VOTE NO to Tanner Hall Planned Development District (PDD)



Our community does not need additional apartments added to what are already crowded streets and schools. The small town feel of Hanahan is rapidly vanishing and close to 400 add’l rental units built by out of state developers will further erode the city.

Tone Holmen (Hanahan, )


Additional building is unrealistic in this already over crowded area.

JOANNE DEW (Hanahan, )


I oppose the planned tanner hall planned development. I do not want more apartment homes to be developed in my back yard.

Dave Shah (Hanahan, )


I am against the proposed plan. I’m unable to tend to the meeting due to child care reasons.

Brittany DeLucia (Hanahan, )


Building an apartment complex next to the highest valued homes in the area will devalue this particular Hannah area.
Hanahan home prices have been improving and this will be a HUGE devaluation of one of the nicest neighborhoods.

Michael Smith (Hanahan, )


Another apartment building is the last thing our community would like to see. It’s not a surprise we are targeted for such a venture because we have such a beautiful city and neighborhood. Exploiting this beauty with something like an apartment complex is an obvious cash grab by someone without interest in improving the area.

Robert Carlisle (Hanahan, )


I want my son to have an opportunity to learn and grow in a community and not be swallowed by over crowding!

Shelby Ball (Hanahan , )


I agree with the above stated concerns.

Tananda Mariano (Hanahan, )


I live in Tanner Hall and my husband and I would have never purchased a house in this private community knowing I’d have to drive to through an apartment complex to get to my home. We live the scenic drive in and the dense forest. It provides a noise barrier from the traffic on North Rhett. We have young children and prefer for them to grow up in a small safe neighborhood which is what we thought we were getting.

Sarah McLeod (Hanahan, )


I oppose the building of these multi family units on Tanner Blvd.

Marie Pohlman (Hanahan, )


I am signing as a property owner in the Estuary. This proposal will cause even more traffic and overcrowding of our schools. Please consider using this location for a beautiful green space to provide our local children the safe space to have fun!

We chose Tanner Plantation as the area to set our roots due to the small town atmosphere it provided. We did not chose another area because we want our child to grow up with a name, not a number.

Amber Smith (Hanahan , )


Please reject this !! Keep Tanner Plantation tight knit and safe !

Brian Harris (Hanahan, )


This development will cause a strain to the current infrastructure and reduce the quality of life to the surrounding neighborhoods. We encourage our elected officials to vote no and not approve this mega housing project.

David Thigpen (Hanahan, )


I think Hanahan does have room for more improvement but we need more retail space in Tanner, not apartments.

Riley Montoney (Hanahan, )


Do not want overcrowding of our schools or more traffic in the area

Kristi Hutto (Hanahan , )


I’m signing because of all of the aforementioned reasons. In addition, this application should be rejected due to part F Section 4.7.1 in the general provisions for planned developments “ The proposal shall not negatively alter the existing prevailing character of an adjacent neighborhood or district by initiating a high concentration of intense uses, a high volume of heavy truck traffic, a scale of the development that dwarfs neighboring properties or disrupts community aesthetics, or degradation and loss of natural resources in and adjacent to the city.”

Brittany Woodby (Hanahan , )


I feel that adding more housing to an already over packed location will only endanger our children and make the foot traffic too unbearable. Additionally, this small area does not have enough facilities (roads, parking, grocery stores, community centers, etc.) to support such a large renovation which would undoubtedly bring too many people. It would become an unnecessary hazard. Utilizing this valuable land to develop more community focused agendas would be in the best interest of the current residents and the town hall. Educational centers, local businesses, and/or parks would improve property values in Hanahan and, therefore, benefit our community by keeping revenue circulating within Berkley County. Instead, I fear that this apartment complex will only line the pockets of an out-of-state, third party company who does not have any interest in preserving the beauty of our town which would be a huge disservice to Berkley County.

Katelin Quigley (Hanahan, )


This will directly impact my family and lifestyle

Kristin Geesey (Hanahan , )


I agree, this is a bad idea building more apartments. I strongly oppose this. 👎

Gaither R Moore

Gaither Moore (Hanahan, )


I live in Tanner Hall and don’t want to be surrounded on all sides by apartment buildings. I have worked at overcrowded schools and don’t want that for our kids.

Angel Leitner (Hanahan, )


I oppose the rezoning!

Timothy Crowley (Hanahan, )


It is an awful idea because it will make Tanner even more crowded than it already is, negatively affect traffic in the area and will overpopulate the school system. We DO NOT need any more apartments or communities near Tanner in Hanahan.

James Hitchings (Hanahan, )


I disagree with the re-zoning request to multi-family.

Anna Daniel (Hanahan, )


I live in this affected community in Tanner. Please don’t turn my home into an overcrowded and unpleasant place to live. Please keep the beautiful greenery and peace that we chose when we chose to move and buy a house a here.

Sean Michael (Hanahan, )


Building more condos/apartments are overcrowding hanahan and it ruins what makes hanahan so great and sought after.

Megan Wade-Havird (Hanahan, )


I do not want an apartment built there

Miranda Guittar (Hanahan, )


Traffic is too heavy already. We don’t need “more”. Schools will become overcrowded AGAIN!!!

Jodie Legg (Hanahan, )


Overcrowd the small community and it’s resources. Change Hanahan’s reputation and strength as a residential community. Additional traffic risk.

Justin Clark (Hanahan , )


There are more than enough apartments currently available. This area of Hanahan's homes and families would be detrimentally impacted by adding 400 more apartments and just as many cars to the local roadways.

Samuel Dabbs (Hanahan, )


I agree with the above information

roel Mariano (Hanahan, )


I built here in 2006. We are overbought. It's a safety issue.

Shelley Berman (Hanahan, )


I'm signing because this will wreck the serenity of the tanner hall neighborhood.

Jeremy Harris (Hanahan, )


I am a resident of Tanner Hall. I do not want to see apartments at the entrance of my neighborhood. This would increase traffic that is already too heavy at that main intersection. It would increase traffic and noise in Tanner Hall. It would detract from the beauty and quality of life that my neighborhood provides. It would also lower my property value. I built a home in Tanner Hall because of the low density of homes, abundance of green space and mature trees, and the peacefulness of the community. The price tag on this home was very high! Please don't ruin my home by filling the area with more cement and cars. Tanner Plantation has become crowded and congested enough with the addition of Bowen Apartments. We do not need any more. Please consider the needs of Hanahan citizens and Tanner Hall residents above those of the developers who are only trying to make big money. Thank you for your consideration.

Jennifer Prewitt (HANAHAN, )


Hanahan does not need 400 more apartments. We have destroyed enough wooded areas. Please let this one be.

Jaime Morris (Hanahan , )



Hubert Gibbs (Hanahan , )


Overcrowding and reduced property values only enrichen the owners of the apartment complexs and hurt all the current owners who bought their property in Tanner Plantation to improve the quality of their lives. Please reject these proposals.

Dave McAllister (Hanahan, )


Tanner Plantation is too overcrowded currently.

Courtney Humbert (Hanahan, )


Am voting NO to the development . BAD for our communty and too over crowding

Katie Windmueller (Hanhan, )


We cannot handle this additional number of apartments/condos on the already crowded roads in Tanner Plantation area!

Jennifer Gossett (Hanahan, )


I live in Tanner Plantation and the last thing we need is more over crowding.

Christina Griffin (Hanahan, )


We don’t need any additional multi-family housing in Tanner, or Hanahan! The traffic and schools are already strained with the current population. It would impact our area negatively and we are strongly opposed to any additional apartment/multi family developments in this area.

Starla McGorty (Hanahan, )


There are too many multi-family units in this very small, tight area already! The traffic is bad and would only get worse! I say: NO!!

Claudia Rushton (Hanahan, )


I live in Hanahan and have seen how much growth has occurred in the last 12 years. I'd prefer no more apartments in the area, as traffic has already increased substantially.

Mary Bosby (Hanahan , )


Because I do not want the apartment complex developed

Josh Smith (Hanahan , )


I oppose more apartments in our neighborhood.

Donna Koon (Hanahan, )


We need Retail space and no more apartments in this section of Hanahan. Traffic is already bad with the apartments that are already here.

Juanita Perry (Hanahan , )


Wise utilization of our local infrastructure is key to healthy Hanahan neighborhoods. At times we have to say no to big developers.

Victor Koon (Hanahan, )


This land is directly behind our home, and we have seen and do see eagles and their nests in these trees, are they not still a protected species?

Tamra Tossey (Hanahan, )


I’m signing because I picked tanner plantation for the relaxed and suburban atmosphere. Apartments will ruin our home values and flood the neighborhoods with more people and cars!

Nathan Joseph (Hanahan, )


No. Take your greed elsewhere and dont ruin our way of life.

Joshua Hunt (Hanahan, )

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