Stop The Vaccine Passport



Vaccines don't work. This goes against our basic freedoms.

Heidi Hromada (Edmonton, 2021-08-18)


I believe in this countries rights and freedoms that our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought and died for!

Jenny Stephenson (Crossfield, 2021-08-18)


Even if you have the most amazing medicine in the entire history of medicine it is still unethical to mandate its use.

This is a medical procedure that we know can cause heart issues, inflammation, nerve damage, even death. People should not be coerced into getting it.

Glen Gunderson (Drayton Valley, 2021-08-18)


The passport violates freedom of choice and informed consent.

April Koskinen (Surrey, 2021-08-18)


This should be a personal choice! This should never be mandated! It’s illegal!!

Casie Heary (Edmonton, 2021-08-18)


Compulsory medical treatment is a basic breech of freedoms enshrined in the Nuremberg code. VAERS clearly demonstrates that the covid "vaccines" are far from safe and the vast majority of the public are not at risk from covid19; further, the shots do not stop infection or transmission. This slippery slope towards tyranny cannot stand.

Harley Monks (Vancouver, 2021-08-18)


Because I'm against taking away our freedom.

Sander Ott (Paide, 2021-08-18)


I do not agree with Vaccine passports

irene shannon harris (kelowna, 2021-08-18)


its nobody elses business

george pouznar (maple ridge, 2021-08-18)


Medical tyranny does not belong in a free society. If you don't have bodily autonomy, you are a slave.

Adrianne Merlo (Burnaby, 2021-08-18)


This is a direct attack on our Canadian rights and freedoms. Modern day yellow star.

Kristina Jantz (Kelowna , 2021-08-18)


My body my choice

Allan Jantz (Kelowna , 2021-08-18)


Its my civil rights at stake my job and my freedom of movement.

Wanda White (Saint john, 2021-08-18)


This is an invasion of medical privacy. This is a tyrannical and useless dictate. This is truly a violation of our Charter Rights.

Debbie Morton (Georgetown, 2021-08-18)


This is against Canadians rights

Linda J (Toronto , 2021-08-18)


This is a non-FDA approved experimental unsafe and not properly tested shot. Animal trials were skipped and humans are the guinea pigs.

Kathi Kerr (Orillia, 2021-08-19)


The vaccine passport means that participating in civic life is not a right, something every citizen can do without having to prove anything to anybody.

Pamela Forougi (Vaughan , 2021-08-19)


Vaccine passports are a violation of our charter of rights. There was no pandemic and I won't sit idle while global elitists ruin the world

D M (Charlottetown , 2021-08-19)


Segregation based on vaccine status is awful.

Cole Drew (Thunder bay, 2021-08-19)


I’m signing because I was born freely and it’s my right to have choices of doing anything

Duho Mohamed (Toronto , 2021-08-19)


Its is against our Charter rights. The evidence does not support the 4th wave, PCR test proven invalid to detect covid virus or flu virus. Even with adjusted lower cycle threshold.

John Gnall (Winnipeg, 2021-08-19)


I am a free Canadian citizen and have full bodily autonomy as an inalienable Right as protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as several other federal and provincial laws and codes.!
I maintain my right to Full and Free participation in economic, social, political, and cultural life in British Columbia as protected by the BC Human Rights anti-discrimination Code.!
I also maintain my right to deny an experimental gene therapy (as labelled on Moderna's web page), as Voluntary Consent is Essential as written in law and protected unto me under section one of the Nuremberg Code.
I also maintain my right to free passage without Let or Hindrance and to be afforded as the bearer of my Canadian passport such assistance and protection as may be necessary, as requested in the name of her Majesty the Queen and the Minister of Foreign Affairs...
These are only a few of my reasons.

Ivan Mendenhall (Duncan, 2021-08-19)


I want my constitutional rights yo matter and my freedom and everyone else’s also.

Dawn Taitinger (Surreyv, 2021-08-19)


I'm signing because I want to live in a democracy, not in a totalitarian country. The vaccine passport would take the country on a slippery slope back toward the dark times of the 20th century.
As a child I was very ill with the flu and pneumonia during the Hong Kong Flu Pandemic in late November of 1968, yet I do not believe in restrictions and lock downs. They will not eliminate this virus.
We need to accept the virus and live wirh it just like we live with the flu.
And I want to be free to travel, to visit Old Country in my retirement years..

Marjetka Mraz (St. Michael, 2021-08-19)


Vaccine passports are discriminatory and go against the individual's informed consent since people aren't given enough information about the vaccine safety.

Akumara Longwe (Johannesburg, 2021-08-19)


I am signing because I do not believe in mandating vaccines and vaccine passports.

Tracy McKillop (Goderich, 2021-08-19)


Everyone should have a choice and we need to protect our freedoms and rights

Karen Mortis (Calgary, 2021-08-19)


This is going to create second class citizens without access to many public and private services, and possibly essential rights like healthcare and employment

Damir Valiulin (Toronto, 2021-08-19)


I vehemently oppose a vaccine passport for the City of Surrey, for British Columbians and for all of Canada. I am opposed to any violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms against any Canadian citizen and I am strongly against mandated or coerced medical treatment or interventions by any board or government.

Louisa Turmel (Surrey, 2021-08-19)


I do not support vaccine passports or mandatory vaccines. Medical interventions must ALWAYS be voluntary!

Penny Burry (musgrave hr, 2021-08-19)


Don't Want this pass.

Suzanne Trottier (Montreal, 2021-08-19)


Nuremberg Code.

Delwyn Brooks (Langley, 2021-08-19)


Canada must not institute a program of coercion and/or medical apartheid based on one's agreement to be injected with an mRNA formulation.

Lynda Sturgeoff (Oakville, 2021-08-19)


This emergency power the government is using is totally being abused. My rights as a Canadian need to be considered. Don't criminalize the innocent for their health decisions for their family

Bradley Greer (Leduc, 2021-08-20)


It's not a vaccine and it's illegal to force anyone to take and experimental medical procedure

Rob Carmichael (Aldergrove, 2021-08-20)


I am against mandated vaccines, and passports.

Jen McLean (Vancouver , 2021-08-20)


I’m signing this because vaccine passport are ethical, constitutionally and morally wrong!!!!

Sangye Lhamo (Hamilton, 2021-08-20)


It’s not necessary

Pamela Hermiston (Petawawa, 2021-08-20)


This is wrong to push for vaccine passports

Michelle Kruger (Whitby , 2021-08-20)


Not for medical apartheid.

James Hould (Richmond, 2021-08-20)


this is a huge injustice. it separates people.

Marie Roop (Coldbrook, 2021-08-20)


I'm signing because I believe in the right to choose what goes into my body. Wether to be vaccinated or not should not be left up to government or businesses. It is discrimination against or basic human rights.

Rose Rasch (Fredericton N.B , 2021-08-20)


Mandating vaccines is the basis for a segregated society. A one-size-fits-all medical treatment does not allow for decisions based on personal health status or needs. It is dismissing natural immunity of the recovered persons, the possible drug interactions from persons with other health issues, the intricacies of dosage based on sex, age, and weight, and the unknown allergies to the ingredients in the injection cocktail.

And to presume that the “rare” side effects that are affecting thousands of individuals is acceptable is unconscionable. Tell the person and the families of the vaccine injured they did their part in guaranteeing the rest of societies well-being was worth risking their personal health. And how do they justify the burden they are now putting on their families and the health system for their care.

Furthermore, to mandate a treatment that is still under emergency use authorization where proper scientific protocol has not been followed through the trial is egregious.

Zaheera Denath (Moncton, 2021-08-20)


Since vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission (and according to latest information vaccinated hospitalizations percent also rising) Vaccine passport do not provide any benefit to society. On the opposite, it creates expensive system based on discrimination toward small percentage of population. The money would be better spent on increasing hospital capacity which we still barely see after 18 months of a unlimited government spending spree.

Michael Pavlushik (Surrey , 2021-08-20)


This tyranny needs to stop.

jo bates (Vancouver, 2021-08-20)


This is medical apartheid and discrimination.

Melanie Eccles (Kelowna, 2021-08-20)


Petra Kion

Petra Kion (MapleRidge, 2021-08-20)


The vaccination does not prevent infection to others - vaccinated individuals may still spread the disease, we create a false impression that some are safe and others are not while in public places - we set a dangerous precedent going forward.

Sarah Wells (Orangeville, 2021-08-20)


Medical choices must be free and private as human right.

Zoe Mikhchi (Vancouver, 2021-08-20)


This charade is over.... I will never consent to vaxports or the experimental poisonous injections.,. Enough is enough of all this bullshit ... stop and desist ..or you will all be held accountable against crimes of humanity if you do not...seriously!

Teya Danel (Sooke, 2021-08-20)


This is outrageous and a total violation of constitutional rights!
Medical apartheid is communist.

Michelle Whitcomb (Prince George , 2021-08-20)


Because I believe in the charter of Human rights and freedom and will fight to protect us!

Roger Baldwin (Oshawa , 2021-08-20)


No medical intervention should ever be forced upon a person

Lisa Landriault (Ottawa, 2021-08-21)


I'm signing because a vaccine passport would be ridiculous.

Kristin Saunders (Kamloops, 2021-08-21)


The vaccine has already damaged many people permanently according to Dr. Charles Hoffe (a BC Physician) and the shot has not been proven to protect against any disease or prevent the spread of any disease. Why would you try to force a medical experiment on more people, when it's hurting and killing people world wide and it doesn't protect against infection or contagion?

Jason Christoff (Cornwall , 2021-08-21)


This is not the future I want for my kids... goes against all my rights !

Noemi Szonyi (Kirkland Lake, 2021-08-21)


I want to be free to choose what I put in my body, an experimental vaccine that has not been studied for its long term effects is not something I want forced upon me.

Wendy Boulay (Utterson, 2021-08-21)


no medical apartheid

Charlene Wuerch (surrey, 2021-08-22)


I’m against a mandatory vaccine that is in violation of my basic Human Rights and Freedom of Choice

Patrizia Paba (Richmond , 2021-08-22)


Dr. David E. Martin Drops Shocking COVID-19 News On Canadians!

Anne Mason (KINCARDINE,, 2021-08-22)


I disagree with vaccines being mandatory. Carol Gray

Carol Gray (Chilliwack, 2021-08-22)


I am a Canadian citizen who believes in freedom and personal choice. This will create huge division with our fellow Canadians.

Wendy Nelson (Calgary, 2021-08-22)

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