Stop The Vaccine Passport



Vaccines usually provide the human body with immunity to a specific infectious agent, but I heard that this vaccine reduces the immune effect that the human body already has. You should never give yourself such an incomprehensible injection with a different purpose.

Yuko Kobayashi (Mississauga, 2021-08-04)


I'm signing this petition, because this Covid jab (it's not a vaccine) is killing and maiming people all over the world and needs to be stopped immediately!

Marion Hoerberg (Courtenay, 2021-08-04)


I believe that everyone is free by their God given rights

Bernice Ferguson (Hamilton, 2021-08-04)


I believe each person has a right to informed consent and what choices they make for their health and well-being.

B G (Thornhill, 2021-08-04)


Canada was a free country the last time I looked - freedom of choice is paramount

Anne Soppelsa (Cambridge, 2021-08-04)


It’s totally against our rights and we shouldn’t have to sign anything to protect our freedoms. We are free people.

Georgina McGuire (Langley , 2021-08-04)


I am against the injection, and the "vaccine" passport. It's not a vaccine. This is a weapon.

Adele Stanford (Cumberland , 2021-08-04)


This is medical tyranny. Only a third world banana republic could impose medical rules for a virus that is less deadly than lung cancer.

Patrick Labelle (Sherbrooke, 2021-08-04)


Vaccine passports are WRONG. And against our charter of rights and freedoms!

Joslyn Wiskin (Kingston, 2021-08-04)


I'm signing because this vaccination passport or paper to prove vaccination is another step towards communism. It is right up there with Hitler's Nazi Regime during WW2 requiring Jewish people to carry papers with them with their ID.
Getting any foreign chemicals injected into ones body is a choice and should not be forced or black mail used to push people to get injected with mRNA experimental mixture. This is NOT a true vaccine. It is an experimental mRNA injection. It is forcing people to be injected with something that has the potential to kill them or make them sick.
That is just morally and legally wrong.

Byron Miller (Bible Hill, 2021-08-04)



Human rights cannot be trampled upon for any reason. Medical tyranny is reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s - a totalitarian regime in the making. We should not be tracked, and our Human Rights Code protect our freedom of speech, mobility, and ability to associate.



Zoe Alexandra (Toronto, 2021-08-04)


I am against this control of my freedom to choose what medical items I take into my body so I can still be a part of the community. It goes against the Nuremberg Code that Canada agreed to that we will not be coeced into any medical treatment. Also The current Vax seems to be not very effective as there are such a high number of break though cases, so the germ gets through to all anyway, so why have a passport!

Pat Cruickshank (Abbotsford, 2021-08-04)


I think this is unthinkable. Who has the right to put pressure on people to take an experimental gene therapy that gives people Guillaume Barré and Blood Clots? This is illogical and ill informed.

Julie Archambault (Vancouver, 2021-08-04)


I don’t want my kids vaccinated with this poison!

Debbie Cordeiro (Brampton, 2021-08-04)


We cannot allow the world to be divided into 2 groups. That is absolute discrimination on every level. This inoculation is NOT a vaccine but a DNA changing protocol that has NOT been studied nearly enough, nor can it be reversed. We don't know what the future ramifications will be. All this for an unproven "virus" that has never been isolated in a lab and it has a 99.97% survival rate for most healthy people.

Lori McNeil (Duncan, 2021-08-04)


it is unlawful and discriminatory in Democracy!

alena bhatnagar (Cornwall, 2021-08-04)


My body My decision

Shawn Brown (Kamloops , 2021-08-04)


It infringes on my rights to medical confidentially as well as basic human rights and freedom of thought

David Campbell (Calgary, 2021-08-04)


99.95% survival rate!
Against the CCRA

Pamela Blaikie (Amherstview , 2021-08-04)


It’s a step in the wrong direction. A huge division will be pushed on society. Everyone should have a choice as to what they do with their own body.

Sonny Smith (Vancouver, 2021-08-04)


Human rights matter

Cynthia Mistal (North Vancouver , 2021-08-04)


This vaccine is experimental, has been proven to be unsafe, and being forced to take it goes against our civil liberties.

kathleen lavelle (Victoria, 2021-08-04)


The passport removes our rights and it is a violation of our privacy.

Marilyn Beckett (Sooke, 2021-08-04)


We must be guaranteed conformed consent! We have to be able to decide what does or does not go in our bodies.

Koreen Williamson (Nelson, 2021-08-04)


I believe in freedom and free choice, not forced vaccinations and passports by the government. This is dictatorship and communist actions by governments and needs to be stopped. Children do not need to be vaccinated! Unbelievable!

Annalia Thompson (Langley , 2021-08-04)


This has nothing to do with a virus it is about control tyranny has to be stopped and people need to wake up as to what this really is about

Ron Bush (Bonnyville , 2021-08-04)


This is a violation of my charter rights as well as the Nuremberg code.

Chris Macfarlane (North Vancouver, 2021-08-04)


Vaccine passports go against our charter of freedom and rights. And its no ones damn business what vaccines I have..thats PERSONAL MEDICAL INFORMATION!!!!

Michelle Leggett (150 mile house, 2021-08-04)


Tyranny needs to be eradicated!
Along with ideals of a fear mongering government!

Ray Schatz (Edmonton, 2021-08-04)


I'm signing this because the future of humanity and its Constitutional Rights are at risk. The first step is to take our freedoms away through the use of Vaccine Passports, get a bio chip evenutally - then tie this to the banking system = total control!!!! I see extreme danger. Do you? Do you care?

Fran Bukre (North York, 2021-08-04)


Vaccine Passports are a form of coercion which is against our human rights. We have to speak up

Deborah Lascelles (Ottawa, 2021-08-04)


It's the truth

Ifeanyi Christopher Emesiana (Awka, 2021-08-04)


Our freedoms are all but destroyed because of these liberals. I believe that if a woman can murder their baby, we ALL should have the right to say NO when injecting poison into our body!!

Karona Barbour-Doubroff (Surrey, 2021-08-04)


This is criminal

Christian Barragan (Vancouver, 2021-08-04)


Vaccine passports,are against human rights. A huge infringement on medical privacy. It's not Walmart's business whether or not I've had a medical treatment. It's nobody's business. What's next??.

Roxy Hirsche (Olds, 2021-08-04)


This is unlawful and deeply immoral.

Stephanie Duranceau (Burnaby, 2021-08-04)


This is a form of medical apartheid. It violates basic human rights and the Nuremberg code. As a doctor, it is my duty to oppose any forced/coerced treatments as this violates the right to informed consent. Shame on you for even considering these measures.

Jonathan Beatty (Gores Landing, 2021-08-04)


The government is killing people

Jacquie Marcoux (Lee creek, 2021-08-04)



J M (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


i am fully vaccinated and find the passport outragous. Are we to repeat ww2? maybe have the non vaccinated wear yellow stars?? are they a threat to others?? no!

Darren Hamel (mission, 2021-08-05)


Where there is risk there must be a choice

Chris Gupta (London, 2021-08-05)


Nobody has the right and control over one human's body and no human being cannot be forced to medical procedure dictated by government in a free society

Alica Micincova (Bratislava, 2021-08-05)


Vaccines should be a personal choice and having one shouldn't stop me from living my life.

Juliette Carter (Stony Plain, 2021-08-05)


It is nobody’s business what I do with my my body or to know what I do with my body!

Nila Gopaul (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


I'm signing because it is against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

Pat Hutchinson (Oshawa, 2021-08-05)


I’m against Fascism and Forced Mandates that coerce people to inject a foreign substance that isn’t FDA approved. Go***** yourself brownshirt Covid gestapo wannabe fascists.

Mike Blais (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


Essential freedoms are worth protecting.
No 2 class citizens.

Brad Keen (Richmond, 2021-08-05)


It's my right to make my own choice. Those who choose to get vaccinated, would not be affected by those who don't. We are all responsible for our own health.And why would I get a vaccine when I'm healthy with a God given immune system, and it's wrong to get a vaccine that uses aborted fetal tissue.

Dennis Klatt (Surrey, 2021-08-05)


I believe that the vaccine will harm me.
The government doesn't care about the economy, high suicide rates, drug and alcohol addiction, cancer, heart disease and poverty. Almost all forms of structural violence. However, EVERYONE MUST get the mRNA vaccine for an illness with the survival rate of the flu.

Darrell Croswell (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


I believe in have them freedom to choose what we put in our bodies.

Candace Vettese (Aldergrove , 2021-08-05)


Vaccine passports are against the law. Medical and physical sovereignty is an inalienable right.

Jean-Paul Lambert (Vancouver , 2021-08-05)


A vaccine passport must not and never be implemented by any government or authority in Canada.

Erich Krug (Surrey, 2021-08-05)


I do not want mRNA passport separation. Many doctors say the mRNA injections are very dangerous.

Peter Embleton (Coquitlam, 2021-08-05)


The government needs to be held accountable for the*****ed up things there doing

Renan Tarras (Maple Ridge, 2021-08-05)


Human Rights!!! My body, my business; my information about my health and other info is private; no discrimination; no separations

Hanna Kowalska (Port Coquitlam, 2021-08-05)


I have allergies and feel very uncomfortable to take something into my body that could cause death (worst case scenario) or other adverse reactions. To keep me, a healthy citizen, from being able to participate in society because I do not have a digital indication that I have taken this vaccine is beyond.

Dee Lawrence (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


Defending my Rights and Freedoms as a Canadian Citizen against these Totalitarian and UnConstitutional acts by our governments.

Ronald Sturm (Chilliwack, 2021-08-05)


No to unnecessary, poisonous and anti-human injection passport, also known as vaccine passport.

Larisa Knutsen (New Westminster, 2021-08-05)


These are NOT vaccines, these are mutagenic genocidal poisons.

Cole McLeod (VANCOUVER, 2021-08-05)


The Surrey Board of Trade does not have jurisdiction over my body and neither does anyone else for that matter. SBofT has absolutely no business in my business!

Lynne Martel (Burnaby, 2021-08-05)


I believe in freedom of autonomy, and do not agree with any of the covid narratives pushed by gov.

Melissa Dorn (Stony Plain, 2021-08-05)


It's unethical and a violation of human rights.

Jon Bear (Abbotsfors, 2021-08-05)


This is absolutely disgusting

Shawna Lamoureux (Surrey , 2021-08-05)


I and I alone am responsible for my health. How I maintain my health or address health issues is absolutely no-one's business. That is a matter I discuss with the health practitioner of my choice. Stay out of my business, I stay out of yours. I am not responsible for your health, you are not responsible for mine. Canada is not a communist nanny state and I refuse to stand by and let it become one. These poisonous injections will never enter my body. To the Surrey Board of Trade, I say your attempt to force the issue is a violation of every article of the Nuremberg Code. You are effectively acting as war criminals in this endeavour. You would be well advised to rethink your stance and abandon this campaign.

Anita Bedo (Burnaby, 2021-08-05)


I am signing this petition because vaccine passports are criminal and the people that are advocating for a passport should be held criminally responsible.

William Maarsman (Powell River district, 2021-08-05)


It’s wrong on all levels

Joshua Easton (Vancouver , 2021-08-05)


In the hopes that we all can keep our freedom of choice.

Amanda Ritchie (Delta , 2021-08-05)

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