Cell Service for Bay D’Espoir Highway



I think this is an essential service

Rosanne Hoskins (St.Alban’s , 2021-07-27)


This is the last straw. Cell service needs to be put there especially after this happened. No it's because it's not at.johns places like that. Get with the times.

Jason Organ (Harbour Breton, 2021-07-27)


I think the cell service is well needed in this area. There is no reason why that this can’t happen.

Shelly Lawrence (English harbour west, 2021-07-27)


Cell service will be a asset in our area

Shawna Patricia (Harbour Breton , 2021-07-27)


My husband is from the south coast and we travel that highway frequently.
In this day and age nowhere in NL should have to be without cell service, no matter what the population density.
Also, many people travel the area, who do not actually live there!

Linda Hardiman (Gander, 2021-07-27)


This is a serious concern for everyone in the Coast Of Bays region who has to travel over this highway. With the cut backs on snow clearing hours during the winter season adds to the extra fear off dangerous driving but no reception available if help is needed is just not acceptable.

Cindy Cox (St. Albans, 2021-07-27)


Cell phone service is needed around this area ASAP !!

Cassandra Poole (Belleoram, 2021-07-27)


We travel the highway a lot and i worry about needing to use the phone and having no service.

Nancy Snook (Harbour Breton, 2021-07-27)


I’m signing because this is a very important matter that should be on our highways, due to emergency’s and other reasons.

chanelle drake (Harbour Breton, 2021-07-27)


I’m signing because I travel on the highway a lot and it is dangerous without service incase something serious happened.

Brooke Stoodley (Harbour Breton, 2021-07-27)


because there should be service on this highway. it isn’t a good road to travel on and if there is a accident there is no way to call cause of the no service

brittany stoodley (harbour breton , 2021-07-27)


Definitely unsafe to drive that hwy we need cell service

Tammy Gagne (Milltown , 2021-07-27)


I think this is much needed

Samuel Hunt (Harbour Breton , 2021-07-27)


I travel that highway a lot for doctors appointments and my Husband travels for work it can be a dangerous highway especially the winter time we need better cell service it could save someone’s life

Jill Wells (Sandyville , 2021-07-27)


I frequently use the Bay D’Espoir highway

Andy Baker (Rencontre East, 2021-07-27)


BDH needs service to inform about accidents

Cameron Strowbridge (Harbour Breton , 2021-07-27)


My elderly parents live in St. Albans and have to travel across the highway and need ways to access emergency services if need be

Donna Parkinson (Oshawa , 2021-07-27)


I am originally from the area and I fear when my family travel that road and also when I travel the road. There is no cell service to contact anyone if an emergency.

Christopher Taylor (Clarenville , 2021-07-27)


The service right now on the Bay D’Espoir Highway is non existent.

Libby Organ (St.Alban’s , 2021-07-27)


We need cell service on bay despoir highway

Leanne Thornhill (Harbour Breton , 2021-07-27)


I'm from hermitage and my family visits often. I have had family and friends get in accidents and nearly die due to the lack of cell service.

Jamie Poole (Spruce grove, 2021-07-27)


My family lives in the area.

Pam McDonald (Dartmouth, 2021-07-27)


I’m signing because I travel that road every day for work and have had few medical situations where. Cell phone service was needed and not available

Chris Cobb (St albans, 2021-07-27)


With my health condition I travel that road a lot we need better cell service.. it can be a dangerous highway..

Norma Loveless (Seal Cove FB, 2021-07-27)


Me and my wife travel that road a lot for appointments.. winter time can be very bad especially with the cut backs on the highway crew and they are finished there shift for the day..

Roderick Loveless (Seal Cove FB, 2021-07-27)


It would help contact people when there are accidents.

Cassie Cumby (Belleoram , 2021-07-27)


We need the service there not good enough

Erin Collier (St Albans, 2021-07-27)


We really need better cell service in our area

Keisha Savoury (Belleoram, 2021-07-27)


Cell service is not a luxury but a necessity when crossing that highway.

Natasia Hoskins (St. Alban’s, 2021-07-27)


It’s 2021 and cellular connections are NOT just a form of convenience. They’re a lifeline.

Amy Negrijn (Saint Alban's, 2021-07-27)


I would never want to be in the situation where i'm stuck on the highway because my car broke down and or in a accident with no way for reaching anyone for help/ambulance. no one should have to go through this

Maddy Organ (St. Albans , 2021-07-27)


I am a resident of the coast of bays and think it’s about time for there to be cell service on our highway.

Vanessa Fudge (Hermitage, 2021-07-27)


I’m signing because we need some kind of way to contact emergency services oh this highway because it is a bad road to be driving on in the best conditions

Shannon Blagdon (Coomb’s cove, 2021-07-27)


It is well needed will all the accidents!!!!!!!

Siobhon Dawe (Milltown, 2021-07-27)


My husband and I travel this road 2 to 3 times a year

Tracey Martin (St. John's , 2021-07-27)


Bay d’espoir highway needs cell service!!

Lyndsay Organ (St. Albans, 2021-07-27)


These multi billion dollar companies in an electronic focused world should be impelled to construct cell towers everywhere- there should be no such thing as no service- customers deserve better!! Safety is imperative

Krista Curtis (Brown’s Arm , 2021-07-27)


i agree that cell service should be along that highway. last year my dad picked up someone who fell asleep while driving and had no cell service.

Jessie Wicks (gander , 2021-07-27)


I’m signing because I drive this highway twice every week and it is needed ! It dangerous to not be able to contact someone if In Danger

Jessica Waddleton (St.Albans, 2021-07-27)


My parents and grandparents are residents of bay d espoir

Olivia Hutchings (Conception Bay South, 2021-07-27)


It is important for my life.

Thomas Kendell (Grand Falls-Windsor, 2021-07-27)


Regina Jeddore

Regina Jeddore (R, 2021-07-27)


Frequently drive this highway.

Karen Douglas (Harbour Breton, 2021-07-27)


We need cell service

Erica Organ (St. Alban’s, 2021-07-27)


Want better cell service.

Theresa Organ (St. Albans, 2021-07-27)


I’m signing because it’s not safe on the Bay D’Espoir highway without any cell

Trina Russell (St.John’s, 2021-07-27)

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