Stop The Vaccine Passport




Nicola Edghill (Christchurch, 2021-11-29)


Mandating experimental injections promoted as vaccines is against human rights of body sovereignty.

Maureen Dick (Blackfalds , 2021-12-04)


The vaccine passport is a assault on human rights.

Thea Martens (Mill Bay, 2021-12-05)


This is absolutely unethical. We cannot go backwards in time!

Jamie Misener (Medicine hat, 2021-12-08)


I am a born Canadian citizen and I am Pro- CHOICE.

Candice A Weber (Brampton, 2021-12-09)


Mandates are ineffective for preventing transmission, and they are terribly immoral.

Kevin Philip (Regina , 2021-12-09)


This is a sick repeating of history and our constitution protects us from this tyranny.

Mariah Gaw (Pritchard , 2021-12-11)


This is all too ridiculous!!!

Frank De Carolis (Toronto, 2021-12-11)


We are at war. History is repeating itself.

Laurie Lutyk (McDougall, 2021-12-11)


The experimental gene modification drugs have proven themselves to be ineffective in preventing infection and transmission of the Covid virus. These drugs have produced more serious side effects than all the other vaccines in the history of vaccination combined. To mandate such dangerous drugs which are largely ineffective against a disease with a 99.74% survival rate is unconscionable, and a violation of human rights.

Dieter Fruehwirth (Barrie, 2021-12-11)


I am signing because I have seen clear evidence that the vaccine is not safe or effective and therefore vaccine passports are a criminal measure against the population.

Nick Parker (Gisborne, 2021-12-11)


This is fiscally destroying canada they are using this for an excuse for communism racism and total control

Mich Distasi (Huntsville, 2021-12-11)


We are part of the 21st century. Human beings must be given a choice to decide for themselves.

Gregory Klaas (Sunnyside Pretoria, 2021-12-12)


This vaxx pass must be stopped

Sher Welker (Kitchener, 2021-12-13)


Stop vaccine trial passports

Simpiwe Mrwarwaza (Colesberg , 2021-12-13)


I am fed up with justin and his criminal party also, the rest of them taking science to make it into political science in using us as test subjects to profit from including, the children.

By trying hard in breaking the constitution, bill of rights, criminal code, privacy act, freedom of movement, bill s-201 non genetic discremination act, immunization act, wrongful dismisal, child act, parental consent, etc by these illegal and unconstituional mandates. This can not be tolerated any longer it has gone on to long as it is already. We own the country in they work for us in our God Given rights not we work for them. Time to put the law at full force showing no govt, pharma or big tech is not above the law of the land also, above God's Law.

Paul Margani (Brampton, 2021-12-14)


I’m signing this because vaccine passports are infringing our human rights ! No consent

Ian Jones (Godstone, 2021-12-14)


My kids need a free future

Adam Saint (Essex , 2021-12-14)


This is the downhill slide into totalitarianism. Anybody who disagrees has got their head so far up the main stream media's arse that the hypoxia has starved their brain of oxygen and ability to think.

Adam Phillips (Williams Lake, 2021-12-15)


Stop vaccine passport

Nosiphe Gomo (Capetown, 2021-12-15)


Our civil liberties and bodily autonomy have been and are being violated and taken away by the conspirators and perpetrators behind the bio-warfare also known as Covid-19. Through manipulation, lies, misinformation, threats, coercion, silencing, firing, censoring, destroying small businesses, vaccine passports, injuring and killing people, the perpetrators (governments, big pharma, the vaccine cartel, the "health" industrial complex, big tech, big media, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates et al.) have made billions of dollars in their quest to obtain global control and power. These people and organizations have committed crimes against humanity and MUST be held accountable and punished to the extent of but not limited to The 1947 Nuremberg Code, The 1964 Declaration of Helsinki, The 1967 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and The 1975 Biological Weapons Convention Treaty.

Marisa Herrera (Duncan, 2021-12-16)


The vaccines are experimental, shown to be dangerous.

Sandra Millott (Victoria, 2021-12-16)


Vaccinie passports are an invasion of a person privacy and is a device that divides society and is discriminatory at its worst.

Donna McCallum (Spruce Grove, 2021-12-17)


There are effective, safe, medications and early treatment available that will save lives and the Canadian health authorities and government are censoring this information! The “vaccines” are killing people or they are doing long term damage, the efficacy is leaky and it is not safe! Stop this shot NOW!!!

A Lazzarotto (Delta, 2021-12-17)


I'm signing it because I'm against the vaccine passport in Canada

Maria Kurek (l5a 3b1, 2021-12-17)


I'm signing because its criminal for governments to trample our human rights and stifle our freedoms by forcing people to adhere to mandates and take an experimental drug. The 1947 Nuremberg Code, the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki
and the 1967 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ensured our protection against unethical measures and must be enforced to hold those responsible for these crimes against humanity.

RG Malone (LaHave, 2021-12-17)


I believe in freedom and personal rights. The vaccines are not proven and not well researched. There have been many deaths from the vaccine and injuries. No one should be required to take a forced vaccine and no vaccine should be mandatory. Therefore there should be no vaccine passport ever!

Traci O'Sullivan (vancouver, 2021-12-17)


In spite of not being a Canadian natitonal, I am signing this petition in solidarity of my fellow free peoples of this world, if we do not fight this tyranny not only where we live but everywhere and stand together as the free humans we are, if this is allowed to take root anywhere in the world, history shows it will eventually rear its ugly head in our direction if we don't stamp it out. Canadians, you are in my thoughts and prayers and you are not alone.

David Savage (Grants Pass, 2021-12-19)


I would like my freedom back. I have natural immunity. I do not need a vaccine.

Deborah Nieblas (Regina, 2021-12-20)


Vaccine passports are an unwarranted overreach of government into the citizens' health. Unprecedented and probably criminal.

Allan Manchester (Timmins, 2021-12-23)


There is nothing scientific about a vaccine passport. Stop it now!

Jean Hachey (DIEPPE, 2021-12-24)


REJECT TYRANNY and the covid gods.

Lea Williams (Durban, 2021-12-24)


We in Canada have abandoned the Rule of Law.
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms must be adhered to.

Ken Jones (Calgary , 2021-12-24)



Christiane Garczarek (Toronto, 2021-12-24)


It’s unethical to ask someone for their medical history.

Kelly King (Chicago, 2021-12-24)


This is all bullshit

Clinton Fothergill (The pas, 2021-12-25)


I'm signing this petition because these "passports" are an infringement on our personal freedoms and need to be abolished.

Tony Davis (Nanaimo, 2021-12-25)


I dont agree with a two tiered society. A segregated society. This is wrong.

Carmen Sarnecki (Devon, 2021-12-25)


What a farce!!!

Frank Pluta (Nanaimo, 2021-12-25)


It is purely violation of the constitution to mandate vaccines

Asanda Dubula (Cape Town, 2021-12-25)


I have the monoclonal antibodies from Regeneron in my system therefore I have no use of a vaccine passport since I have natural immunity, I'm also a veteran of the US Navy so I took the Oath to protect & defend the Constitution of the United States, such a vaccine passport is a violation of the Nuremberg Code

Dianna Pryor (Aliso Viejo, 2021-12-27)


Vax passports are discrimination.

Ginette Callaway (Jonesboro, 2021-12-27)


i am signing this because we have a right to our own body. my body my choice! Here in canada we have fought for the right to our own body! I support medical freedom!

Christie Baker (Parksville, 2021-12-30)


Freedom of choice

Paula Miles (Parksville , 2021-12-30)


Vaccine mandates and Vaccine passports are discriminatory and a huge violation of human rights, charter rights and arguably the Criminal Code. (a forced vaccine is an assault - and with the possible severe side effects of these injections, I believe it can constitute aggravated assault or even negligence causing death)

Mark Foreman (Bruce Mines, 2021-12-31)


Because it is illegal and very morally wrong

Tina Tina Murray (Shedaic Cape, 2022-02-04)


The ingredients and potential side effects on the vaccines is being withheld so until that info is fully available as it is with any other medicine then I do not comply.

Luke Fielding (Edmonton, 2022-02-08)


I am signing because I would rather die from Divine/Natural cause than from human error/intention.

Nicole Leblanc (Gabriola Island, 2022-02-08)


Signing because there needs to be an end to this madness!

Candi McKee (Sorrento, 2022-02-08)


I’m signing this petition because I oppose mandates - vaccination, testing, masks.
Enough of the government control!

Valentina Neykova (Kelowna, 2022-02-08)


I stand for freedom of choice

Ron Ketchum (Barrhead , 2022-02-08)


I'm embarrassed by the Prime Sinister, Fidel True-Dope, and his mealy mouthed insults against Canadians.

The government of Canada lied, coerced people, committed fraud and bribery to force experimental poisons with no informed consent, which science has proven are not just complete failures, but the vaxes have negative efficacy (i.e. they are disabling and killing people.

The Federal and Provincial governments of Canada and Municipalities are guilty of vile malfeasance, premeditated murders and crimes against humanity.

Furthermore, government overreach is far beyond the illegal acts against the Constitution and people of Canada.

These evil governments simply must go !

Mark Benkovic (Waterloo, 2022-02-08)


It's totally contrary to our Charter Rights

Ellen Davis (Nanaimo, 2022-02-08)



John Mingolla (Montreal, 2022-02-08)


I do not believe in the vaccine mandate. I believe in informed consent and I am informed and I do not consent.

Thomas Lee (Burnaby, 2022-02-08)


I need to get utta my home more.& have a Lunch at a Local Pub

Ray Chumko (Maple Ridge, 2022-02-08)


I want Canada to be free again. So tired of being a divided country!

Kim Gordon (Grand Forks, 2022-02-08)


The vaccine passport is against our humanity rights! Discriminates against those who do not want the vaccine for personal reasons, restricting their freedoms to participate in society and to travel!
This is Canada not North Korea or China !

Georgina Anderson (Sechelt , 2022-02-09)


It is bring more harm then good

Andrei Kachkov (Vaughan , 2022-02-09)


I am against any digital
ID passports

Mike Engli (Kamloops, 2022-02-09)


I want my Freedom back! No more mandates

Julie Sabourin (Bourget, 2022-02-09)


For freedom. But not just freedom for myself, for my future kids and their childhood

Ashley Dorozan (Surrey, 2022-02-10)


Because asking people to provide papers to access businesses and other publicly open areas is discrimination and our government representatives are not representing the full number of Canadians only a partial amount

Shenda Bourne (Smiths Falls, 2022-02-10)


I want my freedom back!!

Anna Mccarrick (Vancouver , 2022-02-10)


It's dividing Canadians and it's medical discrimination

Sandra Froese (Coquitlam , 2022-02-17)


pour nos enfants qui respire tres mal donne penser negative perte de consentration leur systeme humilitaire est tres bon la science pousse trop .ont pique sans savoir aucun resultat ont peut gere nous meme c est pour cela je ditpas besoin pasport vaccinal et code QR MERCI PASSE MON TOUR

jean loiselle (daveluyville, 2022-02-24)


Save America!

Jeffrey Rose (Apple Valley , 2022-05-13)


I’m against vax mandates

Linda Dear (Los Angeles , 2022-05-17)

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