Stop The Vaccine Passport



It’s unconstitutional, coercive and just wrong!

Robin Fritz (Cache Creek, 2021-08-13)


This is the right thing to do! Passports are ridiculous!

Mary Ballon (Chilliwack bc, 2021-08-13)


These 'vaccines' do not stop the spread of sars-cov-2, how could a vaccine passport be effective.

David Sinclair (Surrey, 2021-08-13)


I'm signing because no government of any kind or size has the right to mandate any procedure which is poorly understood and/or potentially dangerous for its citizens. No government has provided adequate or reasonable alternatives, and is denying access to reasonable and safe treatments. The government SERVES THE PEOPLE. WE do NOT SERVE the government. Unless and until this "vaccine" is adequately tested and shown to be (a) safe and (b) effective, it should be restricted absolutely to laboratory testing only.

Lori Crosara (Surrey , 2021-08-13)


I’ve lived in a communist country and this exactly what happens prior to full totalitarianism. True democracy is when people decide for themselves. Only a delusional person can assume they’re smart enough to decide for the whole country/province.

Alexander Zarr (Surrey, 2021-08-13)


I am severely allergic to all vaccines and I believe my health will be compromised if I take the Covid19 vaccine! My doctor is strongly opposed to my taking this BC vaccine.

Wendy McIlroy (Vancouver , 2021-08-13)


I dont believe that the vaccine passport is necessary or democratic

joe klein (peachland, 2021-08-13)


I'm signing because what I have put into my body is my choice. This virus is 98-99% survival. Children are 99.9% recovery. This feels and looks evil.

Deborah Janes (Comox , 2021-08-13)


This is against all of our rights and freedoms. If we allow this there will be no end to the madness.
Our future as a free nation is under attack.

Denise Brandon (Chilliwack , 2021-08-13)


I have followed this covid hoax from the beginning, through the faulting PCR testing, the ridiculous use of effective masks and ineffective so called vaccines (gene therapy). But most of all the erosion of our rights of Canadians, the lost jobs and careers , please stop the insanity, end the joke. NO PASSPORTS

Farren Lander (Abbotsford , 2021-08-13)


It's only my choice what to inject in my body. NOBODY allowed to experiment with my or my kids health.

Aizaada Chunueva (Mission, 2021-08-13)


I don't want to live in a tyrannical society where we have to show papers because of the sniffles.

Christoph Grunert (Langley, 2021-08-13)


I support medical freedom

Rebecca Wenham (Vancouver, 2021-08-13)


Volunteering to get the 'Death Jab' should be private between you and your doctor.

Michael Neary (Vancouver, 2021-08-13)


I am signing because forcing anybody to vaccinate like an animal with distemper is an early sign of tyranny

Holy Maduha-Ncube (VANCOUVER, 2021-08-13)


The "Corona Virus" is a planned scam demic. It is all a lie as is this "passport". The US Senate just declared that and Fauci and his supporters are facing Nuremberg Trials. This is only to try to control us as they control people in China and North Korea. Hitler, Stalin and Lenin conducted genocide and ethnic cleansing as our politicians are attempting to do under the guise of the experimental drug they call a vaccine. This must be stopped immediately.

Deborah Diduck (Victoria, 2021-08-13)


Our right to choose should never be put in jeopardy!

Renate Siekmann (Vancouver, 2021-08-13)


Justice must rule with Veritas

bob martin (victoria, 2021-08-13)


I’m signing because the real science supports this cause.

Jennifer Rhodes (Vancouver, 2021-08-13)


The Surrey Board of Trade, The Provincial Health Authority and Health Canada have looked away from the evidence of the greater effectiveness and less expense of early treatment, the stunningly unethical coercion to take these entirely experimental `vaccines' which is in violation of the Nuremberg and other codes, the morbidity and mortality associated with the `vaccines,' the complete insanity of giving them to children for both risk/benefit ratio and epidemiological reasons, the call to stop this `vaccination' campaign from the most eminent scientists and academic physicians and even from the inventor/discoverer of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone himself, the extraordinary inappropriateness of the RT-PCR test as used for diagnosis, and many other reasons.

Steve Summers (Surrey, 2021-08-13)


Cdn citizens being required to SHOW YOUR PAPERS! is a descent back into Nazi control tactics.

Jim Christian (Lewis Mountain, 2021-08-13)


You are impinging on ALL of our Freedoms and Rights.

Mindy Martin (Vancouver,, 2021-08-13)


NO one has a RIGHT to VIOLATE my Life, Liberty or Property and my BODY is MY Property

Roger Mason (Toronto, 2021-08-13)


I do not support totalitarianism

Elizabeth L Glazier (Chilanko Forks , 2021-08-13)


I am against the lockdowns, mandatory experinental mrna jabs, vaccine passports and medical politics

Jared Klapstein (Chilliwack, 2021-08-13)


free to choice, not to experiment.

Brenda Edmands (Delta, 2021-08-13)


I’m signing because deliberate segregation of society feeds intolerance and discrimination.
Education, with open uncensored discussion is the way to go.

Jeffrey Street (Chilliwack , 2021-08-13)


I'm signing this because I believe in medical freedom and the power of the immune system, because the vaccines don't actually stop transmission, because I know a little bit about how the Jews were scapegoated before the Holocaust because they carried disease (supposedly), because all of this makes no sense. Ask yourself this- with all the testing that has happened, why have there been no anti-body test tallies to determine who has already been exposed to the virus and in whom it is no longer active? That is not what the tests that have been administered do...really. Health passports will require you to be on the drug schedule as determined by pharmagov. That's right. Booster shots and gene therapies whether you want them of not, forever.... Do you really want to relinquish bodily autonomy to multi-national corporations and governments (including the UN) against whom you have no recourse? There will be no gong back to normal as we remember it. Yup, that's what this means.

Steven Lay (Vancouver, 2021-08-13)


I beleive this horrific policy will result in the continued demonisation of individuals for no reason beyond mass assimilation, as the people in this country who want to be vaccinated have been, or will be. Those who wish to wait until there is more evidence, long term studies, an actual approval rather than emergency use authorization, or just flat out do not want it, should not be excluded from attending venues by any level of government, as there is nothing that suggests they will harm or kill fellow members of the community at a greater rate than those who are vaccinated. Rather, leave the decision of who may and may not attend an establishment, to the buisness owners of those places.

The government continues to overstep, and in this case, really has no political grounds to make such decisions, as evident by demanding and criminalising unvacinated people, while continuing to not just permit, but profit from alcohol and tobacco sales. Not that I believe we should eliminate alcohol and tobacco, but it surely must be seen how hypocritical that fact is, when both of those substances are responsible for exponential levels of harm and death when compared to SARS CoV 2. And we don't rid ourselves of vices, because we as a society have determined that there are certain levels of acceptable risk associated with living in a free and open society. Covid 19 is just another factor that we have to learn to live with, because it will continue to exist indefinatly, regardless of any vaccine.

History is being ignored, yet again, with this ludicrous idea, and there is little doubt in my mind that the trampling of individual fredoms will not be taken well, as there are no real scientific data to substantiate exileing unvaccinated members of the community who's sole "crime" is the desire of liberty.

If requested to, I am happy to cite and provide clinical, provincial, and federal documentation from Canada, and International sources to support my position.

Roger Stonesetter (Victoria, 2021-08-13)


I am signing this petition as I assume the implementation of vaccine passport is an infringement on the rights of everyone and there is no such authority to decide to stop non vaccinated people of travelling. It is my body and my choice to make this decision whether I get the jab or not!

Natasha Kaftan (Langley, 2021-08-13)


we should not be force to get the shot and this includes the children. your breaking our charter of rights

rose liberty (mission, 2021-08-13)


Vaccine choice of Canada

Milan Vana (Vancouver , 2021-08-13)


Evidence shows that vaccinated people can still catch and transmit Covid and that the vaccines purpose is to reduce their severity of illness. Given this, there is no basis to segregate the unvaccinated. Implementing segregation is a terrible policy, and not fitting with Canadian values.

Dionne Finch (Bowen Island, 2021-08-13)


This whole thing has gone too far! Freedom to choose is my god given right and no government will run my life and body

Ria Raschig (Vancouver , 2021-08-13)


They're not vaccines.

Stuart Lefebvre (Vancouver, 2021-08-13)


I am against vaccines

Jyoti Potter (Vancouver, 2021-08-13)


This is against out rights

Brent Moravec (Langley, 2021-08-13)


Maybe we should have passports for those with the regular flu, or disabled people?!

Where does this medical tyranny end? The vaccine (which is not actually a vaccine), has already killed over 65,000 in the USA, at the least (and that is only counting one database).

Never before in history has such evil been perpetrated. They are literally killing children (who have zero chance of dying of Covid), with the experimental gene therapy.

We need another Nuremberg, now! These are horrific crimes against humanity.

May Smith (Vancouver, 2021-08-13)


It’s insane.

Lisa Mason (Richmond , 2021-08-13)


This is unlawful and a direct violation of human rights and the charter of rights. Harm and injury are resulting due to this experimental gene is NOT a vaccine. Liability is eminent and we will seek justice! "I was just following orders"...will not exonerate the complicit parties involved.

Tanya Gaw (Surrey, 2021-08-14)


Who the***** are the psychos of BoT! They are asking for hanging by Nuremberg2.0

Piotr Bein (Surrey, 2021-08-14)


It is against my basic human rights

Lisa Macfie (West Kelowna, 2021-08-14)


WE MUST STAND UP TO THIS TYRANNY! If we don't stand now , we will be FOREVER SUBJUGATED by our controllers.

Ben Sorenson (Christina Lake, 2021-08-14)


This passport is in violation of our rights under the Canadian constitution . It is clearly discriminatory and creates division over a seasonal flu virus.

Gale Frost (Surrey, 2021-08-14)


Not surrendering our basic human freedom

Jeremy Wong (North Vancouver, 2021-08-14)


I like freedom.

Sharon Leonard (Oshawa, 2021-08-14)


a friend of mine died after getting the vaccine

Mike Merhi (Richmond, 2021-08-14)


I'm singing this because I want to breath I am signing this because I want to see the face of my costumer when they come in
I am singing this because I had enough of people yell at me without hem know what is my problem and I can not wear a mask ....

Anna Spiliotopoulos (Penticton , 2021-08-15)


Vaccine passported are discriminatory and divisive documents with a dark history, Nazi Germany.
Zero covid is unachievable
1 because it is endemic
2 because the mRNA does not confer immunity. It reduces symptoms, meaning it is actually a therapeutic.
3 Believing you can stop a covid with a therapeutic treatment is like believing you can stop the common cold by mandating ColdFX and cough syrup.

David Didier (Vancouver, 2021-08-15)


I'm signing this because I was vaccinated at the age of 3. At the age of 5, I received a booster-shot. At 13, I contracted Chicken-pocks. At 15, I came down with mononucleosis. In short, that is when I found out, I am fatally allergic to penicillin. Other than that, I've been healthy most my life. Now at 66, if I was to that a shot of this COVID-COCKTAIL which has the slightest bit a penicillin (synthetic or otherwise), I'd be done.....A scientist could/would say, IT'S BEEN AROUND FOREVER, LET US THROW IN A LITTLE PENICILLIN FOR GOOD MEASURE.

MARC LAWRENCE (Vancouver, 2021-08-15)


My body, My Choice.... no one else's choice!

I know how my immune system works. I think it would be wise for everyone to learn this. It's our body. Know how to keep it healthy.

Laurie Patterson (Abbotsford, 2021-08-15)


I'm signing because our country was founded on freedoms. No one will tell me what to put in my body. I'm fighting for my children and grandchildren. My grandfather and father fought for my right to live free.

Geraldine Price (Courtenay, 2021-08-15)


Covid passports are a violation of my rights from Canada's Charter of Rights, this cannot stand.

C Sears (Vancouver, 2021-08-15)



Ilana Lamon (Calgary , 2021-08-15)


I don’t want to live in a two tier dystopian society.

Katie Olsen (Revelstoke , 2021-08-16)


I believe in Freedom!

Hilda Komant (Winfield , 2021-08-16)


Because Trudeau and the government are becoming like communists...this is an attack aga6our charter of rights and freedoms. He is a tyrant and needs to be stopped.

Eddie MacDonald (Chilliwack, 2021-08-16)


I am signing because I believe we all have the right to make decisions regarding our own body.

Holly Drinkle (Anglemont, 2021-08-16)


I am signing because of prejudice and it’s wrong and take away from our freedom and his vaccine is not carrying you up Covid it does nothing but harm your boy

Mike Driehuyzen (Abbotsford, 2021-08-16)


The last waltz of the tyrants: Divine God wins.

Andrew Hajdamacha (Blainville, 2021-08-17)


Medical information is private! Further, the last time I checked we lived in Canada - a free nation - not Nazi Germany!

Heather Elliott (Brockville, ON, 2021-08-17)


I say "No" to any apartheid - medical or otherwise.

Terry McDonald (Beeton, 2021-08-17)


I believe in the right to informed consent.

Sarah Baker (Verdun, 2021-08-17)


Opposed to mandatory “vax” because it’s experimental, PCR test faulty, plus infringes on Charter Rights & Nuremberg Code.

C Lavas (Gravenhurst, 2021-08-17)


Charter of Rights protects us from being mandated to take the so called vaccine.

Tom Magson (White Rock, 2021-08-17)


Absolutely ridiculous!

Orshy Bartlett (Golden Lake, 2021-08-17)


It’s against the Nuremberg code to force vaccinations and the vaccines suck.

Darren Hauca (Nanaimo , 2021-08-18)


The Government has become a Tyrannical dictatorship and is violating our cCharter or Rights and Freedoms along with the Bill of Rights. This needs to end.

Angela Baldwin (Oshawa, 2021-08-18)


I am signing this petition because I am against discrimination. Question is, why do I need to sign a petition against discrimination?

Janet Garfield (Gatineau, 2021-08-18)


I believe people should be able to choose whether or not the vaccine is right for them, and their choice should not result in isolation or segregation of any kind

Clelia Silvi (Brampton, 2021-08-18)


We don't need vaccine for this virus yet. My own immune system can do the job in case the virus hits me. With my own experience working and living as usual, I believe 99 percent of people can do without a vaccine. Cheers...

Feng Lin (Richmond, 2021-08-18)


A free society doesn't force it's citizens to inject chemicals into blood stream.

Chris Lyons (okotoks, 2021-08-18)


I suggest you read "The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine: Exposing the Crisis of Credibility in Clinical Research." Our healthcare system has been hijacked by big pharma.

Craig Ruttle (New Westminster B.C., 2021-08-18)


Canada is a Democracy NOT Dictatorship and the Constitution must be upheld! My human rights to choose must be fought for! Gov't TYRANTS do NOT supercede that!

Cheryl Hopp (Kitchener, 2021-08-18)


This is completely unlawful and dangerous!

Bruno Servello (Toronto , 2021-08-18)


I’m signing because I don’t believe in using people for experimentation without INFORMED consent and for the purpose of gigantic
monetary profit for the few, land takeover, PCR - DNA gathering “testing” acquisition, democracy deterioration, digital dependency, take over of smaller businesses , police brutality and inhumanity. Also for stopping the appalling treatment towards the younger generation who deserve much better, freedom, honesty, civil liberties, care and love.
Our governments should know better and do better. They should act according to the public interest not bowing down to the corporates. We didn’t elect marionettes, we elected for us, for the people and for our every single human rights.
The Nuremberg code and the Helsinki Declaration exist for a reason. May the best in humanity rise unceasingly.

Rose Delli Zuani (Reykjavik , 2021-08-18)

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