BIS Hanoi: Fees for AY 2021 - 2022 & Refund of AY 2020 - 2021



Need a meeting with School board asap.

cuong bui (ha noi, 2021-08-06)


I’m signing because I have kid study at BIS

Quỳnh Nguyễn (Ha Noi, 2021-08-06)


I am signing here because I do not agree with BIS school about rising tuition fees

Khanh Pham (Hanoi, 2021-08-06)


I agree with the opinion of the BIS parent association

An Mai Hải (Hà Nội, 2021-08-06)


I’m signing because I argree with many parents in BIS

Nguyễn Thị Hiệu (Hà Nội , 2021-08-07)


I am mother of Nguyen Minh Quang from 3B class (2020 - 2021)

Minh Anh Nguyen Hoang (Hanoi, 2021-08-07)


I completely with all the issue raised above in the email.

Kim Giao Tran (Hanoi, 2021-08-07)


I’m signing because i agree with that

Thu Hoang Anh (Ha Noi , 2021-08-08)


Phản đối tăng học phí,và giảm trừ năm học cũ quá thấp

Vu Huu Trung (Ha Noi, 2021-08-08)


Dang Mai

Dang Mai (Ha noi, 2021-08-08)


i support not to increase the tution fee during the period due to many lock down

Cuong Nguyen (ha noi, 2021-08-08)


I agree

Minh Phuong (Hanoi, 2021-08-08)


I am signing for fees reduction

Binh Nguyen (Hanoi, 2021-08-09)


Tôi có cùng ý kiền suy nghĩ với hội phụ huynh học sinh!

Nguyen Thi hang ngan (Ha noi, 2021-08-09)


Schook fee i e learning

Nguyen Hoa (Ha noi, 2021-08-09)


Tran thi lan anh

Anh Tran (Ha Noi, 2021-08-09)



Huyen Trang Nguyen Thi (Ha Noi, 2021-08-09)



tâm phạm (Hà Nội, 2021-08-09)


Agree with the petition.

Trung Nguyen (Hanoi, 2021-08-13)

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