Stop The Vaccine Passport



Vaccine passports are unconscionable and violate our Charter of human rights.

Len Satov (Vancouver , 2021-08-09)


Human Rights violation

Glen Newton (Maple Ridge, 2021-08-09)


This is total discrimination and nothing else!

Kelly Newton (Langley , 2021-08-09)


Vaccines are for people who need them, and MusT be offered as a choice, NEVER as a precondition to going to stores, malls, schools and all the other public places.
Also, there's NO NEED for a "vaccination passport" built esp for this particular flu as there NEVER had been a need for proving you don't have TB, AIDS, syphilis or HepC, to name just a few.

Ernest Chorabik (Surrey, , 2021-08-09)


I do not want to get a vaccine.. It is against our freedoms and rights to force a vaccine upon people. Its completely unethical for a govt or business to require/demand/ mandate a vaccine in order for people to have basic freedoms and rights such as ability to travel work or enter businesses. I believe a vaccine passport is a violation of our privacy.. I ve never had vaccines and I never will. Humans have survived on earth for 5-7 million years without vaccines.. if we were so bloody fragile, we d have died out a long time ago!

Lori Isfeld (Coquitlam, 2021-08-09)


this is evil

Constance Fogal (North Saanich, 2021-08-09)


Experimental medical interventions cannot be mandated.

Thomas Kuntz (Kelowna , 2021-08-09)


Vaccination status is private. I should not ever have to disclose any private medical information like this. What happened to body autonomy and medical privacy?

Meaghan Taylor-Macdonald (Duncan, 2021-08-09)


These passports are forms of coercion!!
No one can grant "informed consent" when being told that your freedoms are going to be taken away.
Vaccines are not mandatory in Canada!!!!
No level of Gov't, employer, school board, etc has the right to force anyone to medical treatments, especially an "experimental-emergency use authorized" so-called "vaccine".
Thousands of people have died and hundreds of thousands of healthy people harmed by these "vaccines".
Which by definition are NOT VACCINES.
Fight the fight Canada!!

Brenda Bjorkman (Squamish, 2021-08-09)


We should not be dividing our citizens based on medical choice.

Laura Foster (Kelowna, 2021-08-09)


Everyone should have the choice on what to put into their bodies without being penalized for their decision.

Trish Brousson (Fort St. John, 2021-08-09)


I’m signing this because health is private and asking for proof of any vaccinations is against our charter of rights and freedoms.

Lois Brucki (Surrey, 2021-08-09)


We need to stand up for our Rights and Freedoms.

Sharon Oliver (Toronto, 2021-08-10)


i will not take experimental jabs full of poisons into my body

fred hicks (peterborough, 2021-08-10)


We as Canadians have and ultimate right to bodily autonomy. We as canadians have the right to be protected from any form eugenics.

Janet Hernandez (Mississauga, 2021-08-10)


Vaccine passports are discriminatory & violates our Charter of Rights & Freedoms. We have had HINI, SARS, tuberculosis, Ebola & Swine Flu, but never in history have we had vaccine passports or mass vaccination. These are experimental injections, and there are not over 45,000 deaths in the US, and over 100,000 adverse side effects. You would be held personally criminal and liable for deaths and injuries if you pushed for mass vaccination and vaccine passports. Thank you.

B Ross (Vancouver , 2021-08-10)


These gene-therapies are still in investigative emergency authorization, so all trials must be completed before policy of this nature is developed.
The cases are overstated as PCR and related tests are not suitable for diagnostics, since the amplifications used in the gene sequence- manufacturing process (that's all PCR is) can be manipulated. At amplifications over 35, as have been all Canadian (and US, UK, EU, etc. PCR's), the cases are meaningless, with the vast majority of resulting data being false positives. These tests themselves rely on a full genome for the supposed virus. However, as a virus has not been isolated nor purified (stated by CDC in July 2020, pg. 39; also not done in the UofT/McMaster paper prematurely released in April 2020 and finally released in Sept. 2020) from a sick individual, there is actually no true sequence that the PCR test can rest for. Hence, PCR picks up other generic materials that lead to mass false positives and the cases. The "vaccines" do not meet the definition of a vaccine. The number of adverse reactions to the vaccine are substantial, with deaths equaling at least 21,000 in EU, 14,000 in UK, 2,500 in UK, in ~7 months of use. Given that the Swine Flu vaccine was withdrawn for use with only 25-odd deaths in over a year, these "vaccines" (that are actually just gene therapies, not true vaccines) are horrible and must be removed from the market for emergency authorization use, nor must the be approved by regulatory bodies. Moreover, the relative risk reduction from the minimal early tests is being used by the media to sell the Sheeple the "vax", when in duct the actual risk reduction is only 1%, that is about the same as the potential risk of dying from "covid". No explanation of the zeroing-out flu and pneumonia deaths since "covid" started has yet been provided. As the deaths from flu and pneumonia zeroed-out (March/April 2020) prior to mask mandates (July/August 2020), the excuse of "masks working" is an invalid excuse. This is only over-and-above the clear evidence that masks do not work. Human rights are unalienable. They are inherent in each individual and are not given, nor van therefore be taken away, by governments, institutions, nor the coercion of fellow citizens that are fearful/unresearched. I and my family will never adhere to any such pressure for stealing of rights. Lots more to share.

Jan Klakurka (Oakville, 2021-08-10)


It is discriminatory in essence and unscientific. No one should be forced or coerced into accept any medical intervention, especially one that has not completed clinical trials and is by definition experimental. Vaccine passports are coercive and that we should even be considering them is disturbing.

Paraic Lally (etobicoke, 2021-08-10)


I’m for FREEDOM!!

Sheran King (Vernon, 2021-08-10)


I am signing because I don't want Canada to become Chinada and these tyrannical measures are taking us there FAST!

Roxanne Engli (Kamloops, 2021-08-10)


I am against discrimination of any kind.

Susan Marshall (Duncan, 2021-08-10)


Vaccine passports violate every right I currently have by law in Canada. Passports will create a second class citizenship for those who choose not to take the “shot”. This will isolate folks and divide our society. Stop this nonsense.

Heather Garfield (Hope, 2021-08-10)


Everyone'ss health is their business. It is NOT yours. What do you know? Do you know what is is this so-called vaccine? Do you know whgat is in any vaccine? Get on with what you do know and leave people's health to them.

Jennifer Craig (NELSON, bc, 2021-08-10)


We do not need to be segregated by introducing vaccine passports

Patrica Taylor (Calgary , 2021-08-10)


Labeling of our health choices is against our constitutional rights.
It is our private, personal information. Our health choices should not determine where or when we carry out our every day lives.

Cynthia Malyea (Sechelt, 2021-08-10)


There should be no discrimination amongst people's free movement in Canada or in any part of the world. I say "NO" to any kind of vaccine passports/certificates.

Wendy Galt (Maple Ridge, 2021-08-10)


I am against forced experimental vaccination

Catalin nastasa (New westminster, 2021-08-10)


I’m signing because not only is this unconstitutional it doesn’t even make sense. The vaccine does not prevent covid or stop transmission.

Janine Kennedy (Kelowna, 2021-08-10)


I want to show my support for the cause of not wanting a vaccine passport.

Phil Muller (ALLISTON, 2021-08-10)


Any form of coercion for any medical treatment or vaccine is a violation of Charter Rights.

Mariusz Lyczek (Mississauga, 2021-08-10)


I am strongly against segregation of people based on any feature. Also, I do not want Canada to become Germany 1933.

Ludmila Ivanova (Toronto, 2021-08-10)


I am fundamentally opposed to any infringement on our rights and freedoms.

Norbert Neumann (Oliver, 2021-08-10)


We do not need a vaccine requirement for a virus which is hardly worse than a bad flu, according to the mortality data. The vaccine passport will not stop any virus, and the vaccine will spread sickness and trample on human rights.

Marc Connor (Abbotsford, 2021-08-10)


Vaccine passports are a massive violation of rights. They violate Section 7 of the Charter of Rights & Freedoms, privacy laws, Canadian medical law, the Nuremburg Code and the Universal Declaration of Bioethics. There are good reasons why laws have been passed preventing the use of coercion to force people to accept unwanted medical treatments. To violate rights with no evidence of protection to the public is unconscionable and un-Canadian.

Lisa Adams (Sandford, 2021-08-10)


No one has the right to decide what is best for MY body or discriminate against me because of MY choice.

Kayla Johnson (Barrie, 2021-08-10)


Not following the true science of how viruses work in the COVID family.

Catherine Durrett (Kentville , 2021-08-10)


We were all born with INALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS given to us by our CREATOR. We were born with FREE WILL & we do NOT Consent EVER to government tyranny, medical dictatorship, to anything that violates the Nuremberg Code, & our bodily sovereign rights, period. You must remember these controlling entities will be coming after you & your family too. Every MAN, WOMAN & beautiful, precious CHILD need to stand & rise up NOW against these EVIL RULERS.
We are in a spiritual battle & awakening. We do NOT consent EVER to these deadly EXPERIMENTAL injections of destruction to humanity. We do NOT consent EVER to their draconian & Nazi style censorship of Drs globally revealing the truth of these bio weapon kill shot injections. Humanity is under direct attack on many levels & this is our time to rise up together. We stand up NOW against evil. This was never about a corona cold virus.

Norma Bussey (Coombs, 2021-08-10)


I'm signing because we should have the right to choose what goes into our bodies.
And these jab is experimental and not FDA Approved so no passport should be required. The government are overstepping their power. We don't need to show anyone our medical history to have a functioning society.

Carine Lessard (Maple Ridge , 2021-08-10)


The government is the mark of the beast Revelations 13

Weldon Friesen (Surrey, 2021-08-10)


I believe we should have the right to choose which medication we take and shouldn’t be punished for our health decisions

Lindsey Hawick (Vernon, 2021-08-10)


Health freedom is a fundamental right.

Kolbi Brost (Airdire, 2021-08-10)


I don't agree with having to get the vaccine.

Anne Verrault (Abbotsford, 2021-08-10)


This is just wrong. Period.

Marie McLean (Cobourg, 2021-08-10)


I'm opposed to Government Tyranny and meddling in my daily life. Freedom is not conditional!

Pierre Leclaire (Orangeville, 2021-08-10)


These passport would be totally discriminatory and unjustifiable.

Don O'BRIEN (Langley, 2021-08-10)


The shot is not a vaccine, it is not approved and furthermore is killing thousands and maiming millions! All pushing for this are guilty of crimes against humanity!

Nancy Hubbard (HAZELTON, 2021-08-10)


I fully support medical freedom and choice

Jessica Birchall (Abbotsford, 2021-08-10)


It is illegal for the government to mandate an experimental injection without my consent. My body My choice. I do not give the government the right to make medical decisions for me.

Evelyn Morrissey (Surrey, 2021-08-10)


This is a violation of our charter of freedom and rights. This is medical tyranny and apartheid. We need to stop it at the every chance we get.

Sara Saremi (Burnaby , 2021-08-10)


A vaccine passport is segregation of people! People should be allowed to choose what they put into their body. These shots are still experimental, and have killed way to many people & seriously affected health. They do not stop Covid-19, and are just useless!

Grace James (Kamloops , 2021-08-10)


What's the point of a vaccine passport if those who are jabbed can spread the virus? It's pointless, immoral, and against our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Sharon D (Toronto, 2021-08-10)


The vaccine passports are against our rights as Canadians

Alanna Krotz (Fernie , 2021-08-10)


I’m signing because I disagree with the vaccines and a two tiered society.

Lauren Banman (Turner valley, AB, 2021-08-10)


Don't want vaccine passports.

Helen Wallman (Burnaby , 2021-08-10)


Vaccine passports for citizens to access everyday life is completely unconstitutional and a violation of my rights.

Trevor Brucki (Surrey, 2021-08-10)


1756 people have died of Covid in British Columbia in total. 719 died from the heat-wave this week (July2021).

The flu aka Covid does exist but it has been exaggerated to create fear and control people.
Covid is a re-branded flu but dramatized by authorities on purpose. Lawsuit Against Those Behind the Fake Covid-19 Pandemic - Reiner Fuellmich

Do you know, a goat, a papaya, and a tree can also be tested Covid positive?

Proof that the pandemic was planned with a purpose:

Stop the Vaxx passports , or we will follow the this advice:

"When all other means have failed, it's righteous to draw the sword". (Guru Gobind Singh)

Dr. K. Azeem (Surrey, 2021-08-11)


This is against our civil rights to choose what goes in our bodies

Tyler Hough (Mission, 2021-08-11)


I STRONGLY disagree with requiring proof of vaccination for travel, accessing public places, and employment. The vaccine is VOLUNTARY, and requiring it to go about our lives is essentially blackmail. If this goes ahead we no longer live in a free Canada.

E Smith (HARRISON HOT SPRINGS, 2021-08-11)


I am signing because I believe that facts show that this is a seasonal respiratory disease which does not cause excessive numbers of deaths. The overreaction of mask mandates, social distancing, and getting a shot have not changed the statistics. Mutations are not stronger. To maintain our freedoms and quality of life, we must allow people to make life choices about their personal health. We cannot produce two classes of people and then think we will not succumb to communism.

Shirley Scharfe (Langley, 2021-08-11)

#933 - This medical doctor explains the true science clearly

Stephen Wallace (Langley, 2021-08-11)


I'm signing because it's unconstitutional. Freedom is a right for ALL CANADIANS.

Cindy Groulx (White Rock, 2021-08-11)


Vaccine passports are wrong for many reasons.

Curt Wagner (Vernon, 2021-08-11)


I believe in the freedom of health privacy and to chose what goes into my body.

Angela Ferguson (Mississauga, 2021-08-11)


I'm signing because this is a dangerous precedent to set.

Mariachristina Smith (Keswick, 2021-08-11)


I am signing because this infringes on individual rights and freedoms. I am also signing as this will lead to additional discrimination against individuals who cannot get vaccinated due to medical conditions. This virus is teaching everyone that it is acceptable to discriminate against people who do not fit someone else's agenda. I have seen it many times with individuals who are mask exempt and were not let into businesses.

Jennifer Kohle (Calgary, 2021-08-11)


freedom of rights

Brenda Lothrop (Prince George, 2021-08-11)


I oppose mandatory vaccination

Adam Sypus (Sooke , 2021-08-11)


I believe in freedom

Sean Macdonald (Burnaby, 2021-08-11)


I'm signing because it is of paramount importance that NO government be allowed to dictate what people do or do not have injected into their bodies. Bodily sovereignty is an absolute right under the Canadian Charter of Rights and cannot and must not be abrogated by bureaucrats.

Nicky Gardner (Parksville, 2021-08-11)


A vaccine passport goes against everything the entire western world was built on. It is a tool of tyranny; plain and simple, and I speak on behalf of many when I say that I will NEVER take part in this form of modern slavery. You can shove your passport up your ass.

Jacob Hoheisel (Vancouver, 2021-08-11)


Vaccine passports are unconstitutional and are a complete violation of my freedoms. Canada can then join the ranks of Korea. This is causing relational conflicts around the globe and pitting people against each other. Awful. Shame on these governments. Completely unconscious.

Becky Brownell (Minden, 2021-08-11)


I'm signing because I do not want medical, or for that matter, any type of segregation. Also, the "vaccine" is still in trials and there have been many adverse reactions and death. It is my choice what I put in my body.

Kim Tasa (Burnaby, 2021-08-11)


I've been educated on the extreme dangers of this gene therapy and what it can do to hugely damage one's life and turn them into a transhuman at the mercy of the globalists.

esther etchells (Waterloo, 2021-08-12)


I do not trust this experimental "vaccine" and the potential for long term damage to my health. A vaccine passport is an assault on my freedom as a Canadian. It will divide this country and cause untold harm.

Tessa Bell (Nanaimo, 2021-08-12)


This is so sick. Where we have we come to?

Daniel Tourigny (Victoria, 2021-08-12)


Trudeau is a corrupt lying sack of shit.

Jimmy Hamilton (Surrey, 2021-08-12)


Saying no to the nazification of Canada

Colin Cooke (victoria, 2021-08-12)


The vaccine passport is wrong!

Joanne Coulton (Booker Bay, 2021-08-12)


This is a personal.healrh decision. My body my choice!!!

Erin Fulton (Edmonton, 2021-08-12)


Everybody has choice! My body is my choice

Lera Sinenko (Vancouver , 2021-08-12)


Creeping infringement of individual inalienable rights by govt. and its controllers is a direct assault on human freedom and dignity and serves only those who desire their demise.

Brad Fuller (Nelson, 2021-08-12)


Having a vaccine passport is medical tyranny. This is completely unacceptable and must NOT happen.

Michelle Eade (Calgary, 2021-08-12)


I want everyone to have the choice to get vaccinated and not lose any rights because of it.

Amanda (Kelowna, 2021-08-12)


There is no proof that the vaccine protects from the Covid, there is no evidence that vaccinated people don't become sick again or don't spread covid virus. But it is clear that someone wants to separate society to "better" vaccinated people and "worse" unvaccinated. This is a pure neo fascism.

Iuliia Ivasiva (Langley, 2021-08-12)


We don t want socialism !!!

Eldon Thideman (Chilliwack, 2021-08-12)


My body is mine and mine alone. No one , and no bankrupt corporation, will force me to go against what I know is right for my body.

Debra Nehring (Oliver, 2021-08-13)


A vaccine passport coerces people to take an experimental vaccine that they don’t wish to take. It will also help to usher in a totalitarian state that will prevent law abiding, good citizens from fully participating in society if they choose not to let their bodies be a test subject for an experimental vaccine. There is absolutely no reason for this draconian measure, and those pushing for it should be ashamed of themselves, both for their desire to coerce others, and their inability to foresee the long term implications.

Adam L'Heureux (Vancouver, 2021-08-13)


Fighting for my Freedom



Taking the vaccine goes against my religious views. My religious freedom is protected by the Charter of Rights.

John Rincon (Vancouver, 2021-08-13)

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