foreshore. It seems such a waste to lose this space at night without any lights. In general it’s almost impossible to find anywhere on the southern end of the coast to walk safely at night, except Terrigal foreshore and the major roads. Surely we can do better than to force those who want to exercise after dark/hours into a gym. Lighting in more areas would make the most of what the coast has to offer.

Victoria Vu (Point Clare, 2022-07-10)

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