Stop The Vaccine Passport



This is Communism, Fascism, and Techno-Totalitarianism..
if the vaccines, and masks work WHY do those that don’t have them need them?
The vaccines and masks are dangerous and useless.

Peter Podmororoff (Surrey , 2021-08-05)


Medical history is private. Nobody should be coerced into experimental medical treatments. The healthy are not the problem.

Ray Barrett (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


The science has never been proven to claim it's a pandemic. This is all political and I choose NOT to take an injection of a substance that has NOT been FDA approved and without years of research.

Sharon Young (Pritchard, 2021-08-05)


I oppose medical apartheid, full stop. I support Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms which enshrines every citizen's rights to choose if they will take part in any medical treatments.

Karolina Kluska (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


I'm signing because I want my freedoms back.

Regine Debus (Langley, 2021-08-05)


Loss of personal liberty is a major threat to democracy.

Gary Barclay (North Vancouver , 2021-08-05)


I don't wanna loose my freedom! My body my choice! No one have rights of my body!!

Martine Denis (Richmond, 2021-08-05)


The right to choose with informed consent is a fundamental right in Canada. That although vaccines are important, they are not for everyone and have side affects, some serious. Some people can not take vaccines. Our right to medical privacy is also a fundamental right in Canada, and at no point should anyone be required to get any vaccine to freely move within Canada and to participate in community events. All things Canadian.

Danielle Todosychuk (Surrey, 2021-08-05)


This is tyrannical and the evidence on COVID deaths do not support this proposed measure. Drinking and driving, cancer and diabetes have higher causes of mortality and we do not preclude sugar eaters or drinkers or smokers from places of work.

May Smith (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


Unacceptable overreach, the risk does not justify any such measures, and nobody should tolerate any government that would coerse citizens in this way.

Justin Leigh (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


Not only is it discrimination, what goes into my body. I am a free man of the land and not subject to Maritime Law by virtue of my Nobility Title.

John Francis (Lake Country, BC, 2021-08-05)


What a absolute nightmare this charade is and we’re supposed too comply with this non approved poison ☠️ The to be segregated by a 🤬passport unbelievable 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Nooooo Way

Holly Ellis (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


My body my rules. I don’t need an injection to be healthy!

Zed Bean (Vancouver , 2021-08-05)


You can’t force a medical experiment on people and call it good for all.
I will Not Submit to forced vaccination.

Dohnia Parfitt (Richmond , 2021-08-05)


In order to order a pandemic you need a 7% mortality rate. The world is about .4% and lower. In order to call a vaccine a vaccine it needs to contain elements of the virus in question. These vaccines have none. It's a no brainer.

Drew Weselak (Vancouver, 2021-08-05)


Unlike the Surrey Board of Trade, I’m not a tyrant or traitor to my country and it’s people.

Brentt Helland (Titusville, 2021-08-05)


I'm tired of being a puppet . We deserve our rights back

FRANKIE BRADLEY (Saint john, 2021-08-05)


The school district has no right to dictate medical procedures for my child !!! Our family doctor and us parents do !!! Your job is to educate our children that's what WE pay you for!

Irene Moraitis (Maple ridge , 2021-08-05)


Human Rights and Justice Now!

Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and a Healthy Plant Based Diet.

Stop the Toxic Poison Insanity Now!

Stop the Cruelty and the Insanity Now!

God Is Watching!

DWAYNE KING (AURORA, 2021-08-06)



Jess F (Trois-rivières , 2021-08-06)


I don't want to die from an experiment

Ryan Federau (Burnaby, 2021-08-06)


it is again Bill of right and again the Constitution

michel groulx (vancouver, 2021-08-06)


I live in FREEDOM OF CHOICE country, I thought! Trudeau and the Liberals are in TOO MUCH CONTROL. this is Communism and I know Trudeau is a lover of Communism. Please, wake up CANADA!

Marty Wilson (Richmond, 2021-08-06)


Nothing is as totalitarian as a vaccine passport.
Basic freedoms are void for those who choose not to be a guinea pig..

Rudy Kraan (Chilliwack, 2021-08-06)


I'm signing because we should have freedom of choice as to what goes into our bodies or give us information to make the right decisions.

Christabelle Sastry (North Vancouver , 2021-08-06)


It is not the government's job to tell me what I must do in regards to my medical health. A vaccine passport is an overreach of government power.

Linda samson (Calgary, 2021-08-06)


I’m signing because people should have the freedom to choose and coercion is already against the Nuremberg code for crimes against humanity

Peter Dorozan (Surrey, 2021-08-06)


I do not want a vaccine passport enforced in Canada. My body, my choice.

Ladine Reno (Bellevue, 2021-08-06)


Canada must avoid segregation & vaccine apartheid.

Mark Adams (Vancouver, 2021-08-06)


Participation in Medical trials is a choice. Mandating it is tyranny and oppression.

Peter Morton (Summerland , 2021-08-06)


I am signing because I do not wish GOVERNMENTS to control my life. That is my responsibility. We have TOO MANY Governement controls at the present time.

Andrew Lucko (Surrey, 2021-08-06)


It's evil to force medical procedures on people

Anthony Tasker (Vancouver, 2021-08-06)


I am signing to stop the GENOCIDE!

Elena Iove (Surrey, 2021-08-06)


The concept of a vaccine passport is unlawful and unconstitutional! It is against the Nuremberg Code.

Grant Waldman (Vernon , 2021-08-06)


Because vaccine passport are 100% unconstitutional and the scamdemic is fill with lies and people need to stop. The commies aren't gonna stop unless we stop them

Kent P Mckenzie (Cranbrook , 2021-08-06)


This is medical tyranny! My body my choice! I should not be mandated to take an experimental shot that is not FDA approved and rushed to market. Particularly since there are so many people dying from the shot or suffering adverse reactions.

Renee Tesch (Surrey, 2021-08-06)


I disagree with This vaccine passport. it's against our legal rights and it's a a discrimination. stop the vaccine passport

Tim Wong (Vancouver, 2021-08-06)


This is blatant discrimination.

Daniel Baker (Abbotsford , 2021-08-06)


I'm signing because this is a gross violation of my rights as a Canadian citizen well as as a human being! To be denied access to public areas, or publicly funded spaces without vaccination is discrimination!

Charlene Clark (Prince George, 2021-08-06)


I strongly believe such a dangerous and divisive passport is completely dangerous and wrong.
I have copd and anaphylactic episodes and as it is still experimental.many people are terrified

Donna Lillejord (Delta, 2021-08-06)


This is a human rights violation. This is a violation of the Nuremberg code and the UN charter of human rights. The "vaccine" is an experimental trial, not a vaccine and I do not consent to be part of any medical testing procedure

Mary Smith (Vancouver, 2021-08-06)


In Canada, and any country in this respect, we are fully protected not only by our faith of the Divine (not to be confused with religion) but also by the law.

I have family members who work in health care and who’ve chosen by both human rights and by personal belief & faith not to take the injection.

Even though they’ve (these family members) had to face bullying and losing face by fellow co-workers and even senior management, and authoritative pressure from doctors and nurses, they’ve been able to maintain their dignity and freedom of voice to protect themselves.

These basic rights are clearly listed in Canada’s charter of rights and freedoms. Including under Canadian discrimination laws in both the federal and provincial sector of human governance. Labour laws is another area one can turn to if falling to fear and being worried of losing their jobs over it. My family members are still standing strong and not going along with the heard, as everyone has their own choice. Even when we may find ourselves amidst the minority, we still have the free will of choice. Forcing anyone to do anything is nobody’s right.

Human titles and positions, like given a title of doctor, senior scientist, department heads and director of operations are all just that: humans giving other humans titles, scholars and degrees!
Being scared and pressured by any such fool trying to persuade you otherwise is foolish I’d say, by any of them and by anyone’s standards, no?

We just need a friendly reminder to always remember who we are as part of Divine creation and not to measure ourselves against human entitlements. And the same goes for doing things in the name of the Mother, Father, Sister ect. Respecting one another should always hold true and strong in any situation we may find ourselves in.

The united states protects their citizens under their 5th amendment rights as Canada protects their citizens by its charter of human rights snd freedoms.

On another note, it becomes a simple issue of becoming clear headed both spiritually and materially in a sense. Anyone who is still referring to the Chinese Communist Party virus and the CCP injection as a vaccine is simply repeating human jargon and not referring to it even in an educated way because vaccines are 99% effective in their cures from the human sciences perspectives and current standards. Failing to research what the possibilities may be on the other side if mass media coverage is just simple human ignorance, lack of thorough research and choosing to be simple minded. Not to offend anyond here, just do more homework, that’s all. We all fund ourselves short if time in our cuurent cult-tures worldwide.

Hold onto your beliefs & rights or someone else will do it for you. Remember your free will!

It is a basic individual’s human rights and freedoms, spiritually and lawfully, as to what we choose to put into our bodies, our minds, and our thoughts. We each are given the free will to do so in this universe, to make any choice for ourself; be it a choice that will affect family, friends, other faith goers; if you’re choosing not to harm yourself or others everything should be fine, no?

How you go about it is a choice you have and how you go about it solidifies what your heart and mind is guiding you to do in this time and space. Is tgat wrong?

No one has the ground to interfere with the process of our free will and choice. The only interference we may find is whatever human notions we’ve picked up on in this human world to be true and real. Why do so many of us think differently, is it because we could possibly begin to evolve in beginning to embrace one another through different opposing understandings & perspectives?…. So that we may come together even more in our differences than dividing ourselves from them?…. Continue to learn even more in this infinite universe and worldly existence from one another together?

What is it that we find ourselves attached to and not letting go of and still gripping onto?

Sometimes we nay be presented with a life or death situation. What do you fundamentally believe to be true for you in this regard?

Ordinary human laws will always remain ordinary, they are not our Creator’s laws.

Having to explain to any human a choice that you’ve made is only attempting to validate yourself through them. For whom do you exist for anyway?

Will any science that you discuss with them change their minds? Will any human words and facts from other humans save you or them?

Any trial and tribulation can be passed if we hold onto what we fundamentally beleive to be true at any given time deep within our hearts. Nobody is wrong in this case.

Totalitarian governance and communist regime’s in the past all put forward the great divide between one another: friends, neighbors, family and foe. This time it can be different if we each choose to be okay with our human differences.

For further clarity on the above and if you dare to care more on this, please visit:

Brad-Lee Van Den Bussche (Comox, 2021-08-06)


This is illegal and highly discriminatory.
Such practices were used during the Second World War to discriminate agains Jews as well as in all communist countries post war in order to subdue opposition.
Shame on you for even thinking that way. I did not escape from my Home Country to be treated that way again!

Magdalena Wos (Gabriola, 2021-08-06)


I’m signing because this is the single most terrifying thing I’ve heard in my entire life.

OJ Barrie (Winchester, 2021-08-06)


I believe the vaccines are not necessary and harmful, even to a minority and as experimental should not be mandated to anyone, old or young.

Jen Turner (Gabriola , 2021-08-07)


The "vaccine" is already proven to be harmful and ineffective so why divide Canadians?? United we stand!

Michael Brassil (North Vancouver, 2021-08-07)


WHERE IS OUR FREEDOM GOING.? WHERE ARE OUR RIGHTS. ? We should a vote on important things Goverment are not interested in there citizens only themselves

GLADYS Misson (Osoyoos , 2021-08-07)


No communist tracking system wanted for free Canadians!

Janie Becelaere (Victoria, 2021-08-07)


These vaccines have not had long term studies completed. It is unknown the long term health effects of such new technology.

James Henn (Mission , 2021-08-07)


I'm signing because I believe this is a violation of our Human Rights

Sandra Henderson (Abbotsford, 2021-08-07)


The government has been infiltrated by factions and is not a fair and just system.
I question a vast majority of their laws and the decision making process behind them.
I no longer acknowledge the governments unquestionable authority.
It us time for organized citizens to take the reigns.

Chad McClennan (Coquitlam , 2021-08-07)



Patrick Vido (Surrey, 2021-08-07)


Personal choice to say NO to something you think is not safe, should always be an option!

Shannon Stilz (Langley , 2021-08-07)


I believe seeking to force vaccination is a violation of Canadian's rights, and a very detrimental idea.

Timothy Goertzen (Gibsons, 2021-08-07)


My body, my choice. I don’t do political cults. I want Canada, FREE

Ruth Regehr (Spruce Grove, 2021-08-08)


I am signing the Stop Vaccine Passport because I do not want medical tyranny and apartheid in Canada. Our rights and freedoms have already been violated to a high degree over the past 16 months, and | do not want our country to be further divided into vax believers and vax-non-believers.

Olga Shapoval (Coquitlam, 2021-08-08)


this action is not necessary.

Kazimierz Duchowski (Richmond, 2021-08-08)


This is segregation! It is everyone's individual choice to vax or not to vax! This whole bullshit mess is a crime against humanity!

Arlene Gates (Raymore , 2021-08-08)


I am against Medical Fashizm and believe in freedom of human.

Vladimir Soukhatchev (Burnaby, 2021-08-08)


this vaccine passport is inhuman, illegal and wrong.

chris russell (Burnaby, 2021-08-08)


The vaccine passport is a disgusting display of a totalitarian agenda.

Stephen Durrett (Ottawa , 2021-08-08)


I'm signing because it is not a vaccine and it's purpose has nothing to do with health.

Joan Gardner (Abbotsford, 2021-08-09)


I'm signing because the vaccine passport will divide the people and will cause misunderstanding with your friend and love ones.

Jenacar Barruela (North Vancouver, 2021-08-09)

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