Various Problems Of Booking Italian Embassy Appointments For The Academic Year (2021-2022)



I am aware that this situation is in fact happening and in order to voice the concerns of the parties that are at the moment affected by this matter.

Mohammad Goudarzi (Torino, 2021-08-22)


I have tried at least 6 time to get visa appointment for Italy, but a lot of students and I are still waiting for it.

Alireza Ranjbar (kerman, 2021-08-22)


Thank you for providing your time and being so helpful.

Mohammadreza Kashizadeh (Tehran, 2021-08-22)


Shima zahraei

Shima Zahraei (Tehran, 2021-08-22)


I’m signing this because I share the same concerns and I’m hoping to get to my classes sooner in person to avoid the confusions caused by distanced learnings which I believe you are completely aware of.

Kind regards,
Shaghayegh mahmoudi

Shaghayegh Mahmoudi (Tehran, 2021-08-22)


For my friends

Amir. Al (Mashhad, 2021-08-22)


Because after two months trying on website, I couldnot manage to get any appointment time.

Moien Moieni (Esfahan, 2021-08-22)


I have problems by scheduling appointment.

Hamed Timar (Tabriz, 2021-08-22)


I saw that there is a real demand for it

Mehdi Samimi (Borojerd, 2021-08-22)


The suggestion is solid and useful.

Amin Shariatkhah (shiraz, 2021-08-22)


Im signing because after taking the imat test i will be an applicant for an appointment and if there is no appointment then,all my efforts untill now will be for nothing

Seyed amir mohsen Sheydaei (Shiraz, 2021-08-23)


This is more than a month that I could not get an appointment from ckgs. I am losing the opportunity to attend classes in polimi and all my future depends on it. This simple process becomes the most stressful step for us.
Sincerely, Fatemeh

Fatemehsadat Parpanchi (Tehran, 2021-08-23)


I am a volunteer and facing these hardships. The situation has put pressure on me and my friends trying to enter the university for this semester. I would appreciate it if you could help to solve these issues.

Mohammad Amin Nazerzadeh (Tehran, 2021-08-23)


I am a candidate for the IMAT 2021 exam
The final answer will be announced on October 6
If I am accepted, I have very little opportunity to get an appointment with Cox, and it is very likely that I will not be able to get a visa even if I am accepted, and my one-year effort will be wasted.
Please address this issue

Mahsa Mohammadiaghdam (Tabriz, 2021-08-23)


there are many Iranian students who are risking to loose a big chance to increase their education in prestigious universities abroad

Aldo Baglieri (Modica, 2021-08-23)


Because I have experienced the same thing

Amirmassoud Hosseini lakeh (Rasht, 2021-08-23)

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