Name the Paddock to Pits tunnel at Brands Hatch after Robert Foote



This would be a nice tribute to someone who lost their life doing such a crucial job 🧡

Sam Enderby (Attleborough , 2021-08-03)


I believe renaming the tunnel would be a fitting tribute to Robert Foote.

Steve Graham (Chester, 2021-08-03)


Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones (Corwen, 2021-08-03)


This isn't just about remembering Robert, it is also a sign to all our marshals that they are loved and respected because of how vitally important they are.

Oliver Taylor (Huddersfield , 2021-08-03)


David James Noble

David Noble (Lowestoft, 2021-08-03)


I support the Motorsports Marshalls who allow all of us to go racing.

Paul Hughes (Cheltenham, 2021-08-03)


Many other fallen people are remembered, not time we remember those who give their time for free

Peter lister (Workington, 2021-08-03)


There would not be any type of raceing if it wasn't for the orange army

Andy Wycherley (Mansfield, 2021-08-03)


Its a great way to remember a valuable member of the motorsport family

Den Devlin (Braintree, 2021-08-03)


Rip Robert 💙

Jamie Neilson (Fraserburgh, 2021-08-03)


Without the orange army there would be no racing

Mrs Terry Strong (PETERBOROUGH, 2021-08-03)


As a motor sport fan. There would be no motor sport without the marshals.

Wayne Harrison (Teesside, 2021-08-03)


It needs to happen to remember the sacrifice of a volunteer

Stephen Ricketts (London, 2021-08-03)


I am a marshal myself and we should all stick together. RIP Robert

Pete (Farmer, 2021-08-03)


It's a lovely thing to do .

Simon sammons (Birmingham, 2021-08-03)


I am one of those marshalls.🧡🙏

Through this awful tragedy let Motorsport give a little something back to the marshalls who do this for free!

Nicky Crawford (Dumfries, 2021-08-03)


As a fellow marshal I feel this would show a sign of gratitude to all marshals as well as a remembrance to the marshal who lost his life.

James Hodder (Lowestoft, 2021-08-03)


This petition represents a lasting and fitting tribute to a volunteer marshal who has paid the ultimate price for doing something he loved

Christopher MCMAHON (Swindon, 2021-08-03)


I’m a motor racing fan and without these fantastic volunteers it couldn’t happen.

Matt Garnett (Barrow-in-Furness, 2021-08-03)


I've been a marshall for past 36 years and have the most upmost respect from other marshalls and racers alike don't always get recognition until something like this happens and a fitting tribute (especially where it is) to one of our fallen would be a great gesture.

Andrew Haswell (Leicester , 2021-08-03)


Paul Russell

Paul Russell (Frome, 2021-08-03)


I have a long history visiting Brands ,also for the Wibter Series ...I think it is a nice gesture for the unsung heros of motorsports .

marcus hardung (Vaihingen, 2021-08-03)


Marshal are essential to motorsport, they deserve to be awarded

Frédéric Martinez (Perpignan , 2021-08-03)


Marshals are absolute heroes. Recognition for this man is incredibly important.

Lee MacSporran (Wallyford, 2021-08-03)


A lovely fitting gesture as a lasting memorial to Mr Foote

Julie Caldwell (Farnham, 2021-08-03)


I think and believe this is a great way to remember Robert and as a dedication to all marshals .

Roy Salsbury (Birmingham , 2021-08-03)


If the volunteers don’t show, the race doesn’t happen. They’re the unsung heroes.

Clee Luke (Whyalla Jenkins, 2021-08-03)


Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis (Ebbw Vale, 2021-08-03)


I agree marshals keep us racing. And what a fitting trubute

Sarah Dennis (Surrey, 2021-08-03)


It would be a fitting and permanent tribute to Robert as well as a constant sign of gratitude to the Orange Army

Leighton Brown (Crieff, 2021-08-03)


For the Orange Army

Simon Hill (Goudhurst , 2021-08-03)


Because without the orange army we would have none of the motorsports we all love 🧡

Jon Trenter (Ipswich, 2021-08-03)


The Marshall who passed away deserves to be remembered permanently, this is a good way of doing that.

Gareth Meredith (Gloucester, 2021-08-03)


This is an appropriate recognition of a volunteer who paid the ultimate price.

Mark Hoppe (Sherborne, 2021-08-03)


It's for a great cause

James Stafford (Newton Abbot, 2021-08-03)


Without our lovely marshals we couldn’t go racing. Thank you orange army.

Dawn Jacobs (Norwich , 2021-08-03)


The Marshall's are the backbone of racing and without them, the racing stops

Aaron Ridding (Riverslea, 2021-08-03)


I was there. I witnessed this and it was awful and so incredibly sad.

Jacqueline Walker (Aldershot, 2021-08-03)


It seems like a wonderful idea to remember Robert Foote!

Ron Timms (Willaura, 2021-08-03)


I’m a marshal. We all volunteer our time because we love motorsport. Robert volunteered more than he had to with his life.

It’s the least we could do.

Kris Brown (Liverpool, 2021-08-03)


I’m signing because I’m in the Orange Army

Pippa Gore (Burnham on sea, 2021-08-03)


It’s just the right thing to do!

Craig Abbott (Northampton , 2021-08-03)


I believe there should be a permanent memorial to a man who gave his life enabling drivers and spectators to enjoy their sport.

Neil Beckingham (Whitchurch, 2021-08-03)


Robert lost his life while ensuring the safety of others

Matt Best (Newton abbot, 2021-08-03)


I was a Marshall and feel this is a fitting tribute to a true motor sport hero

John Barnes (Hayes, 2021-08-03)


Marshals are an invaluable part of the motor racing family. Without them none of the drivers/riders could do what they love the most. My thoughts go out to the family and all marshals around the globe for their loss

Jane Walters (Blackpool, 2021-08-03)


It’s a nice reminder to remember if it wasn’t for the Orange Army racing couldn’t/wouldn’t be allowed.

Steven Jay (West Kingsdown Sevenoaks, 2021-08-03)


A tribute to Robert Foote and recognition of his, and his fellow marshal's service to motorsport would be a dignified thing for the circuit to consider

Martin Baldock (Oundle, 2021-08-03)


As a driver - we can't race without these incredible people who volunteer their time
to keep us and crowds safe

Liam Browning (Broadbridge Heath, 2021-08-03)


I am a marshal. It is important that we remember him and what he and all of the orange army do and the risks we take.

Paul Mackay (Stockton on tees, 2021-08-03)


David W Jordan

David Jordan (Braintree , 2021-08-03)


Without volunteer marshalls, motor racing couldn't happen...

Adam Morris (Coolum Beach , 2021-08-03)


It's an incredibly touching gesture, and a very symbolic way of acknowledging, not only Robert, but all marshalls and what they do.

Mark Williams (Havant, 2021-08-03)


I think this would be a fitting tribute and deserves to happen.

frank hall (matlock bath, 2021-08-03)


It’s a great way for motorsport to give something back to the grieving family.

Kristian Tuxford (Ulverston , 2021-08-03)


Fortunately this tragic accident is something that doesn't happen very often, but it is a reminder that motorsport can be dangerous. Renaming the tunnel would be a fitting way to remember Robert Foote.

Belinda Sims (Hockley, 2021-08-03)


I am a fellow marshal and think that it is correct for Robert to receive recognition for his contribution in life to motorsport.

Darren Mitchell (North Shields, 2021-08-03)


I'm proud to be a marshal

Lynne Durbin (Maerdy, 2021-08-03)


🧡 Condolences to the family, fellow marshals (on post & off) & friends (in racing & outside) from a retired US corner worker. No Words. 💔😭 RIP 🧡

Lisa Helfrich (Dover, Pennsylvania , 2021-08-03)


remembering the loss of a fellow marshal

Alan Harris (Birmingham, 2021-08-03)


Marshals are amazing, this sad accident needs to be remembered! As do all Marshals that volunteer and make motorsport happen

Alan Neal (Crewe, 2021-08-03)


I was once a Marshall and know how hard my colleagues worked.

Robert FH (Edinburgh, 2021-08-03)


Been involved as competitor mechanic and spectator since 1962. It would not have happened with no marshals.

David Hopkinson (Preston, 2021-08-03)


fellow marshal and he should be remembered



It would be a fitting tribute and recognition to the Orange army.

David Pattinson (Dunfermline, 2021-08-03)


His Cause needs desperately remembering !

Kevin Hodgkinson (Accrington, 2021-08-03)


No marshals no racing.

David Jones (Wrexhqm, 2021-08-03)



Michael Tucker (DURHAM, 2021-08-03)


Without the Marshalls we could not go racing they are for sure the insung hero's of motor racing

Tracey Threlfall (Gosport, 2021-08-03)


Mr Stuart Baird

Stuart Baird (DUNDEE, 2021-08-03)


I am trackside on Recovery at Cadwell Park and Silverstone as much as i can through the season and have made many friends for life meeting the Marshals at events and they make motorsport possible. Honouring this gentleman would be a small gesture which will go a long way in many peoples eyes.

Andrew Hinman (Lincoln, 2021-08-03)


I think it’s important to remember the marshals who risk there lives at every race, so we can have great racing

Nils Münder (Münster, 2021-08-03)


Marshals are the lifeblood of motorsport

Robert Yarwood (Carnwath, 2021-08-03)


Without marshals we cant come watch racing ,he should be remembered for the hours all Marshall give for our entertainment and the ultimate price he payed for the fans

Anthony Down (Folkestone , 2021-08-03)


The man was an avid motorsport fan, like myself, who died helping and supporting the things he loved.

Lex Wakeman (Westcliff-on-Sea, 2021-08-03)


Reminder that without marshalls threr wouldn't be any racing.

Melvyn Yeo (Hove, 2021-08-03)


As a marshal it’s a fitting idea as a memorial

Paul Reynolds (Leicester , 2021-08-03)


Im a Marshal

Adrian Rattley (Liverpool, 2021-08-03)


I’m signing because racing wouldn’t happen without our incredible orange army🧡

Charl Parsons (Stamford, 2021-08-03)


Marshalls are unsung heroes, without them there in no racing and Robert should be honoured.

Stephen Cox (Hurtmore, Godalming, 2021-08-03)


As a previous marshal, media guy, driver, organiser and manager of events and a local circuit, it was absolutely heart breaking to see this from the weekend. Unfortunately we all enjoy motorsport knowing the risks of life & danger but it's all part of something we all love. This would be a fantastic tribute to Mr Foote and needs putting in place.

Callum Craddy (Hartlepool, 2021-08-03)


I'm signing as this seems a fitting tribute to a man who gave his life for a sport I love.

Alan Smith (Worksop, 2021-08-03)

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